Male Rape in America

In Not Me (1991), the poet feminist Eileen Myles writes, “We live in a culture of vanishing men.” She was celebrating the rise of AIDS epidemic among men. Today her quotation reveal genocidal hatred women have towards men. In hapless US of A men are nothing but walking ATM machine, and sex bots.

While fake media focuses on Trump idiotic presidency to mask liberal corruption. Russian bashing is their way of hoping that voters will forget how Clinton stole the DNC election from Bernie Sanders. Thanks to #MeToo movement female criminal class is rising throughout America. More and more women are raping men. #MeToo movement has only cemented feminists behavior, and forcing male victims into silence, and psychological torture as well.

Now things are getting worst even for boys! Female teachers are going around molesting their students.

Teacher allegedly sent explicit Snapchats to students, wanted to be called ‘Kim Kardashian’

What’s galling about this teacher is that she was going around and sending nude pictures during “science” class. I will leave it up to your imagination as to what type of curriculum she was tutoring her students!

“Moser, who was a science teacher at Liberty since fall 2016, was charged with two counts of using a minor in a sexual performance and one count of sexual assault. She resigned July 12.”

Like most female rapists she was not fired — but “resigned”. Which means she gets to keep her employments seniority. This means she can be employed in another liberal state like NY, or California. In fact in California if she gets pregnant by a 14 years student and she can persuade media + police of rape. Kid parents will be paying child support! Plus can collect disability (which include gov paying her condo/house mortgage)!

Four years ago an article “When Men Are Raped” revealed dark side of live in relationship + western marriages. European Human Rights also discovered “More men are raped in the US than women, figures on prison assaults reveal“.  All of this was happening under liberal government like Obama, who was also stealing children from family illegally staying in USA. Most refugee’s kids are handed over to a female guardian. More often these female guardian gets pregnant by molesting boys as young as 13!

Of course keep in mind fake media always try to use Orwellian style title to make it sound as if nasty men are running around and raping everything in sights. Recent censor news reveals that female teachers are raping kids as young as 10 years old. They are allowed to “resigned” so they can move to another state and start raping new victims!

Those of us who have kids need to protect them from all the bad things media, and entertainment industry, as well as feminist teachers!

Sadly, this only solify MGTOW movement, confirm that marriages, and female are dangerous of men’s well being.


Mistrial: Bill Cosby Case

Rape victim Andrea called Bill Cosby on valentine day. What kind of an idiot call her rapist on a valentine day? In my early 20s manager at coffee shop promoted me as a supervisor. Little did I know that my fellow coworkers whom I considered friends would start treating me differently. Things got worst when I had to suspend one of the employee. He accused me of using him as an example to establish my supervisory status.

I suspended him because every Friday he was taking off. So when he called me on Thursday evening because he could not come to work on Friday I told him to bring a doctor note next week. The guy was in his 40s, he was working the same establishment for a decade. Also, it did not help that I was a flaming liberal and an immigrant from South Africa, and he was conservative born and bred in US of A. He thought I would look the other like others. I cited regulations and he became enraged. He took the matter to human resources where I was I asked to present my reasoning.

This happened right around time I was studying for medical exam. For a weekly $500 dollar part-time job this was too much. Luckily my parents who had worked in managerial position prepare me for a sold case. It came a shock to him that human resource fired him. Thus establishing my domain on the store. In a way I was the Obama of the store – first non-white supervisor. I scored major points with the cashier who became my first girlfriend.

Once he was gone most of staff reestablish friendly relationship. But I gotta tell you, experience as bad as it was made me stronger I had better understanding of my own endurance and tolerance. When I joined the military I was far more prepare for a psychological training than most.

I was reminded of this when I was watching Cosby drama unfolding over the media. A blind actor with a dead son whose wife is still standing by him. Yet we hear nothing from his wife, or his daughters. All the witnesses kept relationship with him for years after they were allegedly rapped. Did you know he used his personal money to fund college tuition for poor black students.

There are lot of things in Main Stream Media which we ought to take with grain of salt. Like non of the big cable news network, or newspapers are covering DNC Lawsuit. Or, that DNC former leader was using her office phone to harass Bernie supporters. Than we have Republican party trying to pass new healthcare bill without letting us know what’s in the Bill.

Many of you probably forgotten by now that back in 90s Bill Cosby lost his son to a Russian mob. So when Bill Cosby was declared guilty by media. I wonder why it was. If you have read or heard the testimony of witness, Andrea admitted that she was calling and texting Bill Cosby multiple times. She is a 30 years old woman who lives with her parents, and went to jail multiple time for selling drugs. Before she accused Bill of rape she called a lawyer to “discuss” the matter, and did it in a foreign country — Canada.

When she came back to USA she continued to have sex with Bill, and sell drug to little kids around Canadian high school, and even kindergarten. This rape case helped her with citizenship in USA, as well as lots of money when she has been using for drugs. Later she start calling herself lesbian. Yet research shows she never had a lesbian partner in Canada. Only in USA she started dabbling in lesbian sex — and mostly she drug addicts like herself.

Worst yet, other witnesses are serial accusers. Meaning they have filled rape accusations against multiple other men. Yet reminding everyone that it is like bashing victims. We don’t know if Bill Cosby is a rapist, however, Andrea behavior is very bizarre, and not at all one would expect from a victim.



Rapist Parental Right

Debbie Wasserman is a nasty woman and worst of her sex. She has been pushing to and “Parental Rapist Right” into the book.

Such thing used to fall into cmmon sense laws. Let’s say a woman was walking in middle of a night and she was rapped and as a result she ended up having a kid. There are no countries in the world who would grant her rapist fatherly right. Such restriction exist all over states as well.

So under this label what she is proposing is right for women who can accuse any man for rape. Say a married woman went to party with her friends, and got drunk and she ended up having sex with another men. As a result she ended up becoming pregnant and her husband found out that he is not the father.

So this women claims to be rapped and her one night night guy goes to jail. Her husband is forced to live with her because society will shun him if he abandon her. This is what her purpose law want to enforce. An ex-girlfriend can call the cops and claims to be rapped and her lover goes to jail and she get all the benefit welfare states provide and she can play victim card for being lazy, and stupid.

Think about it. If there was a unwanted sex between two parties outside clubs, and with a complete stranger what court would grant such a man right to see his kids. First of all he would be in jail for a very long time, and we are talking like ten years minimum. So why does Debbie wants to propose laws

Remember Debbie was DNC chairman and she was caught  rigging the election so Hillary Clinton could become Democratic leader and Bernie would lose despite the fact liberal voters wanted Bernie to be democratic leader. The fact she forced her selection over the will of the people makes her a rapist as well?

Talk about pot calling the kettle black.

This is why many of our fellow MGTOW lean towards Conservatives camps, not realizing they want to put us back into plantation as well.

This is why we MGTOW needs to reject both parties. Our message should be clear and straight forward boycott marriages, and no negotiation with women what’s so ever.

Liberal & Hypocrisy

According to liberals only women are capable of raping!


Follow is a true account of a men being rapped by a woman.

“I woke up in the night tied to her bed. I remember my dick being hard even though I didn’t like constriction around my arms or legs. It’s always been a boner-killer for me. My dick was rock-hard. I don’t really remember what she said, but she cut her name into the bottom of my dick, tried to do her signature I think. She didn’t cut very deep, but it fucking hurt. Her mom wasn’t there, I screamed, she kept going. She then sucked on my bleeding dick and fucked me. It was rock-hard the whole time. I assume she had gotten some Viagra or something for that, and her mom had a prescription for muscle relaxers, so I also assume she used those. I beat the ever-loving fuck out of her when she untied me. No hits to face or neck, but if she were carrying a baby it would have miscarried. I cried and beat her but got weak and tired out. The way she looked at me through her sobs… I think she liked that too….Hard to type this.”

3e0a9ee700000578-4289920-image-a-52_1488897390877I love to bash conservatives. However, they are only part of the problem — a big part nonetheless, it would not be a complete picture if we did not add liberals.

The reason I normally don’t bash liberals are self evident. I mean, it’s pretty hard to take such people seriously. Hypocrisy makes such a wonderful target. Whatever the liberal does is a glaringly hypocritical.

Liberal heart bleeds when they see women in Africa, or middle east getting beaten up by men. But don’t jump to the conclusion that just because there is a conflict going on and minorities are getting abused and tortured liberals will take the side of victims. Take Bill Maher recent spat against Muslim. He wants their religious authority to allow women to be Mullah! What’s next female Pope?

Liberal are known for their selective indignation and selective compassion. This is a major distinguishing characteristic of liberals.  For over forty years Israeli government has been indiscriminately murdering man, women and child in Palestinian, and their behavior is only creating so called terrorist.  Yet Bill Maher, and other liberals would like us to send our military, and soldiers to clean up the mess.

Have notice the same liberals who scream about racism against blacks, and other minorities, yet these same white liberals live in suburbia. While forced bussing was introduced in South, white liberal in north tuck their kids in private school and pricing the tuition fees so high they only rich white kids could attend the school.

Well these are some “inflammatory” subjects so perhaps new generation don’t want wet their feet into? Nope, They are walking in ideological lockstep with one another. Bill Mehber hatred for Muslim is pretty much same as Hilary Clinton towards Arabs.


Recently a transexual women Katie Branne was arrested for raping another man.


How do liberals response to these male rape issues? They do what they usually do, see which side of

So what is a big deal?

Well liberal are having a fit because she is consider women “A woman on trial for rape? Really? No. ‘She’ was born male, but that’s a secret because even our courts are gripped by misgender madness” (link below)

Men have been rapping other men & women since the birth of a civilization.


Well apparently liberal & feminist don’t like it when “transexual men” or “feminist men” commit crime and they are still considered part of women’s mystic.

It’s okay for Caitlyn Marie Jenner formerly known as Bruce Jenner okay to be part of female gender, hell laws are even enforce to make sure she can use female washroom. But if  she commit any crime humanity must remember she was born a male.

So how does conservatives response to these amusing dilemma?

They are sadly on the side of women. This time “conservative women” will remind us that they were right all along. And yes, women are victim because “transexual men” are going in women’s washroom and rapping holier than thou women.

Both liberals and conservatives are crooked. Don’t expect anyone taking side of men.



A woman on trial for rape? Really? No. ‘She’ was born male, but that’s a secret because even our courts are gripped by misgender madness 

16 Harrowing Accounts From Men Who Were Raped By Women