Pandemic vs Divorce

Social distancing is ought to be applied to money when relationship soured. Not according to personal financial magazine. This is their advise to their female readers:

Don’t divorce when your spouse is out of work


“Courts primarily consider earned income or compensation from an employer or business to calculate child support and spousal support. It may be wise to wait to start proceedings if your spouse is one of the 17.3 million people receiving government aid because they were laid off or furloughed. “

Marriage is like a game of chess – one wrong move and you lose your wallet. Therefore, I won’t waste your time telling you whether, or not you should proceed with your divorce. However, you ought to start preparing for such eventuality the moment such a thought occur in your head. Cause you can be damn sure you partner mostly likely thinking the same way.

The fact of the matter is, court system is not there to support you. Therefore, if you were thinking about it prior to global pandemic than this will either solidify your decision, or you need to work on your communication. This would be a good to get financial house in order, and perhaps do DNA test — and if it turns out you are not the father — start preparing for separation without starting a fight! Every little conflict means more money for the other side!

The only time I will advice for divorce if you are living in places like California – where you will end up paying lifetime alimony passing 10 year mark — it’s better to get divorce than paying for rest of your life. Even so this decision is ought to yours and yours alone. Also be vigilant. Your partner might be waiting i the wing for you to get a good job so you can pay more child support, and alimony.


Love it or hate. Men Going Their Own Way has become a global lifestyle. We were the first to social distance ourselves from toxic relationship. To us lifetime alimony, and paternity fraud were the corona virus of man’s independent, and spiritual freedom. Fake Mainstream Media like Failing New York Times and its evil liberal ideas are now dying off. Western civilization — that is Hollywood driven pro feminist society is losing on every front. No man in his in right mind is going to have a relationship with any woman who was in “speed dating” every bloke around the block.

This pandemic has also shown us the true face of global economy, and so called global village where “doctor without border aka CIA/FBI spying ring in disguise” are exposed. The real doctors are taking care of their own countrymen, and factories producing medical supplies are restricted to the local community as it was at the dawn of industrial revolution. Fatherland has become the new song of the patriots across the world. Social distancing is straightened tribal, and racial cohesion.

MGTOW way of life has proven to be safer, better, and healthier.