Liberal vs Reality


Liberals are their own worst enemy.White liberals from orange country are unhappy about COVID-19 restriction. On June 3rd; residence of Orange County went to their Board of Supervisor and call George Floyd a criminal, worst yet they demanded why he had five funerals! This is a hell of a time for liberal to alienate  non-white throughout USA. White liberals call themselves “civilized” yet they can not even respect a dead man who was murder for being non-white. How do you think it will payout during 2020 Election? You Think Biden will help non-white DACA victim who have been here since they were kids? Where have you seen any mention of green card or path of citizenship for these youth? Democrats talk about “immigration” yet there is no integration for kids who have been living here since they were two years old. Some of them are in their mid 40s!

Clinton signed the NAFTA deal, and ship off our medical companies to China. During COVID-19 pandemic our hospitals are running out of medical supplies, as well as  other essential equipment. These life saving medical supplies comes from China. Thanks a lot Bill Clinton, and Obama. The last thing you wanna do is harass and hurt Chinese manufacture during pandemic. How do you think this will pay out during 2020 Election in November?  Trump will point out over and over again, and Biden with his feeble brain will be thinking of Kama Sutra and Tara Reade his rape victim.

You don’t need a degree from Yale, or Oxford to know lives of Americans people should take priority over international conflict — specially when we know Chinese prefer to solve conflict with Business, and over 100 years of their history> Chinese army has never attack any of their neighbor — can we say the same for 3rd world India or even for ourselves — which is what we are turning into a failed state with illusion of democracy?

This is not time to hurt  — which side do you know Chinese & Russia will be if they really want to interfear in our election? What does our fake media do? Take the side of India . As if million of America lives don’t mean nothing.  Right after getting slapped by China, Indian military decided to murder unarmed Pakistani solider heading back home after their shift. Media here didn’t even bother reporting.

While China provided us essential equipments, and medical supplies during COVID-19 crisis. Pakistan has been helping American military against Taliban. India does nothing but provoke our partners. Buys billions of dollar worth of equipments from Russia — Yet begs US & West to invest trillions of dollar worth of business from us, and not to mention steals our jobs under outsource scam.  We don’t have to like their internal politics of China and Pakistan, but betraying partners during crisis shows rest of the world why USA is a unreliable and dishonest nation.

From Diplomat: A Pro Indian, Anti Chinese, and Anti Arab was forced to admit this:

India’s Military Inferiority Complex

Indian officials are preoccupied by China’s growing military power. They would do better to fix their own incoherent defense establishment.”

An on going conflict between peaceful China, and India has expose hypocrisy of USA, and West as a whole. They prefer India because it is riddle with deep inferiority complex – why else India attack two of their neighbor. What kinda of nation attack two neighbor at same time? Fake mainstream media does not point this our. Nor our government, and crooked liberal establishment supporting this speaks in volume. Liberal decided to take the side of “Democratic India” — hoping that dark brownies will share their women, and boys with white man of the West. This only help China, and other around the world see how US treats anyone who help get slap, and knife in the back.

Some of you may ask why this news is important anyway? During COVID-19 crisis world supplies are stretch to the limits. India decided to kill billions of people world wide by attacking China. By attacking Pakistan, they are forcing Pakistani military to put all of their troop on the south, which means Taliban and other Islamic elements will be free to attack US military, and what little intelligence we get for Pakistan, it will divert to protect their own soldiers on ground thanks to arrogant India. This means our American soldiers will be fighting during COVID-19 pandemic. Do you see anyone in media pointing this fact out that our soldiers lives are in danger. No, because this does not fit with the narrative that only nasty military — specially Sunni Muslims are our enemies.

Our medical supplies are coming from China, as well as for rest of the western world. Instead of singing song about “democracy” and how Tara Reade rapist Biden will take throne from Nazi Trump we should focus of our medical supplies! India is not providing world media supplies — hell they can’t even manufacture underwear for their hapless people but China is. India should’ve taken this into consideration and opt for peace but it didn’t. Sadly our bias media is supporting them which means putting life of billions of people in danger for fake democracy that is India.

As an American I am not happy how our mainstream media is always bias and provided distorted news. On going conflict between two nuclear power China vs India, and our media  provided us only Indian point of view. This is from NY Times:

Modi Warns of ‘Befitting Reply’ From India if China Tensions Worsen

Modi is lot like Trump; arrogant, racist, and enjoy murdering minorities in India, just like Trump, and his Nazi Republican party.

This is China’s response: and note mainstream media in West didn’t report it at all.

Actions by India at border harm bilateral military relations: Spokesman

If there is nuclear conflict in South Asia, we can be damn sure that business community in west, and Europe will support China. Just look at your household products when was the last time iPhone, Laptop was made in USA? Hell, even CPU are being manufacture in China — original manufactures were in Israel, or Israeli runs factories in Malaysia.

So why such hypocrisy? The ironies is. West support of India only helps one nation — Russia. Indian military is heavily depended on Russia. As China, and other around the world will detached themselves from USA — Russia laughs all the to the back. And for the icing on the cake rest of the nation will be tricked into voting for Biden who was accused of rapping Tara Reade yet no one in the liberal media will investigate, or will congress.


Liberal Racism: Rise of Trump

It’s bad enough to have an idiot for a president who has power to nuke the world. It get worst when you have liberals who support him — all the while complaining against him.

Latest irony came into light when Howard Stern on August 23, 2017 Wednesday suggested that Pakistan should be turned into a giant shopping mall.

This was not the first time Main Stream media went after a nuclear country — just because they don’t want to be enslave to a white colonizer. We have been told over and over again that “Pakistan” is not our allied.

Granted, agreed. Nor is India, or China for that matter. These countries did not built nuclear weapon to be our whipping boy.

Just think about how dangerous & stupid it is to provoke a country who is the only access to the land lock Afghan. It was same with China. Trump is trying to create a trade war– at the same time asking them to fix USA problem — mainly North Korea. Why would Chinese do that?

It’s amazing that liberals bash Conservatives for living in “18 century” yet all the while they are the one who is promoting racism against minority. So called “white flight” from big cities. These were not Conservatives moving from the south and voting in a liberal dominated north. These were all liberals, than they run away from big cities to a suburb and put their kids in a “all white school”.

Going back to Howard Stern Racist Comment.

How do you turn a country with 220 million people into a giant shopping mall?

Kill it’s native people (kinda like Native American?

How would he feel if Afghan decided to throw 200 million white American into the ocean just so Native American could have their land back?

Also, American have been in Afghan for 16 years, and they have builled Pakistan for same amount of time. What result did we get.

Also, why do White American think 120million brown people would follow their corrupt government — which by the is install by American. The irony that American Liberal complain that Russian interfering in American Election which American do the same with threat of genocide.

Here is the irony. White liberal try very hard to tell the world there is a diversity of opinion in US of A.

Stern’s wife is a cat lady — I don’t mean one or two. I am talking whole fleet of them

Beth’s a crazy cat lady and proud of it!” Howard & Beth Cats.

Yet, they expect non-white country to follow their government, or be killed, murder, and maimed.

There is not humanity in these lunatic.

Whatever your opinion maybe about Pakistan doesn’t change the fact the entire failure of Afghan war lies with America.

If you think Pakistan was not helping you for past 16 years than why didn’t change your policy in the first place.

Here is the best part; Afghanistan which has population of 30 million people — 1/2 them lives in Pakistan — yes little fact our fake media never reveal to the public.

the other 15 millions are divided between Pushtan (7 million), and remaining are mixture of ethnic group migrated into Pushtan land — hence the name Afghan.

Also, history has shown over and over than people of Afghan don’t like outsider telling them how to live their lives.

It’s just like liberal screaming with top of the lung Russia is the reason Hilary lost the election.

No matter how much Democratic Party lies over and over again? DNC hack was not the reason why they lost the election!

They lost the election because content of the email showed the world how corrupt and arrogant Democratic Party is.

In case you forgot DNC leader Debbie Wasserman was colluding with Hillary Clinton to steal the party election from Bernie Sanders.

Today’s Trump administration is Liberals fault as much white conservatives who always vote for Neo-Nazi party aka Republican Party.

How many empires lost their soldiers in Afghan?

Roman, Greek, Persian, Russian, Soviet, and latest USA.

American will never win in Afghan, they can stay there for another 16 years, and lose soldiers, and another multi trillion dollar. Blaming Pakistan for their failure won’t camouflage their stupidity & arrogance.

History is repeating in front of our eyes.

Indian Men Right Writer Bashing Minority Women


I created this website to talk about male rights, however the way things are in this world. We sometime have to divert our attention to talk about much broader subject.

Screenshot above is from NDTV’s article, you can see the link as well as the whole article. Now, those of you who are unable to read Hindi this article pretty much talk about Hillary Clinton’s email. Like most 3rd world media with added spice, and in this case enough curry that it will be oozing out of your hair for weeks.

Here is a google translation so you guys can see for yourself. It’s not perfect but you get the jest of it. Keep in mind I do not support Hilary, nor do I support Trump.


Huma Abedin is born in USA, her parents are from India & Pakistan. However, article implies that she is born in Pakistan, as well as she is a Pakistani ally. It is ironic to note that she was married to Anthony Weiner — a Jewish man!

It’s pretty sad. When we see this sort of outright lies, and by a major media. What it is even sadder that the writer of the article is a “Man Rights” promoter. He is an Indian version of a full blown racist, and complete scumbag.

Even after three divorces, and nearly went to jail when he tried to bash his last wife (9th months pregnant!). This nincompoop went about to get married again! Most of you would not be surprise that his forth wife after spending two days with him is still living with her parents.

Now he wants to represent Indian Men, and abuse they are going through during divorce. We can not win this war as long as we have these type of loon, and scumbag in our midst.

Let’s expose them into the light so we can move forward.