Nasty Rachel Maddow

Whether we like it or not peace has a price. If we want peace, that we gotta agree to the same rule as well. This is why watching American politics is like kangaroo getting punch by nasty liberal. Friday Dump was about North Korea & Trump. Many Liberals are unhappy that Trump is willing to talk with North Korean leader.

To the uninitiated Friday Dump refers to:

“In an effort to minimize negative coverage by the news media, document dumps will often take place at times when reporters are not on duty, such as late on a Friday when media members have left for the weekend.”

Crooked Rachel Maddow was scaremongering her hapless viewers. She was going on and on about why Trump’s meeting with Kim Jong Un so terrible North Korea leaders! No other president of USA has ever met with North Korean leaders. NOT GOOD, NOT GOOD – she shrieked!

Since when talking is a bad thing?

Aren’t liberals suppose to be about peace, and love? Since when conversation with opposition is a bad thing? Modern Liberals are all about spreading fake news, and empty posturing. Later she brought fellow feminist, and bigot who like the host has an unpleasent personality, and repeated the propaganda, She went on and on in her shrilling voice “North Korea better agree to over demands, or else”.

So what demands do you think are they?

These warmonger want North Korea to stop building up nuclear weapon, and dismantle their nuclear program. They also want North Korean to be content with American military buildup, and military exercise with South Korea. Last but not least NK must also agree to “weapon inspection” like Saddam government. Or, else.

Those of you who forgot. That “else” was the reason Saddam was topple. His removal created a vacuum power which resulted in a bloody civil war, and that’s what created ISIS!

Round and round we go where it stops nobody knows

Back to North Korea:

USA under Obama kept doing joint exercises with South Korea, and North Korea consider them provocative. North Korean have been saying; if you want peace, then act on it first. Why not throw them an olive branch? Why not stop military exercise, and reduce military presence from there, and see if North Korean honor their agreement?

Liberals scream and shout about gun violence all over USA. Yet, they are promoting the same level of violence on a global scale! North Korean leaders are unpleasant bunch, and certainly non of us want our sister to marry them. However, facts are facts. They have been peaceful towards us — compare that with our relationship with other allies like Arab countries, or even Israel.

Beside testing their weapon, NK has never attack any of their neighbour! They have not committed any form of terrorism against any nations. They have not finance any terrorism on US soil. How about we give them a benefit of a doubt? They like to bully, just as US, UK have been doing. Why try to starve his people, and expect them to revolt against their regime?

Remember Cuban Missile crisis? Soviet Union was installing missile defensive system on American backyard. Russian version of American Star War Missile Defense System! It was not about attacking Florida. It was meant to neutralize American nuclear missile flying for lower 48 states!

We as American were outrage by Soviet “provocation”. Yet when same crap is being played by our insane government against an adversary.  One can not achieve peace with hypocrisy, and blatant lies. They are not like Afghanistan, and Iraq. North Korea has a nuclear program, and workable weapons. It is meant to protect them from American and their allies. They also have IT expert to launch modern tech war!

Let’s not forget US, and her allies got themselves involve in Korean Civil War. It was not like Korean were attacking her, or our allies! USA has ICBM, and we should not be surprise that other nations want to have similar arsenal on their pockets. Yet when crooked media uses inflammatory buzz words like “pariah nation” that is those who defy us it is considered bad & evil.

Doesn’t that sound like wolf in sheep’s clothing?

Again; what ever happen to “talking, sharing, culture, and cuisine”?

I bet that is why all these cosmopolitan liberals live in suburb, and send their children to private school — an Orwellian term for all school for rich and powerful. Again when American from Southern State wanna  have similar program, they are forced to study in multi-culture state. Yet, liberals elites from North are some how exempt from their own ruling!

If Trump & North Korean are wiling to talk after their Twitter spat. It is a wonderful news, and both leaders should be encouraged! Everyone should support them. To hell with liberals and their war mongering pundits.

I bet Liberals are scared that maybe Trump might be able to bring a permanent peace in korean peninsula. Fewer wars in the world would expose Democrats to their own supporters. When American citizens found out that Hilary, and DNC were stealing election from Bernie Sanders, they voted for 3rd party.

As an American, I am always on the side of fellow American soldiers. I don’t want to see them die, nor start World War Three. Having weapons doesn’t meaning creating chaos. We must look at facts objectively. We American can not demand peace from other nations when we are engaged in an aggressive military exercise!


North Korea Reloaded


Our beloved President Trump said the following on his twitter account:

““North Korea is a rogue nation which has become a great threat and embarrassment to China, which is trying to help but with little success,” he said. “South Korea is finding, as I have told them, that their talk of appeasement with North Korea will not work, they only understand one thing!”

After the World War II Western nations apologized for enslaving & murdering the non-white world. However, it was all just a showmanship. Meet the new boss same as the old boss. Let’s take current North Korea weapon program for instance. What right does US has telling any non-white nation not to protect itself?

North Korean are not threatening African, South American or even European. Hack even their fellow neighbors are pretty much chilling around the big commies. When Fake News Scream “North Korea Test World Patient”. It’s a joke for 7 billions peole around the world.

North Korean defense is only against American who came to bomb them. Namely U.S. & UK, and their insane allies during in WWII.

Are we suppose to believe in Vietnam War was bad, and Korean somehow was okay & moral?

Some nah most in West would point out — big bad commie government, no freedom, and the usual rebel rousing buzz words. The fact of the matter is America has used in military power to suppress and even enslave other nations. Take Iraq war under Bush Jr. for example. Invasion/Slaughter was based on a lie — there were no weapons of mass destruction.

Hell even Bush Senior in 90s lied to us about Iraqi. Remember in 90s this video was played over and over again “Nayirah Kuwaiti girl testimony” No one care to asked how this Kuwait girl can speak in an American accent?

She is the daughter of Kuwait’s ambassador to the United States in Washington. She pretending to be the one of the victim. We hear about Trump’s Kids lying and email Russia. What about this?

Read the comment by the U.S solider from 90s invasion.

“I was 18 years old when I saw this, and joined the US Army on a lie setup by my own government. Think I’m pissed? And they wonder why we have 22 vets killing themselves every day”

Iraqi soliders were not throwing babies, and used it as an excuse to invade that nation which resulted in million of men, women, and children killed due to lack of food, medicine, and other basic needs which they were able to provide in the first place.

Another interesting fact because when Iraq invaded Kuwait it asked for America permission. US. embassador said United State will not care one way or the order. That is why Saddam was shooting scud weapon at Israel — because Israeli government were supporting this fake war.

What this mean is that Sadaam made sure that America knew the minute his solider invaded Kuwait so US citizen can leave days before the invasion!

Incidentally, pre war Iraq was Sunni Arab nation by wide margin — some estimate close to 70% of the population. Today Sunni Arab are less than 30% of the population.

What happen the them? American led sanctions against Iraq were a near-total financial and trade embargo imposed by the United Nations Security Council on Ba’athist Iraq. As a result of this horrific policy — a majority ethnic group became minority.

What would you call this if not genocide — ethnic cleansing.

When Shia became majority — they started a genocidal war against remaining Sunni population. To put fire on the fuel. American CIA made sure that Iranian born Arab Shia became a leader of occupied Iraq. How ironic that liberals who supportted conservatives interfering in Iraq Election in Occupied Iraq cry what Russia did to US election “allegedly”.

Nearly 80% Sunni women were raped, and pregnant women had knife in their birth canal — oh but these nitty-gritty details we don’t get to hear in our “fake media” do we? Why do you think ISIS came into its existance — it was largely made of ex-iraqi soliders.

Do you guys remember prior of Iraq Invasion/Slaughter American demanded through UN that Iraq destroyed all of the Scud missiles — when Iraqi were totally unarmed American & UK started bombing them.


Above was a picture taken when US soliders were looting invaded Iraq. I need not point out that how many women, and children were raped and molested by the “liberation force”. One can even ask the older German population of Dresden.

So, North Korean, and many other nations have learned their lesson from what American did to Iraq. Which was not all the different to what happen to Native Americans, and even Japanese almost were wiped out by nuclear, and hydrogen bomb. History always repeat itself.

War monger in West are upset because they can’t push Korea around like Iraq. Fighting North Korea would be like fighting Nazi Germany. They much rather have their enemy destroy it defense — as Saddam & Gaddafi did so they can slaughter the native population — and keep us the America people glued to our Television.

I say good of Korean to defend themselves against Western Military & Media Complex.


Fake News: North Korea Test World Patients!

Above was the heading pasted all over the TV past few week. That is until recent Huston flood took away world attention.

But does anyone in the world care that North Korea has ICBM?

North Korea has never threaten people of African, or anyone in Europe, or even any of their neighbour in Asia. Barring American allies such as Japan, and South Korea.

Let’s face it. Trump is right is a strange way.

Mainstream Media is a fake news. They hate it when they are being told that they spread lies, and misinformation.

No one in the world cares that North Korea is building up ICBM. However, everyone is scared and terrified of American military hence the reason for The Arms Race.