Death of Mens Right & AVFM

On going trend in search engine shows the End of “Men Right”, and racist terrorist “AVFM” cult. These conservatives scumbag had been hijackings MGTOW, and INCEL movement. They are trying to send men back into plantation. Marriage mafia like “conservatives” nuclear family bigots hurl insult to anyone who is boycotting marriages, and live-in relationship!

Some of you may remember infamous trial series by RBK exposing AVFM spoke person for Mens Right

Like most Men’s Right conman; Janet Bloomfield turned out to be a snake oil seller; as well everyone who was & still is part of AVFM cult. Their “revenue” has dried up. Now they harass and abuse anyone who disagree with their cult.

They blame everything to “leftist”, “feminist”, “immigrant”, and love calling MGTOW “PIGTOW”. Because we reject to marriage, and we will not waste our energy and resources to fighting their strawman “feminism”.

Men’s Right Poster & Spokeperson!

By the way; How come Men’s Right “spokesperson” are women?

Other Men’s Right Leader — Aptly Called 2nd Wife Club!

Compare that to Feminists leader — all top 37 leaders are women!

37 Inspiring Women Who Shaped Feminism

Men’s right spoke’s women only talk about marriages. Janet Bloomfield was accused of having sex with like of Paul Elam, and other perverts, (she prefers to be the man in the bed – rest I’ll leave it up to your imagination).

Young men even “Trump Supporters” don’t want anything to do with these snake oil sellers. Just look at the past 90 days trends. No more searches for these scumbags!

Why “Men Right” Organizations Always Hide Behind Women’s Skirt?

That’s not all AVFM top “spoke person” “Janet Bloomfield” was sleeping around. Her husband caught her making out with a gym instructor, AVFM still invited her in their “annual” anti-feminist talk, and even paid for her ticket to fly to London, UK! All of this drama was going on when these horny AVFM perverts thought to themselves “she is anti-feminist; she will marry one of us, and cook, clean, and “service us”.

Don’t forget she prefers to be the man in the bad!

As you can imagine, Janet didn’t marry these losers. But, she kept tricking them! Do you see the white knights standing in this Men’s Right conference? They would bully you if you expose any of their “women”. These Tradcon are what Men’s Right & AVFM cult made of, losers, and 2nd wife club!

How bad did it go? Right after her “3rd” scandal broke, we learned that she was not even an American! Also she was using fake name! Men’s Right try to popo this scandal accusing everyone of being “leftist” and “Obama fake birth certificate!” denier!

Way to go AVFM – when Left was busying accusing republican working with Russia you decided to hire non-American to speak to men’s rights, and help Trump win the election!

If AVFM Cult, and Fake Men’s Right Nazi group really care about Men’s Right. They would not try to divide us in left vs right dichotomy.

Feminist don’t care if you are leftist voting girls, or bible thumping conservative loon. They are united to get rights for their gender.

It is amazing that feminist have learn to used politics rather than be used by politician. Yet these Trandcon are dividing us in “leftist are evil” non-white men are anti-white & anti west.

Who cares? Honestly. The whites companies Apple, Google, Ford, Microsoft, and countless more have taken “white’s men” well paying job and handed over to 3rd world companies in India, China, and even middle-east. Yet no grip about them!

I say this to my MGTOW brothers, and our Incel cousins, we must not allow these “politicians” to divide us in western/conservative dogma. It is a cancer to our community. Whenever you see “Tradcon” pro conservatives, pro religious mantra — bash them right there. Point our we are not left vs right organization. We support men so take your traditional conservative, and pro white, pro Trump crap and go away.

I will even add that RBK was wrong when he used his MGTOW platform to insult Muslims, and even used example of Israel/Jewish influence on conservatives policy on Middle East. Our community must stop using this platform to support western value, conservatives value, and libertarian value. We are boycotting marriages, and live-in relationship. That is our mission. If you are concern about anything else that join those groups don’t try to hijack our community.

Oh by the way AVFM scandal got more juicer.

As soon Janet realized “men right” was declining she switched sides, and went full alt-right, even embedding her men’s right conference to “Nazi family” blog! AVFM knew, and did not care, even paid for her London Men’s conference! At this point AVFM & Alt-Right are pretty much the same group!

She is the spoke person for AVFM!

Virtually every Men’s Right leader is a woman + most of these gals totally crazy!

By the way AVFM cult try to use identity politics to justify that they are not a second wife club for angry wives.

Do you see feminist hiring men to prove they are not anti-men? No start selling coffee mugs “Male Tear”, and “Old Vintage Dude”. Which as you must admit is the right repons. Feminist stood proud, and brush off these lunatic!

The same goes for Chinese American, they ain’t going to church, or conservative rally to prove that they are not “anti-American”. Nor you will see Jews, or Muslims wearing christan cross to prove that they are not Anti-Christian.

No, only mens right hides behind women skirt because they are a traditional conservative cult with white supremacy agenda. If not why bash men who are leftist? Why bash non-white men like Jews, Arab who circumcise by attacking their religious doctrine?

Let’s not forget why attack “BlackLivesMatters” when black men are asking for right and equality – if you don’t agree with them then join conservatives why use “men right” platform to promote your agenda which remove men from left, and non-white community?

As I said feminist don’t do this and that is why they are successful. Fault lies with racist conservative and their fetishes with house wife.

Here is from the archive of Judy Bitch Blog + Another blogger have more pictures from her deleted videos as well!

You see what I mean; These are the “gals” preaching men about “bad bad bad” feminist. Seriously, this is totally crazy.

Do you see feminists dividing themselves like this? No they will keep nuts like her out and hug fellow black sisters to get their agenda pass, and both parties Democrats Conservatives feel their power, and support them!

Also go look at any women conference, they do their own dirty work, and they never put men on the pedestal!

RBK trial series is worth watching for how bad AVFM & Mens Right Cult is for Men

But it gets better! She gave following interview to Vice during her divorce. She was calling her boyfriend “husband”, when in reality she was getting divorce!

Right after her interview in Vice — she decided to show her Canadian passport. And post more “Pro Nazi & Pro Trump Videos”.

If that not bad enough!

She decided use her real name on every single TV show – just google it for yourself — just so she can blackmail her husband to get a better deal during divorce! Just how is she any different from feminists”?

Anyway, this is why Men’s Right is pretty much dead. Thanks to economy these conman are not getting paid anymore, and men are moving to MGTOW & INCEL movements.

Just one last thing I will added. Some of you may wonder what kind of a men support, and even make women leader of their men’s right movement?

Following type of men! The couple below are leftist — but they share same common men’s right/avfm working ideology. The only difference one is leftist man got a girl, and Mens Right are “searching for NAWLT” like pic below.

Video Links:

why the mens right movement will not succeed part 7

I decided to pickup RBK (RazorBladeKandy2) left in 2015. His six parts series pretty much covered most of the issue. Paul Elam, and his AVFM, and other MRM have exposed themselves for who they are. They do not care about men rights, they want to see white supremacy, and conservative values. They are Tradcon (Traditional Conservatives). Now they are outright attacking MGTOW and calling it a Jewish movement. Men’s Right movement are loser looking for second/third wife. They want their new victims to cook clean, and provide sex without a protest.

During 2016 United States presidential election MRM, and AVFM attacked every single non-white person; went full on conservative. Now with upcoming 2020 Election the same conman are bullying men to vote for Trump, and attack anyone for wearing a mask! With ongoing #BlackLiveMatters they are openly attacking fellow men because their skin is darker, and harssing anyone who doesn’t agree with Conservative party. MGTOW movement was never about supporting conservatives. Tradcon are the reason most of us never join “Men’s Right” loon.

Attacks like above shows that Men Rights Nazi be they AVFM, MRM are a branch of Alt-Right, and this is why they are bullying anyone “who sounds liberal”. They are trying to destroy MGTOW because our peaceful protest against marriage, and unfair alimony and child support is exposing them and their Conservative Nazi ideology.

Why else Men Right scumbag will bash you if you ask “what have Trump done so far”. They know fully well most us will never vote Democrats, or even support liberal! It is painfully obvious that these closet conservatives want to stop us criticizing them. All they want to do is “harass feminists online”, “dox men who are exposing their dishonesty”, and “promote traditionalist philosophy and the lifestyle”.

It is a real shame that we don’t have BarBar and RBK to expose these scumbags. We must all pick the mantle and continue their work. Whether we like it or not the minute MGTOW movement came into existence it was a declaration of a civil war on Men Right. We must expose them for who they. Men Rights are bunch of sexually frustrated loser who can’t find a wife and blame women for their ineptitude.

Iran Bullies West Again

Like a prostitute on a crack waving a knife on her customer. Iranian government has released a 25 pages secret agreement with China to bully and harass West. They really do not want to sign  any agreement with China. This is their way of telling White Devil. Hey whitey let us kill our Sunni neighbors, and you pigs (Persian reference to uncircumcised white European) help us by slaughtering Arab and help Israeli military, so Sunni Arabs & Turks will never build another Ottoman empire. This global chess board game is Persian way of pretending they are a still an empire. In reality Iran is a sixty years old street hooker trying to compete with stripper in her 20s!

It is an open secret that Iran, Israeli, and USA are allies and work against Sunni Arabs nations. This alliance given all three nations what they are not willing to admit.  American get cheaper oil. Israeli remain the stronge military power in the region because Arabs nations like Syria, and Iraq are control by Iranian. Finally, the Iran get the control the middle-east by sending their religion shia militia to neighboring nations like Iraq, Syria, and Pakistan so these lunatic don’t start any revultion in home, and Sunni countries remains divided, and easily control.

America, Israel, and Iran have been at war with Sunni Arabs since World War Two. This is their way of hoping Black and Brown Arab won’t be united as a single unified empire. Iran like a greedy child is hoping it can blackmail West by nudging toward China. Chinese are little bit smarter in this regard, they know that any transfer of technology to Iran means heading it over to West. Because Iran will sell anything to European, and America to get a better deal. Also Iran need European & American christian fundamentalist to destroy their Sunni neighbors, and perhaps young virgin blonde boys for their Imams.

As usual mainstream media pretend this is a religious war between Persian and Arab. In3reality this a race war Persian are waging against non-white Arabs. This is also the reason the reason white Muslim can openly date in Iran — it’s called “Nikah mut’ah“. But don’t expect our liberal media to look deep into it. Nor will white progressive who are a control opposition. So let’s not carries to water for Neo-conservatives, and their judo-christian loons.


Twitter Deletes Antifa Account Run By White Supremacists

If Republican and Conservatives had any IQ their head would slip out of their neck. How do you explain try to lose an election? Did conservatives really need to create a fake ANTIFA account and pretend they are black supremacist?  I know some fools still things “Not All conservatives are Racist”  yes they are, and they know they are. There is no way you can support this nut case anti human party baiting race war and helping corrupt democratic party.  Let’s not vote for either crooked party!



Fake Account:

Crazy Dave Ramsey In Denial

Dave Ramsey who is traditionalist conservatives. He is a nuts who believes women should sit come and cook & cleans. If a married women had an affair then her husband is a sissy. More often then not he has shame men for wanting to get divorce. Bash men who were asking their future wife prenup — real men don’t do that.

Naturally, his entire show is about money. You can’t get any more conservatives then him. So when he felt that he couldn’t ignore regarding on going protest by African American for demands for justice. He decided to talk about the subject. As you wold expect he is just as good as Hillbilly from south making speeches about homosexuality and diversity.

But don’t take my words for it. Here is one unhappy YouTuber who responded to Dave hypocritical video; and as you can see her response is liked by well over 1000 people. Yet Dave & YouTube have censored her. I manged to take screenshot & with her permission posting on this blog.

Created with GIMP






What about Conservatives?


My last article brought some criticism by some readers. I feel oblige to address it. If you are a marginally a white person, with no discernible non-white feature. Try going to any southern states George, Alabama, Mississippi, New Orleans. You’ll notice that Martin Luther King’s “I have a Dream” is unachievable, because you have to be sleep to be in it. Picture like above are part of mainstream conservatives culture under “freedom of speech”.

In Love Like Hate, Linh Dinh reveals why Westerns are always going to Asian countries. One of the tourist reveals his conservative daily lifestyle.

““In France, the only sex that’s available anymore is masturbation. I masturbated compulsively when I lived in Paris. I masturbated at home, in public, at the park and in the Métro. I masturbated underground, above ground and in the air. Once I even masturbated at the zoo. In the nocturama, I did it. You know what that is? It’s where they keep these shy, nighttime animals with huge eyes. But I can’t imagine a Vietnamese masturbating at all. There’s no need to masturbate here. There’s always a whorehouse within walking distance and it costs next to nothing to get laid.”.

Later we learn of his conservative/traditionalist view of the world.

“He paused to order two more, then continued, “Another thing I like about Vietnam is the absence of mosques. Since Bush started his war, I no longer feel safe traveling, but I feel perfectly safe in Vietnam. I see no veiled women on the streets and there are no Hameds to blow me up as I sit in a bar having a quiet drink. Muslims like to drink too, by the way. I was just in Bangkok and saw a million of them getting trashed and going to the whorehouses. There’s nothing wrong with that. Getting trashed is a sacred right and should be recognized as such. If Muslims drank more, they wouldn’t be so hostile to the rest of us. Actually, they do drink more, they just don’t want to admit it. Anyway, when the entire world is finally destroyed, Vietnam will be the only country left standing.” That’s because there are no Muslims here.”

That’s no different that “American Dream”. Try asking a Native Americans how they feel about it, or even an African-American about “American Dream” under Trump and on going terrorism against them all over South. What do you think gerrymandering & voter id is? It is modern-day ethnic terrorism against non-white by White Republican.

This is why vast majority of White men are pro Conservatives. The key words are “conserve” as in “keeping it pure”). In American as well as Canada only white supremacist and nazi join conservatives/republican party.

Ignore the cries of morons “I am “Conservatives” and I  am not racist”.  Yes, you are racist by participating in a party that promote racism and ethnic terrorism against non-white. There is no if & but. Whatever Conservative party was in the past, today it is a modern-day white-supremacist gang. To be a conservative is to be a racist.  There is no if and buts. Trump was not an exception to a rule. He exposed an unwritten rule.

It’s been like this from the very beginning. Anyone who think otherwise is an idiot. Left vs Right is a foolish game. Both parties are the enemy of the people. Democrats used minority and abuses them. Republican incite racial violence, and when things get too outta hands they will jail their own supporters. To further marginalized their victims, southern states do not allow people who were in jail to participate in election. Obama did not help his fellow blacks, nor did Clinton.

Both parties are our enemies regardless of our race, color, and sexual orientation.

Bill Maher, Steve Bannon, White Terrorism

This months Bill Maher brought Steve Bannon for an interview. Bannon decided to defend white Terrorists’ violence  by blaming left who were the victim. One of the white terrorist James Alex Fields Jr drove a car into non-white.

“James Alex Fields Jr. (born 1997) is an American neo-Nazi domestic terrorist.[1] He was charged with second-degree murder in 2017 after the authorities said he drove a car into a crowd, killing 32-year-old Charlottesville, Virginia resident Heather Heyer and injuring at least 19 others who were protesting a rally staged by various alt-right groups called “Unite the Right” in Charlottesville on August 12, 2017″

Bannon is racist just like Trump, and so are the rest of Republican/Conservatives. There is no point arguing with them. However, when Bill Maher brought him for an interview, he should brought these facts. It was quite galling to see him defend his follower who were screaming “Non-White Must Die, Or White Can’t Survive”, or “Jews Will Not Replace US”.

What are we in MGTOW community make of this? Our community is split because group of Men Right joined us are full blown conservatives and therefore naturally tilt towards white nationalist ideas, and perversion. MGTOW is and has been about boycotting marriages. However, one of the main guideline is boycotting these perverts and pointing out over and over again race, and color don’t matter in our community.

We don’t want to end up like Men Right group where all the leaders were 2nd wife clubs crying about alimony!



Shooting in Mississauga

Visiting Toronto to my family I saw Canadian version of a fake called CP24.

Owner of Michaels restaurant was whining that his whore of daughter witnessed shooting.

Little research would reveal that his club going daughter hangout with bad boys of all sorts.

This traditionalist screamed shouted things likes “terrorist”. A code word referring to non white Canadian.

Naturally no one in media asked what the hell young girl doing in the middle of night. Palling around drugs dealers, and marijuana somkers.

You can safely bet your bottom dollar that his daughter will be a single mom and the unlucky jerk will be accused of date rape, or worst.

Conservative will use this incident to prop up support among white Canadian to discriminate and terrorize minorities.

Best solution for Canadian men of all races is to boycott marriage. Don’t feed this marriage maffia.

Let this jerk of a father babysitt his upcomming grandkids while his daughter cruises with bed men spreading HIV.

Steve Bannon out at White House

Assuming Donald Trump wears an underwear. It’s probably older than any of the Staff walking around in White House. Knowing Trump I personally think he is Going commando Although there is still dispute, much of it tendentious, about the Bannon quitting, or force to resign. Now Steve Bannon can go back to doing more important thing like sucking his own dick!

This administration is turning into a joke. This why I wonder if I should even bother writing about this. This is what I and many MGTOW have said over and over again. Mens Right/Conservatives are not normal people. They do whatever their tradition tell them to do whether it make sense, or not.

Just think about it. They want to put women back into kitchen!


Because this way they will make lots of white babies, and it will put an end to non-white immigration.

At the same time they want to stop Alimony, Child Support, and splitting of property. How are these white women feeds themselves and kids when their husband abandon them?

Telling them why it’s not a practical solution. They in turn whine and scream about being persecuted as automatically as a mosquito whines about your ear before he alights to suck your blood. Hence the reason they are called Alt-Right/White Supremacist/Nazi.

If you think I am being too harsh. Just take a look at their stupidity. They did a rally in Charlottesville with Tikki torches. With modern technology these conservatives/men’s right have plastered all over the internet. Most of these idiot works for corporation who do business with foreign country hence “made-in-china” label.

Where do you think their future career will take them? America has a global economy, for better for worst most worker depend on a companies who in depend on another country’s factory. That’s how global economy works — this is due to resource depletion etc. Hence the rise of Green Technology, Solar Panel etc.


Incidentally, Tikki torches? In case you didn’t know they were “Made in China”. I read some place that the delivery guy who brought them was an Indian!

If that’s not bad enough: Creator of Tikki Torches said the following:

“Tiki Brand is not associated in any way with the events that took place in Charlottesville and are deeply saddened and disappointed,” the company said in a statement Monday. “We do not support their message or the use of our products in this way.”

Rest of the store in Red States have signs like this:


Oh the irony.

Stevie boy can open a Contortionists Gymnastic & Yoga Fitness teaches Mens’ Right, Nazi/Alt-Right/ Conservatives his amazing skills.


Trump Tells Aides He Has Decided to Remove Stephen Bannon 

Tiki Brand is distancing itself from white nationalists who used tiki torches


Trump Supporters

I don’t know if you guys have ever talked, or read the things Trump supporters says. But it’s amazing how dumb, and ignorant they are. Even when facts are provided to them they would just scream and shout and refuse to face reality.

Recent spat between a conservatives and alt-right (aka white supremacist) took a new turn into a already twisted saga.

FD – an anonymous white supremacist was shouting and screaming that north america was created by white man, there was no Jew, or nor black involve. He even went as far as to say that blacks were not slave but undocumented guest hence the cause of slavery.

The whole thing started when a Jewish family name “Isaac Hay” was mentioned. Those of you who may not know American History. Their family was first among the European immigrant to give birth to a white kid in the state of Georgia.

This is from Wikipedia — facts can also be check at your local library.

“Hays married Sarah Ann Minis in Savannah on May 7, 1834. Sarah (affectionately called Sally) was the daughter of Isaac and Divinah (Cohen) Minis.[18] An old Savannah family, the Minises were among forty-one Jewish settlers who departed England in 1733[19] and Philip Minis (Sarah’s paternal grandfather) had the distinction of being the first white child born in Georgia”

That is a historical fact. Very few of us would even care about it — unless of course you are like one of these “breitbart” reader.

When confronted how does a Alt-Right (White Supremacist) response fact like these?

Here is a screenshot:


Normally we would not even pay attention to these dumb people. Expect for the fact that in system like democracy they were able to elect a person like Trump.

We could have even waited for next election and reverse this insanity. Sadly this jackass of a president is trying to start a nuclear war with North Korea. A nation with well built military.

As a Chinese saying goes:

May you live in interesting times

How interesting indeed!


First White Kid in Georgia