Career Women in Denial


Writer/Actor/Director Mindy Kaling whines that she can’t find the “right” guy. Yes, we have heard this song over and over again. However, she is a perfect perfect illustration of a modern day woman.

What make her case even more interesting that her parents immigrated in States so her behavior ought to be more “feminine” unlike born and raised American girls.

Her personality proves that traditionalist are in denial. Importing women from foreign land  doesn’t mean that they won’t take advantage of the current system.

Like most career women this wonderful lady thinks that she can’t find a “good man” because of her career. When she “does”, she thinks: I will let you read what says…

“I think that when I go on dates, there’s this expectation that I’m going to have 11 martinis and pass out and spend the night really soon.”


Back of her book there is a picture of a heart. Heart is occupied with numerous things. Interestingly enough there are two sections for Nice Guys (small room), Handsome Jerks (huge room).

Could it be because?
You think all men wanna get into your pants?
You call yourself Misogynist?
You only go after superficial jerks.
You act like a 20 years old, yet you’re going to be 40 years old?


In Friends sitcom there is a poster (above) in Ross apartment. Which says in Russian “In Order to Build You have to Know, In order to Know you have to learn”.

Same technique apply to relationship, being a jerk, uncaring person won’t take you so far. My advice for Mindy is to look deep in herself before pointing figure on men.

It’s not us, it’s you!

Guy after her Vag!

The Mindy Project S05E04: Mindy Lahiri Is a Misogynist – 25th Oct 2016

Back Page of Her Book

Shackles Beyond Divorce

My ex resumed outside-the-home work when the oldest child started college. Now my ex is earning over $100,000 a year and has no mortgage on our former marital home. So I’m sure she can support herself.

Now I just learned, years after our children finished college, that nine years ago, my ex married her longtime live-in male friend. My ex did not invite our children to her wedding ceremony, nor tell them or me about her remarriage. But she kept cashing my alimony checks. No doubt, if I died, she’d have kept the insurance money, too. What steps can I take now?”

Men who have to pay alimony get stuck with additional financial responsibility of an adult woman who in most case can get a decent job, and can even have a reasonable career.

Yet most cases Judge look the other way, and do not care. Sadly, when same man marry another woman she will be financial punish because of his previous relationship. Talk about collective punishment!

Story in Newspaper is about a man who got stuck with alimony of an ex-wife who quietly married her boyfriend. She was collecting alimony for years yet Government did nothing about it.

You know if ex-husband forget to pay child-support, or alimony he driving license can be revoke. Yet in this modern day of information highway, one government agency computer can not communicate with another department.

I mean marriage certification department should have gotten the information that she is divorced, and collecting alimony. As soon as she got married, her ex-husband should have been informed of her status change thereby he would not have go through this mess all over again.

We should not waste our time, money trying to change marriage laws, divorce scam, or even alimony reform. We should just boycott marriage altogether.

It is a biggest scam of the century. It is nothing more but a modern day financial slavery.


MGTOW in Chilean Media

A Chilean media publish an article about MGTOW, and they compared us to Men’s Right Movements.

I want to clarify numerous mistake they made.

We are not try not trying teach “men to be masculine”, nor we want “women to feminine”. That is a Tradcon mentality (Traditional Conservative).


They pretty much compare us to Men’s Right Group.. Don’t mention that we are about boycotting marriage, or any financially binding relationship…. Yeah there is no “manifesto”. We boycott traditional relationship enforced by governmental & religious binding contract…


¿Conoces el ‘MGTOW’?


Why I don’t fight Feminism?


We all know the ups and down of feminism. However, the alternative which is always given to us is glorified 18th century traditionalist lifestyle. We men are told that go and work, and feed an adult woman who just sit home, and watch TV.

To them I say take your dichotomy, and shove it up where sun don’t shine.

Just like in the past men were sham for not willing to die in war by “white feather” campaign so they would join the military, and die in wars such as WWI, and WWII.

RBK give us a very good description of of Men’s Right & AVFM


In 2016 US Election, Republican are asking us Men to pick  their side — in this case “saving white race from hordes of non-white immigrants”.

What have they given us during Bush administration?

Insane Iraq war, and today’s Syria crisis is a offshoot of their blunder.Not to mention Trillion dollar debts — largest by far of any nation.

Best of the best American men were killed mimed. As a result they can not work in the industry, therefore we have shortages of labor throughout USA.

We not just talking about blue color jobs like chicken plucker, or even janitor.

These young men who died in war were well qualified for jobs like IT, civil engineering and more.

We suppose to vote for Republican so they can stop the immigration. At the same time they are doing everything that require additional men into our republic.

Sending best of the best men & women into war  which is causing labor shortages, and worst yet it has not serve our interest .

Don’t these dumb, dumb realize that their policy have caused more problem for us, and for our children.

We need to counterweight and bring pendulum back into neutral mode. But how are we suppose to do that?

The entire debate the traditionalist have is about immigration, and bad bad things “liberals” doing? Creating new voter suppression laws in Conservatives sates so minorities can not vote.

How about AVFM/MRM/MRA?

They are nothing more but Cheerleading squad for Republicans.

I use to consider myself conservative, however, as of now I am neither. I am just sick and tired of our party leaders bashing anything that does not fit into their set agenda.

I wish we can talk politics out of our community (MGTOW/Men Rights), but sadly we have to reveal the behavior of these leaders so we can move forward into the future with sense and logic.

Paul Elam Stealing Donation Again!


DNA Test Result


It’s pretty sad that government use our tax payer money to pay for all sort of things. Even for people who are refugees, subsidizing housing for lazy bums, even providing free medical care for stupid people who jump off the balcony for thrill!

Yet, when it comes to paternity fraud. There is no such protection. We men have to pay out of our own pockets. This should be mandatory when child is born so only biological father is financially responsible.

This just proves that our society is slumming all the way down.

Super Henpecked

Tom Leykis read a very sad story on his show. It made me go into my own memory lane, and I am sharing it with you here. I decided to use the same title from his show.

When I was living in Toronto in a high rise building, my next door neighbors were very strange couple. They were from Prince Edward Island. He worked in Starbucks, and she was a stay home wife on welfare. They were in their 30s, and 40s.

One day I was off work, and I decided to clean my apartment, and throwing some stuff out so I was coming in and out of the hallway. I saw a very old lady holding a cane, and standing in front of my neighbor’s door with barely a strength to knock on the door. In her weak voice she was calling his name. “Honey, this is your mother. Please open up.” Poor lady stood there for about 15 minutes.

Eventually, I offered her to wait for him in my apartment. I wrote on a piece of paper, and tapped it on his door.

I came back to my apartment, gave her a glass of water, went to kitchen to make some tea.

After the tea, I went to throw more things, and I noticed that message on the door was gone.

I knocked on the door, and his wife finally opened the door. She was in her mid-40, older than her husband, she had purple Mohawk style hair, “I’m Canadian” swinging bottom of her nose, a pin in the middle of her tongue, and cockroach earrings swinging side to side.

Her face was tanned to point that it looks like an overcooked meat. She had small breast, yet they reminded me of an old squeeze lemon, and frail just like her clothes. She was wearing a dirty smelly shirt that also covered her bottoms, it had ketchup spots on it, and pieces of potatoes stuck to it, and yet it barely covered her prison tattoos.

Any skin area of her body not covered with art work, was very pale white. It is as if her face went to the beach, and her body went to a morgue. To wet your appetite, she had a very high pitch rural accent – imagine Fran Drescher character in Nanny on crack.

Very rudely, she asked me what do I want. I asked her if her husband was at home, I could see him mopping the floor. “No, he is not, what do you want!”. Hearing her response, he skidded into kitchen.

I simply yelled, “when you finish mopping the floor, come and talk to your mom, she traveled 80 miles to see you.”

When I came in the old lady was looking at me with disbelieve in her eyes.

Our tacit communication felt like eveyons.

She was sad, frustrated, and very much out of place as if she did not want to be here. She looked around my apartment, and she saw midsize aquarium, dozen fishes swimming, underwater grass where tiny African frogs were jumping up and down, and shrimps coming in and out of a skunked ship right next to a bubble lava lamp. It cheered her up.

Somehow talking to me, and looking at my hobbies made her relax. Slowly she started talking about her life. I learned that few weeks ago; she lost her husband, and two kids in a car accident. Her last son, my next door neighbor is the only child she had. She had been trying to contact him ever since, leaving him voicemails, asked her neighbor to send him text messages, and even regular mail post about the tragedy befallen on their family. When all attempt failed, she decided to travel to see him.

A brief info about her last son. He was studying in high school, average marks, but doing okay. Met his current wife, his very first girlfriend, who just came out of the prison. Few months into a relationship she told him that he is going to be a dad, and forced him dropped out of school, and then bullied him to migrate in a big city to “man up” for his family.

Once they were in Toronto. They got married in court, later he learned that she had a “false pregnancy”. She claimed that due to her criminal record she couldn’t find any work. She was applying for disability since her welfare scam was running out. He decided to get a job in a coffee shop, and that’s how they had been living for past 15 years.

Poor lady waited in my apartment for five hours. He finally knocked on my door. She went with him, few minutes later she knocked back on my door with tears in eyes asking me to take her to the airport. I told her to stay in my apartment – she broke in tears, blessing me and such. I booked an early flight for her for the next day, and also drove her to the airport.

As a doctor, many time I had to tell the family when patient died, this was the first time I had tear in my eyes when I hugged her goodbye. I won’t lie to you, if he ever come on my operating table, I won’t be saving his pathetic life.

Seeing his cowardly behavior embolden her even further. Every evening, I could hear her screaming at him, her voice was slurring, and she was throwing things on the floors. He was pleading her, “sorry, won’t happen again”. Pretending, I didn’t hear anything I would go in my apartment, and relax.

Anyway, these episodes became more frequent to the point that numerous times residence below his apartment started calling the police. One night police were standing in front of his door, and she was standing right next to her husband. Telling the cops that “he had too much to drink, and he got excited, he is very sorry” pause “right honey?!”.

He was stammering “yes, officer, I am very sorry”.

Countless time she called cops on him for domestic violence. He would always come back to her, and take the abuse.

Luckily, very soon I bought my own condo, and I didn’t have to live near these trailer trash.

Divorce Advice: Delete That Number!


Drunk dialing, we all have done it. This is why once you break up. Delete all of your ex contact info from your phone, outlook, and land line phone. Not just her, her family, relatives, etc.

When going through divorce, you don’t want to give your ex any more ammunition than she already has. This type of behavior can result in losing custody of kids, and even going to jail.

In California, a drunken man called his wife during a nasty divorce. His wife lawyer played that tape and he lost most of property, access to his kids, and he had to a second bank to pay back end alimony — and it is a lifetime alimony!

  • Never carry a phone when you know that you’re going to get drunk.
  • Use pattern lock – and make the invisible so it is hard to use when drunk
  • Due to kids you need to be in contact keep it in odl school text book, and lock the drawer!
  • Go with your friends in bar so don’t end up taking taxi to her house!
  • Finally, just don’t get drunk during divorce, it’s hard, but price is too high for such mistake

Men Right Meeting Review

Tonight, I went to a Men Right’s Group here in Quebec, Canada. I went with my neighbor who is from France. He is a self proclaim white nationalist. He wants all the Arabs, Blacks, Feminists, and other minorities out of Europe. He moved to a Canada because his marriage ended badly. He does not know if he is the biological father of two kids. In France it is illegal for Men to do a paternity test without mother consent.

I have no problem with his personal believe, he is civil to me, and so am I. This summer we renovated our backyard, and used our experience to get some project and made some money. We men can work as a team, and overcome our emotion with logic, and reason.

However, “white supremacist” are like nut case religious fanatic, “my race is a true race therefore colored men must die”. White nationalist can work with other races, as was done during WWII, German, Turkish, Japanese joined forces against English. South Asian also supported German alliance against British Empire for their freedom. I hope you can see the difference.

Upon arrival, 1st thing we noticed; bouncers were stopping people who came in comic costumes like Adolf Hitler, Abraham Lincoln, Jim Crow, Batman, and Superman to hide their identity. I believe Sandman mentioned in one of his video that he did that too.

When some of these guys protested, a women came out of the hallway, and said “we don’t want cowards!”

One guy in the meeting commented on women’s nature. A female host retorted “there is no such thing as misandry”, and same guy replied said than there is no such thing as misogyny – one cannot exist without the other. After a brief pause another lady from the panel called the security, and guy was asked to leave.

We are the second largest country in the world. Yet we men don’t have a single space, not a single god damn place to talk about our pain and sorrow, these “damsel in distress” always invade our space dictate what we can and cannot say.

These English speakers white were using French province as a hideout so Feminist from Ontario will not protest. A la Toronto’s popular slut walk.

I simply hate extremist and white terrorist who wanna kill me because of my race, meanwhile they sit on a stolen land.

We men are like frog in a boiling pot instead of helping each other to escape from an imminent threat we are trying to kill each other in an already toxic environment. Meanwhile chief leisurely slice herbs to decorate our bodies.

The whole meeting was a surreal mixture of stupidity and decay.