New Patriot Act

As if #metoo movement wasn’t bad enough. European decided to jump into the bandwagon. English translate of above video “At 16, I want to know who my father is” is all you need to know about this horrible single mother. Even other programs “Femmes SDF en FranceVivre dans la rue” suggests that immigrants are going after homeless female! As if it’s more likely homeless female are willing to marrying them for money & free residence + kids.

European fake media is using immigrants men to bash all men. Crooked media is suggesting that immigrant/non-white are making babies and running away. Since most white european don’t want undesirables in their backyards let alone popping babies. This is enraging them, and European governments are “complying” by  making more draconian laws against all single men . Manipulated public does not realized how fast they are losing liberty.

As P. T. Barnum said “There’s a sucker born every minute”. Using bait and switches with Trump as icing on the cake European version of The USA PATRIOT Act will be signed by European Congress into law. Euro gov prefer immigrant popping babies — it’s good for the labor shortages, plus most immigrant are willing to take any job to feed their growing and ever more hungry families. Why would they object to a willing slave?

MGTOW is becoming more and more relevant than ever before. No live-in relationship, nor marriage.

Avoid them like plague.

Single Mother vs Children


Fake NY Times finally admitted that “It takes a village to raise a child”  because mother will always screw up her own child. Cosmopolitan in cahoots with fake media have always promoted the idea that mother makes better of the two parents. That is why liberal and traditionalist judges have always handed over children custody to a mother after divorce. Than same mother that demands that she also gets money for baby-sitter so she can spend more time on clubs, and bars! Recent vblog on Fake NYTimes has debunked their own lies.

Aptly called “The World Was Hers. Then She Became a Mom.” has exposed an ongoing lies and hypocrisy permeating in our pro-feminist culture. Here is another irony, Fake NY-Times is also telling us that once a woman has a child, her value goes down like the current stock market. After all how many single men are willing to date a woman whose schedule revolve around her baby sitter? Indeed, world used to pump and dump her, and now no one would even spit on her!


Even the title picture of the article tacitly telling us “Men! You’re better off banging a barn yard window, beside getting wet you ain’t getting press”. No wonder Bill Maher a neocon liberal and a closet white supremacist don’t wanna marry either. Living on California may have something to do with it.


Black community has the largest and the fastest rising demographic of single mothers. Vast majority criminals are also coming out of black community. Here comes the shock, they are all raised by single mothers! Liberals, and Cuckservatives/Traditionalist always blame “black men”. But in reality, black men are fed up, and that is why they are dating white women, hence you see their successful  mulatto offspring doing much better like Obama.

How about white single mothers? Opioid epidemic is pretty much among white teenagers raised by single mothers as well. These kids were put on drugs when their mothers divorced their husbands, and couldn’t take it when kids were screaming and shouting for attention. These soccer moms went to the doctor, and got their kids prescribe to mood prescription drugs. But don’t take my word for it go to CDC and see it yourself.

While their black counter part are engaged in other destructive activities like becoming car jacker, thief, and a rapper. All of them are raised by single mothers. Yes, it’s possbile to find to young men with successful career, but that’s like canary in the coal mine. And just like their mother, girls raised by their single mom also becomes sinlge mom, and cycle starts all over again. The exception to the rule does not invalidate the rule.

Slowly but surly women are admitting that children are the burden.

It’s not a new phenomenon. This has been going on for years. Prior of “nuclear family” we used to live in a multi-generation families hence the popular adage “It takes a village to raise a child”.  Our answer to all of these “crisis” are simple. Don’t get married, and if you did have a child with a woman, be part of your child’s life, and don’t make the same mistake again.

Single life is a beautiful life.

Having Children Is Selfish

I have graduated from a medical University, and I am working in a same trade. Nonetheless, as part of my post-divorce life I am taking some college courses for self-improvement. I am planning to do minor in cooking, and major in wood working — house renovation.

I love building things, and I enjoy cooking. These are my two hobbies. It is a very enjoyable to build your bed room closet, or redesign your own house, and build a backyard porch with roof.

I am good with home renovation, I can even built things like house closet, floating shelf, however I want to do with that “professional” touch that can only come with proper learning, and working with tradesmen.

I take these classes during weekend — only four hours sat & sun. Remaining time I spend with my daughter. As most of you know I was lucky enough to get the custody of my little princess. It’s so beautiful life. Just me and my angeles.

So why would I fathers say such thing “having children is selfish”?

Well, as part of my trade courses I am “forced” to take language course English. During class debate we were discussing “childless couple” and many accused them to be selfish.

I interjected and said they are not selfish. People who cannot feed themselves are more selfish for making than those who decided not to have kids. After all what is worst? A couple who decided not to have kids, or those who decided to have kids and can’t feed them, and don’t pay attention to their children.

You hear excuses like “Children are blessing”, and “nobody planning to be miserable”.

First off, they are your blessing, and my expense. My kids are my bless, your kids are my pain.

Some of you may remember the old story about the college girl who went to bed one night, and finally dropped off to sleep, but in the early hours of the morning she heard the clock strike two and she felt the door of her room was slowly opening. Terrified, she tried to call out in the darkness, but a handkerchief was whipped over her mouth and she felt strong arms lift her from the bed. She was carried downstairs, thrown into the tonneau of a large and luxurious Rolls-Royce that set off at high speed. After a long ride she was lifted out and carried into the large hall of a vast and palatial mansion, up marble stairs, and into an elegantly appointed room, where she was thrown on the bed. Only then did she see her captor clearly. He was a strong and handsome man attired in faultless evening dress. He stood by the bed, looking down at her speculatively and silently. She tried to speak, and at last she was able to say whimperingly, “What, oh, what are you going to do to me?” The man shrugged his shoulders. “How should I know?” he said. “This is your dream.”

The story is absurd, of course, but it owes what little humor it possesses to its equivocal play on the mystery of our own consciousness. A dream is by definition a series of sensations that occur in the brain when both our senses of perception and our powers of will and reason are in abeyance, so that we have no control over that flux of sensations.

But in our waking hours we must, if we are rational, make our decisions on the basis of the most objective and cold-blooded estimates that we can make: estimates of the forces and tendencies in the world about us; estimates of the realities with which we must deal; remembering always that nothing is likely to happen just because we think it’s good, or unlikely to happen just because we think it’s evil.

So how is it those who cannot feed themselves decided to make children, and then demand rest of us hard working people to feed their family.

What is even worst when couples who cannot even take care themselves decided to pop multiple kids thereby drowning into further poverty and despair?

We as society are told to donate money for children who are starving, and only have a rag to cover their body.

Nobody ask who sire these children? Why didn’t they think about when they were having sex? Some traditionalist (both conservatives & democrat) barks at us that it’s not a fault of a mother who is poor, and her child is crying because there is not food in the house.

Who forced these women to have kids? If you’re dating, or married a loser why would you expect a better outcome? Even in 3rd world countries women are now provided secret contraceptive services where they can stop pregnancy. Children should not be created by couples who cannot take care of themselves. You made a Xerox copy of yourself, now pay for your mistake. Don’t expect me to feed their misfortunate children.

Many popular people were born in poverty. Take Nikola Tesla, Jack London, Louis Ferdinand Cline, or Feodor Dostoevsky.

Consider the four outstanding people I mentioned. Neither Celine, nor London was leftist, although Tesla, and Dostoevsky were conservatives, and none of four was wealthy or considered a snob. London in fact was an illegitimate child raised in poverty. At the age of 13 he was working 12 hours a day in a cannery for ten cents. These people learn from their parent’s mistake thus given birth to modern day movement of family planning.

Two kids and a white picket fence is not a middle class dream. It is a responsible choice for couples thinking of their own children future and their own future retirement. So called poor couple popping out five kids, and living in a subside house, and lining up for even more welfare are selfish, deceitful, and harmful to our society for their destructive and parasitic activities.

But think of the children?

Again, I did not make them therefore they are not my responsibility. I did not print a Xerox copy of myself from your wound therefore don’t expect me to be financially responsible.

We cannot legally drive a car without insurance, and some states criminals, cannot even vote in election. Yet we let these same irresponsible people are allowed to make kids, and our government make us pay for their mistake rather than penalize them.

How come our leading literary light is not warning us about destructive intention of socialism? Did all our writers got killed during, or swollen up during 60s hippy revolution? I don’t know the answer of these questions. But I can tell you is that both parties (democrats & conservative) bash “Putin (i.e. communism/socialism) yet their policies mirror the very villain they demonize.

Perhaps most writers don’t want write what ails our society, after all most people don’t do series reading anyway. I mean how many people have read Gulag Archipelago, or Fahrenheit 451, and compare them present day political correctness, and self-imposed censorship?

Tell vast majority of the American that don’t make babies if you can’t feed them won’t get you a chair in the hall of avant-garde.

So what the solution? One can see modern media, and even literature and rest of modern culture is a wasteland, devoid of real spirit, and real genius of true independent thinker. Modern politics is stuck in a convulsion and toxic dichotomy; question Trump, and you are leftish, praise Trump and be parepare to be call a racist and an extremist.

Civilizations are like a human body. When nations are in their prime they are moral, and productive like 20 years old Olympic runner. When they past their peak they turned into a nightmare envision by George Orwell in 1984.

Have we passed our peak like Roman Empire? Is this why we see our institutions, and courts corrupting us rather than uplifting our people.

If not than how come our modern culture does not inspire our people to fight welfare bum instead it victimizes and exploits and eventually financially punish hard working people?


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