GM Christmas Layoff

Once again Big corporation stabs American on their back just when they were getting ready for Christmas holiday. How does fake media report this blatant contempt towards the very people who saved them during bankruptcy?

2018 GM Layoff 00.png

Ten years ago GM got bailout money by democrats control congress. When Trump became president his republican party gave auto industry 50% tax discount. As a thank you gift GM is closing its five plants through out from North America. American will be losing 10 to 20 thousands jobs.  This doesn’t include support industry that depends on GM and its employees. Just imagine Flint, Michigan. Why did GM  pickChristmas time to kick their employees in the teeth. Talk about a holiday gift, this one will last forever.

Why didn’t journalist ask the same question when these corporation were going bankrupt? Wouldn’t it be better for US to let these companies shut down due to their own stupidity? How come it wasn’t considered “strategic”. You see these question are not asked when these corporation need our money. These journalist are nothing but paid Shabbos goy & gal for media & entertainment industry.

Instead fake news promoter were defending heartless decision of rich and powerful. Same “journalist” goes in tangent defending immorality of GM.

2018 GM Layoff 01.png

US Auto industry has been engaged in this type of ruthless behavior. Last year GM was shutting down its Korean plant just months before the election. Now they are using same method in US of A. Every horrible thing US corporation has done to its foreign workers is now coming back to hunt Americans as well.

Some of you may not remember. In 1978 when American couch potato were glued to their television watching Nixon speech about water-gate. US corporation were taking advantage of political chaos and quietly moving their companies abroad.

Workers made documentary about their pain and trouble and distributed throughout US Of A, even provided free VCR tapes. It was even played on television. Yet no one paid any attention. They were too excited that democrats control congress was bringing down Nixon’s administration.




Con Man Cometh Among US!

con man

YouTube recently shut down MGTOW 101. Con men of every stripes are trying to take advantage of this situation by asking you to donate some money so they can “saved” MGTOW community.  Please do not send donate to any MGTOW cause. Our community motto is “Man Going Their Own Way”. We are not going YouTube way. This is an unnecessary conundrum. Think of us like Linux of the Men’s World.

We have many fallen heroes, and none have ever asked for money. Best among them is BarBar —  his videos are still there. Late RBK dealth with philosophical issue of our community. New commers like Time Stealer dealing with minority issues and staying with the message,  Jerry Liu — real name talks openly, and honestly. RBK a handicape man, and mute from Canada even defended racism against Jews, and Muslims. As you can see YouTube is not entirely engage in censorship. So what happen?

There are many speculation about MGTOW 101 shut down. Pointing fingers at SJW, Tom Leykis, and Liberals of every stripes. Surprisingly, no one is pointing their fingers on Men’s Right Trolls. After all they are the most desperate men out there who are looking for a woman with room temperature IQ to come to their basement and transform into a dirty sock, or mommy’s new underwear!

But seriously, MGTOW 101 himself is to blame for this. He went out of his way using other people contents, and then deliberately created inflammatory environment around himself by insinuate Jews control media. Later same tacit missive had a picture of a hook nose man waving across the screen. C’mon, dude little common sense goes the long way.

So, is there censorship on YouTube? You betcha, but it is not affecting us as long as we talk about our message within rules & laws. There is no need to provoke the lion when you sitting in the same cage. Also, those of us who are spreading MGTOW message don’t need your money and donation. Please save your pennies for yourself and love one.

I know it will sound like a cliché. But, please remember MGTOW is about peace, and serenity. Why do you think we state over and over again. Boycott marriage? Do we hate women? No! It’s because current laws do not favor men. Life time alimony, and no way to fight paternity fraud, reversal of prenup to name few unfair laws. This is why we prefer to stay single — because marriage is opposite of peace.

MGTOW is about peace, and happiness.
Spread  This Message, Not Your Money!

FBI vs Stock Market

After Trump administration forced FBI to release Nunes Memo proofing that secret agency was running its own scam. Next day we see stock market went down. Those of us who have read innumerable books, article, news letter, we know that Stock market has been controlled by CIA, FBI, and other unknown agency.’

Who knows what’s happening in real world. But it’s good to see that vast majority of people are waking up to traditionalist lies such as marriage, fake media, and even stock market, and other scams.


The Era of Easy Money Is Ending, and the World Is Bracing for Shocks