Why Democracy Doesn’t Work!

Democracy was created thousands of years ago by in Greece by rich and powerful. The basic foundation of democracy was land owner will get together and decided rule, and regulation, and faith of rest of the people under their dominion. Ancient Roman adopted  political system, later flushed it out under Ceasor. Post world war tow Italian republic also adopted this system, which doesn’t seems to work during on going COVID-19 crisis they had to resort to what Chinese was condemn of doing it – a total lock down.

Media, and big corporation rejected total lock down. Media pundits start talking about wisdom of democracy, and freedom of speech, and liberal values etc. As covid-19 pandemic start spreading in Europe like wildfire. Media changed its tone start demanding Chinese style locked up. So the savoir of Western civilization wasn’t “democracy” but and authoritiran law & order.

Democracy can work as long as you are “enforcing'” it among keyboard warriors. However, it  is a failed system, that’s why it was abandoned by Greeks, Roman, and anyone else was infected by it.


Upcoming Twitter Censorship

Kyle made an amazing video regarding upcoming twitter censorship. Basically, twitter which is known to have blocked any account where non-white complain about racism. Let’s say you create an account called “French Racism”, and you are posting regarding Le Pen French Nazi Party from France, or La Meute a Canadian racist group from French Canada. You will be banned. Yet mainstream racist from MSNBC can compare Bernie Sander to a Nazi because they don’t like politcs. Bernie family was wiped out in Holocaust by Nazi. Mainstream racist are okay. Modern day double speak they are called “political pundits”.

Don’t take my word it, even night show hosts are pointing out.

When we think of censorship on the internet. We may assume big bad China, or religious nut from Saudi, or crazy socialist like Venezuela. But, in reality vast majority of censorship happens right here in Western world. Ironically, Mrs. Martin in her recent publicity stunt sued State of Georgia for asking her to sign some documents which meant to stop her questioning Israel, or boycott Israeli products.

This pathetic publicity stunt was  designed to attract the public’s attention to her recent film. Abby Martin is a control opposition. She is trying to make money by selling a video of Arabs being slaughtered in Palestine, all the while she is defending Assad, and his murderous Alawites tribe. Alawites were Persian immigrants who control Syria like Whites were ruling South Africa.

Right now Alawites, and Iranian are exterminating majority of Syrian Sunni population.  Here is where both mainstream media, and progressive media refuse to point out any fact. Nor will they talk about Assad’s father who murdered over 50,000 Syrians in 1980. This is not a civil war among Sunni Syrian. This is genocide, and it is being censored by mainstream media, and “alternative media”. As this point is pretty obvious that “alternative media” is a control opposition.

The main difference between 3rd world censorship, and western censorship is; “over there” public don’t trust their government. Here in West we sadly have our blinders on, and we erroneously believe in “democracy” will of the people. If Orwell was alive, he would call these buzz words double-speak profanity. Whenever pundit cry “save democracy”. No one ask why save a dying system. If it was a perfect system how come Roman, and its citizen were wiped out by their political system. Political pundits from MSNBC, CNN and CBS are screaming and shouting that  “democracy is dying” as if it is a dead horse heading for glue factory. I say let’s give this system a funeral, and let’s try something new. If can  land on moon. I am sure we can built a better political system where rich, and poor can live in harmony.

On going online censorship is nothing new. This has been happening since the beginning of mainstream media, and current ongoing online is censorship only reveals that social media is the new control opposition i.e (youtube, twitter, and facebook). I suggest that instead of “protesting” to the owner of these sites. We should look for alternative, and create our own. This time let’s not put all the eggs in one basket. Let’s be vigilant, and let’s diversify our experience on the internet by becoming less depended on mainstream media, and “social media”.  Let’s vote with our keyboard. Unlike ongoing DNC fake election. This time we control the narrative.


Censorship Watch – 2019

New York Times Article “The Making of a YouTube Radical” praises ongoing online censorship. Following Paragraphs reveals sum of their propaganda.

“YouTube’s recommendations system is not set in stone. The company makes many small changes every year, and has already introduced a version of its algorithm that is switched on after major news events to promote videos from “authoritative sources” over conspiracy theories and partisan content.”

“This past week, the company announced that it would expand that approach, so that a person who had watched a series of conspiracy theory videos would be nudged toward videos from more authoritative news sources.”

Many MGTOW love repeating “Good Ol’ Days”, but in reality things are just as bad as before — just ask the Native American. Thanks to the internet and online community like ours we get to see what’s going and nothing else is new under the sun. The difference is there is not background music, flashy girls, or simile face to fool us. Nothing more, and nothing else.

So what the solution?

Let’s not depend on big corporations, or any politician to guard of freedom of speech, liberty.  Mainstream media and entertainment industry is there to make profit and promote ideas of their that benefit them not us. Let’s not be mindless sheep being push over the hill.



Conspiracy, or Coincidence?

Rape and molestation are serious accusation. However, media has never given accused individual any opportuanity to defend themselves. This is why death of Jimmy Savile is a great interest to MGTOW community. He was accused of raping boys. Most of these kids belong to singer mothers.

I have a feeling that most gold digger were upset that he would not share his loot with anyone so they decided to drum up “victim card”.  Ask yourself why did these single mother waited until Jimmy was dead. Same question about Harvey,  Bill Cosby, Bill O’Reilly.

Jimmy was born in UK, and remained an anomaly among Men. Some suspected him of being Gay, caused he was not married, nor did he have any serious relationship with a woman. He like other old men are being accused of raping, molesting boys, and even women.  Funny, how all of these ladies are single, or lost all of their loot since their hey day in media.

Let’ just look at the pattern:

  • Harvey Weinstein
  • Bill Cosby
  • Bill O’Reilly
  • Jimmy Savile
  • Edward Heath

They are either dead, or too old to defend themselves. I  don’t like anyone them. They are traditionalist. It is ironic that both left leaning, and right leaning mangina went out of there way to worship women. These men promote feminist agenda. These men became have become too old, and feeble to be useful that is why they are being pull down as well!

Gold diggers are like vamires, they need to suck money out of someone. If you are a rich men they will go after you like moth to a flame. Personally, I consider this poetic justice. However, let’s look at the pattern. Let’s go all way back to ancient civilization. I was brought up as Christian — like most in West my faith has very little influence on me.

Current Saga reminds of story from the bible. KJV Genesis 9:20-27.

According to bible this is what hapen between Noah & Ham.

It is very easy to debunk this story. Can you imagine son coming out of his father’s tent and telling his brothers. Guess what guys! I just fucked our father, dman he got tight ass. You guys gotta try it!

And, he lived to see the other day. I apologize for bringing this backward story. I want you guys to understand the mindset of traditionalist.

There is also an underline story in the Genesis. Ham was able to have kids on his own proofs that women like bad boys. Another interesting story is Esther. She decided to go Monica Lewinsky on Persian king, as a result foolish king help Jewish immigrants, and resulted in his own dimise.

If you compare and contrast both story. You will notice that on one hand we have Ham, who just “saw” his father naked. On the other hand we have Esther who wanted a king for herself. King used enjoy making love with eunuchs (male servents without penis).

Noah cursed his won son without any proof. Yet we have a proof that Persian king is perv. However, he “repent” and fall into the charm of a Jewish woman therefore all is forgiven. The message was later used to justify Mary mother of Jesus. Don’t question that she is “virgin” and “pregnant”. Leap faith, and suspend facts & logic.

Why give us a brain and than ask us not to use it….

Ester story:

“But that night the king, being sleepless, ordered the chronicles of the nation to be read to him. Recalling that Mordecai had never been rewarded for his service in revealing the plot of the eunuchs, he asked Haman, the next day, to suggest a suitable reward for one “whom the king desired to honour”. ”

If you need read between the lines. Bible does not have any words to describe sexual organ, or sexual feeling.

  • “sleepless” = horny
  • “chronicles of the nation” = prostitue
  • “plot of the eunuchs” = dickless servents keeping king away from whores
  • “whom the king desired to honour” = jewish prostitue tricked him into getting pregnant.

This is what conservatives read, and these traditionalist say they believe in “holy books”. Well, what do you think is influencing them? Feminist, use same story, expect in their case it’s fake media.

Isn’t it amazing things have not change for men in 5,000 years?

20And Noah began to be an husbandman, and he planted a vineyard:

21 And he drank of the wine, and was drunken; and he was uncovered within his tent. 22 And Ham, the father of Canaan, saw the nakedness of his father, and told his two brethren without. 23 And Shem and Japheth took a garment, and laid it upon both their shoulders, and went backward, and covered the nakedness of their father; and their faces were backward, and they saw not their father’s nakedness.

24 ¶ And Noah awoke from his wine, and knew what his younger son had done unto him. 25 And he said, Cursed be Canaan; a servant of servants shall he be unto his brethren. 26 And he said, Blessed be the LORD God of Shem; and Canaan shall be his servant.

27 God shall enlarge Japheth, and he shall dwell in the tents of Shem; and Canaan shall be his servant.
Authorized King James Version


The last part 27: G-d bless black man  big dick, but lord knew that white woman would never sleep with blacks!

But Why?

Because, he was single, he was not interested in women. When marriage mafia of middle east forced him to have kids. They were branded as evil for the “allege” crime of their father did. Again “curse” was directed towards male descendants.

Remember for all we know that Noah own wife fingered his ass when he was drunk… When he woke up, and he did not know why he was naked.

By the way why would father allowed his son to live – let alone start his own family.

According to Leviticus 18:22

“Thou shalt not lie with mankind, as with womankind: it is abomination.”

According to Leviticus 18:25

“Even the land was defiled; so I punished it for its sin, and the land vomited out its inhabitants.”

According to Talmudic

Here the entire verse from Bible: KJV

Genesis 9:20-27.

The Talmud deduces two possible explanations, one attributed to Rab and one to Rabbi Samuel, for what Ham did to Noah to warrant the curse.[5] According to Rab,

Ham castrated Noah on the basis that, since Noah cursed Ham by his fourth son Canaan, Ham must have injured Noah with respect to a fourth son. Emasculating him thus deprived Noah of the possibility of a fourth son.

According to Samuel, Ham sodomized Noah, a judgment that he based on analogy with another biblical incident in which the phrase “and he saw” is used: With regard to Ham and Noah, Genesis 9 reads, “[22]

Although the story can be taken literally, in more recent times, some scholars have suggested that Ham may have had intercourse with his father’s wife.[7] Under this interpretation, Canaan is cursed as the “product of Ham’s illicit union.”



BBC Journalist Julie Wadsworth

Birts are now for their child molester, and their female pervert are not expection to this rule.

Juicy headline pretty tells you all you need to know:

Targeting boys for sex in woods wearing a cream ‘flasher’s mack’, stockings and suspenders… lifting her skirt to ask ‘do you want to play with this?’ Sordid double lives of Pebble Mill’s ‘Richard & Judy’

My only complain is; molesting was done by wife so her name should be fore cuckold husband.

While BBC was sending this Child molester to gather news — she was not reporting the one she was creating it! Amazingly enough other media were helping the censorship by cool down the disussion. article you’ll notice that comments & discussion section is disable. Public is not allowed to talk about this.

Sir Edward Heath


There is the other case of Sir Edward Heath another UK man who single, never been married. Look at the following paragraph from Times.

edward heath

Did you read that? The guy is “not married”, he doesn’t have “kids”. That automaticlly makes a suspects. I guess most of you would not be surprise that current UK government does not allow single men to be hired in police, or intellgence. Only married men. Most Brits (that is white) voted for their goverment to stop non-white government. Little did they know they have elected a worst.

Finally they start called him child molester. Sir Edward Heath: Inquiry into child sex abuse allegations against former PM has battled controversy since inception.

Worst yet Men Right went out of their way to supress the news. They were saying things like “what about non-white raping white children!”. Most child molester rape within their own community.


I am planning to write an entire article about above incident. This is a perfect reminder to White MGTOW brother, you are on the wrong side of the history. Supporter conservatives has never help our cause.

Now they are using “race card” to stop an investigation against their pervert members. Don’t let this happen again.

Bill Cosby

Funny how for decade ago no one has ever accuse him for rape. Yet when he is old, and can not evenwalk. Flood of victims start popping out. All single women. These ladies use to hangout in Hollywood, and actor would pump them and dump them.

They were not maried material. Check the profile of every single so called “rape victim”. They were all prostitutes, or so called high class escorts. None of them are married.

Harvey Weinstein

Another old man who is on his way to senior housing. He also pushed into perv mobile

ill O’Reilly, and 90s infamous O.J. Simpsons.

In O.J. Simpsons’ case I suspect that liberal media just couldn’t handle the fact that he push woman at back of the bus. Just as poor asian kids was accusses of

Carter Reynolds

Poor kids was making a S&M video. He was forcing her to give him BJ, later his girlfriend demanded he lick her vag or she’ll kill him. Media showed the clipping and ruined kids career.

Some Media Journalist wanted to have arrest for rap becaues she was 15, and he was 17. I need no tell anyone that’s not a rape case. Since they are in same age limit.

Virtually every case where politcian, or journalist is invovle mainstream newspaper “disable” comment, and discussion group on their sites.

Who knows

This is from www.mgtow.com forum

The picture I am getting here is anything said by a “single” man is suspected. Once a single man is dead, he can sued, and his wealth will be given to washed up prostitue.



MGTOW News: Fall of Harvey Weinstein

Mr. Weinstein scandal is a perfect remeinder for MGTOW community that fame of a dead man’s deeds is what people remember about deceased not how many kids he brought into this world. Nikola Tesla did not have any kids. Yet we remember him because of his work.

It’s a shame that these rich powerful men think they are beyond touch. Bill Cosby, Bill O’Reilly, and our current lunatic President Donald Trump. They worship women, and they think that their wealth, and power will keep them above water.

Harvey Weinstein wasn’t just any guy. In a way he was the king of Hollywood. The picture you are looking at was taken in 2004. In 2004, Weinstein was appointed an honorary Commander of the Order of the British Empire in recognition of his contributions to the British film industry (the award being “honorary” because he is a citizen of the United States). 

This is not the first time British Queen has appointed professional perverts. Just read Westminster paedophile dossier.  The second picture was taken in white house garden, Bill Clinton personally invited him. Everyone wanted to be his friend.

Here is how fake media portrayed him prior to his scandal:

“Harvey Weinstein does not look like one of the most influential figures in Hollywood. With the trouser legs of his ill-fitting black suit riding up, and the collar of his white shirt a crumpled mess, it’s hard to believe that this man has managed to bestride the global film industry like a Colossus for three decades.”

As you can imagine this guy had it all. He could have anything he wanted in his life. He was popular, he was rich, and the most influential guy in western world, government bowed to him. He could drive to White House in the middle of night, and they would wakeup the President for him. We are talking about a man who picked men behind the scene for political power. Unlike Bill O’Reilly he certainly no fringe man, he is a real Jew’s Jew, right at the core of American power.

Media used to go out of their way to protect his behavior. On February 6, 2000, when he contracted a sexually transmitted diseases. New York Time reported it like this:

“In fact, Mr. Weinstein was in a New York hospital under another name, fighting a bacterial infection that erupted during a trip to St. Barts last month. Miramax inflamed speculation about Mr. Weinstein’s condition by declining to reveal the name of the hospital or the exact nature of his condition, and rumors piled atop rumors until Mr. Weinstein in absentia was almost as dominant at this year’s festival as he had been in the flesh in previous years.”

Like most rich powerful men he was traditional. Traditionalist don’t like changes. So he kept doing what he has been doing. He married his second wife Georgina Chapman. He did not learn from his first marriage. Not even when he had to pay her undisclosed amount of alimony + 23 million dollar NYC apartment! He just kept doing what he has been doing.

He was a left leaning traditionalist. He may not demand women go and cook for him. He like Bill O’Reilly would do the weirdest thing with women — “watch me take shower (which means give me BJ while I wash you with golden shower). In his case women would hope for a second round, and that they will be invited again. He did what most rich and powerful man do “pump them and dump them”.

After getting divorce from his first wife. He start having fun with girls, and they loved it. However, he decided to “settle down” again! And this time girls had him by the ball. His 2nd wife who is 15 years younger kept an eye on him. She knew more about his tech devices than he ever did. So it was not surprising that he was getting blackmail from girls, and even men.

Writings were on the wall. Even an average Joe start attacking him.  “Harvey Weinstein extortionist sentenced to seven years

“A former actor has been given a seven-year jail sentence after being found guilty of a plot to extort large sums of money from a string of high net worth individuals, including film producers Harvey Weinstein and Ryan Kavanaugh.”

Loon who threatened his family wasn’t alone. There were many women who would knock on his door (leave it on fake media to boycott the real news).

But, he was too intoxicated to see it hence the current scandals. Ashes! Ashes! Even great men fall down.

This is why it’s important thing is to leave a legacy behind that will shine through eons.

Married men may live longer, but they live a miserable life.


Harvey Weinstein Is Fired After Sexual Harassment Reports

Harvey Weinstein Biography


Fake Media & Las Vegas Shooting

Sorry event in Las Vegas is no surprise to anyone here. There has been many similar events throughout US of A. Latest shooting is a scary reminiscent of 90s school shooting. “Columbine High School massacre“. I don’t know if you guys remember but one of the school shooter was a Jewish kid Dyland Klebold after the murdering his fellow students he committed suicide.

Eric Harris and Dyland Klebold kids who killed 13 students and injured 23, and committed suicide.

Way back media journalist used GeoCities (90s version of google+) to spread more lies  rumors). Media at the time was going out of their way to connect him to PLO (at the time Palestine were our biggest enemy). Rumors were not true, Jewish student was a jerk. Another crazy rumor was they were part of a Nazi party. One only had to research to debunk media.

Man who did the recent shooting was “Stephen Paddock”. It was media who tried to tie him with ISIS. Why not make situation worst? Can you imagine ISIS hiring a 60 years old white guy for shooting in Las Vegas? But that’s not the worst of it. They went on and on until people were more concern about his Arab connection then anything.

One only need to look at the meaning of Paddock name.

From ancestry website:

Paddock Name Meaning
from Middle English parrock ‘paddock’, ‘small enclosure’, hence a topographic name for a dweller by a paddock or enclosed meadow, or a habitational name from a place named with this word, as for example Paddock Wood in Kent. The change of -rr- to -dd- is an unexplained development which did not occur before the 17th century. from Middle English paddock ‘toad’, ‘frog’, a diminutive of pad (of Old Norse origin), hence a nickname for someone considered to resemble a toad or frog.

Mr. Paddock was a White Anglo-Saxon Protestant (WASP) not an Arab. He was an insane lunatic, one of those crazy gun loving people. Like many people he just lost it. This is a normal part of USA. Last May CNN reported one of the driver in NYC murdered pedestrians in Times Square.

As I said this stuff is normal, and it should not be it is what it is. Blaming guns won’t solve shooting — most normal gun owners only have one single gun. Lunatics like Paddock didn’t “legally” buy all those weapons. Just as killer who drive over people don’t worry about proper car insurance. Media, and journalists love talking out of their arse and that’s stink as much farts coming out of the ass.

US citizens in Puerto Rico are dying, and hospitals have no light, or even generators to do any operations. Why add more sensationalism to the crisis? There are not enough drivers in Puerto Rico to move Emergency Supplies from docking station to needed area. Media should be asking public to volunteer for such — as many people would. Yet their focus has been to anything but real issue.

If really wanna push public button why not demand that US to allow Puerto Rico citizen to vote in USA election. How come Obama never brought this up? Eight years of his administration everything was status quo… You know to this day media has not talked about how Debbie Wasserman & Hillary Clinton stole Democrat Party election from Bernie Sanders. However it’s worth reminding that every digusting thing Trump does is talked about over and over again.

Again I don’t like Trump, and I hate republican & conservative with passion. I was totally against white MGTOW supporting insane Trump – and I even pointed out that MGTOW & Men’s Right are racist for supporting him! Having said that I have no love for liberals either. Our democracy is a rig game, like it or not leaders are picked and groom long before they announce their attention.

Mass shooting are part of US culture, and fake media always try to make it as worst as possible. We need to work  together helping fellow citizen. Not all of us can volunteer, or even donate, however by Turning off TV we are reducing propaganda & lies.  That way not only we are helping our fellow citizens we are also helping ourselves.

We have seen the enemy it’s our own media!


Fake Media Vs Men

Fake media has this to say about decline of divorces.


Reason why decline of divorce has to do with the fact the “marriages” have been declining to all time low.

Here is a graph from census department.


Top graphic you can easily see the reason why “divorce” are going down as well. When you have few people getting married it would naturally means fewer people well be getting divorce.

However, more and women are scared that men are shying away from marriages.

Study: Marriage continues its decline

Star Parker: Marriage collapse, white and black (Daily Mail)

Black Americans Shying Away From Marriage At An Alarming Rate.

Las Vegas wedding industry wants to boost marriage rate

Headline above shows marriage rate are going down.

It’s like saying “human” are becoming immortal because there fewer death. Don’t bother checking the birth rate of the society.

I hate to remind this, modern media is a totally fake.

I would not even bother to correct them that women are not divorcing men because men are becoming obedient dogs. Men bashing has been covered so many times that it’s not even worth pointing out this is precisely why men are avoiding marriages.

Court favers women during divorce. Men lose custdy of kids, unfair alimony, other financial rape of a ex-husband.

Traditionalist are our sworn enemies, this includes media (both main stream and alternative (aka control opposition).

Let’s keep educating our brothers, and boys so they can avoid marriages.



Shooting in Mississauga

Visiting Toronto to my family I saw Canadian version of a fake called CP24.

Owner of Michaels restaurant was whining that his whore of daughter witnessed shooting.

Little research would reveal that his club going daughter hangout with bad boys of all sorts.

This traditionalist screamed shouted things likes “terrorist”. A code word referring to non white Canadian.

Naturally no one in media asked what the hell young girl doing in the middle of night. Palling around drugs dealers, and marijuana somkers.

You can safely bet your bottom dollar that his daughter will be a single mom and the unlucky jerk will be accused of date rape, or worst.

Conservative will use this incident to prop up support among white Canadian to discriminate and terrorize minorities.

Best solution for Canadian men of all races is to boycott marriage. Don’t feed this marriage maffia.

Let this jerk of a father babysitt his upcomming grandkids while his daughter cruises with bed men spreading HIV.

Turnoff TV


After reviewing the movie The Space Between it downed on me all that I am als guilty of wasting time in front of TV. I realized that I do watch at least or two hours of TV. Struggling habbit I begining to control it.

According medical research”Inside The Human Brain: How Watching TV Changes Neural Pathways Versus Reading A Book“. Watch television is a very bad thing for kids. It also safe to assume that is equally bad for adults as well. In fact it is probably worst for us. Since most of us since in our late age our bodies are slowing doing.

Entire Article is worth reading. Keep in mind, it uses hair-splitting lawyer like language to confuse and befuddle the average Joe & Six Pack. However I will quote a paragraph which pretty much sum it up.

“A more recent study from 2015, published in the journal Cerebral Cortex, revealed watching too much TV could actually alter the composition of the human brain.  When researchers studied 276 children between the ages of 5 and 18, they discovered the more time spent in front of the TV, the thicker the frontal lobe region of their brains developed. It’s the same area that is known to lower language processing and communication, which researchers suspect is also why they had a lower verbal IQ. But that wasn’t all; the hypothalamus, septum, sensory motor region, and visual cortex were all enlarged — these are where emotional responses, arousal, aggression, and vision are processed.”

Notice that similar whine “think of the children”. Similar rhetorical devices are used to stop DNA test before allege father’s name is printed on the birth certificate. Female organizations (including lesbian), human rights, even Mens Right aka 2nd Wife Club (most of them have female chairman!) are stopping any DNA test done at birth of the kid. Traditionalist screamed “innocent until proven guilty” despite the fact vast majority of men don’t know that they are victim of paternity fraud until they file for divorce.

It’s Orwellian censorship at its best. Traditional (both conservatives & liberals) try to shame men with Communist style verbage “dont’ care about the pain of a newly mother giving birth!”.  There are no laws protecting the male victim. If man finds out his wife was cheating, and she made kids with someone else. He is still liable for life-time alimony, child-support, property-spilt, and even has to pay for her lawyers, and rental accommodation!

Like typical media. Article is trying to warn us about effect on kids mind. Unlike kids we the adult don’t go to school, or bother reading too many books at all. Knowing what exist in Main Stream Newspaper, Magazine, Orwellian approved western literature; one can hardly blame the public for wanting to contaminate their mind with written propaganda. However, message comes out clear: TV is dangerous for human being.

As I said I am also guilty of TV addiction. However, I had taken a step toward making my life freeing from media. I don’t have cable subscription. I also throw the TV in the garbage. Very few thing which I watched was news, and news commentary. Even that I am cutting down on it.

One can get the same theme from newspaper — preferable online, or from public library (I won’t even spend few cents over main stream newsaper, magazine, and books).

I suggest everyone does that same thing. TV, Cinema, and even Music is nothing put verbal, and visual pollution destroying us from the inside.

Let’s keep our body & mind healthy, and sane.

Media Bias: China Vs India

So many things happen in Media that it’s hard to talk about one of them.

Let’s start with China & India border conflict. Most of the Western Media, Including the one located in Hong Kong support India. In fact Hong Kong News Paper “South China Morning Post aka SCMP” went as far as to say “anti-Indian terrorist”.  Basically taking Indian side against both China and Pakistan.

If anyone has bother to study the current history of Asia. You will notice that the only country in Asia that has been on war with all of its neighbouring is India.

Chinese made sure that it has solved all the problem so it could become a gloal economic power. Unlike Chinese, India went about the other route like trying to become a “Western Country” ended up like most 3rd world country. This is why we see everything in our store “Made in China”.

Setting aside all of this. We need to remember one big crisis. We got Chinese neighbor “North Korea”. Western are trying to pressure China to be nice to India.

How stupid they can be?

This will only make China to take North Korea side — as they did during Korean War. 1/2 of Korean soldiers were Chinese. That is why American & Allies lost the war. This was also why Chinese decided to build nuclear weapon.

Now North Korea doing the same. Why shouldn’t North Korean built ICBM? Think about it for a second. We in West buy things from China, and tell them change your political system, and free anyone who is in your prison. No sane nation would do that. Also, consider the lunatic American have elected in the office they are last peole who should be tell others what to do.

It is noteworthy that North Korea has informed all of its neighbour that their ICMB are made for fighting USA & West. USA has military there, and numerous time their military personal have raped local Japanse girls – and under the law they have immunity. Japan is an American ally yet American will not punish their military officer who are rapping and molsting Japanese girls & even little boys.

Sadly, history is repeating itself.

This is why is its amusing to see Main Stream Liberal Media bashing bad bad Chinese, and supporting India. Which also display the typical pathology of Western Journalist. Everything nowadays  is “Made in China”. From your dollar store product to high-end smart phones.

Why was the last time you use anything Made in India? Hell even butter chicken you eat in your restaurant had ingredient coming from China!  If we don’t like China, we shouldn’t buy things made in china. It’s as simple as that.

Those of us who live in West may not care one way or the other who is right about this border conflict. However the fact is you shouldn’t cut the branch you’re sitting, and that where we are with this lunatic running our government, and media.


China and India on brink of armed conflict as hopes of resolution to border dispute fade