Smear Campaign against Senator Omar by Fake Media

Nonstop pouring of hatred by fake media may remind my fellow blacks of similar hate campaign against Cynthia McKinney. Democratic party even hired corrupt DC police to harass her even though she was winning them State like Georgia! You see non-whites suppose to bend over and be obedient lapdog and nothing else. So this fake outrage over questing support for Israel is a total BS.

Incidentally, why can’t we question motivate of a foreign government like Israel? Why can’t we ask about trillion dollar welfare given to Israel since it’s creation. Why is it okay for Jewish American to question policy of Israel but nono for gentiles? Since when questioning a foreign government is a racism?

When Cynthia opposed Iraq war she was terrorized by media left and right combined. White republican wanna get rid of senator Omar and white liberal don’t wanna share their power with growing non-whites. This is why they are conspiring together to maintain their power.

Ask yourself how come Trump gets a pass for calling Mexicans rapist or African countries shithole, and senator Omar a wreath. Even conservative Joe Rogan is willing to wash the feet of Alex Jones. These neoliberal and neoconservatives are two sides of the same coin. In the end racial pride is racial might.

Hillary E-Mails Are Online

Have you ever heard the term called “Friday Dump”? Friday is the day our government release all the information — reason behind seems to be that people are looking forward of enjoy weekends hence no one really pay attention.

This Friday State Department has quietly dump thousands of Hillary Clinton documents over their website under “freedom act”.

U.S. Department of State: Click on search, and search for “Hillary email”.


How can a potentially popular candidate lose election just because their emails were hacked?

Another most important question why is media bashing state department for providing access to her email?

Shame on the FBI for dropping Hillary Clinton’s email scandal

Going though Hillary E-Mails is like peeling onions. One of the thing people did notice in her email is the collusion with Debbie Wasserman in order steal election from Bernie Sanders.

I suggest that you go to the State Department website search, and read it yourself. Make up your own mind. Watch fake media & Liberal scream and shout against freedom of expression, and freedom of information.

PS: I need not reminding you that main stream media did not report any of this.


Never Trust White Liberals

609apartheid_sign2Rachel Maddow interview with Howard Stern reveals a nasty side of white liberals. When she was trying to rise up and build a career. She would used “minority cause” like working for ACLU to build up her profile.


Now that she has establish herself MSNBC as liberal/democratic speaker. She never allows minorities to be on her TV show. Colored people on her TV shows are as rear as Latino promoting Trump Wall.

Note: I prefer the term “color” over “non-white” because color means all the brothers from African, Asian, Latinos, Native American etc. Where as “non-white” mean there are two type of race “European & Non-European”.

It’s like desegregation busing in the United States (also known as forced busing). It was simply for Southerner, and while white liberals in north had their kids in suburb of New York City where no black man would dare to enter let alone dream of sending their children to better liberal school. Still true to this day.

In case you think I reading too much from her interview. Let me add few examples:

Joe Biden the 47th Vice President of the United States from 2009 to 2017 Turned Liberals Against Integration.

“Ed Brooke, a Massachusetts Republican, was the first black senator ever to be popularly elected; Joe Biden was a freshman Democratic senator from Delaware. By 1975, both had compiled liberal voting records. But that year, Biden sided with conservatives and sponsored a major anti-busing amendment.”

Above article is not from pro conservatives, these guys worship liberal leaders (or rather only white liberals).

Here from NYC “the most liberal city of the US of A”

The Upper West Side Is the Latest Battleground for School Integration in New York

“New York City has an integration problem. This is nothing new, of course; the supposedly most diverse city in the world has long had some of the most segregated schools in the country, and that’s saying something.”

Here is an update June 6, 2017 about the racism in Liberal Art &  Educational System.

NY Times: Long-Awaited Plan for Integrating Schools Proves Mostly Small-Bore

For months, New York City had promised to deliver what Mayor Bill de Blasio called a “bigger vision” for integrating the city’s racially divided public schools. Activists pressed their ideas. Students rallied on the steps of City Hall to demand a voice.

But when the plan landed on Tuesday, it was with a whimper. The mayor did not appear in public to talk about it. Neither did the schools chancellor. Instead, the city’s Education Department emailed out a news release, which did not even use the word “segregation.”

Translation: Stick to rap music black man, and vote for us every four year, because we are not arresting you for being black.

Abusing minorities is inner core part of white liberal elites. When Maddow was trying to figure out about her sexuality, she dated “colored women” just to test out as if black women are dollar store products to be used and abused. When she finally dated got into a serious relationship, she decided to dump her as well for current partner who helped built her career and shoulder her entire expense.

In her interview she admitted that she was holding on to her last partner until something better comes along. Can you imagine if any man say something like this about a woman? “I am only with this fatso until I get younger hotter chick, and it’s better than masturbation”.


Her “speaking panel” is as white as white supremacist surrounding Trump administration. Obama administration hired lot of people who were Blacks, Latinos, Native American, Asian and South Asian. Yet she does not invite these experts. Don’t you think these experience veterns can give better information how minority feels. Not to mention compare and contrast between Trump & Obama?

When Rachel was bashing Trump administration for Muslim ban, did she invite Muslims American expressing their feeling and pain and what their community going through?


When was the last time she invited any of them to speak about politics, and current ongoing issues? Why talk about Muslim Ban, but never allow Muslim Americans to express their feeling and pain?

I tell you why White liberals don’t like to invite Muslim men & women.

This is the keep to a false image that Muslims are chaining their women to a radiator, and other false stereotype. Just like using color US citizen for election, they are using “victim abroad” to gain more deal from the white conservatives.

Her attitude is: you better be white, or you are not right. In case you think I am wrong. Let me backup my claim what liberals say about themselves (albeit in Orwellian way).

Does Education Help Breed Segregation?

“In the study, researchers found, on average, that the greater the education of white parents, the more likely they will remove their children from public schools as the percentage of black students increases.

Translation: “Now that we have used colored people to get everything we wanted from white conservatives. We wanna have place of our own where beast of the field (non-white) ain’t welcome.”

Compare her panel to the one with AM Joy.


Racism is a horrible thing to deal with. However, if we only blame republicans, and ignore the elephant in the room than we have only ourselves to be blame. As the saying goes follow the money. We ought to look at the facts not just words.

I know many people used to hate me quoting bible (being Christian and all), but here something for you guys. Don’t they sound like what Jesus warn us in John 8:44. You’re of your father the devil — another words apple doesn’t fall far from the tree?

PS: I am not suggesting that every white person is out there to get us. However, picking sides without due vigilance is dangerous. We might as well be rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic. Finally, both parties are corrupts, and we need a 3rd alternative.


Rachel Maddow on Howard Stern

The Upper West Side Is the Latest Battleground for School Integration in New York

Surprise, Surprise! Highly Educated White Liberals Are Hypocrites 

Long-Awaited Plan for Integrating Schools Proves Mostly Small-Bore


DNC Scandal

If you guys have read my posting, you’ll notice I consider Republican party to be Nazi, Racist, Extremist and destroyer of Earth, Environment etc, etc.

However when it comes to “democrats” they are embodiment of pure evil. These scumbag ask poor disfranchise people to vote for them inexchange for better future. Later they abuse them just as much as republicans.

DNC scandal is a perfect.

All they want to talk about “Russian” hacking into DNC emails and dumping them into public domain & wiki leaks.

But here is the thing, how come they are not talking about the content of these mail. They always neutering it’s seriousness. DNC is suppose to be nutreal during party primaries yet they were taking sides of Hillary Clinton, and on many cases they were actully supporting Donal Trump — supposedly cause they thought Hillary will have easy time defeating him. Yeah right.

Debbie Wasserman was forced to resign because she was helping Hillary Clinton win the primiaries, also she making sure Donald Trump win on Republican side — that’s right democratic party was making sure that Donald Trump become elected.

Oh it does end here

Remember the big halabaloo about Hillary private serve?

The reason she had that serve was to make sure the in future none of her email become part of public domain under freedom of information request.

Did you know DNC was helping Donal Trump?

“According to an email from Marissa Astor, Clinton campaign manager Robby Mook’s assistant, to Clinton campaign chair John Podesta, the campaign knew Trump was going to run, and pushed his legitimacy as a candidate. WikiLeaks’ release shows that it was seen as in Clinton’s best interest to run against Trump in the general election. The memo, sent to the Democratic National Committee (DNC) also reveals the DNC and Clinton campaign were strategizing on behalf of their candidate at the very beginning of the primaries. “We think our goals mirror those of the DNC,” stated the memo, attached to the email under the title “muddying the waters.”

But that’s not all. Remember there were very few debate between Hillary & Bernie?

It was to make sure that people elect Clinton base on her popularity, and the fact she did not want to debate Bernie about Health Care, and Education crisis etc..

Don’t expect thing to change any time soon. It most likely we gonna have Trump winning election for 2020.

Please don’t vote for Democratic Party in 2020. Pick a 3rd party if you have to, or just don’t vote at all.


Doubling Down on Denial: the Delusions of Debbie Wasserman Schultz
DNC Head Says Corruption Is NORMAL?
WikiLeaks Reveals DNC Elevated Trump to Help Clinton

Liberal & Hypocrisy

According to liberals only women are capable of raping!


Follow is a true account of a men being rapped by a woman.

“I woke up in the night tied to her bed. I remember my dick being hard even though I didn’t like constriction around my arms or legs. It’s always been a boner-killer for me. My dick was rock-hard. I don’t really remember what she said, but she cut her name into the bottom of my dick, tried to do her signature I think. She didn’t cut very deep, but it fucking hurt. Her mom wasn’t there, I screamed, she kept going. She then sucked on my bleeding dick and fucked me. It was rock-hard the whole time. I assume she had gotten some Viagra or something for that, and her mom had a prescription for muscle relaxers, so I also assume she used those. I beat the ever-loving fuck out of her when she untied me. No hits to face or neck, but if she were carrying a baby it would have miscarried. I cried and beat her but got weak and tired out. The way she looked at me through her sobs… I think she liked that too….Hard to type this.”

3e0a9ee700000578-4289920-image-a-52_1488897390877I love to bash conservatives. However, they are only part of the problem — a big part nonetheless, it would not be a complete picture if we did not add liberals.

The reason I normally don’t bash liberals are self evident. I mean, it’s pretty hard to take such people seriously. Hypocrisy makes such a wonderful target. Whatever the liberal does is a glaringly hypocritical.

Liberal heart bleeds when they see women in Africa, or middle east getting beaten up by men. But don’t jump to the conclusion that just because there is a conflict going on and minorities are getting abused and tortured liberals will take the side of victims. Take Bill Maher recent spat against Muslim. He wants their religious authority to allow women to be Mullah! What’s next female Pope?

Liberal are known for their selective indignation and selective compassion. This is a major distinguishing characteristic of liberals.  For over forty years Israeli government has been indiscriminately murdering man, women and child in Palestinian, and their behavior is only creating so called terrorist.  Yet Bill Maher, and other liberals would like us to send our military, and soldiers to clean up the mess.

Have notice the same liberals who scream about racism against blacks, and other minorities, yet these same white liberals live in suburbia. While forced bussing was introduced in South, white liberal in north tuck their kids in private school and pricing the tuition fees so high they only rich white kids could attend the school.

Well these are some “inflammatory” subjects so perhaps new generation don’t want wet their feet into? Nope, They are walking in ideological lockstep with one another. Bill Mehber hatred for Muslim is pretty much same as Hilary Clinton towards Arabs.


Recently a transexual women Katie Branne was arrested for raping another man.


How do liberals response to these male rape issues? They do what they usually do, see which side of

So what is a big deal?

Well liberal are having a fit because she is consider women “A woman on trial for rape? Really? No. ‘She’ was born male, but that’s a secret because even our courts are gripped by misgender madness” (link below)

Men have been rapping other men & women since the birth of a civilization.


Well apparently liberal & feminist don’t like it when “transexual men” or “feminist men” commit crime and they are still considered part of women’s mystic.

It’s okay for Caitlyn Marie Jenner formerly known as Bruce Jenner okay to be part of female gender, hell laws are even enforce to make sure she can use female washroom. But if  she commit any crime humanity must remember she was born a male.

So how does conservatives response to these amusing dilemma?

They are sadly on the side of women. This time “conservative women” will remind us that they were right all along. And yes, women are victim because “transexual men” are going in women’s washroom and rapping holier than thou women.

Both liberals and conservatives are crooked. Don’t expect anyone taking side of men.



A woman on trial for rape? Really? No. ‘She’ was born male, but that’s a secret because even our courts are gripped by misgender madness 

16 Harrowing Accounts From Men Who Were Raped By Women

Ode to Sarah Silverman


More and more I read things written by Conservatives, further and further I am going away from their political views. In fact at this point I simply hate them with passion.

Conservatives have genocidal hatred for anything that doesn’t fit into their little pigeon hole. How dare you question “family values”, and “nuclear family”, or anything that sound like “liberal”, or heaven forbid “socialist”.

How do they explain their demand perfect roads, and lights on the street, and cops on every corner (you know to watch all those nasty black man lingering around white women). Lest we forget Latino of every stripes, and of course their favorite boogie man Muslims.

Sarah Silverman twitted that she doesn’t want to have kids — she surfer from depression, and there is a high chance that she could have pass it on to her kids.

As a responsible person she decided to forgo her desire for motherhood.

So how do Conservative treat her for making a responsible decision.

As I said before her personal choice is in conflict with their narrow minded view of “nuclear family”, and bible thumping gibberish.

It is pretty sad that our community is taken over by racist bigot and low life white supremacist, and their conservatives views.

Should minorities abandon MGTOW?


I would be best for us to fight these racist people on every corner of the world.

If these conservatives/white supremacist talk about non-white men immigration to Sweden than we should called racist for brining these extremist views and force them out of our community.

From Jewish Concentration Camps to Japanese Interment Camps, there is only one thing that needs to be done never let this happen ever again.

Whenever these White Supremacist/Conservatives cry about “white guilt” than ask them why are they forcing Muslim children born in western world to feel guilty, and why are they add every single mosque into a terrorist list?

You can’t have a cake and eat it.

Some of you may say; well what does that have to do with MGTOW.

My answer is just look at all the MGTOW top leader, sneaking Conservatives bigotry into our community.

What is StarDust/Thinking Ape is bashing Turkish men living in Germany?

Simple answer , because they are not white/eurpean.

You will never see him bashing French/Russian/or East European living in Germany.

Same thing about Sandman man, or shock jock MGTOW 101.

Our community is being poison by these conservatives and traditionalist.

We are about boycotting marriages, and that’s it.

Anyone who bring any issue into our world is our enemy.

Let’s called spade a spade.

As MGTOW are grateful for women like Sarah for making a responsible choice. If a person have medical problem that be pass over the next generation. Anyone who makes a wonderful decision like her is doing a human a favor to humanity.

I Had to Decide Between Motherhood and Living My Fullest Life

MGTOW & Conservatives Part I

Perhaps there is a truth in saying as you grow up you become mature and more logical. When I was growing up I consider myself conservatives, however, as I am getting older, and understand politics bit better I learn not to take either side. However, my opinion of conservatives are similar to the leaders that pick. Whether you are talking about Bush with his room temperature IQ, or current president who seem to be suffering from female version of menopause.

This doesn’t mean I am giving liberals a green pass. Take a look  at host of MSNBC program Rachel Maddow. Many people have pointed out her selective indignation and selective compassion which is a distinguishing characteristic of liberals. Conservatives have characterized liberals as stupid due to their inconsistencies.

However, I disagree. Liberals are not stupider than the bulk of the American population. The very fact that they are utterly inconsistent, that they do not base the positions they take on principle, but nevertheless ar able to march in ideological locked with one another means they have to be fairly alert always to know what Politically Correct position on every issue is at any given time. They have to know instantly whether a particular incident is one they should be outrage about or should ignore. For example; condemn Arab & African for “female gentile mutilation aka female circumcision” while never say anything about “male circumcision” among Jews & Muslims. This requires a certain degree of mental agility. Liberals certainly are crooked, but not necessarily stupid.

No, when it comes to stupidity I believe conservatives take the prize. Let me read you a letter a feminist wrote to a conservative radio host.

“I am a single, white, straight female — Lutheran — who lives in San Francisco. As you mentioned in your conservative talk show, Women are becoming powerful throughout western world as well as permeate most of corporate world. But I believe this was done through hard work and promotion of education among our sex.

Instead of slighting my sex at every opportunity, why not highlight our achievements as positive motivation for your male listener to emulate. You sound like a whiny hillbilly who is simply jealous. America is a free country. If women are excelling faster than male hats off to us. — Mrs. Christina”

Imagine a true blue conservative, a real believer in the protestant work ethic. It was amusing to hear him lose control over the radio. He started with “with name like yours have you even read a bible!” and bashing San Francisco “lifestyle”, he attributed    Mrs. Christina’s letter to the morally debilitating effect of her “liberal/homosexual” environments. He paused and thanked Jesus for letter southern kept their gun for Armageddon, and rest of caller of radio promised to mail bible to every residence San Francisco! Host ended his two hour show by calling liberals & leftist and feminist mafia, and he is praying to his Jesus to rid the world liberals.

Now, imagine Todd Courser a professional bible thumping loon while using tax payer money on having a affair with fellow ultra conservatives female.

You may think radio show is a unique case. But I assure you it is not. Just take a look at Fox TV show, and Breitbart website. They are just as stupid.

I have been asked many times by my readers why I don’t “bash” feminists like most MGTOW. I will explain you how I look at liberal sand conservatives, as well as feminist.

Conservatives and liberals are similar in that neither is a systematic thinker — at least not with regard to the ideas and policies that define his ideas on specific matters from generals principles. Both political follows pretty much obsorb their attituide, and psychological tendencies as instructed by their political leades, and media.

Ask any conservatives how Trump represent their political values, but all his life he divorce his wives and married a yonger hotter girl as if they are a car? They will scratch heir head and try to figure out whether to call you a leftist, or a socialist.

Feminists on the other hand are a systematic thinkers. They not only think systematically, they also think logically.

The fact their movement has achieved everything they wanted for past hundred years is testament to their success. Women not only worked harder than men, and got better education and  power. Feminist have reached its zenith of influence by systematic approach to things, their logical approach.That is a secret of their success.

Feminist are not distracted by thing such as conservatism or liberalism. They know what they want, they go after it in a rational way. Compare that to any conservatives & men right organization. Their pathetic leaders are nincompoop like Bush & Trump.




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