New Patriot Act

As if #metoo movement wasn’t bad enough. European decided to jump into the bandwagon. English translate of above video “At 16, I want to know who my father is” is all you need to know about this horrible single mother. Even other programs “Femmes SDF en FranceVivre dans la rue” suggests that immigrants are going after homeless female! As if it’s more likely homeless female are willing to marrying them for money & free residence + kids.

European fake media is using immigrants men to bash all men. Crooked media is suggesting that immigrant/non-white are making babies and running away. Since most white european don’t want undesirables in their backyards let alone popping babies. This is enraging them, and European governments are “complying” by  making more draconian laws against all single men . Manipulated public does not realized how fast they are losing liberty.

As P. T. Barnum said “There’s a sucker born every minute”. Using bait and switches with Trump as icing on the cake European version of The USA PATRIOT Act will be signed by European Congress into law. Euro gov prefer immigrant popping babies — it’s good for the labor shortages, plus most immigrant are willing to take any job to feed their growing and ever more hungry families. Why would they object to a willing slave?

MGTOW is becoming more and more relevant than ever before. No live-in relationship, nor marriage.

Avoid them like plague.

Deportation of Roberto


The Washington Post & MSM covered a story of Roberto being deported from USA. Funny thing about the whole drama is how main stream media covered it, or rather did not cover it.

Roberto’s wife Helen was also an immigrant and became US Citizen. One of the great thing about America is that if you are a non-us citizen, and married an American you will get your green-card, a final step towards becoming a us citizen.

Question we should be asking is how come he never applied for US citizenship? If he married an American all this idiot had to do was to go back to his hometown and let his wife fill all the legal documents and wait for a green-card to arrive. He even had four daughters with with an American citizen. This would have been very easy. Our government would prefer father pay taxes and take care of his kids, over mother going on a welfare.

It’s not for nothing our government enforces alimony, and child-support to help strong, and independent woman.

If government did not offered her husband citizenship she could have gone to ACLU, or some other feminist run organization and they would have forced citizenship agency to give this man an american citizen.

Roberto even managed to open a business in the state and even made connection with high ranking official yet some how never got his citizenship. Hell, why didn’t Obama administration offered him one?

Entire story is very strange. This is another indication why men should never get married. What the hack his wife was doing? She made four kids with him yet never bother to think what would happen if her husband got booted out of the country?

Yet we are told that these idiots support Republican party, and his wife even voted for Trump — the man who promised to kicked illegal immigrants out of the country. It’s almost sound like his wife was having a second thought about the husband.

Just think about it. Illegal immigrant married to a US citizen who didn’t help him get citizenship — a very easy process after marriage + kids. He lived here built a business here. Than his wife voted for anti immigrant party, and thanks to her he went to jail, and now back to the shit hole came from, and his wife all of his business, and her kids are old enough to take care of themselves.

Compare her story to anything Trump said over the twitter, are suppose to give her benefit of a doubt? Aren’t women suppose to be smart and good planner? If so how do these lib explain an immigrant women married an illegal and made him develop business and than vote for a part that would kick her hubby out.

Beats paying for lawyers, don’t you think?


Trump supporter regrets vote after undocumented husband is deported

TYT Roberto & Hen


White Supremacist in MGTOW

Why would MGTOW 101 other White defend this racist poster? 

It’s one of the saddest fact but there so many racist in our community that it’s turning into an extremist organization.

MGTOW suppose to be about fighting right for men.

Where does it state fight for “white men”?

It does not.

However, you always see white mgtow talking about “immigration” evil muslim, and other nonsense within our community. There are other organizations for this concern. Why do they bring these issues and divide men?

Remember Men Right, and current AVFM:  it’s all about how “white men” are victim. All the issues related to men are put on the back burner.

It is because most of these men are from Men’s Right & conservatives parties, and they are trying to take over our community.

Recent videos of MGTOW 101; about immigration in sweden, and how “none white men” are raping “white women”. Another one defending PewDiePie & bashing Jewish culture. It’s pretty sick.

I agree with his fellow Australian blogger MGTOW 101 is another Sandman on the rise.

Ask yourself, how are they providing information to men who need to avoid getting married? These individual are toxic to our cause, and cancer to our community.

The is a trick to divide our community, and further proof that vast majority of conservatives will never come out old world view. Only white are human.

Have you notice conservatives & traditionalist always spend great deal of time tell and bashing non-white and defending their racist view, and outright denying that they are racist, and when force to face the fact (not all of us are like that).

Once again, how the hell bashing non-white men help mgtow cause.

Also notice MGTOW 101 states PewDiePie is not racist for hiring to indian to wave a poster about killing Jews.

The fact these white defend their fellow white of genocidal behavior, or protect Trump for being white proof that they are turning MGTOW into a pro white pro nazi organization.

Anyone defending these racist is a pure evil and there is no way around it.

Any MGTOW talks about immigration, bash immigration, and other “white causes” proves they are stuck in a matrix. This is old school mentality, men going back to plantation and women are tuck back home while men kill each other for golden vagina.

Don’t defend these men.

MGTOW is about boycotting marriage, and anyone who bring racial and inflammatory subject is an enemy of our community.

This is why even the most popular MGTOW of white background are hated by minorities, they can’t help themselves by bring immigration issue into our environment.

Why does StarDust/Thinking Page, even Razor Blade Kandy brough hatred towards Muslim, and even defended racist attitude against minorities — because there is part of them who lives in fear that they will become minorities like native america. After they can not deny the fact their ancestors murder and rape native population of most western nations (including Jews & Gypsies) in Europe.

Simple answer; most white do prefer to white only society, however our community is a avenue about their concern and their racist opinion.

Once against we are promoting end of legalize marriage, and these people harming our already weak community.

We need to expose them and even boycott them.