Liberal Racism: Rise of Trump

It’s bad enough to have an idiot for a president who has power to nuke the world. It get worst when you have liberals who support him — all the while complaining against him.

Latest irony came into light when Howard Stern on August 23, 2017 Wednesday suggested that Pakistan should be turned into a giant shopping mall.

This was not the first time Main Stream media went after a nuclear country — just because they don’t want to be enslave to a white colonizer. We have been told over and over again that “Pakistan” is not our allied.

Granted, agreed. Nor is India, or China for that matter. These countries did not built nuclear weapon to be our whipping boy.

Just think about how dangerous & stupid it is to provoke a country who is the only access to the land lock Afghan. It was same with China. Trump is trying to create a trade war– at the same time asking them to fix USA problem — mainly North Korea. Why would Chinese do that?

It’s amazing that liberals bash Conservatives for living in “18 century” yet all the while they are the one who is promoting racism against minority. So called “white flight” from big cities. These were not Conservatives moving from the south and voting in a liberal dominated north. These were all liberals, than they run away from big cities to a suburb and put their kids in a “all white school”.

Going back to Howard Stern Racist Comment.

How do you turn a country with 220 million people into a giant shopping mall?

Kill it’s native people (kinda like Native American?

How would he feel if Afghan decided to throw 200 million white American into the ocean just so Native American could have their land back?

Also, American have been in Afghan for 16 years, and they have builled Pakistan for same amount of time. What result did we get.

Also, why do White American think 120million brown people would follow their corrupt government — which by the is install by American. The irony that American Liberal complain that Russian interfering in American Election which American do the same with threat of genocide.

Here is the irony. White liberal try very hard to tell the world there is a diversity of opinion in US of A.

Stern’s wife is a cat lady — I don’t mean one or two. I am talking whole fleet of them

Beth’s a crazy cat lady and proud of it!” Howard & Beth Cats.

Yet, they expect non-white country to follow their government, or be killed, murder, and maimed.

There is not humanity in these lunatic.

Whatever your opinion maybe about Pakistan doesn’t change the fact the entire failure of Afghan war lies with America.

If you think Pakistan was not helping you for past 16 years than why didn’t change your policy in the first place.

Here is the best part; Afghanistan which has population of 30 million people — 1/2 them lives in Pakistan — yes little fact our fake media never reveal to the public.

the other 15 millions are divided between Pushtan (7 million), and remaining are mixture of ethnic group migrated into Pushtan land — hence the name Afghan.

Also, history has shown over and over than people of Afghan don’t like outsider telling them how to live their lives.

It’s just like liberal screaming with top of the lung Russia is the reason Hilary lost the election.

No matter how much Democratic Party lies over and over again? DNC hack was not the reason why they lost the election!

They lost the election because content of the email showed the world how corrupt and arrogant Democratic Party is.

In case you forgot DNC leader Debbie Wasserman was colluding with Hillary Clinton to steal the party election from Bernie Sanders.

Today’s Trump administration is Liberals fault as much white conservatives who always vote for Neo-Nazi party aka Republican Party.

How many empires lost their soldiers in Afghan?

Roman, Greek, Persian, Russian, Soviet, and latest USA.

American will never win in Afghan, they can stay there for another 16 years, and lose soldiers, and another multi trillion dollar. Blaming Pakistan for their failure won’t camouflage their stupidity & arrogance.

History is repeating in front of our eyes.

Howard Stern Hypocrisy

Take a look at following screenshot I took from Howard Stern Site.


Show is about “man shaming” a fool from Florida.

However, Howard Stern has been doing this for a very long time. Few years ago he was upset at Baptist minister Pat Robertson because man was in a abusive relationship.

Howard rational was that “we don’t know that man was not lying”.

Can you imagine any traditionalist using the same argument if women accuses her partner?

How about Bill Cosby accusers?

Virtually all of them are saying that he “rapped” them in 70s.

How he rapped them?

He “offered” them a pill in a club where these ladies went for drugs. Those of you who don’t know in 60s, and 70s drugs were a pass time recreational activities among hippies.

His so called last victim was calling him on valentine day — how many rape victim do you know who called their abuser on a romantic day?

Anyway, it’s sad state of affair that we have deal with these type of hypocrites.

Most of you won’t be surprise to learn that while loves talking about other women private parts, and at the same time bash men for jumping into plantation.

His own daughters were raised as orthodox jew.

Apparently, what’s good for the goose is good for the gander. Rest of us should act like a “man” when our wives kisses other men on the lips, and when they are allowing other men to spank them on the ass.

Low and behold if someone look at his own daughter,he loses his temper easily.

Saddest part is he suppose to be “an alternative” media. However, like rest of his statement he is a liar.

My advice to all of you is simple: Don’t get married, nor any live-in relationship.


Howard Stern & MGTOW


October 25, 1999 Howard Stern announced his separation from his wife.

One hour into the show (skip around 57:00 mark). He tell us why she is dumping him.

His wife was unhappy that he “worked” too much. Remember he is a shock jock radio host. Where he has to come up with new theme, ideas, and stay interesting. This is how he made million of dollar.

She wanted him to “spend” time with her on Friday, and Weekends. Which means (being paraded around top notch shopping stores in Fifth Ave NYC, and other parts of States.

Did she ever consider that he need a time for him?

It amazing that she trained him to the point where he told everyone that “Howard Stern: Divorce ‘felt like such a failure

He also admit in this show that “Marriage Counseling & Couples Therapy” don’t work. Of course he is still seeing a “therapist”.

He was a good provider, and shared everything with her. Yet, like stero typical wife she dump him after 20 years of marriage, and took 1/2 of everything he made while she sat home, or spend million of his hard earn money trying to make other women jealous.

What’s amazing is that he admitted he love being alone, and it’s hard for a women to get along with him (which is his way of admitting he can’t take their abuse).

Like a typical Tradcon he went back into plantation and got married again.




Never Trust White Liberals

609apartheid_sign2Rachel Maddow interview with Howard Stern reveals a nasty side of white liberals. When she was trying to rise up and build a career. She would used “minority cause” like working for ACLU to build up her profile.


Now that she has establish herself MSNBC as liberal/democratic speaker. She never allows minorities to be on her TV show. Colored people on her TV shows are as rear as Latino promoting Trump Wall.

Note: I prefer the term “color” over “non-white” because color means all the brothers from African, Asian, Latinos, Native American etc. Where as “non-white” mean there are two type of race “European & Non-European”.

It’s like desegregation busing in the United States (also known as forced busing). It was simply for Southerner, and while white liberals in north had their kids in suburb of New York City where no black man would dare to enter let alone dream of sending their children to better liberal school. Still true to this day.

In case you think I reading too much from her interview. Let me add few examples:

Joe Biden the 47th Vice President of the United States from 2009 to 2017 Turned Liberals Against Integration.

“Ed Brooke, a Massachusetts Republican, was the first black senator ever to be popularly elected; Joe Biden was a freshman Democratic senator from Delaware. By 1975, both had compiled liberal voting records. But that year, Biden sided with conservatives and sponsored a major anti-busing amendment.”

Above article is not from pro conservatives, these guys worship liberal leaders (or rather only white liberals).

Here from NYC “the most liberal city of the US of A”

The Upper West Side Is the Latest Battleground for School Integration in New York

“New York City has an integration problem. This is nothing new, of course; the supposedly most diverse city in the world has long had some of the most segregated schools in the country, and that’s saying something.”

Here is an update June 6, 2017 about the racism in Liberal Art &  Educational System.

NY Times: Long-Awaited Plan for Integrating Schools Proves Mostly Small-Bore

For months, New York City had promised to deliver what Mayor Bill de Blasio called a “bigger vision” for integrating the city’s racially divided public schools. Activists pressed their ideas. Students rallied on the steps of City Hall to demand a voice.

But when the plan landed on Tuesday, it was with a whimper. The mayor did not appear in public to talk about it. Neither did the schools chancellor. Instead, the city’s Education Department emailed out a news release, which did not even use the word “segregation.”

Translation: Stick to rap music black man, and vote for us every four year, because we are not arresting you for being black.

Abusing minorities is inner core part of white liberal elites. When Maddow was trying to figure out about her sexuality, she dated “colored women” just to test out as if black women are dollar store products to be used and abused. When she finally dated got into a serious relationship, she decided to dump her as well for current partner who helped built her career and shoulder her entire expense.

In her interview she admitted that she was holding on to her last partner until something better comes along. Can you imagine if any man say something like this about a woman? “I am only with this fatso until I get younger hotter chick, and it’s better than masturbation”.


Her “speaking panel” is as white as white supremacist surrounding Trump administration. Obama administration hired lot of people who were Blacks, Latinos, Native American, Asian and South Asian. Yet she does not invite these experts. Don’t you think these experience veterns can give better information how minority feels. Not to mention compare and contrast between Trump & Obama?

When Rachel was bashing Trump administration for Muslim ban, did she invite Muslims American expressing their feeling and pain and what their community going through?


When was the last time she invited any of them to speak about politics, and current ongoing issues? Why talk about Muslim Ban, but never allow Muslim Americans to express their feeling and pain?

I tell you why White liberals don’t like to invite Muslim men & women.

This is the keep to a false image that Muslims are chaining their women to a radiator, and other false stereotype. Just like using color US citizen for election, they are using “victim abroad” to gain more deal from the white conservatives.

Her attitude is: you better be white, or you are not right. In case you think I am wrong. Let me backup my claim what liberals say about themselves (albeit in Orwellian way).

Does Education Help Breed Segregation?

“In the study, researchers found, on average, that the greater the education of white parents, the more likely they will remove their children from public schools as the percentage of black students increases.

Translation: “Now that we have used colored people to get everything we wanted from white conservatives. We wanna have place of our own where beast of the field (non-white) ain’t welcome.”

Compare her panel to the one with AM Joy.


Racism is a horrible thing to deal with. However, if we only blame republicans, and ignore the elephant in the room than we have only ourselves to be blame. As the saying goes follow the money. We ought to look at the facts not just words.

I know many people used to hate me quoting bible (being Christian and all), but here something for you guys. Don’t they sound like what Jesus warn us in John 8:44. You’re of your father the devil — another words apple doesn’t fall far from the tree?

PS: I am not suggesting that every white person is out there to get us. However, picking sides without due vigilance is dangerous. We might as well be rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic. Finally, both parties are corrupts, and we need a 3rd alternative.


Rachel Maddow on Howard Stern

The Upper West Side Is the Latest Battleground for School Integration in New York

Surprise, Surprise! Highly Educated White Liberals Are Hypocrites 

Long-Awaited Plan for Integrating Schools Proves Mostly Small-Bore


Howard Stern Traditionalist in Disguise


Howard’s limo driver Ronnie decided to propose to his girlfriend, and he decided to do it over the radio TV show.

Ronnie is in his 60s, and Stephanie is 35 years old woman.

Even as a Limo driver Ronnie has been able to save money to retire in few years. Therefore he does not want to spend money on a one big celebration and work for next ten years.

How does his respond to reasonable feeling?

She is pushing him to be married in Manhattan area — the top most expensive area in New York City — and quite possible in all 50 states.

Don’t take my word for it. Read what they have to say for themselves

“The issue that we uncovered was, it’s not that Ronnie doesn’t want to get married in front of people, it’s the financial aspect of it. Ronnie does not want to spend the money on a large-scale celebration,” Jon explained.

Stephanie confirmed that while she is pushing for a venue in Manhattan or Brooklyn with a guest list of 200 people, Ronnie’s idea is to just go down to city hall.”

But it gets better. His 35 years woman trophy wife is a selfish person who does not care about his feeling. Whenever she gets the urge to cook something she will make so much mess as if bomb went off in the kitchen.

“The disagreement over wedding planning wasn’t the only one Leiberman uncovered, either. He observed a resentment from Ronnie over the fact that Stephanie doesn’t cook and clean more. “Ronnie is steadfast in his belief that Stephanie should work less and be home more,” Jon told Howard.”

In all fairness the only reason Ronnie wanted a women half of his is for sex, and show her around his friends and family members. Also the fact she wants to take his retirement money and use it for wedding should’ve been the red flag. We ought to remember here we are talking about an uneducated man with an IQ  below the room temperature, and like most traditionalist he worships the ground women walk.

“Ronnie disagreed with that assessment to some degree, claiming that while he wanted Stephanie to cook and clean, he wasn’t trying to make her into a housewife. “Her hours are fucked up, that’s all,” he said.”

Here is a thing. She already has two strike again her. She does not care that all the money you save for you retirement, she wants to use it for a one big giant wedding. She will turn clean area into a mess, and expect others to clean after her.

But, let’s be honest here. He picked for sex, and he shouldn’t expect more out of it.

Stephanie, for her part, wouldn’t have it, calling herself “a career woman.”

I did google Stephanie, I can tell you she is not listed in an major filed.

What should be more concerning for him that she wants to waste all of his hard earn money, make his life living hell. He will be relegated to mere janitor. Even before marriage she stopped cooking and clean. Sex will also reduce after marriage.

The only reason he is even kidding basic level of sex because she wan’t to have kids.


I suggest to him retire peacefully, and don’t waste money on this whore.


Ronnie The Limo Driver
Ronnie And Stephanie: A Love Story?