Brett Kavanaugh & Democratic Party

As fake media flood cable news with death of  Stan Lee – destroyer of children childhood. Many forget that midterm’s “blue wave” disaster. That’s because it was more of a trickle. That trickle did get Dem’s control of House of Representative. Keep in mind Trump being the most hated president in the history of US of A. Yet liberal couldn’t even convince anyone to vote for them — well over 1/2 of America did not vote.

All liberal had was “Russia, Alt-Right, and more #MeToo feminist movement!”. Dem would not talk about free health care, job security, and forgiving student loan. Beside impeaching Trump. Dem’s also promised that they would try to get rid of Brett Kavanaugh. Now democratic party if back paddling and trying to make their voters forget that they ever called Judge Kavanaugh rapist.

the hill judge k.png

Judge Kavanagh; a scumbag who thinks worlds owe him everything he dreams of. He was a pervert, and a lowlife naturally rulers of this hapless land pick him as a leader of this dying nation.

Also did you see the picture above? It’s pretty ballsy of white liberals, always using black people as a prop — specially when they are trying defend their lies, and backtrack their promises. What they are saying is; hey look browny we got one of ya among our table; now shut up and clean our shoes. Like it or not. Obama was an uncle Tom of white liberals. That’s how they trick African-American and other minorities into voting for their racist party.

This is why Trump can be in power in 2020. Chances are pretty good. Considering Dem’s are becoming more detestable. Vast majority of people (over 150,000,000 American!) don’t support either party. They are longing for 3rd party.

Will We Ever Learn?

jared.pngYou know that good ol’ saying? Apple doesn’t fall far from the tree!

There is no way I can talk about MGTOW without talking about current mess of politics. They so connected to our community that it is not even funny.

Jared Kushner father Charles Kushner went to jailed for financial fraud, and recording sex tape of his brother-in-law and sending to his sister.

Jared’s father went to jailed for playing hide-and-seek with Feds, and sending sex tape to his own sister. I bet when Trump found out — he was like — that’s cool I also got thing for my own little girl, welcome to the family. It’s even bizarre that even Trump’s lawyer has unhealthy  infatuation towards his daughter, . It’s very strange.

Anyway, going back to the original story. Jared Kushner now turn out to be the man doing illegal things like talking to Russian, and asking them to provide illegal communication devices to bypass American Security. He wanted Russian permission to use their embassy in USA to communicate with Russia.

Liberal media for some bizarre reason went out of their way to protect Jared Kushner  – even suggesting that he is a poor innocent 30 something year young men and under pressure he didn’t realize what he was doing.

He is the most power man in US history and in 200 years of American history no presidential family member had as much access and wielded as much power as him.

Now let’s go back to what we have learn so far.

  • Jared Kushner lied in security clearance about his association with foreign government
  • He asked Russian Official to provide him communication to by pass US Security.
  • His father went to jailed for similar type of behavior.
  • Under Nepotism Law Trump shouldn’t even had his family working in White House

Funny thing is that most of us knew about Trump yet over 43% population voted for him.

You’ll probably be going oh okay, so what the connection between Trump & MGTOW.

I also came across story of a well trained American Solider who serve in military tower in Afghanistan, there he met a “single mother”, married her, and than brought her, and her family to states. Where naturally she tried to alienate him from his family, and just like her first husband/lover American husband ended up divorcing her as well.

First rule of the game is; never buy anything broken.

If politician are lying so much that you can catch them, than you should never vote for them.

Same way, if a most beautiful women is a single mother, you should not date her just as you wouldn’t buy a broken car.

We all carry baggage in our lives, we don’t someone else headache.