MGTOW News – Will Smith Got Bitten

In 2013 I had the misfortune of watching Will Smith’s ghetto wife. She was saying

“uh I told Will dat eff he cheet on mee, it izzz on him, dis bitch need no million dollars alimony fooroom Will Shitmith cause he ain’t shit”. This interview was about “Open Marriage”!


Later she was asked to clean up her language; could barely get this out in her sub ESL English.

“Will can do whatever he wants to do as long as he can look in the mirror and be happy”

Basically what she was muttering: “yes I am having sex with other men, but if Will dare touches another women, Not only I will get lifetime alimony I will also ruin his career.” So it should be surprise to no one she was cheating with wannabe gangster with criminal background.


We only need to look at her hairstyle on this picture to see which direction this selfish woman went about. I mean just look at the picture above. While Will Smith brought millions of dollars. His wife went around sleet with every type of jail bird from the ghetto. This is why she dress like she is from the ghetto, and what type of “macho” men she prefers. The end result? Their child looks like a drag queen street hooker. She could’ve hired the top educated tutor, send the kid to best school in US of A, even teach 2nd language like French to put him above the curve.The end result; kid is not that different from rest of black population; even with millions of dollars they look like a nasty ugly, and revolting family.


The way she said and her boy language was all you needed to know that she is cheating on him, she prefers ghetto men with criminal background. Now she is all puppy, and playing the victim card, and everyone — including self denying Muslim Obama is telling Will Smith that he should not to divorce his cheating wife “cause it look bad for black community” — whatever that means in his murderous homosexual mind.

While it is okay for Obama to fondle little boys, but it is a no, no if straight black men wanting a decent life that involve not living with a toxic woman. That’s right up there with voter shamming among white liberals, and their black collaborators. And they wonder why there are so many single mothers in Black Community. Black men are the poorest in America, and they do not want to lose what little they have to a compulsive cheater, and a pathological liar like Jada Smith.

Leading the hurrah is none other then degenerate Howard Stern — how dare Jada boyfriend ruin her family life — she is soo hot — mind you this man watches incest porn about having sex with daughter, and he has three daughters, and one was nude on Broadway show, another one is a rabbi, and the last one hides in Israeli lab from him! These are the people shaming rich non-white for not “manning” up and apologizing to their wife because it is their fault that their ladies ended up cheating on them!

It should be obvious to anyone — any women who speak about morality is likely reflecting her immorality on her partners.

An Affair to Remember

Being saturated with information thanks to smart phone, tablet, and goodol’ boobtube (I love the used of classic specially it burns politically correct morons) the most important things are easily missed. Very few people would pay attention to any laws in the midstof midterm fake election & oohin and ahing over Hurricane and leeming fleeing from the same location umpteen time. Maybe, it’s southern version of S&M. To each his own.

menright 2nd wife club

Hardly anyone notice that under traditionalists conservatives government. Judges are punishing men for dating married women. Naturally, these laws are supported by “Men Rights” because they got burn by their cheating wives, and cheered by their second wives who run the Men Rights clubs in the first place. That is why they are always running Soap Opera about alimony, child support their husband paying to ex etc. Above picture pretty much represent Men’s Right 95% of their leaders are women!

cheat million.png

Did you hear about: ” man who sued his wife’s lover received an eye-watering $8.8 million in compensation.” CNN Headline “A man cheated with someone else’s wife and is now paying for it“. How come she is not penalized? After all she is one who broke the vows. The fact is the only way she was able to cheat on her husband is by lying to other men by pretending to be single.

No one in the media care to the ask important questions.

  • What if the man met her in the club?
  • How is he to know that she was married? W
  • Why is it always men’s fault whenever cheating occurred?

Many people have asked why MGTOW boycott marriages, or livein relationship.

Well now you know!


MGTOW Film Review: Poison Ivy 4

Unlike many movies coming out of Hollywood this film admits to a dark side of women’s nature. What interests us here is the relationship of a “farm boy” Will. A naive man with room temperature I.Q who does not realize that his girlfriend Danielle “Daisy” Brooks is only holding on to him until someone better comes along.

This movie tries to normalize hypergamy. Daisy keep her cuckhold boyfriend in the dark while she sleeps around with rich power students in the university. Yet, every time her country boy calls her she gives him a “hopeful” answer that she will be coming back once her study are completed.

As the movie progress we learn that Daisy attention was far beyond her education. She also joins University sorority girls. She learns quickly Graves family has a lot of power in the school. Mr. Grave is a the professor, and his wife Elizabeth is the Dean. Also, their son Blake is attending the same school.

Realizing the politics of her school and the fact Blake was interested in her. She does everything in her power to keep him interested while pretending to be innocent. Nonetheless, she makes sure that Blake knows that she is serious about him. This allows her to build a close relationship with Blake’s father who was also her professor. Even Blake mother scolds her son for trying to ruin a “poor farm girl”.

All the while her boyfriend was still holding out hopes that she will come back and they will build a family of their own. Like most misandrist women she makes sure that her country bumpkin boyfriend doesn’t find out that she is cheating on him.

Daisy was able to climbed her way to the top. However, her clash with sorority girls who were from upper class did not end well. However, her conflict with rich girls brought misfortune to many rich families. Even Blake father died, and other rich families lost respect and got embroiled into scandals. As a result of her arrogance she was outcast by everyone in the school.

No rich man would date her now. Marrying a rich man is no longer possible for her. In fact no in the city would date her. She decided to go back to a farm life where her cuckhold of a boyfriend was still waiting for her on the farm.

When you watch the movie, you will notice that Hollywood try to “normalize” female hypergamy. One of the most revealing movie scene was when Daisy go out with rich powerful girl and gets free clothes, makeup, shoes and more. Her roommate warns her, so does her new boyfriend Blake. Yet she ignores their warning. She was attracted to wealth and money and she work hard to get out farm town. Therefore she was not going to let anyone tell her any thing.

She did not feel guilty for cheating on her boyfriend, she felt it was justified. In fact her farm boyfriend was represented as a creep. Someone who wanted to chain this poor smart farm girl to a radiator, and made lots of babies so she can’t go out and get life”experience”.

Despite smoke and mirror trick, message comes out quite clearly. Relationship are not made of love, but of money.

For us it is a one more indication why we should avoid getting married, and stay single.