Hypocrisy Of Black Lives Matters

While everyone is talking about Russian trying to kill American solider in Afghan mainstream media ignore little known fact that Ethiopian Criminal leaders who financed 2016 Trump election. As of May 2020 their bribery come to a full fruition. They have successfully stolen water from 257 million people of Africa. #itismydam will give you all the glimpse you need of black supremacist society you need. Biggest finance for this genocidal project comes from “Pegida” Patriotic Europeans Against the Islamisation of the Occident. This project is meant to starve Muslims from Sudan, and Egypt. Yet you hear no mention of it any where in media. Nazi from Germany are helping Black supremacist to steal water from 257 millions. No wonder main stream media is consider fake by everyone.

Ethiopian decided to steal the Blue Nile River waters by creating a dam. This is preventing equal and fair distribution of water to their neighbors Sudan. Imagine if Canada stole Nightfall water from US. This is the most dangerous project ever created in Africa to increase desertification, and killing large number of wild animals. No to mention horror it will bring to starved nations like Sudan, and Egypt. Ethiopian

leaders even change the name of their Dam from “Millennium Dam” to “Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam” to cater Trump. As you know he loves everything that is big and huge.

Why this is such a huge deal. Unlike normal dam this abomination of a dam will take 15 years to fill it! Keep in mind we are talking about a dam which was built by 3rd world country — riddle with wars, and infested with every type of corruption you can imagine. This water will be stolen by war ridden neighbor Sudan, and Egypt. It will also increase desertification, and cause enormous damage to flora and fauna.

During my residency I worked as a doctor in Ethiopia,. I saw nurses stealing medical supplies and selling them on the street. Anytime we the foreign doctors reported any theft we accused of racism. Now they are doing the same thing. Starving their neighbor of waters, and causing one the worst environmental damage to entire region by hoarding the water for 15 years!

It is amazing how White liberal, and Black Nationalist talk about ng non-stop; SHARING IS CARING. Yet when Ethiopian are going around pouring billions of dollar in Trump campaign to they can influence our government so can they steal the water from neighbor — same liberal don’t pretend this is not happening.

Just look at hastag ‘#itismydam” flooded with the most racist and bigoted argument you can imagine by Black Supremacist.

“Why is it okay for white devil to kill Arabs, but no no when we nigger do it?”

“We Ethopian have right to kill and rape our neighbor because white devil did it to us”

“Let them starve, We won’t share water with our neighbor because they are not Black!”

Lesson here is simple. Any political group carry traditional hypocrisy. Any group that pretend to be guardian of moral virtue is just as



Racist CISAus Censor non-white and defend Racism


George F. Will was interviewed on racist CISAus; link. On his interview he said “We are not at war overseas”.  CISAUS deleted non-white commenting on the video. Anyone pointing that this is a lie their comments were deleted, and harass as well. Owner of this channel sending threatening message, and told non-white to kill themselves.

If that’s not bad enough, they also start sending email to webmaster to close the account of non-white who war protesting, and pointing out racist of white supremacist.

Racist George F. Will said we are not at war; meaning we the white people are not at war with fellow European.

US has been murder Afghans since 2001. It is the longest war in the history of the US of A. But this is not a war to white conservatives. Liars like George F. Will gets to work in media for 40 years, and non-white are being shoot for walking the street.

We must joint and protest with fellow Black Lives Matter brothers and sisters, and demand Racist conservatives to stop censoring non-white and expose their genocidal hatred and remove them from power. Defunding the police is not enough, we must also arrest and jailed any cop and conservatives who is defending terrorism again non-white by police, and others white elites in power.


DNA Test Result


It’s pretty sad that government use our tax payer money to pay for all sort of things. Even for people who are refugees, subsidizing housing for lazy bums, even providing free medical care for stupid people who jump off the balcony for thrill!

Yet, when it comes to paternity fraud. There is no such protection. We men have to pay out of our own pockets. This should be mandatory when child is born so only biological father is financially responsible.

This just proves that our society is slumming all the way down.

Men Right Meeting Review

Tonight, I went to a Men Right’s Group here in Quebec, Canada. I went with my neighbor who is from France. He is a self proclaim white nationalist. He wants all the Arabs, Blacks, Feminists, and other minorities out of Europe. He moved to a Canada because his marriage ended badly. He does not know if he is the biological father of two kids. In France it is illegal for Men to do a paternity test without mother consent.

I have no problem with his personal believe, he is civil to me, and so am I. This summer we renovated our backyard, and used our experience to get some project and made some money. We men can work as a team, and overcome our emotion with logic, and reason.

However, “white supremacist” are like nut case religious fanatic, “my race is a true race therefore colored men must die”. White nationalist can work with other races, as was done during WWII, German, Turkish, Japanese joined forces against English. South Asian also supported German alliance against British Empire for their freedom. I hope you can see the difference.

Upon arrival, 1st thing we noticed; bouncers were stopping people who came in comic costumes like Adolf Hitler, Abraham Lincoln, Jim Crow, Batman, and Superman to hide their identity. I believe Sandman mentioned in one of his video that he did that too.

When some of these guys protested, a women came out of the hallway, and said “we don’t want cowards!”

One guy in the meeting commented on women’s nature. A female host retorted “there is no such thing as misandry”, and same guy replied said than there is no such thing as misogyny – one cannot exist without the other. After a brief pause another lady from the panel called the security, and guy was asked to leave.

We are the second largest country in the world. Yet we men don’t have a single space, not a single god damn place to talk about our pain and sorrow, these “damsel in distress” always invade our space dictate what we can and cannot say.

These English speakers white were using French province as a hideout so Feminist from Ontario will not protest. A la Toronto’s popular slut walk.

I simply hate extremist and white terrorist who wanna kill me because of my race, meanwhile they sit on a stolen land.

We men are like frog in a boiling pot instead of helping each other to escape from an imminent threat we are trying to kill each other in an already toxic environment. Meanwhile chief leisurely slice herbs to decorate our bodies.

The whole meeting was a surreal mixture of stupidity and decay.

Part II: Men Rights Are Our Enemies

The most popular Men’s Right Group is “AVFM” A Voice For Men, and like all the other conservative group, this is a mixture of racist, extremist, and all the other mentally retarded people who for one reason or other hate feminist and minorities.

Case in point is an excellent response posted by  Jeff Garibaldi posted on his twitter. I am using it with his permission.



Janet Bloomfield is a media director of a men’s right group. How the hell she is helping men by bashing minorities?

You can watch all of her videos, and Paul Elam as well. This is a typical behavior of Men’s Right. Starting a race war. Bashing Minorities religion. Supporting racist politician.

I thought I was going to write a very long article. As luck would have it, their crazy behavior so transparent that with simple logic and sensibility anyone can avoid them when provided what they say and do under Orwellian label “Men’s Right”.

I am going to split into multiple parts, because it’s very important to expose these bigots, and extremist. These racist people have been operating under “men right’s” and nothing can be done for men who need to fight for paternity fraud, alimony payment, and false rape charges etc…