MGTOW News: Art Of Losing 2020 Election

Imagine turning feminists against you during 2020 election! Somehow Joe Biden manage to do just that! That’s right. the czar of serial rapist, the mad groper of the Democratic party is turning women against him. After bashing African-American for reminding him that he was the the main architect of the new Jim Crow law “The Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act of 1994, H.R. 3355, Pub.L. 103 — 322“. He went on to insult females by censoring  journalists for pointing out his cosmetic surgery, Botox, hair-plug, and bloody veneers. How do you even mess this up?

Do you guys remember the infamous feminist article. “I Believe Tara Reade. I’m Voting for Joe Biden Anyway.” Can you imagine feminists forgiving him raping and sexually assaulting eight women, and even willing to vote for him! Yet somehow he manage to turn them against himself!  The biggest benefit that has come out of Biden affair is the undeniable and forceful demonstration that entire Democratic party is rotten and must be replace.

If that’s not bad enough. Loons who picked Creepy Joe Biden decided to let him out of the house. His lack of mental fitness was full on display. When asked about his mental state, Biden replies by being offended, laughing, talking about cocaine, calling the interviewer a junkie, mentioning elephants and lions for some reason, mixing up the phrase “looking forward to” to “forward looking to,” and tripping over the word “fitness” twice. All in the span of 60 seconds… I think that speaks for itself.

While ignoring Biden’s crazy behavior, crooked media did report he was wearing more makeup then Hillary Clinton! Is it suppose to be a new curriculum for men? Perhaps it was meant to show that this old fart understand women’s feeling. Either way this feel-good egalitarianism, and feel-good multiculturalism backfire. Ordinary American women are bit more sophisticated then that. Women do exercise their own measure of political power, and their organized strength is scaring mainstream fake media.

Botox, hair plugs, and veneers: Biden could escape the cosmetic surgery scrutiny Hillary Clinton endured

Women are realizing that Biden can not even act normal for 15 minutes interview.  Feminists have not forgotten that mainstream media is suppressing sexual abuse of eight women by Biden. They are contemplating the extinction of their female rights under Biden regime. If Joe Biden becomes the president; Americans will be living on the corner of misery and fear. He signed for The Violent Crime Control, Patriot Act, NAFTA, GAFTA and want to get rid of first amendment. Just read Solzhenitsyn’s Gulag Archipelago. American future will be parallel to what happen in Russia in the 1930.  Let’s not allow this clown transform great America into hapless America.  Let’s give the devil his due and let’s support fellow American women by not voting for creepy Joe Biden.

In Fact:
No Matter Who, Never Vote For Blue!


Joe Biden & Netflix

Racism and British-ism go hand and hand. Netflix UK series “The Strangers” could’ve been written by Joe Biden and Donald Trump. Demonization of sexual victims like Tara Reade could’ve been directed by Fox TV. Main message of the show is; never trust rapist accusation by non-white — specially Black & Muslim women. This make UK’s “Westminster paedophile dossier” kinder-garden play. Rape victim, and accuser are unattractive brown girls — just like Tara Reade. The suggestion is White Liberals & Progressive can not rape non-white because we find them racially unattractive. Don’t take my words for just read the NY Times Article “I Believe Tara Reade. I’m Voting for Joe Biden Anyway“.

Racism and ethnic terrorism are core part of Anglo society. It is more prevalent among white liberals & progressive. The Strangers TV show; white liberals are in deep denial, and fear their victim whom they are murdering.  Two white cops — one murder his non-white wife, and 2nd married a Palestinian looking women who is poisoning her own kid — they might as well call Muslim suicide bomber. Rape under colonialism was given green card by arresting the victim and her family. They were further demonize by labeling them as savages, and white liberal went on to call rape victim as terrorist whenever non-white revolted & resisted white control of their civilization. This TV show also expose true face of liberals who are busy destroying non-white under the Orwellian umbrellas of multiculturalism and diversity.

Under New Speak slavery and serfdom are called multiculturalism and diversity. This is why white liberals openly write “I Believe Tara Reade. I’m Voting for Joe Biden Anyway“.  What the author is saying that yes Tara Reade was rapped but she is not sexy nor hot to be convicting. Even Howard Stern dismiss her by saying Trump did it too! It is very strange the UK TV show pretty much reflect US Election 2020. Dismissing any & all rape victim because they are non-white, or they fat and unattractive!

You know how I will Vote? I vote with my money. I have canceled subscription to Netflix. This ought to give you an idea how I will be voting in 2020 election!