Liberal Hypocrisy

President Trump tweeted Joe Rogan clip and everyone is trying to make fun of Trump — as if he did not realized that Joe is a “liberal”.

Joe Rogan mostly likely a control opposition. The fact mainstream media gave him “$100 million dollar” is all you need to you about him. To further illustrate how anti-liberal he is. He ran out of California after getting billion-dollar bribe. Just like any robber leaving the bank after taking the money.

Most of his guests would be called white supremacist if they were caught speaking with Fox TV host. One of his guest said, “Japanese are the German of Asia” implying that only Aryan/White race are superior and smarter.

Another word non-white are biologically inferior. To further illustrate his hatred same guest said that he brings white kids to his farm and give them Army Training – clearly preparing white Americans for race war.

It does not really matter what any of us think of his politics. Comedian are just as dishonest as politician. Take the case of Jimmy Dore, Graham Elwood, and Lee Camp. “Progressive Liberal” talk about Syrian war, and they never mention a small minority “Alawites” controlling Syria. 90% of the Syrian are Sunni yet they are being subjugated under Iranian branch of racist tribe. This is clearly a race war, perpetuated by Iran.

If you care to search you’ll find some news about dangerous Alawites cult who are ruling Syria, and their sinister relationship with malevolent Iran. Many of Shias/Alawites are creeps. They are Western version Jeffrey Epstein.

An amusing fact: An Iranian hero Marc Dutroux was convicted child molester and murderer. He was biggest promoter of Islamic rape “Nikah mut’ah” aka “Temporary Marriage”. Naturally now Iranian pretend they never praised him let alone knew anything about him. Talk to Iranian about Alawites controlling Syria, or Islamic Rape “Nikah mut’ah” and they will switch subject, or give you an Orwellian answer.

Just like Dutroux Alawites have sex with their own daughters, and sisters! So it is not surprising West prefer to have creepy cult like this controlling middle-east. Strange how this terrorist cult does not get any scrutiny by West! But then again we know how well protect Jeffrey Epstein was, and his convenient “suicide” and total censorship of Westminster paedophile dossier is all you need to know about ruling elites, and their strange sexual lifestyle.

Elites always protect child molester, and sexual deviants. In West, largest Iranians and Alawites population reside in California; they are well protected by liberals just like other child molesters. Kamala Harris went out of her way to “ignore” clergy abuse – other elite molesting children. She even took money from Epstein firm!

So open secrets like Alawites control Syria shouldn’t surprise us at all.

The Minor Sect Ruling Syria: Who are the Alawites?

“Somewhere between 1.5 and 3 million Syrian citizens identify as Alawites (also known as Alawis)1. 2., approximately 12% of the total population of Syria. Geographically speaking, around three-quarters of the Alawi population are concentrated in the Alawi Mountains, but there are also communities along the Syrian coast, and with their recent rise into the regime, large Alawi communities in Aleppo and Damascus.3. This population includes a disproportionately high percentage of the upper echelons of the Syrian Arab Army (SAA), as well as the current President, Bashar al-Assad.”

Progressive liberal do not mention Alawites controlling Syria, or that Iranian military controls Iraq. Lee Camp, Jimmy Dore, and Graham Elwood whine about “American killed Iranian General in Iraq”.

They never ask what the hell was he doing in a foreign country? Sunni Iraqis do not want him there. They are scared and terrified of Iranians and Shia militants are murdering, and raping Sunnis with impunity — who are likely backed and protected by US military to decide and rule middle east.

A Fact that a progressive commentator would never tell that Iranian like to rape Sunni women, and then put knife into the vagina after – preferably performing in front of the parent tided and forced to watch — is all you need to know that “progressive liberal” are a control opposition just like Bernie Sanders, creepy Joe Biden and other perverts from Democratic party.

Should we American be there in foreign country – the obvious answer is No. But let’s not forget this on going genocide is being done on behalf of progressive liberals — wanna be Obama, & Clinton who hate Sunni Muslims because don’t want to see strong independent Sunni nations capable of defending their country, and religion from West, and Israelis.

So all this cry by progressive about “Trump Tweeting Joe Rogan” is a prove that how much liberal are working with mainstream media to manipulate the public.


Liberals Are Anti Men!

On going El Dorado Fire was sparked by a gender reveal party. To the uninitiated “gender reveal party” is a group of rich white women going in the middle of the jungle taking their clothes off and playing with fireworks — I am not kidding”. These drunken women ended up causing fire, and now openly bashing and blaming men. Most of us were aware of Kama Sutra Pervs aka “Environmentalist Groups” do when they are in the middle of the frost.

I took the screenshot how white liberal women are blaming straight white men for pointing out who caused the fire! Noticed, I even miss typed “gener-reveal party” but google picked up what I was searching, and bashed me before reluctantly showing the results.

Following google result came with condemnation by feminists for men looking into the fire!

So the racist liberal Karvunidis who popularized “Gender Reveal Party” said she is “fed up” with men telling her that she, and her stupid parties goers are responsible of the worst fire in the history of the state of California. I won’t even point out how she bashes “men’s part” for her disastrous recommendation for naked partying in the forest — this is what she was telling everyone to do during on going pandemic.

Guess who is her favorite role model? Beth Stern. The rich white Cat Lady!

As many of you know Howard Stern’s wife used to cheat on her previous partners — a common issue those who date call-girls, or models. So she likes Beth Stern who cheated on men, and done disgusting things like Pastor’s wife Becki Tilley did with Pool Boy! How Biblical!

Fun Fact: Becky likes to talk to sperms before swallowing it.
Said said “I am like a mother eve saving Adam’s seed into my heaven-ness cocoon!”
I always find it bizarre that liberals top mentors are always sexually deprave conservatives, or derange communists.

Maybe they are all sniffing glues from the books instead of reading them. Who knows.

It is well known fact that Howard Stern like Jerry Falwell Jr. has bizarre relationship with his wife. Just like Falwell wife who was/and still is having sex with other men in front of her husband. Beth Stern also admitted she has cheated on every one of her boyfriends — this is on top of the fact she was likely a high class call girl.

Rich people are creepy. This feminist consider them her mentors — I guess it kinda make sense. Considering how her “gender reveal party” ended up burning the California forest “which used to be known as a dense jungle in 90s”. So it is not surprising that she likes Jeff Epstein, Obama, Bill Gate, and Apple who are destroying our planet in the name of “democracy”, and “technology” after all her “gender party” ended up doing what her mentor are doing to our hapless planet.

Did you read a bit about “toxic masculinity”. What if bunch of Muslims were having a party in the middle of the forest, and they accidentally ended up causing a fire. You don’t need a $20 college degree to know how fake media would react if Muslim start using the “race card” to defend themselves like white women are doing after causing the fire? No, the identity politics is exclusively reserve for one gender, and one gender only.

Take the case of Biden. He has been abusing and touching women. Eight women have come out and protested. Yet no one will point out this. Why? Because he is pro-feminist. So they are willing to let him abuse few women to create a smelly omelet.

On going “Black Lives Matter” protest, and their legitimate concern are also thrown in the trash by Democratic establishment by picking a former police officer Kamala Harris. This is liberal response to public when they are demanding defending the police.

We need to boycott mainstream media, and entertainment industry. Let’s cut the cable, and even unsubscribe to netflix as well! I have done that. I do not want to pay liberal, or conservative for beaming propaganda in my house.

Joe Biden’s Paper

No body asked why were his senate paper (property of the government and paid by us the tax payers) were move to the university. These documents are part of tax payer. Why did he hide them? For what reason? How can we be sure that these documents are not being purged. Also why is he refusing to search for any information of sexual assaults in them?

Biden said he was going to release them in 2020, and then he resealed them why?

When he was asked if he would allow search for sexual assult for Tara Reade — he flat out said no. Media did not explain to public why these doucments need to be search. These papers were move from the the senate to Delware university! Why?

Also why not search accusation for all the women who accused him?

This is totally crazy how he is getting away with it!

Also why not search for flight logs if and when he went to see Jeff Epstein!

More and more women are coming out, and some are being put in jail for DUI for a year!

He is just like Clinton the rapist!

University sued after denying records request for Biden Senate collection

One thing they didn’t mention, these paper are public properly. He was the public servant. He is even refusing to search for Tara Reade name in these documents!

That alone tells you there is a smoke as well as the fire. He has rapped her.

Biden even said don’t vote for if you believe in Tara Reade


WAP Song Proves Why Tradcon Are Loon!

Ben Shapiro a failed political commentator reviews Cardi B song called WAP! He is the nut who wrote a book why “Porn is Bad For You”. Like a typical geek he is living vicariously through someone life. Honestly, I would not have even heard of this song if it wasn’t for my conservatives friends “reviewing it”!

This is why all this talk about freedom of speech is a total hypocrisy. He wants “freedom” to do, and say whatever he wants to do, but lo and behold if Black people exercise the same liberty. Perhaps, once Shapiro hits puberty he’ll enjoy the song, in the mean time  he can join Howard Stern and have a sausage fest condemning incest porn.


MGTOW News: Wrath Of Female Journalists

Like Rats Fleeing a Sinking Ship: Crazy Ariana N. Pekary just quit MSNBC in disgust. Prior to her Bari Weiss left NY TIMES. They are whining that their employers are not “objective”. They had no problem making millions of dollars when they joined the devil’s den. We must not forget Pekary went around calling men misogynist for pointing out Hilary’s flaws. Weiss on the other hand has been harassing Muslims employees in NY Times for trying to expose Israeli crimes, and terrorism. Naturally, they both hates minorities, and straight white men. Now, they are hiding in their respected tower of isolation and hatred.

It is ironic though these racist feminists were given job solely base on their gender. They have no other talent other then wearing makeup/fake-up. In their 40s with declining just like news industry they are trying to bite the hand that feed their monstrosity. However, these racist feminists do bring some good point. Their former employers are bias, and do not report real fact, or even actual news. We will never hear crimes committed by our “allies” such as Israeli connection to Jeff Epstein, or even UK: Westminster pedophile dossier. Nope; like it or not Trump is right they are a fake news. There is just no other way to look at it.

This should not be surprising to any who pay attention. Following six companies own 95 percent of the media and entertainment industry in America. This explains why media speaks in unions and always against public. As George Carlin said “It’s A Big Club And You Ain’t In It!”

National Amusements




News Corp



MGTOW News: Art Of Losing 2020 Election

Imagine turning feminists against you during 2020 election! Somehow Joe Biden manage to do just that! That’s right. the czar of serial rapist, the mad groper of the Democratic party is turning women against him. After bashing African-American for reminding him that he was the the main architect of the new Jim Crow law “The Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act of 1994, H.R. 3355, Pub.L. 103 — 322“. He went on to insult females by censoring  journalists for pointing out his cosmetic surgery, Botox, hair-plug, and bloody veneers. How do you even mess this up?

Do you guys remember the infamous feminist article. “I Believe Tara Reade. I’m Voting for Joe Biden Anyway.” Can you imagine feminists forgiving him raping and sexually assaulting eight women, and even willing to vote for him! Yet somehow he manage to turn them against himself!  The biggest benefit that has come out of Biden affair is the undeniable and forceful demonstration that entire Democratic party is rotten and must be replace.

If that’s not bad enough. Loons who picked Creepy Joe Biden decided to let him out of the house. His lack of mental fitness was full on display. When asked about his mental state, Biden replies by being offended, laughing, talking about cocaine, calling the interviewer a junkie, mentioning elephants and lions for some reason, mixing up the phrase “looking forward to” to “forward looking to,” and tripping over the word “fitness” twice. All in the span of 60 seconds… I think that speaks for itself.

While ignoring Biden’s crazy behavior, crooked media did report he was wearing more makeup then Hillary Clinton! Is it suppose to be a new curriculum for men? Perhaps it was meant to show that this old fart understand women’s feeling. Either way this feel-good egalitarianism, and feel-good multiculturalism backfire. Ordinary American women are bit more sophisticated then that. Women do exercise their own measure of political power, and their organized strength is scaring mainstream fake media.

Botox, hair plugs, and veneers: Biden could escape the cosmetic surgery scrutiny Hillary Clinton endured

Women are realizing that Biden can not even act normal for 15 minutes interview.  Feminists have not forgotten that mainstream media is suppressing sexual abuse of eight women by Biden. They are contemplating the extinction of their female rights under Biden regime. If Joe Biden becomes the president; Americans will be living on the corner of misery and fear. He signed for The Violent Crime Control, Patriot Act, NAFTA, GAFTA and want to get rid of first amendment. Just read Solzhenitsyn’s Gulag Archipelago. American future will be parallel to what happen in Russia in the 1930.  Let’s not allow this clown transform great America into hapless America.  Let’s give the devil his due and let’s support fellow American women by not voting for creepy Joe Biden.

In Fact:
No Matter Who, Never Vote For Blue!


Why Leftist Are Crazy


American leftist media went crazy last month over a novel!  I guess they need to distract the public so no one will think twice about eight women abused by Biden. There has been no investigation by media. Liberal media dismissed Tara Reade case because she lied on the “resume”!

Make it what you will of this, but I don’t trust media. People who protect rapists are not qualified to question anyone else. Incidentally, we are not talking about a normal person. Biden jokes about kids giving him permission to touch them; and kids crawling on his legs when he was a pool boy! He is a creepy millionaire — just like Epstein.

Can we really take crooked media “opinion” seriously? They have been bashing rape victims like Tara Reade. Leftist media and Democratic party keep telling the public that Tara Reade lied on the resume to get a job she wasn’t qualified. This means she is also lying about being raped! How will media react if Trump said something like this?

If you think logically; Her fake resume only makes her story more truthful because she would’ve been blackmail by Biden “Do what I say, or else I can fire you because of your fake resume, and no will ever hire you!”.  Bad reference from a powerful politician would have destroyed her life.

What about other seven women? Did they also have fake resume?

Liberal media is using this book to distract us from how Democratic party is colluding with a creepy Biden. They are complicit in hiding his sexual assaults. The same crooked media also protected Jeffery Epstein, and allowed him to abuse vulnerable girls.

In case you are wondering prior to this book scandal, Biden old videos came to surface where he was joking about 10 years old boys giving him consent for touching them — this is right after he was accused by eight women! In another video he talked about boys crawling on his legs when he was a pool boy!

Joe Biden jokes about having child’s permission to touch him

Joe Biden – Cringe worthy plus Pool & Kids playing with Leg Hair


Anyway, I am not much into conspiracy, however following are the key difference between Wuhan-400 virus and Covid-19.


The Eyes Of Darkness was published  in 1980. In the first edition the virus was originally called ‘Gorki-400’ and came out from Russian city. Koontz revised his book and changed the location to Wuhan, China, and virus was renamed to Wuhan-400. I took the screenshot of the book and highlighted the paragraph. All of this was done around 39 years ago.

While ignoring Biden sex scandal; media is attacking small conspiracy community and bashing them. As of August 3rd over 40 million Americans are on verge of losing their house. This is happening right before the second wave of the pandemic — which should start right around winter — virus thrive during winter!


Fox News was the only media reporting fact without any spin. Incidentally when will media “Fact Check” Biden raping girls, and grouping women in public?

If you have Netflix — You might wanna see their documentary “The Next Pandemic”. Now put if we add the novel from 1980 + Bill Gate confirm the novel in 2019 documentary. See no fact checks by mainstream media.

Bill Gates predicted a coronavirus-like outbreak – down to it starting at a Chinese market – in 2019 Netflix documentary show ‘The Next Pandemic’


If you are really into conspiracy. You may also find it amusing that 30 year ago Biden stole the speech from British laborer party member Neil Kinnock and now he is getting endorsement by him! Imagine how media would have reacted if Putin endorsed Trump! Keep in mind British still treats American like we are their renegade colony. Brits are known throughout Europe as backstabber, traitors, and two-faced liars. Yet our bias media treats them as if they are our master!

Three decades after Biden stole his speech, Neil Kinnock endorses his 2020 bid

If I were really into conspiracy. I would have guess deep-state writer accidentally fax the same speech to both puppets! In any case; did you see the irony in the title? Tara Reade can not be trusted because she lied in her resume, but Biden can be trusted even though he stole speeches from other politicians – causing international incident, and shamelessly grab women in public, and does not even care that he is in front of the camera.

G-D only knows what he does to poor vulnerable women when he is alone with them! Liberal Media will continue to ignore Biden creepy behavior. Their deafening silence only proves Democratic party hate democracy and equality. It doesn’t really matter if you think this is a conspiracy or not. The fact of the matter is this fake outrage only exposes liberal hypocrisy! Death of the Liberal Class by Chris Hedges is a must read book why Democrats are our enemies!


Following video clips are from mainstream crooked media.  As you can see creepy Biden touches women in public! Yet we suppose to ignore Tara Reade, Lucy Flores, D.J. Hills. This list does not even include women like above in screenshot. This is not a fake news — it’s from the their own camera, and they were unable to hide it from public!

Yet we are not suppose to believe that Tara Reade because she lied on her resume.

It’s interesting Nevada lawmaker Lucy Flores said she felt “powerless” when she was sexually harass by Biden. Imagine a woman who lied on the resume. Won’t she be more powerless? Don’t expect media to reach to a right conclusion.

So it doesn’t really matter if ongoing global pandemic is natural or planned. We should focus on boycotting Democratic party because we the will be abuse just like following women.

Former Nevada lawmaker, Lucy Flores, claims Joe Biden inappropriately touched her.

D.J. Hill recounts unwanted touching by former Vice President Joe Biden

Is Joe Biden’s Touchiness Out Of Touch?


Let’s ignore media straw-man, and keep pounding democratic party, and their evil leaders who loves raping girls, women, and even joke about “boys giving him consent for touching them!”

Looking at all of this and remembering Monica & Bill zipper saga means we should never ever vote for democratic party.

No Matter Who, Never Vote For Blue.


Marriage Under Pandemic Locked-Down

Marriage under COVID-19 is like living in concentration camp, and paying mortgage for torture. Global pandemic is one of the best thing ever happened to MGTOW movement. Current lock down is like a two by four reinforcing the same message, revealing the reality. It has done more then anything else to convince everyone why marriages, and live-in relationship are detrimental to our health. Living with someone during this global crisis has given humanity whole new perspective on relationship. It would be interesting to see marriage trend before and after locked down. Assuming failing mainstream media even talk about it.

Which brings me to the title of this article. I was inspired to write it thanks to an angry woman who was shopping in a grocery store. She was a masculine-looking middle-age woman. Her masque kept falling off because she was shouting over the phone about her husband bed-wetting! Every time she put back her masque she had a false simile and apologized in a mannish manner. I can see why her husband keep peeing in the bed. Living with this loon would give anyone a PTSD.

Entire checkout line was blocked because she kept talking, and forgetting her pin code! She was shouting “I am HIS wife, HOW DARE HE! Never mind rest of us — I bet she thinks we are her Sherpa, waiting to carry her groceries! It takes alot to shock me these days but I was when I heard her saying “Yes! That idiot told My Penis Sister”.

What Chutzpah! She looks like a man and she is calling other woman a transsexual. Person on the other end didn’t get so she clarified: ” My god damn sister-in-law” I guess they have never seen her repugnant face.. She rattled on! “Oh, I bet he is deliberately wetting the bed. Being forced to live with this wicked woman I would also indulge in bed-wetting just so I don’t have to sleep with her!

She is a typical adult in 2020 America. A selfish, self centered, and unhappy when having to return a favor. I can only imagine how she talks to her husband based on her overly-stimulated conversation in front of the everyone in broad daylight. Since she is wearing a masque she knows that during global pandemic everyone is watching everyone else, and hearing everything around us. Yet, she shamelessly shared her husband embarrassing condition with strangers!

I can feel the agitation, anxiety, not to mention the physical distress her husband must have every-time he wakes up, and she screams at him for wetting the bad. This woman did not care that she is telling everyone of her husband condition, I can only imagine her screeching in loud volume, waving her finger strongly, pounding her manly chest. I would not even be surprise if her neighbor crowding outside her house listening to her drama.  What a hapless situation to be in during global lock-down.

Smartphone addict ought to be added into the red flag list. It is really amazing how oblivious people are when they are talking on the phone, and don’t bother looking around sharing their family life as if they are alone in the house. I mean just imagine this lunatic hogging up the check out line, and rest of us  waiting for the Cinderella so we can leave the store, and other waiting outside to enter and do their shopping! Nope, she kept talking on the phone continue complaining about her husband bed-wetting!

Gods must’ve been jealous when her husband didn’t conceal his fortune, That’s why they gave him an ill-bread wife for a punishment. She is too selfish to realized why her husband prefers talking to his sister about his embarrassing issue. She is angry because thanks to her husband bed-wetting, she is no longer the center of the universe. His hapless situation is a clear warning to the rest of us. Marriage is disease that destroys man’s soul.

Biden and His Female Victims

8 Women Have Accused Joe Biden Of Sexual Misconduct, Inappropriate Touching. Media had quietly dropped Tara Reade. They are victim shaming her, suggesting since she has “lied” in the past about her education, so can’t be a  “true” rape victim! Biden was caught plagiarizing, and stealing speeches! Yet his vices makes him innocent?  The most infamous incident was in 1988 presidential campaign, and when he stole the speech from UK politician! So it is okay for powerful white liberal to steal speech, but no, no if you are a rape victim! This headline is from Washington Post.

Echoes of Biden’s 1987 plagiarism scandal continue to reverberate

Biden Admits Plagiarism in School But Says It Was Not ‘Malevolent’

Just think about it! Biden has been accused by eight women for sexual harassment. That we know of — won’t he be compromise by Russian, or other foreign country if he is elected. Imagine a foreign country find more evidence of him abusing women, and use it against him during election?

Let’s not forget even if Tara Reade was lying. What about seven other women! The Times reported that lawyers were looking into Reade’s past. How about Biden past.  Are Suppose to believe these all other seven women are lying as well?

Even if you ignore Tara Reade what about following seven women. What ever happen to “believe all women”, hell in this case we can see the smoke, as well as the fire!

  1. Lucky Flores
  2. Amy Lappos
  3. D.J. Hill
  4. Caitlyn Caruso
  5. Ally Coll
  6. Sofie Karasek
  7. Vail Kohnert-Yount

Media keep telling us “Tara Reade” lied in her resume, so has Biden. He cheated in the school. stole speeches from other politician, not to mention – harassing non white, and passed the most the most anti-black crime bill in 90s!

Following quotes from liberal media shows that rape victims are always shamed when the predator is a rich guy — specially rich white liberal.

“Defense attorneys are reportedly now trying to determine if the transcripts shows she provided false testimony about her credentials,” ABC News reported, noting that claims she earned a B.A. from Antioch University have raised eyebrows.

Why is it Biden can get away saying his plagiarism in school wasn’t malevolent. But anything a rape victim said is questionable because she lied in her resume. You gotta be kidding me!

If this is the best Democratic party has to offer then Not matter Who, Never Vote For Blue!


[和訳付き] Biden’s Gaffes Seen by Japan

Mrs. Yoko from Japan made an excellent video regarding on going hypocrisy by Democratic party. It’s worth noting, this is how rest of the world see Biden the Rapist — as he is known around the world! I kid you not, but why read my boring comments, but you can hear her explain how bad and racist the white liberals looks like to outsiders.