More Update On Vages Shooter

paddoc & gf.jpeg

As I stated before fake media was using horrific shooting to outlaw guns and other liberal agenda.

Look at the picture above that’s Mr. Paddock and his girlfriend Marilou Danley.

Filipino newspaper “The Manila Times” was the first to report about Mr. Paddock interracial relationship which is why Western fake media “quietly” stop promoting the idea that “it was alt-right/white supremacist” who did this.

Fake media started with ISIS a CIA created terrorist group. They made it sound like Mr. Paddock a white shooter was hired to do terrorist dirty work for ISIS.

More twisted lies were added. One, he was white supremacist, second he hated Jews. All of them were proven false — quietly dissipated from media. Eerie reminder Orwell’s memory hole.

Memory hole

“A memory hole is any mechanism for the alteration or disappearance of inconvenient or embarrassing documents, photographs, transcripts, or other records, such as from a website or other archive, particularly as part of an attempt to give the impression that something never happened.[1][2] The concept was first popularized by George Orwell‘s dystopian novel Nineteen Eighty-Four, where the Party‘s Ministry of Truth systematically re-created all potential historical documents, in effect, re-writing all of history to match the often-changing state propaganda. These changes were complete.”

Once media could not deny that Paddock had an Asian girlfriend and media quietly revealed that Paddock sent $100k to Philippine. Making it sound as if Muslim theorist from Asia were allied with shooter. Now just think about it! A deadliest shooter sent money to his girlfriend in her native country, just week before the shooting, we are not supposed to link her?

Search for her photo, or any info (traveling around world week before shooting $100,000 money transfer) in any mainstream western media — very few, and complete censorship on Cable News.

Look at the way she is:

navada npp.jpeg

We are not talking about someone who works 9-5, we are talking about a woman who spent her time with gamblers. Imagine if you had an Arab women doing that and her boyfriend did the shooting. We would all be reminded that gamblers are not “nice people”.


Well, now we learned his Filipino girlfriend had been dating him for quite some time. Couple were heavy gambler. Two weeks before Mr. Paddock planed to do his shooting his girlfriend went on a world tour. Dubai, Australia, and mostly hanging around old farts who are qualified to be poster child for Viagra ads.

It looks like she steals money from lonely old men, and her crazy gun loving boyfriend helped her robbing people.  Spying on victims camera sweeps, spyware on smart phone, laptop, the whole nine yard. She knew he was crazy and she used him to make money. She led his condition get worst and when she could not control him she ran out of the country.

She could have warned police & fbi once out of the country. But she went back to her serach and destory new victims. Once a gold digger always a…

Now every single newspaper is defending this nasty gold digger. She had a husband before whom she “upgraded” and went with Paddock. Media doesn’t want to bring her into light. Why not?

Just think about it?

Trump supporters didn’t do any shooting, not did the Muslims. It was a traditionalist. A man who worshiped women. A man who gave large sum of money too his girlfriend to keep her mouth shut.

What did we learn so far? A gun loving insane traditionalist wanted to shoot large numbers people.

Once again media proof by its own action that they are fake, and nothing true come out of them.



When Traditionalist Die Don’t Every Cry!

Recent death of Jerry Lewis is Grimm reminder that traditionalists are not only the enemy of Men everywhere but they also hate their own sons.

This is from his will:

“I have intentionally excluded Gary Lewis, Ronald Lewis, Anthony Joseph Lewis, Christopher Joseph Lewis, Scott Anthony Lewis, and Joseph Christopher Lewis and their descendants as beneficiaries of my estate, it being my intention that they shall receive no benefits hereunder,”

Also a daughter when he had through an affair is homeless — funny how laws doesn’t help the victim when one feminist gets it all! A divorce man will be force to pay for the kids his wife had with another man — yet here media and gov looks the other way… I won’t even got into rumors upon rumors how his wife has been sexually abusing their adopted daughter — probable explanation why his will was spilt the way it was.

Jerry Lewis  disowned his “sons” yet his 2nd wife and “step daughter” was part of his will. A girl who hated and despised him, and mock him while he was performing his show live. A possible cry and attention that she is being sexually abused. 2nd clue was his youngest son committed suicide.

To appeased his 2nd wife and adopted/step daughter he ignored the pain of his boys. When his youngest got into serious trouble and fall prey to drug dealers and worst. He did nothing to help. As a result of his behavior kid died.

Many parents disowned their kids, and it would not have been a big deal. Expect for the fact this scumbag was a “philanthropist“. He use to go on telethon and beg for public donation for various causes. Yet he had no times for his own blood.

He worshiped his wife, and ungrateful daughter. Yet no time for his six kids. Like most liberals — he used to say my boys are no good, I wish I only had girls.

Yet women worshiping is strong with these men.

Notice no bashing of this sick disgusting man, no pressure from media to takecare of his homeless daughter. You can safely bet your bottom dollar that 2nd wife who “adopted” a girl for sexual abusive didn’t bother adopting his blood daugther. Funny how philanthorpy works. Money for all nothing for family.

His death and misandrist will was report by female journalist. Jerry Lewis excludes his six sons from his will. If funny feminist don’t care about fellow female who are poor and have no money or shelter. They look up the fellow feminist who tricked mentally ill man to ignore his family, and just handout his hard earn money to a woman who hated him, and as well as her sex parnter/adopted daughter.

Notice he did not even spend single cent on his dead son’s funeral. Yet when his wife demanded that he buys are a brand new car when her 3 months old car had a bird poop — yes that’s right a god damn bird poop this disgusting old man ran into dealership and got her, and his daughter (who again hate his guts) two cars — that’s total of four.

Don’t forget his blood daughter with whom he was having an affair with another women also did not get anything — who is also homeless. So all of his 50 millions dollars for a wife who made him sleep on the couch, and adopted daughter who spitted on his face gets 25 millions. Another sad article with brief interview with his homeless daughter:

Jerry Lewis Snubs His 6 Sons in Will, Leaving Entire Fortune to Wife, Adopted Daughter

May you burn in hell Jerry Lewis man hating mangina.


Fake Media & Las Vegas Shooting

Sorry event in Las Vegas is no surprise to anyone here. There has been many similar events throughout US of A. Latest shooting is a scary reminiscent of 90s school shooting. “Columbine High School massacre“. I don’t know if you guys remember but one of the school shooter was a Jewish kid Dyland Klebold after the murdering his fellow students he committed suicide.

Eric Harris and Dyland Klebold kids who killed 13 students and injured 23, and committed suicide.

Way back media journalist used GeoCities (90s version of google+) to spread more lies  rumors). Media at the time was going out of their way to connect him to PLO (at the time Palestine were our biggest enemy). Rumors were not true, Jewish student was a jerk. Another crazy rumor was they were part of a Nazi party. One only had to research to debunk media.

Man who did the recent shooting was “Stephen Paddock”. It was media who tried to tie him with ISIS. Why not make situation worst? Can you imagine ISIS hiring a 60 years old white guy for shooting in Las Vegas? But that’s not the worst of it. They went on and on until people were more concern about his Arab connection then anything.

One only need to look at the meaning of Paddock name.

From ancestry website:

Paddock Name Meaning
from Middle English parrock ‘paddock’, ‘small enclosure’, hence a topographic name for a dweller by a paddock or enclosed meadow, or a habitational name from a place named with this word, as for example Paddock Wood in Kent. The change of -rr- to -dd- is an unexplained development which did not occur before the 17th century. from Middle English paddock ‘toad’, ‘frog’, a diminutive of pad (of Old Norse origin), hence a nickname for someone considered to resemble a toad or frog.

Mr. Paddock was a White Anglo-Saxon Protestant (WASP) not an Arab. He was an insane lunatic, one of those crazy gun loving people. Like many people he just lost it. This is a normal part of USA. Last May CNN reported one of the driver in NYC murdered pedestrians in Times Square.

As I said this stuff is normal, and it should not be it is what it is. Blaming guns won’t solve shooting — most normal gun owners only have one single gun. Lunatics like Paddock didn’t “legally” buy all those weapons. Just as killer who drive over people don’t worry about proper car insurance. Media, and journalists love talking out of their arse and that’s stink as much farts coming out of the ass.

US citizens in Puerto Rico are dying, and hospitals have no light, or even generators to do any operations. Why add more sensationalism to the crisis? There are not enough drivers in Puerto Rico to move Emergency Supplies from docking station to needed area. Media should be asking public to volunteer for such — as many people would. Yet their focus has been to anything but real issue.

If really wanna push public button why not demand that US to allow Puerto Rico citizen to vote in USA election. How come Obama never brought this up? Eight years of his administration everything was status quo… You know to this day media has not talked about how Debbie Wasserman & Hillary Clinton stole Democrat Party election from Bernie Sanders. However it’s worth reminding that every digusting thing Trump does is talked about over and over again.

Again I don’t like Trump, and I hate republican & conservative with passion. I was totally against white MGTOW supporting insane Trump – and I even pointed out that MGTOW & Men’s Right are racist for supporting him! Having said that I have no love for liberals either. Our democracy is a rig game, like it or not leaders are picked and groom long before they announce their attention.

Mass shooting are part of US culture, and fake media always try to make it as worst as possible. We need to work  together helping fellow citizen. Not all of us can volunteer, or even donate, however by Turning off TV we are reducing propaganda & lies.  That way not only we are helping our fellow citizens we are also helping ourselves.

We have seen the enemy it’s our own media!


Hillary E-Mails Are Online

Have you ever heard the term called “Friday Dump”? Friday is the day our government release all the information — reason behind seems to be that people are looking forward of enjoy weekends hence no one really pay attention.

This Friday State Department has quietly dump thousands of Hillary Clinton documents over their website under “freedom act”.

U.S. Department of State: Click on search, and search for “Hillary email”.


How can a potentially popular candidate lose election just because their emails were hacked?

Another most important question why is media bashing state department for providing access to her email?

Shame on the FBI for dropping Hillary Clinton’s email scandal

Going though Hillary E-Mails is like peeling onions. One of the thing people did notice in her email is the collusion with Debbie Wasserman in order steal election from Bernie Sanders.

I suggest that you go to the State Department website search, and read it yourself. Make up your own mind. Watch fake media & Liberal scream and shout against freedom of expression, and freedom of information.

PS: I need not reminding you that main stream media did not report any of this.


MGTOW: Women Admit They Are Crazy!

Now that there are more single people than married couple. Women are finally trying to undo “old wife tale” happy wife is a happy life.

Here is what neo-feminist telling us ignore women as men of old generation have been doing for years!

Why Men Should Stop Trying to Please Women

Title alone ought bring some smile into MGTOW community.

But she is not done yet brothers.  She starts her paragraph with slow admission albeit typical way women talk. But than she just fully admit how insane women are!

Her conclusion on 2nd paragraph is pretty amazing.

“Women will argue this until the day we die, but the truth is, we have no fu*king clue what we want.”

She has more gems to share with us:

“Women Want: I just want you to find me completely sexy and irresistible.

What Happens When We Get It: Seriously, again?! We just had sex like 4 hours ago. What am I to you, a human blowjob machine? That’s all you think I’m good for isn’t it. Stop grabbing my ass all the time; it’s disrespectful. Heeellllooooo, my eyes are up here. I have a brain you know … can’t we just have an intellectual conversation? Ugh, grow up!!

She ends her article with follow tidbits about her gender:

What Happens When We Get It: Our bodies are interwoven and tangled like ivy. All I can hear is the faint whistling sound coming from his nostrils. Jesus, he doesn’t have that many muscles; why does his arm feel like it weighs 100 lbs.? That’s it, now I’m sweating. I feel claustrophobic. What if there was a fire and he didn’t wake up and I’m forever stuck under this gigantic tree stump of a leg and we both die horrible deaths? I have to get out of this wrestler choke hold. Mental note: I will never ask for this again.

Man: Tries to cuddle again the next night.
Woman: Don’t touch me.

Ah, the woman: such a complicated combination of contradictions. But hey, ya gotta love us!

Women are  scared. Once they hits 40s they know most us will not even look at them. Just think about it feminist always bash men for “objectifying women’s bodies”.

Did men ask women to buy all that makeup, branded clothes, boob job, and highheel?

No, they do it to themselves, and they are upset when “wrong’ man notice them i.e. creep, and they are angry when “right” man ignore them all together.

With my career on the rise I can afford to date a girl half of my age. She won’t be demanding marriage, or commitment or other annoying things.

However, does it mean it’s “safe” to get married now?

No absolutely not! This also include “live in relationship”.

No to all that. Avoid any legal tanglement.

Our worst enemies are not “women” they are our fellow men — the traditionalist, liberals, conservatives, and even Men’s Right. They have made laws that made sure we lose everything we have worked for through divorce, alimony, and child support.

No legal action for paternity fraud. If anything poor cuckold is punished for calling his wife for what she is.

Marriages are dying, let’s just burried into the ground for good.

MGTOW in Tajikistan

Tajikistan is a former Soviet Union Republican located in Central Asia. After the fall of USSR, their economy went downhill.

Like most Asian country Men in this Islamic republic men are “expected” to take care of their family. Marriage pressure is so high that they are forced to get married even when they can not take care of themselves. Pressure is mostly done by women.

Newly wedded wife spends time over the smart phone, or just watching TV and then demands that her husband gives her the lifestyle she sees on TV & Films.


What kind of a misogynist would divorce this woman through text message!

Being a Ex-Soviet republic, most men are able to find better job in Russia. Where they learn about freedom, and choices. Most of these Muslim men abandon their idiotic matriarchal society by texting their wives that they are divorcing them.

Those of us who have dealt with lawyers, I can tell you there is no sham in getting away and just texting the end of your relationship notice. Just change your phone number afterword, and don’t ever look back.

Using modern technology Tajiki men are divorcing their wives when they are in Russia. These men are not willing to share their hard earn money with a women who wants to show off her neighbour newly Made in China junk she bought. Men are simply moving on with their life.

Do note that media try to tell us that these women can’t find another men. Why the hell can’t these women get a job on their own? They can leave for Russia just like their men and improve their life.

Imagine how many Russian companies would like to hire an exotic “administrator” in their office.

I bet even President Putin will love to parade “diversity” in his country.

chained .png

Did you read that bit. Imagine if you are married to an abusive women like I was. You expect me to stand in front of her and say “divorce” three-time — an Islamic requirement for permanent separation.

Also, the absurd claim that “Islamic Law” doesn’t mention divorce by text messaging and telephone. How about computers, or television. I havn’t read Quran, but I can safely bet that technology ain’t mention there either…

I can easily find innumerable examples to debunk this traditionalist mullahs.

Why demand Muslim men to stay in a loveless relationship?

What do you think will happen if you are forcing an unwanted person to take care of someone he hates.

Does it surprise anyone there is so much violence and “terrorism” in Muslim countries?

Tajik Muslims are very peaceful people therefore being polite society and not wanting to face society pressure. They simply go to Russia and work as a slave — imagine you hate someone so much that you are willing to live as a 2nd Class citizen. Just so you don’t have to see the face of your “soul mate”.

These men are not doing anything bad, they are not joining ISIS, nor they are beating their wives. They just want divorce because they are sick and tired of taking care of an adult who wants to be treated like a princess!

Can you imagine if an Islamic leader start shamming women for wanting divorce?

Yet men are forced to live with in an unhappy relationship.

Imagine working 60 hours a week, and your wife text you demanding new iPhone, or 60inch HD like the neighbour has.

When are you going to take me to that “special” vacation?

I bet you are giving all your money to your mom!

Don’t have money for new iPhone, and you call yourself a man!

I should’ve married a begger, at least he is willing to beg for his family!

And than there is non-stop insult of your father & mother who are old and have to hear your wife scream and shout everyday.

Watch this video and you will notice men are being shamed for “abandoning” their wives. Mullahs and Politicians are shamming Men for running away from toxic relationship.

If a men wants to terminate his relationship. Who the hell are these traditionalists to force him to be in a loveless, and a violent marriage.

Liberals & Traditionalist reminds us of Women beating Islamic Culture. Yet here is a perfect example of  how feminist use a big lie technique.

Trump is right you know: our media is fake!

Doens’t media bash Arab men about forcing women to be in a loveless marriage?

Saudi recently allowed women to drive a car — yet they are shamed even more for “taking so long”. What’s that saying? You can’t never please a woman?

Truth of the matter is Saudi women are too lazy to drive in heat.

Obesity and fat distribution in women from Saudi Arabia

They prefer their husband to drive them back and forth after 12 hours shift so she can use “safe” washroom, place to buy “women monthly products” etc, and then the shopping mall.

Yes, that’s what you want to do watch your big fat wife doling out your money after long day shift. Isn’t funny that first thing ISIS did was stop women from shopping in the mall?? Makes you wonder doesn’t it?

So why is fake media shamming men for who don’t want to share their hard earn money with lazy wives? Society is changing, men from all over the world don’t want to be in a chained relationship.

If these Muslim women are unhappy because their men have abandon them. I suggest they stop depending on their men and emulate the lifestyle of western women. Go out and work, and earn your own damn money.

Stop looking at men as a walking ATM, and a utility.

As for my Tajik brother.

Welcome to MGTOW, life it’s only going get sweeter from now on.

Cuckhold: Bill Maher

Bill cuckold Maher interviewed Paul Hawken about his upcoming book about climate change. During the interview author stated that “40%” women are the farmers.

Bill Maher responded by saying: “Women won’t be fucking the sheep”.

Bill Maher is a traditionalist. He is a liberal + traditionalist. This means he uses every opportunity to bash Men.

Is he right women don’t have sex with four legged animals?

10 Reasons Why Girls Should Have Sex With Dogs by Whitney Wisconsin

Which gender most likely to have sex with animal? Men, or Women?

Honest answer is most likely won’t be accpectable in Western World. However, the fact that men are always blame for beastiality is one more proof that our main stream media needs to be boycott.

Let’s not feed the monster. Unsubscribe to cable TV, and save the money for your retrirement.

MGTOW Film Review: Poison Ivy 4

Unlike many movies coming out of Hollywood this film admits to a dark side of women’s nature. What interests us here is the relationship of a “farm boy” Will. A naive man with room temperature I.Q who does not realize that his girlfriend Danielle “Daisy” Brooks is only holding on to him until someone better comes along.

This movie tries to normalize hypergamy. Daisy keep her cuckhold boyfriend in the dark while she sleeps around with rich power students in the university. Yet, every time her country boy calls her she gives him a “hopeful” answer that she will be coming back once her study are completed.

As the movie progress we learn that Daisy attention was far beyond her education. She also joins University sorority girls. She learns quickly Graves family has a lot of power in the school. Mr. Grave is a the professor, and his wife Elizabeth is the Dean. Also, their son Blake is attending the same school.

Realizing the politics of her school and the fact Blake was interested in her. She does everything in her power to keep him interested while pretending to be innocent. Nonetheless, she makes sure that Blake knows that she is serious about him. This allows her to build a close relationship with Blake’s father who was also her professor. Even Blake mother scolds her son for trying to ruin a “poor farm girl”.

All the while her boyfriend was still holding out hopes that she will come back and they will build a family of their own. Like most misandrist women she makes sure that her country bumpkin boyfriend doesn’t find out that she is cheating on him.

Daisy was able to climbed her way to the top. However, her clash with sorority girls who were from upper class did not end well. However, her conflict with rich girls brought misfortune to many rich families. Even Blake father died, and other rich families lost respect and got embroiled into scandals. As a result of her arrogance she was outcast by everyone in the school.

No rich man would date her now. Marrying a rich man is no longer possible for her. In fact no in the city would date her. She decided to go back to a farm life where her cuckhold of a boyfriend was still waiting for her on the farm.

When you watch the movie, you will notice that Hollywood try to “normalize” female hypergamy. One of the most revealing movie scene was when Daisy go out with rich powerful girl and gets free clothes, makeup, shoes and more. Her roommate warns her, so does her new boyfriend Blake. Yet she ignores their warning. She was attracted to wealth and money and she work hard to get out farm town. Therefore she was not going to let anyone tell her any thing.

She did not feel guilty for cheating on her boyfriend, she felt it was justified. In fact her farm boyfriend was represented as a creep. Someone who wanted to chain this poor smart farm girl to a radiator, and made lots of babies so she can’t go out and get life”experience”.

Despite smoke and mirror trick, message comes out quite clearly. Relationship are not made of love, but of money.

For us it is a one more indication why we should avoid getting married, and stay single.


Fake Media Vs Men

Fake media has this to say about decline of divorces.


Reason why decline of divorce has to do with the fact the “marriages” have been declining to all time low.

Here is a graph from census department.


Top graphic you can easily see the reason why “divorce” are going down as well. When you have few people getting married it would naturally means fewer people well be getting divorce.

However, more and women are scared that men are shying away from marriages.

Study: Marriage continues its decline

Star Parker: Marriage collapse, white and black (Daily Mail)

Black Americans Shying Away From Marriage At An Alarming Rate.

Las Vegas wedding industry wants to boost marriage rate

Headline above shows marriage rate are going down.

It’s like saying “human” are becoming immortal because there fewer death. Don’t bother checking the birth rate of the society.

I hate to remind this, modern media is a totally fake.

I would not even bother to correct them that women are not divorcing men because men are becoming obedient dogs. Men bashing has been covered so many times that it’s not even worth pointing out this is precisely why men are avoiding marriages.

Court favers women during divorce. Men lose custdy of kids, unfair alimony, other financial rape of a ex-husband.

Traditionalist are our sworn enemies, this includes media (both main stream and alternative (aka control opposition).

Let’s keep educating our brothers, and boys so they can avoid marriages.



Trump & Tweets

I think media makes enough fun of Trump for me add any additional furry to the fire. But alas I am drawn to fire like moth to a flame.

Our commander in Chief probably has nothing to do in White House so he spend much of time playing on his tablet and likely came across NBA and decided to tweet following debacle.


You can not “withdraw” an invitation when person refuses to come to your house in the first place.

Remember this is the guy pick by conservatives & traditionalist voted him into the office. If that was not bad enough Men’s Right & NeoMGTOW wanted this scumbag into the office too.

Mens Right are our enemies, and so are traditionalist as well as all the politicians.