COVID-19 & Corrupt Democratic Party

Andrew Cumo - Covid-19

It’s hard to take Democrats seriously. Everything comes out of their month is full of lies. Few months ago Andrew Cuomo was cutting medicare, and other health related services. Yet, no one will point this out. You’ll be hard press to find news regarding.

Don’t expect mainstream propaganda machine like New York Times, other control media to tell you the truth. Nonetheless, information is out there.


Why Democracy Doesn’t Work!

Democracy was created thousands of years ago by in Greece by rich and powerful. The basic foundation of democracy was land owner will get together and decided rule, and regulation, and faith of rest of the people under their dominion. Ancient Roman adopted  political system, later flushed it out under Ceasor. Post world war tow Italian republic also adopted this system, which doesn’t seems to work during on going COVID-19 crisis they had to resort to what Chinese was condemn of doing it – a total lock down.

Media, and big corporation rejected total lock down. Media pundits start talking about wisdom of democracy, and freedom of speech, and liberal values etc. As covid-19 pandemic start spreading in Europe like wildfire. Media changed its tone start demanding Chinese style locked up. So the savoir of Western civilization wasn’t “democracy” but and authoritiran law & order.

Democracy can work as long as you are “enforcing'” it among keyboard warriors. However, it  is a failed system, that’s why it was abandoned by Greeks, Roman, and anyone else was infected by it.


No Matter Who, Never Vote For Blue

I can talk & type until my hands are numbs, and my face is blue. But Once in a blue moon deepstate will have a loon who will reveal the true face their criminal organization — in this case Democratic Party.

Kyle Kulinski; found a clip of Lawrence  O’Donnell revealing how Democratic party feels it’s voters. He has based his career on being a step’n’fetchit for the racist and criminal democratic  control the American political system. He’s a boring, lackluster, unimaginative politician, who’s never had an original idea

Now Democratic party establishment is preventing public to get Universal Cash Payment.  They are scared because in 2020 election, and the one next after this one Republican will win for proving help to public. Under Obama during financial crisis; he betrayed his voter, and even destroyed the middle-class African community.




More on Joe Biden

Joe Biden winning South Carolina DNC nomination is a proof how corrupt the Democratic party. He is known is “Creepy Biden” because he loves touching little girls, and licking his wife fingers in public! This is the man Democratic party is picked to beat Trump in 2020? Pick a guy who is twice as creepy as Donald! Yup the mainstream media and Democratic party is backing and creepy person who love touching girls. Talks about enjoy when kids are “jumping” on his legs. His “blond” leg hair dancing in pool when kids are rubbing againt him! Name of the lunatic is Joe Biden. In 80s he was caught cheating on his university exam. Later he went on cheating and stealing speeching, and outright plagiarizing other speeches. It worked for in the school, and he was never reprimanded for doing it on his political career.

This is the person Obama pick as his VP, now DNC is boosting him to be the president of the United State.

Don’t be fool again. If really wanna waste your time and risk getting Corona Virus, then vote for 3rd party.


DNC & Bernie Unmasked

On going Corona Virus has shown us the true face of Bernie Sanders and his hypocritical and racist movement. With all of bluster and buzz taking point. He has always betrayed the working class. Just look at his checkered past. He has never criticized mainstream Democratic party, nor pointed their corruption.

When Bill Clinton signed Omibus Crime Bill he went along with. That bill has arrested largely non white people. paving the way for nonwhite to move back into the big city. Last time Democratic reengineering was used in the history of the world was by Nazi against Jews. How ironic the Democratic who claim to be for championed for poor and nonwhite are always putting nonwhite in jail, stealing their job, and even removing them from the city. It is a genocide all but in name.

The idea that poor and nonwhite can vote themselves out of their financial misery is a joke. Notice how Bernie stop talking about Medicare for all. He does not used buzz words single payer system and nor he points out fallacy of current medical system that is spreading corona virus because poor can not afford to pay for virus test.

Why is Bernie not taking about an going corona virus and how single payer system will help us avoid pandemic! The answer is obvious he is a stooge, He has always betrayed the working class. Just ask your self why is he not willing to create a 3rd party!

We should not vote Democratic Party. Never, ever support anyone who work for them either. Let’s help work together and form a new party no more two party shell game.

Creepy Joe Biden


Imagine if Trump said following creepy things. However, it is A Okay when done by democratic leaders like creepy Joe Biden. His moral compass is well known since he was student. He was caught plagiarizing in school, and even stealing & plagiarizing political speeches from other leaders!

  • Joe Love when Kids rub against his legs
  • His Hair Legs Hair will stand up when kids rub on his legs!
  • He Loves it when Kids bounce off his legs!
  • He loves hugging and touching young girls — even under 18.

Don’t take my words for it; listen to him for yourself:


Upcoming Twitter Censorship

Kyle made an amazing video regarding upcoming twitter censorship. Basically, twitter which is known to have blocked any account where non-white complain about racism. Let’s say you create an account called “French Racism”, and you are posting regarding Le Pen French Nazi Party from France, or La Meute a Canadian racist group from French Canada. You will be banned. Yet mainstream racist from MSNBC can compare Bernie Sander to a Nazi because they don’t like politcs. Bernie family was wiped out in Holocaust by Nazi. Mainstream racist are okay. Modern day double speak they are called “political pundits”.

Don’t take my word it, even night show hosts are pointing out.

When we think of censorship on the internet. We may assume big bad China, or religious nut from Saudi, or crazy socialist like Venezuela. But, in reality vast majority of censorship happens right here in Western world. Ironically, Mrs. Martin in her recent publicity stunt sued State of Georgia for asking her to sign some documents which meant to stop her questioning Israel, or boycott Israeli products.

This pathetic publicity stunt was  designed to attract the public’s attention to her recent film. Abby Martin is a control opposition. She is trying to make money by selling a video of Arabs being slaughtered in Palestine, all the while she is defending Assad, and his murderous Alawites tribe. Alawites were Persian immigrants who control Syria like Whites were ruling South Africa.

Right now Alawites, and Iranian are exterminating majority of Syrian Sunni population.  Here is where both mainstream media, and progressive media refuse to point out any fact. Nor will they talk about Assad’s father who murdered over 50,000 Syrians in 1980. This is not a civil war among Sunni Syrian. This is genocide, and it is being censored by mainstream media, and “alternative media”. As this point is pretty obvious that “alternative media” is a control opposition.

The main difference between 3rd world censorship, and western censorship is; “over there” public don’t trust their government. Here in West we sadly have our blinders on, and we erroneously believe in “democracy” will of the people. If Orwell was alive, he would call these buzz words double-speak profanity. Whenever pundit cry “save democracy”. No one ask why save a dying system. If it was a perfect system how come Roman, and its citizen were wiped out by their political system. Political pundits from MSNBC, CNN and CBS are screaming and shouting that  “democracy is dying” as if it is a dead horse heading for glue factory. I say let’s give this system a funeral, and let’s try something new. If can  land on moon. I am sure we can built a better political system where rich, and poor can live in harmony.

On going online censorship is nothing new. This has been happening since the beginning of mainstream media, and current ongoing online is censorship only reveals that social media is the new control opposition i.e (youtube, twitter, and facebook). I suggest that instead of “protesting” to the owner of these sites. We should look for alternative, and create our own. This time let’s not put all the eggs in one basket. Let’s be vigilant, and let’s diversify our experience on the internet by becoming less depended on mainstream media, and “social media”.  Let’s vote with our keyboard. Unlike ongoing DNC fake election. This time we control the narrative.


Bernie and DNC Corruption

More things change, more they remain the same. Current ongoing scandal is a reminiscent of how DNC stole election from Bernie and handed over to corrupt Hillary Clinton. Thieves don’t stop stealing until you put them in jail.

Democrats party was shouting from the top of their lungs that Russia stole the election by computer hacking. Yet they went ahead with a brand new untested computer system. Why didn’t they do paper ballot? Could it be that Hilary leaked emails showed that she and Prez stole the election now DNC did the samething.

Why not reelection. Let the voter revote. If you wanna be really fair make it a holiday. For a nation that put big enfifses on democracy. Its doesn’t have a election day a statury day. Either a Friday or Monday this way people can vote and enjoy the rest of the day.

So it begs the question was this hulabaloo planed. Or the deep state state lost brief control and went for such drastic measures. If we judge them by their previous behavior it looks like outright corruption. As the saying goes if the democracy worked it would’ve been illegal.

Defensive Racism: Bill Maher

Bill Maher a closet conservatives wearning liberal clothing. I mean, it’s pretty hard to take him seriously. His hypocrisy makes such a wonderful target. Everything he says on this TV shows is glaringly hypocritical. He may grudgingly condemn White cops were “mean” to African American. However, support banning African American who were falsely put in jail by racist cops — once a black person goes to jail, he can’t never vote for life!

Bill Maher is a crooked, but not stupid. It’s not for nothing his selective compassion is a typical characteristic of whtie liberals. He goes outta his ways to support genocide of palestanian by Israelis. In fact Now, he is busying begging white Americans to vote for white supremacist — Not Trump – The Democractic Party!

Oh You didn’t know that democratic party is more racist then Republican Party? Mitch McConnell maybe sitting in his southern basement watching birth of nation The Birth of a Nation while sniffing boys underwear. But it is the liberal who destroying our civilization, and the planet itself.

But don’t take my words for it. See what others are saying about these nasty liberals.

Democratic & Republican are two headed monters. Let’s educated our fellow men, and then we can finally hope for better future.