Howard Stern Traditionalist in Disguise


Howard’s limo driver Ronnie decided to propose to his girlfriend, and he decided to do it over the radio TV show.

Ronnie is in his 60s, and Stephanie is 35 years old woman.

Even as a Limo driver Ronnie has been able to save money to retire in few years. Therefore he does not want to spend money on a one big celebration and work for next ten years.

How does his respond to reasonable feeling?

She is pushing him to be married in Manhattan area — the top most expensive area in New York City — and quite possible in all 50 states.

Don’t take my word for it. Read what they have to say for themselves

“The issue that we uncovered was, it’s not that Ronnie doesn’t want to get married in front of people, it’s the financial aspect of it. Ronnie does not want to spend the money on a large-scale celebration,” Jon explained.

Stephanie confirmed that while she is pushing for a venue in Manhattan or Brooklyn with a guest list of 200 people, Ronnie’s idea is to just go down to city hall.”

But it gets better. His 35 years woman trophy wife is a selfish person who does not care about his feeling. Whenever she gets the urge to cook something she will make so much mess as if bomb went off in the kitchen.

“The disagreement over wedding planning wasn’t the only one Leiberman uncovered, either. He observed a resentment from Ronnie over the fact that Stephanie doesn’t cook and clean more. “Ronnie is steadfast in his belief that Stephanie should work less and be home more,” Jon told Howard.”

In all fairness the only reason Ronnie wanted a women half of his is for sex, and show her around his friends and family members. Also the fact she wants to take his retirement money and use it for wedding should’ve been the red flag. We ought to remember here we are talking about an uneducated man with an IQ  below the room temperature, and like most traditionalist he worships the ground women walk.

“Ronnie disagreed with that assessment to some degree, claiming that while he wanted Stephanie to cook and clean, he wasn’t trying to make her into a housewife. “Her hours are fucked up, that’s all,” he said.”

Here is a thing. She already has two strike again her. She does not care that all the money you save for you retirement, she wants to use it for a one big giant wedding. She will turn clean area into a mess, and expect others to clean after her.

But, let’s be honest here. He picked for sex, and he shouldn’t expect more out of it.

Stephanie, for her part, wouldn’t have it, calling herself “a career woman.”

I did google Stephanie, I can tell you she is not listed in an major filed.

What should be more concerning for him that she wants to waste all of his hard earn money, make his life living hell. He will be relegated to mere janitor. Even before marriage she stopped cooking and clean. Sex will also reduce after marriage.

The only reason he is even kidding basic level of sex because she wan’t to have kids.


I suggest to him retire peacefully, and don’t waste money on this whore.


Ronnie The Limo Driver
Ronnie And Stephanie: A Love Story?

Comey Hearing

Although we got confirmation from Comey’s hearing that “Russian” hacked into DNC computer server and as a result Hillary lost the election.

What was in those e-mails that voters were so disgusting that would pick Trump over Hilary?

DNC rigged the election and wanted Hillary over Bernie and as a result vast majority of the voters decided not to elect Democrats.

Like it or not this will not change how most will never vote ever again, and few of us who do, will never pick Democratic, or Republican.

Unfair Treatment Of Trump

It’s funny media (properly called fake news) is bashing Trump for keeping up to a promise and getting out of Paris Accord (so called global warming).

In this article I will defend Trump because media is wrong and lying to us about global warming environmental agenda.

First off look at your smartphone, can you change it’s parts, replace any parts? How about any other modern device. If environmentalist care about mother-earth than they will protest and force corporation to create user friendly technology so we can repair them and thereby reduce carbon tax.

How about printer with refillable ink?

Let’s not forget recent Ontario lake flood.

Google search media censorship, and if you are lucky you will find following article. Notice how main stream media are stopping and preventing people to review the news, and share their opinion.

About 62,500,000 results (0.57 seconds)
Apr 18, 2016 – Many newspapers and online media companies have begun disabling comment sections because of widespread abuse and obscenity.

‘Missing Richard Simmons,’ the Morally Suspect Podcast – The New …

Mar 14, 2017 – Richard Simmons, teaching a class at Slimmons, his gym in Beverly Hills, Calif., in 2009. Credit Stephanie Diani for The New York Times.

The New York Times: How does the NYT determine which articles …

The vast majority of NYT comments are handled by a human moderator. This means that we … On the The New York Times website, some articles have comment sections, and others don’t. It seems like in general higher profile articles have …

Oct 8, 2015 – You’ll find them everywhere, from The New York Times to Fox News to … While it’s too soon to say that comment sections are outright dying— …

Nov 21, 2014 – Internet comment sections are being deleted on sites like CNN, Re/code, Gawker and Reuters.

google search keywords

nyc comment section disappear


What happened after 7 news sites got rid of reader comments



Life vs Wife

I am planning to rearrange my house main circuit board. So I cam across this YouTube video.

Listen to the guy around 2 minute into the video he tell us that he will not cut off the main switch and work on a life wire so his wife would not be upset with him!

This is why MGTOW is born. If you are married to a woman who doesn’t care if you live or die – than why are you with her?

Such a sad way to live

Charges Against Julian Assange Dropped

Mike Pence Won’t Dine Alone With Women OtherThan Wife | The View

Traditionalist & Conservatives are pretty much fall into creep catogaroy when it comes to sex. To them sex is a very nasty subject and only “uncivilized” people talk about it in public.

However, in the privacy of their favorite rooms — be that church a la Mike Pence, or an office like Bill O’Reilly. they do the most weirdest thing.

Mike Pence does not like to drink without the permission of his wife, or does he like to be alone with any woman. However, here is the fun part, he calls his wife “mother, mommy” even in front of others!


How Do We All Feel About Mike Pence Allegedly Calling His Wife “Mother”?



Plagiarism in Hollywood

You know this world we live in is a very strange place — most of the time.

I was watching Stephen Colbert where Ben Pillat a very forgettable singer talked about his equally forgettable music album “Dear Even and one of the song he played was “For Forever”. In the interview and he talked about how he got the idea of the song.

In reality he has stolen someone’s else song!

The Entire Song is an actual copy of a Brazilian Singer’s song “Luan Santa – Te Vivo”.

In Luan songs’ he sing about his girl-friend who ended up with cancer and a a result she lost the baby — Ben’s Song is pretty much the same — expect the friend died in the end.

Now, Hollywood has been plagiarizing its own work — aptly called “remake”. Notice all the movies came after 90s. Virtually ever single one of them is a remake of a previous movies — and in some the entire dialog. Even some of the TV shows are being brought back for example Rosanne is in the process of being remake as well with the same actor.

It should not be surprising to anyone that American Singers will follow the lead and do the same thing as well, google search popular song in other countries and just translate them into English and sing it with same background music!

Will We Ever Learn?

jared.pngYou know that good ol’ saying? Apple doesn’t fall far from the tree!

There is no way I can talk about MGTOW without talking about current mess of politics. They so connected to our community that it is not even funny.

Jared Kushner father Charles Kushner went to jailed for financial fraud, and recording sex tape of his brother-in-law and sending to his sister.

Jared’s father went to jailed for playing hide-and-seek with Feds, and sending sex tape to his own sister. I bet when Trump found out — he was like — that’s cool I also got thing for my own little girl, welcome to the family. It’s even bizarre that even Trump’s lawyer has unhealthy  infatuation towards his daughter, . It’s very strange.

Anyway, going back to the original story. Jared Kushner now turn out to be the man doing illegal things like talking to Russian, and asking them to provide illegal communication devices to bypass American Security. He wanted Russian permission to use their embassy in USA to communicate with Russia.

Liberal media for some bizarre reason went out of their way to protect Jared Kushner  – even suggesting that he is a poor innocent 30 something year young men and under pressure he didn’t realize what he was doing.

He is the most power man in US history and in 200 years of American history no presidential family member had as much access and wielded as much power as him.

Now let’s go back to what we have learn so far.

  • Jared Kushner lied in security clearance about his association with foreign government
  • He asked Russian Official to provide him communication to by pass US Security.
  • His father went to jailed for similar type of behavior.
  • Under Nepotism Law Trump shouldn’t even had his family working in White House

Funny thing is that most of us knew about Trump yet over 43% population voted for him.

You’ll probably be going oh okay, so what the connection between Trump & MGTOW.

I also came across story of a well trained American Solider who serve in military tower in Afghanistan, there he met a “single mother”, married her, and than brought her, and her family to states. Where naturally she tried to alienate him from his family, and just like her first husband/lover American husband ended up divorcing her as well.

First rule of the game is; never buy anything broken.

If politician are lying so much that you can catch them, than you should never vote for them.

Same way, if a most beautiful women is a single mother, you should not date her just as you wouldn’t buy a broken car.

We all carry baggage in our lives, we don’t someone else headache.





You Can’t Maintain A Relationship 

It’s getting harder and harder to talk about MGTOW, with surrounding chaos around Trump administration. 

I am no Obama supporter nonetheless he pretty much maintain normalcy we expect from governmental official.

Which bring me to my point. Relationship with the opposite sex and political party.

Imagine a relationship with a woman who throw clothes all over house. Left shoes in bedroom and right one in the living, in the mean time soak are traveling around dining table. 

You should have to explain to anyone how to maintain a house. Next words coming out of your mouth is its over and get out of my life you filthy slob.

This is why I find it amazing that ‘couples’ wasting enormous amount of money on a broken relationship. Same rules applies to our political demagogue. 

I an refering to both parties aptly known as controlled dacatomy. I mean we have seen how bad Trump administration is yet conservatives are holding on to it like drowning man a straw. 

Ann Coulter recently blamed liberals for her supporting Trump. Even though she thinks he is crook and a fascist! But that’s like blaming tick for dogs behavior. 

Neither party represents core values of its constituents yet they are busy rearranging chair while ship is sinking. 

If that’s not bad enough Sean Hannity in his Fox segment purpose a theory that Seth Rich was possibly killed because he leaked DNC email which show that Democrats party was in collusion with Hillary Clinton against Bernie Sanders. 

I am one of those who do believe it, however that doesn’t mean I am into UFO conspiracy theory as liberal pundent will have you believe. 

So it is is pretty amusing to see Sean Hannity going on a vacation like Bill O’Reilly. Whileat the something liberal media tilting toward ALT-Right conservative to steal viewership from Fox.

To sum it it up lesser of two evil is still evil whether its your partner or political party. Throw them in the garbage that dumpster are for.

Why Liberals Are Evil

Recent flood around Ontario lake’s coastal cities has everyone talking about everything but why and who caused this issued. IJC is to blame for this. They raised the water level in lake Ontario in January 2017. This was done by Obama administration under the pretext of saving environment.

IJC claimed that they added extra 2inch of water — which is a lies. But, they don’t account the fact that snow fall during winter season, and rain during spring times added well over 2 feet of water into the lakes. Which mean they added more than two feet of water into the lakes.

No Protection for Residence!

Look at the “Plan 2014”, and they will not provided any financial protection to the residence around lake and river hurt by their “environmental scams”.

Here is thing: global warming around the world is increasing water level in the ocean why the heck you would extra water around river that can hurt people. Most of these rivers are full of chemical and dangerous toxic poisons so flowing this water around wetland will only kill all the animals and bird. IJC does not mention any of this.

Here is another what many people don’t know dam used to control this huge amount of water and the river flow is called Moses-Saunders Power Dam which was build in 1954. It is a 50 years old dam, and that is an average lifespan of a dam. Most dams like Elwha Dam are remove they reached their lifespan.

So we don’t know if such a dam will be able to handle such large amount of volume. It is specially worrying because technology used to build this dam was never meant to be used for environmental purposes.

Plan was approved by Realtors and Lodgers

This plan was only approve by big companies who makes lot of money so once poor residence are push away from the area big businessmen will sweep in and take over the area and start the scam all over again.

Recreating Wetland Will Kill Animals & Birds

As one commentator pointed out

“Water levels is a relatively small issue regarding damage to the St. Lawrence River as it can be fixed by the flip of a switch. Most of the damage to the River is caused by the concentration of toxic chemicals and sewage overflows as recently documented by Environmental Advocates of New York. These are issues that Save the River (STR)consistently fail to address in any substantive manner as evidenced by their failure to even list them as issues on their website. STR can express outrage at Montreal’s dumping while ignoring dumping into lakes Erie and Ontario- both of which flow into the River. Apparently these most critical issues are neither politically safe nor convenient for STR to address in any meaningful manner. As a scientist and a person who has spent his whole life trying to protect the River, I find the neglect by STR to be unacceptable .There needs to be environmental justice for the St. Lawrence River and it appears that this will not happen given present management of Save the River.”

Here is the thing the plan does not care about the damages it is causing to the people who are living around the lakes and rivers, and to make matter worst IJC has slow down the outflow of the Saint Lawrence River preventing the extra water to be released into ocean.

So what does this has to do with Liberals?

We always see liberals talking about saving environment, and all sort of animals you probably never hard of. Yet all of this is nothing more but a deceptive fog to manipulate the emotion of the people and steal their wealth and power. Same technique is used by republicans to befuddled the mind of christian fundamentalist and blame left whenever their scams are exposed..

Once all the people are scared out of their mind they will sell their property and move to a poorer area, and coastal area will once gain be redeveloped and sell to new sucker who will go through the same drama all over again.

This is what makes liberal worst. Once can easily see republican/conservatives for what they believe — pro-white, pro christian, and traditionalist values (whatever that means),  however it’s the left who abused less advantageous people from minorities and trick them into voting against their best interest.

Despite my hatred toward liberals, I am not voting for republicans , nor will I vote or democrats. Both parties are poisonous dichotomy and controlled opposition. Voting for lesser of two evil is still evil. Therefore I will not play the game, nor should you.

Obama & Trump are nothing but puppet of their special interest group. Let’s them

Stalled regulation plan prompts ‘endangered’ designation for St. Lawrence River
Residents fear new Lake Ontario regulations causing flooding

Why You Should Never Date A Single Mother


The only thing I can think of is Oh my G-D.

Daniel is a young man who is going to be 30 years old soon, and still lives with his parents, and he is trying to date a single mother.

Here is the caveat; He is British who is living in Japan. He is a walking talking caviar in Asia. He can date any girl he wants. The fact he decided to date a woman from online who is a single mother speak volumes of his own insecurity. This not meant to be an insult, it based on the account of his own and how he describe he post on YouTube.

I was going to review only one of his video, but I decided to add his next video to the review as well because after three date he is meeting her kid — doesn’t that all sound bit too rush. By the they met online — shouldn’t she take sometime — as well as he. Both of them don’t know anything about each other.

Not to bash a single mother, but most men don’t abandon their kids after marriage. He is rushing too fast, and she should also take some time before she introduce anther man to her daughter. Kids are very emotional and this can hurt their future development.

His YouTube I.D. is “Hiding in my room”. Later in his profile I learn that his name is Daniel. I am not trying to insult him, but c’mon.  By his own account he is one of those millennials who just start learning how to walk out side their parents home.

No secure job, future saving, and here he is getting into a mess that can alter his entire future. What if she decided to have her first kid because her husband was planning to leave her, and this trick did not work. What if she decided to get pregnant again. There are too many issues.

Healthy Relationship needs investment of Time.

This single mother works 8 hours a day, needs 2 to 3 hours times to travel from her work to daycare, and than home.

Where is the romance?

Before he worked out all of these things. He decided widen his mess by meeting the daughter of his girl friend.

His next video “I met my girlfriends daughter” is even more interesting. Again he complains that everyone is leaving negative comments on his video.

Well, denial if you put your life on YouTube you want other to comment on it. This is how you feed your ego.


A youtuber name Jeff left a very good comment, and with this permission I am going to quote him in his entirety.

“Do you really need to be told why you shouldn’t date a single mother? Because you are talking a responsibility of another person. Also you are not mature enough. Your last video “Why I “cheated” on my Girlfriend – I’M ONLY HUMAN”.

Most of us who comments on your video do it because we have seen how you talk behave and react to little things. You don’t want to hurt another person while you are not emotionally mature enough.

Again the fact you have admitted on your last video that you have cheated on your girlfriend is pretty much a red flag. Kids are very sensitive to little thing and it can affect their entire future because you can ruin her mother.

Even this video you just admitted you are not mature, to make matter worst mother of the child is also emotionally unbalanced. Mothers are normally happy when their children are friendly and engaging.

Does it even occur to you that this might be the reason why her ex left her?

Last but not least you have no serious career, no future saving, nor you know what you’re going to be doing near future.

You are going to be 30 years old soon, and you still live with your parents.

We are not trying to hurt you, we are here to give you a decent and helpful advice. Take it with grain of salt — walk away before it too late.

This woman is a damage good, and you are grown up child who doesn’t even have money to buy a house on mortgage, let alone rent his own place.

You wanna take a responsibility of someone’s else kids when your parents are supporting you & feeding you. You are very naive if you think this will work out.

Finally, when you say things like I don’t care what commentators are saying. Then you all you have to do is disable comments section.

Otherwise don’t whine and complain when we review your lifestyle you are the one who is posting for public to see & hear, and review.

You put yourself on a fire pan, don’t crying when you feel the heat.”

We need to teach our fellow men why they should not date single mother. However, we also need to face the fact that most of them are not mature enough and they are only hooking up for sex, and single mother are lonely, desperate, and very insecure.

It seems to me “common sense” is not so common after all.  Perhaps Daniel needs learn from his own mistake, we can only hope the it’s not too late for him.

I stand by my advice that it is a very bad idea for him to date single mother. However, I wish him luck with his new relationship.


Meeting my online Japanese girlfriend for the first time in Japan!

5 Reasons You Should Never Date A Single Mother