Response to Barbarossa Video

Brother Barbarossa updated us why his MGTOW Book still unfinish. Also, he wants to refund us the money for the book project.

First off bro, I don’t need the money. I sent it to you, because I really want to read your book — no pressure — but keep writing please! I kid you not, but when your book is ready I’ll buy it — money that I sent you before is to support your writing. Once you announce I’ll buy it, hopefully you’ll autograph it for us.

2nd, you SHOULD be online. I understand personal life gets in the way. Trust me, I do. You gotta realized many of us “recovering manginas” are here because of you. I know you don’t want to be a “leader” of our movement, nonetheless your contribution is dissipating our ignorance to gynocentrism.

Watching your videos reminded me of my time at Washington Heights. That’s where I got down on my knees, and asked my ex to marry me. The allure of chivalry kneeing down and asking a woman to marry is a patriarchal social system promoted by conservative, and by mens right. In fact it is safe to say at this point Men Right are nothing but second wife clubs promoting patriarchal ideology that breed gynocentrism.

Thanks to you, and RBK I learned from my mistake. After divorce I focused on my life, and I did not chase NAWLT, or joined second wife club aka Mens Right. Thanks to you I understood how conservative with their “traditional value” breed patriarchy by putting woman on the pedestal.

Tradcon fight against feminism is nothing more but perverse desire to send us back into the plantation.

Anyway, whatever you decided; you have our support. Just don’t leave us like RBK, Men Women Myth, and FredX.

In short we don’t need refund, just be here.

Death of Mens Right & AVFM

On going trend in search engine shows the End of “Men Right”, and racist terrorist “AVFM” cult. These conservatives scumbag had been hijackings MGTOW, and INCEL movement. They are trying to send men back into plantation. Marriage mafia like “conservatives” nuclear family bigots hurl insult to anyone who is boycotting marriages, and live-in relationship!

Some of you may remember infamous trial series by RBK exposing AVFM spoke person for Mens Right

Like most Men’s Right conman; Janet Bloomfield turned out to be a snake oil seller; as well everyone who was & still is part of AVFM cult. Their “revenue” has dried up. Now they harass and abuse anyone who disagree with their cult.

They blame everything to “leftist”, “feminist”, “immigrant”, and love calling MGTOW “PIGTOW”. Because we reject to marriage, and we will not waste our energy and resources to fighting their strawman “feminism”.

Men’s Right Poster & Spokeperson!

By the way; How come Men’s Right “spokesperson” are women?

Other Men’s Right Leader — Aptly Called 2nd Wife Club!

Compare that to Feminists leader — all top 37 leaders are women!

37 Inspiring Women Who Shaped Feminism

Men’s right spoke’s women only talk about marriages. Janet Bloomfield was accused of having sex with like of Paul Elam, and other perverts, (she prefers to be the man in the bed – rest I’ll leave it up to your imagination).

Young men even “Trump Supporters” don’t want anything to do with these snake oil sellers. Just look at the past 90 days trends. No more searches for these scumbags!

Why “Men Right” Organizations Always Hide Behind Women’s Skirt?

That’s not all AVFM top “spoke person” “Janet Bloomfield” was sleeping around. Her husband caught her making out with a gym instructor, AVFM still invited her in their “annual” anti-feminist talk, and even paid for her ticket to fly to London, UK! All of this drama was going on when these horny AVFM perverts thought to themselves “she is anti-feminist; she will marry one of us, and cook, clean, and “service us”.

Don’t forget she prefers to be the man in the bad!

As you can imagine, Janet didn’t marry these losers. But, she kept tricking them! Do you see the white knights standing in this Men’s Right conference? They would bully you if you expose any of their “women”. These Tradcon are what Men’s Right & AVFM cult made of, losers, and 2nd wife club!

How bad did it go? Right after her “3rd” scandal broke, we learned that she was not even an American! Also she was using fake name! Men’s Right try to popo this scandal accusing everyone of being “leftist” and “Obama fake birth certificate!” denier!

Way to go AVFM – when Left was busying accusing republican working with Russia you decided to hire non-American to speak to men’s rights, and help Trump win the election!

If AVFM Cult, and Fake Men’s Right Nazi group really care about Men’s Right. They would not try to divide us in left vs right dichotomy.

Feminist don’t care if you are leftist voting girls, or bible thumping conservative loon. They are united to get rights for their gender.

It is amazing that feminist have learn to used politics rather than be used by politician. Yet these Trandcon are dividing us in “leftist are evil” non-white men are anti-white & anti west.

Who cares? Honestly. The whites companies Apple, Google, Ford, Microsoft, and countless more have taken “white’s men” well paying job and handed over to 3rd world companies in India, China, and even middle-east. Yet no grip about them!

I say this to my MGTOW brothers, and our Incel cousins, we must not allow these “politicians” to divide us in western/conservative dogma. It is a cancer to our community. Whenever you see “Tradcon” pro conservatives, pro religious mantra — bash them right there. Point our we are not left vs right organization. We support men so take your traditional conservative, and pro white, pro Trump crap and go away.

I will even add that RBK was wrong when he used his MGTOW platform to insult Muslims, and even used example of Israel/Jewish influence on conservatives policy on Middle East. Our community must stop using this platform to support western value, conservatives value, and libertarian value. We are boycotting marriages, and live-in relationship. That is our mission. If you are concern about anything else that join those groups don’t try to hijack our community.

Oh by the way AVFM scandal got more juicer.

As soon Janet realized “men right” was declining she switched sides, and went full alt-right, even embedding her men’s right conference to “Nazi family” blog! AVFM knew, and did not care, even paid for her London Men’s conference! At this point AVFM & Alt-Right are pretty much the same group!

She is the spoke person for AVFM!

Virtually every Men’s Right leader is a woman + most of these gals totally crazy!

By the way AVFM cult try to use identity politics to justify that they are not a second wife club for angry wives.

Do you see feminist hiring men to prove they are not anti-men? No start selling coffee mugs “Male Tear”, and “Old Vintage Dude”. Which as you must admit is the right repons. Feminist stood proud, and brush off these lunatic!

The same goes for Chinese American, they ain’t going to church, or conservative rally to prove that they are not “anti-American”. Nor you will see Jews, or Muslims wearing christan cross to prove that they are not Anti-Christian.

No, only mens right hides behind women skirt because they are a traditional conservative cult with white supremacy agenda. If not why bash men who are leftist? Why bash non-white men like Jews, Arab who circumcise by attacking their religious doctrine?

Let’s not forget why attack “BlackLivesMatters” when black men are asking for right and equality – if you don’t agree with them then join conservatives why use “men right” platform to promote your agenda which remove men from left, and non-white community?

As I said feminist don’t do this and that is why they are successful. Fault lies with racist conservative and their fetishes with house wife.

Here is from the archive of Judy Bitch Blog + Another blogger have more pictures from her deleted videos as well!

You see what I mean; These are the “gals” preaching men about “bad bad bad” feminist. Seriously, this is totally crazy.

Do you see feminists dividing themselves like this? No they will keep nuts like her out and hug fellow black sisters to get their agenda pass, and both parties Democrats Conservatives feel their power, and support them!

Also go look at any women conference, they do their own dirty work, and they never put men on the pedestal!

RBK trial series is worth watching for how bad AVFM & Mens Right Cult is for Men

But it gets better! She gave following interview to Vice during her divorce. She was calling her boyfriend “husband”, when in reality she was getting divorce!

Right after her interview in Vice — she decided to show her Canadian passport. And post more “Pro Nazi & Pro Trump Videos”.

If that not bad enough!

She decided use her real name on every single TV show – just google it for yourself — just so she can blackmail her husband to get a better deal during divorce! Just how is she any different from feminists”?

Anyway, this is why Men’s Right is pretty much dead. Thanks to economy these conman are not getting paid anymore, and men are moving to MGTOW & INCEL movements.

Just one last thing I will added. Some of you may wonder what kind of a men support, and even make women leader of their men’s right movement?

Following type of men! The couple below are leftist — but they share same common men’s right/avfm working ideology. The only difference one is leftist man got a girl, and Mens Right are “searching for NAWLT” like pic below.

Video Links:

why the mens right movement will not succeed part 8

Note: I was about to discard my old computer, and noticed I have same software as our brother RBK so I figure I can honor him by continuing his series like he did (obviously videos are not as good as his), but I’ll work on future production long way to go.

MenRights Edmonton admitted that “he does not care about the rights of men”. He just wants to “disrepute” feminism “like racism”. He is Canadian so what he is saying is that “We the white Anglo ain’t sorry for what we did to French Canadian, and Native American“. Those of you who are interested in Canada’s Racist Past should read “White Negro!”. NY Times 1970 book review.

“To be a nigger in America,” according to Vallières, “is to be not a man but someone’s slave.” In Canada the French Canadian’s minority status makes him the constant prey of the will of the majority; although he constitutes about 30 per cent of the population, he does not control even 10 per cent of the economy; when other sections of his country have an inflationary situation, his has a depression; although he constitutes 80 per cent of the population of the province of Quebec, he cannot legislate that his mother tongue, which is French, be the language in which he will earn his living.

As you can see why he does not care about “men rights”. Why would he – equality to Frenchman, (dare I add Native American, Jews, and Blacks) would means less unearned privileges for Anglo Canadians.

Even if he is talking about racism as we do in U.S. All he is doing is whining why he does not have a woman. His coded way of saying – “tolerance towards French is increasing interracial marriages between French & English! In any case his failed attempt to lump rest of Americans is the very reason why he deleted his YouTube Channel.

Many of his deleted videos he used to whined about Canadian English vs French politics which is as interesting as watching dog peeing on snow! English women marrying Frenchman is the only reason he hates feminism! Also he want to whitewash Canada’s racist past! Specially how Anglo treated French & Native Americans!

Canada was one of the last Western country to outlaw racism! Up until 90s Aboriginal children were raped, and molested by Anglo Canadian ran “conservatives educational system”. 1992 Nuu-chah-nulth Tribal council investigation revealed how Anglo were molesting native boys and girls. This was the sole reason why in 1995 Canada’s “Anglo” government was forced to hand over First Nation educational system to the natives!

No wonder why Canadian government legalized Marijuana. They need to keep lunatics like him duped up 24/7!

Outside Nazi Germany, and South Africa; Canada was the only country running open prison and victimizing Native American!

Toronto’s Now Magazine had interesting article about “Canada’s secret history of segregation”

“The permits were to be issued by the local Indian Agent in charge of implementing government policy on reserves. The passes themselves were required by Indian Affairs for all manner of reasons, including visits from parents to their children at residential schools, hunting and fishing, and even to get married. “

“For those who experienced it, the system rendered reserves virtual open-air prisons. Because of destroyed documents and because the passes were issued at the pleasure of the Indian Agent, it’s unclear how many people were subject to it.”

So once again what is he “dis-reputing”? Canadian government own documents showing genocidal abuse by Anglo Canadian towards French, and Native American? Mr Racist is not married, he has no relationship with a woman. He has never been accused of a rape by a French woman, nor anyone is collecting child support from this loser. The only thing he is dis-reputing is his disgusting videos, and posts which he is busy deleting from YouTube & social sites. If anything he is only proving that he is acting like his corrupt Canadian government! You can check his website, and parent AVFM as well, These Men’s right group do not even acknowledge raped crime against boys, nor they wish to help traumatize men victimized by government!

His statements alone tells you that Men Right/AVFM are an Orwellian term. They are promoting their hate doctrine under men rights umbrella. These white supremacist & traditional conservatives openly admit they don’t want equality for men — they just want to stop interracial marriages.

Now he has his own website and grips about “feminism”, and “political correctness!”. Just ask yourself why does he even care. Also isn’t it very strange he post a picture of white supremacist woman fighting a Jewish TV host Bill Maher. Just like his deleted videos where he wants to stop Frenchman marrying English woman!

In my last blog I posted the screenshot of AVFM website accusing MGTOW being a Jewish run operation! Now they are posting pictures of racist woman fighting Jews on the media; just what the men’s movement need under Trump administration!

It is interesting to note that even though he has deleted his videos, and closed his YouTube channel. Our Trusty RBK embed the deleted videos in vblog, and you can watch and hear RBK rebuking him!

why the mens right movement will not succeed part 7

I decided to pickup RBK (RazorBladeKandy2) left in 2015. His six parts series pretty much covered most of the issue. Paul Elam, and his AVFM, and other MRM have exposed themselves for who they are. They do not care about men rights, they want to see white supremacy, and conservative values. They are Tradcon (Traditional Conservatives). Now they are outright attacking MGTOW and calling it a Jewish movement. Men’s Right movement are loser looking for second/third wife. They want their new victims to cook clean, and provide sex without a protest.

During 2016 United States presidential election MRM, and AVFM attacked every single non-white person; went full on conservative. Now with upcoming 2020 Election the same conman are bullying men to vote for Trump, and attack anyone for wearing a mask! With ongoing #BlackLiveMatters they are openly attacking fellow men because their skin is darker, and harssing anyone who doesn’t agree with Conservative party. MGTOW movement was never about supporting conservatives. Tradcon are the reason most of us never join “Men’s Right” loon.

Attacks like above shows that Men Rights Nazi be they AVFM, MRM are a branch of Alt-Right, and this is why they are bullying anyone “who sounds liberal”. They are trying to destroy MGTOW because our peaceful protest against marriage, and unfair alimony and child support is exposing them and their Conservative Nazi ideology.

Why else Men Right scumbag will bash you if you ask “what have Trump done so far”. They know fully well most us will never vote Democrats, or even support liberal! It is painfully obvious that these closet conservatives want to stop us criticizing them. All they want to do is “harass feminists online”, “dox men who are exposing their dishonesty”, and “promote traditionalist philosophy and the lifestyle”.

It is a real shame that we don’t have BarBar and RBK to expose these scumbags. We must all pick the mantle and continue their work. Whether we like it or not the minute MGTOW movement came into existence it was a declaration of a civil war on Men Right. We must expose them for who they. Men Rights are bunch of sexually frustrated loser who can’t find a wife and blame women for their ineptitude.

Pandemic vs Divorce

Social distancing is ought to be applied to money when relationship soured. Not according to personal financial magazine. This is their advise to their female readers:

Don’t divorce when your spouse is out of work


“Courts primarily consider earned income or compensation from an employer or business to calculate child support and spousal support. It may be wise to wait to start proceedings if your spouse is one of the 17.3 million people receiving government aid because they were laid off or furloughed. “

Marriage is like a game of chess – one wrong move and you lose your wallet. Therefore, I won’t waste your time telling you whether, or not you should proceed with your divorce. However, you ought to start preparing for such eventuality the moment such a thought occur in your head. Cause you can be damn sure you partner mostly likely thinking the same way.

The fact of the matter is, court system is not there to support you. Therefore, if you were thinking about it prior to global pandemic than this will either solidify your decision, or you need to work on your communication. This would be a good to get financial house in order, and perhaps do DNA test — and if it turns out you are not the father — start preparing for separation without starting a fight! Every little conflict means more money for the other side!

The only time I will advice for divorce if you are living in places like California – where you will end up paying lifetime alimony passing 10 year mark — it’s better to get divorce than paying for rest of your life. Even so this decision is ought to yours and yours alone. Also be vigilant. Your partner might be waiting i the wing for you to get a good job so you can pay more child support, and alimony.

Fathers First: Rich vs Poor

Not everyone is as lucky as Hunter Biden. That is why in 2015 razorbladekandy created the hash tag #FathersFirst, and his mission is more important in 2020 than ever before.

If you didn’t see the news in mainstream media about Hunter Biden. You will find it amusing that Joe Biden’s 49-year-old son who looked as pregnant as his spouse waddling with his wife while hiding another kid with a former stripper.

Mainstream media has successfully censored this scandal and tried to deny paternity 16-month-old baby with ex-exotic dancer Lunden Alexis Roberts — until a DNA test nailed him.

Lunden Roberts vs Hunter Biden Case No: 32DR-19-187

The reason I am bringing Hunter’s Biden case is – it is the latest and the most popular — albeit totally suppress by mainstream media because his father is running for 2020 Election. Won’t look good that father like son is also creepy, and have sex with strippers, teenage girls, and dead brother’s wife!

Sounds like he is on his way becoming a Democratic leader in no time!

When reading about him it hard to ignore how creepy he is like daddy Joe Biden. This is why his father shouldn’t be elected at all. Joe Biden couldn’t teach moral to his own son, but want to undo creepy thing Trump did — far less horrible than father & son combine!

Mr. Pervert even dated his dead brother’s wife, while stripper will stuff dildo up his arse!. What a freak! Liberal sure know how to pick a leader.

You guys remember creepy Biden kissing teenage girls in front of his wife?
Well, it’s looks son is following his father’s foot steps.

In any case for us the important thing about this case are the cost to proof or disproof paternity litigation. His case filing and total cost is available from the Arkansas Court.

Link: 191119_Motion_for_Attys_Fees_and_Costs_02578_cwlX.pdf

For a rich person fighting a paternity case will cost $11,000.00. For poor Americans may reach as high as $50,000.00 not counting complete divorce, or post divorce “alimony”. Imagine going through this type of hell during on going COVID-19 global pandemic.

Key to American Court is: Judges always favor the Rich not the Poor. Our legal system is a blend of Roman Law with some of the older rules. This means when emperors of Rome created law which were for meant to protect civilian of Roman (rich powerful people living and stealing from the natives). Which means law did not protect poor, slaves, or serf because they were considered property — just like African American were until recently.

In modern Era men are the serf — hence they pay lifetime alimony, child support even when they are not the biological father. Modern no fault divorce marriages means wife can openly cheat, and she will get the money after divorce. Believe it or not many of our modern law codes you will find are paragraphs of law are almost unchanged from the text proclaimed by Roman emperors nearly twenty centuries ago or 528 A.D!

Americans Black Law Dictionary is pretty much a copy of Roman laws set of books known as Institutes of Justinian, or the Corpus Juris Civilis. Main principles of both laws are “men take care of the family”, “women wealth don’t count (never mind that women were consider property of men, or father)”.

So modern Corpus Juris Civilis provides feminists added edicts and ordinances which often includes principle of white knight version of the Roman law. This is what modern men are being subjugated to as if we are living in 528 A.D!

For example one of the paragraph from Ius civile Quiritium (the Civil Law of the Rome) states that if you knew right from wrong, caused damage to another person, you would be held responsible to pay for the damage you had caused. Modern American law is base on that which is why you see Americans are suing fellow Americans, and Judges like Judy are milking money and rest of us are watching fellow citizens making a fool of themselves!

In the past men were expected to take care of their kids, and no DNA devices invented (of course cheating women were — I’ll leave up to your imagination what Roman did to them!)

Sadly, modern law is pretty the same way for anyone who is poor, or non-white! Here is something to remember about the child support — court decide base on your previous “five years income” — how many Americans are even making that during pandemic lock down? I just donated masks and can food to my local church because parents can not even afford them!

Rich perverts like Biden can show contempt to court and refuse to hand over their financial documents — but an average Joe will end up in jail! Is it any different than what Gaul (the early name of the country of France) were subjected to during Roman occupation? Can you imagine French men complaining to Roman magistrate that Roman armies are stealing their properties, and rapping their women. Their heads would end up on pikes to make it clear what “Corpus Juris” is for the native!

The court had ordered Hunter Biden to turn over five years’ worth of financial information by Jan. 16. He had already missed deadlines of Dec. 12 and 19 of last year.”

Of course if you are rich you might as well have a sexual appetite like Biden.

  • Divorced his wife of 23 years of Marriage
  • Dated his dead brother wife Hallie!
  • Start sleeping with Strippers and married again with Mellisa!

Here is the timeline!

  • May 2015: Beau Biden dies of brain cancer
  • October 2015: Hunter and his wife Kathleen separate formally
  • March 2017: Hunter and Beau’s widow, Hallie, confirm they are dating
  • April 2017: Hunter and Kathleen’s divorce is finalized
  • Fall 2017: Lunden Roberts becomes pregnant in Arkansas
  • August 2018: Lunden Roberts gives birth to baby which she says is Hunter’s
  • April 2019: Hunter and Hallie split for unknown reasons
  • May 2019: Hunter marries Melissa Cohen in Los Angeles a month after meeting her
  • November, 2019, Biden was finally revealed to be the father of Roberts’ child following the outcome of a DNA test – something the 28-year-old had been urging Biden to take since May, following his repeated denials.

Never Reported By Mainstream Media like NY Times!

While it is easy for rich perverts like Hunters Biden, or King Juan Carlos — another loon being drag into paternity lawsuit. Rest of us are not rich enough to blew off woman claiming to be a mother of our children.

For us, simple MGTOW life is the way to go. We also support fellow single father being abused by court system. Hopefully other single men will learn, and never get in a legally binding relationship.


MGTOW Book Review: Too Much, and Never Enough

This book can be a promotional ad for Trump 2020 Election. Right off the bat; author tell us — 70 percent of the men are psychopath. She is a lesbian, and she has never been in a relationship with a man. So what is she basing this on? If anything this sound like heterophobia. If you have never heard of the term it’s because media only focuses on “homophobia”.

Hetero-phobia is a fear and mistrust of heterosexual people by homosexual.

The Author talk about when she was speaking with her dying grandmother. She decided not to tell her grandma that she had been married to, and divorced from a woman, with whom she also raising a daughter, Avery!

Her story alone makes you wonder if she lied to her dying grandma, why would she be telling us any truth about Trump?

After admitting that she lied about her marriage — she defends women raping women. Perhaps Ghislaine Maxwell can hire her and legalize sex trafficking as long as feminists do it!

Reading between the line author is demanding conservative definition of rape be change. She is not happy that 2005 statistic start exposing one in three females have been sexually assaulted by a women. It’s funny whenever equality exposes the worst side of women on women crime. They call for whiteknight to safe them!

From CDC:

“We know that violence affects everyone, regardless of sexual orientation. This report suggests that lesbians, gay men and bisexuals in this country suffer a heavy toll of sexual violence and stalking committed by an intimate partner.” said CDC Director Dr. Tom Frieden. “While intervening and providing services are important, prevention is equally critical.”

Then she goes on to explain her homosexuality.  Add few sentences “Trump is bad”, “Hillary is good”, and defends John Padesta stealing election from Bernie Sanders — one gets the impression that  she does not want Jews to become president of the United State. Kinda like “Progressive Liberal” condemn hatred against Islam while supporting Iranian and Alawites terrorizing Sunni Muslims!

Perhaps she wants non-white to cook, and clean for white liberal, and vote democratic,- and shut-up?

Remember white supremacist Bill Maher  talking about “Purple Voters” gotta ignore leftist (coded references for non-white voters), and focus on “purple voters” meaning white people matters — which is what Democratic party called itself now “centrists party” meaning “white liberal only”.

After mind-numbing Orwellian explanation of homosexual violence higher than the straight-identified population. She rejects terms like; “Women Raped by Women“.  More women are being raped by lesbian then by men — base on 2005 statistics.

If you are wondering at this point what the hell this has to do with Trump. That’s what I thought when I reading this moronic book. Perhaps book writer didn’t have enough time to lie to her grandmother on her death bed – who knows!

She is also unhappy with CALCASA 2005 survey!

“The issue’s lack of national attention means that data is slim, but a 2005 survey by the California Coalition Against Sexual Assault (CALCASA) concluded that one in three lesbian-identified participants had been sexually assaulted by a woman, and one in four had experienced violence within a lesbian relationship. Eight years later, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) conducted the first-ever national survey of intimate partner violence by sexual orientation and discovered that lesbians (and gay men) experience equal or higher rates of partner violence than the straight-identified population.”

After relentless tedious “lesbian rape okay” she admits that she might be suffering from a symptom of Misandry:

Misandry: is the hatred of, contempt for, or prejudice against men or boys in general.

So it is easy to understand the title of the book “Too Much, and Never Enough“.

Then misandrist writer vomits seemingly endless string of paragraphs after paragraphs, and pages after pages, which can summarized as “Hear me roar and show me respect because I am a woman & a lesbian. My broken marriage is your fault. You the straight white men are at fault that we lesbians are becoming vindictive like you! It is also straight men fault that we inflict more sexual violence on partners than straight couple!”

I wish I could making this s#%t up but that’s how crazy this book is.

Note: The new edited version has removed most of her hatred from the book!

As a medical doctor I had to take psychology, and counseling courses, first thing you learn “Can a weak person ridicule you? ” This is very helpful when we doctors have to tell family that patient is dead. This book is non-stop complains why did my nasty granddaddy (Trump’s father) give all his money to my uncle, but not my pa — we not good enough for him?

Later she answered her own question — “my daddy was drunk all the time!” Although she does not want to talk about it — her father was also womanizer — common among ultra rich people. One of the reason why President Trump does not drunk is he does not want to end up her father! Jealously much?

You would think that being a psychologist, she would be intone with her own troubles. She is not – she blames everyone except her father – who was a drunken loser. Later, she goes on denigrate her grandfather, she finally talks about current President Trump – then reverse gear, and blame her grandfather again! At this point it is hard to know if this book is about Trump, or her grand-father. She is allover of the place!

Naturally, the “book writer” is trying to tell the rest of us not to vote of Trump during 2020 election. Yet the result is the opposite. Anyone who will read this book – especially straight white male that is will vote for Trump. I’m not a Trump supporter if anything I hate the guy and his family. This pathetic family fight only convinces me I do not want my country to be run by a loon and his moronic family.

That doesn’t mean I will be voting for Biden who has been accused by six women of sexual abuse. On going BlackLivesMatter has also expose that his 1990 the crime bill has put millions of blacks in prison! Biden supported murdering more Blacks and non-white. White Liberal have genocidal hatred for Brown people.

By the way the title of the book out to tell you all you need to you about the book “Too Much and Never Enough”. If you had any experience with livin relationship, and you were subject to verbal, and emotional abuse. The abuser always tell you ain’t good enough, what have you done for me lately. The is a most common symptom among selfish, and self entitle women — especially among rich white women. They get lifetime alimony, and protection for paternity fraud!

Following three point pretty much summarized all the Chapters of the book:

  • My family hated me because I am a lesbian
  • The patriarchy made me lie to my dying Grandmother
  • Lesbians are the victim of inequality

Anyway, if you really wanna read the book just borrow it from the library. This way at-least you are not losing your money while wasting your precious time.

An On Going Alimony Scam

While many of us are subjected to 2020 Election drama. Lawmakers are quietly reforming ongoing “alimony practices“.

Some of those “other rules” addressed in the report are co-habitation and changes in circumstances which justify the termination or modification of permanent alimony. Permanent alimony has an extreme negative impact on the supporter’s life and must be changed to be made fair to all.

Did you get the bit about “co-habitation”. This clearly means if she leaves her tooth brush, her mails are coming to your address, you are listed as emergency contact, you are doomed to play alimony for rest of your life.

Many of us said this before don’t get married, and don’t get involved in live-in relationship. Whatever the reform “Lawmakers” are working on, married men will have the same level of protection that Jeffrey Epstein had when he was in jail.

The simple solution is obvious — don’t get married, don’t get involve in an live-in relationship.

Liberal Hypocrisy

President Trump tweeted Joe Rogan clip and everyone is trying to make fun of Trump — as if he did not realized that Joe is a “liberal”.

Joe Rogan mostly likely a control opposition. The fact mainstream media gave him “$100 million dollar” is all you need to you about him. To further illustrate how anti-liberal he is. He ran out of California after getting billion-dollar bribe. Just like any robber leaving the bank after taking the money.

Most of his guests would be called white supremacist if they were caught speaking with Fox TV host. One of his guest said, “Japanese are the German of Asia” implying that only Aryan/White race are superior and smarter.

Another word non-white are biologically inferior. To further illustrate his hatred same guest said that he brings white kids to his farm and give them Army Training – clearly preparing white Americans for race war.

It does not really matter what any of us think of his politics. Comedian are just as dishonest as politician. Take the case of Jimmy Dore, Graham Elwood, and Lee Camp. “Progressive Liberal” talk about Syrian war, and they never mention a small minority “Alawites” controlling Syria. 90% of the Syrian are Sunni yet they are being subjugated under Iranian branch of racist tribe. This is clearly a race war, perpetuated by Iran.

If you care to search you’ll find some news about dangerous Alawites cult who are ruling Syria, and their sinister relationship with malevolent Iran. Many of Shias/Alawites are creeps. They are Western version Jeffrey Epstein.

An amusing fact: An Iranian hero Marc Dutroux was convicted child molester and murderer. He was biggest promoter of Islamic rape “Nikah mut’ah” aka “Temporary Marriage”. Naturally now Iranian pretend they never praised him let alone knew anything about him. Talk to Iranian about Alawites controlling Syria, or Islamic Rape “Nikah mut’ah” and they will switch subject, or give you an Orwellian answer.

Just like Dutroux Alawites have sex with their own daughters, and sisters! So it is not surprising West prefer to have creepy cult like this controlling middle-east. Strange how this terrorist cult does not get any scrutiny by West! But then again we know how well protect Jeffrey Epstein was, and his convenient “suicide” and total censorship of Westminster paedophile dossier is all you need to know about ruling elites, and their strange sexual lifestyle.

Elites always protect child molester, and sexual deviants. In West, largest Iranians and Alawites population reside in California; they are well protected by liberals just like other child molesters. Kamala Harris went out of her way to “ignore” clergy abuse – other elite molesting children. She even took money from Epstein firm!

So open secrets like Alawites control Syria shouldn’t surprise us at all.

The Minor Sect Ruling Syria: Who are the Alawites?

“Somewhere between 1.5 and 3 million Syrian citizens identify as Alawites (also known as Alawis)1. 2., approximately 12% of the total population of Syria. Geographically speaking, around three-quarters of the Alawi population are concentrated in the Alawi Mountains, but there are also communities along the Syrian coast, and with their recent rise into the regime, large Alawi communities in Aleppo and Damascus.3. This population includes a disproportionately high percentage of the upper echelons of the Syrian Arab Army (SAA), as well as the current President, Bashar al-Assad.”

Progressive liberal do not mention Alawites controlling Syria, or that Iranian military controls Iraq. Lee Camp, Jimmy Dore, and Graham Elwood whine about “American killed Iranian General in Iraq”.

They never ask what the hell was he doing in a foreign country? Sunni Iraqis do not want him there. They are scared and terrified of Iranians and Shia militants are murdering, and raping Sunnis with impunity — who are likely backed and protected by US military to decide and rule middle east.

A Fact that a progressive commentator would never tell that Iranian like to rape Sunni women, and then put knife into the vagina after – preferably performing in front of the parent tided and forced to watch — is all you need to know that “progressive liberal” are a control opposition just like Bernie Sanders, creepy Joe Biden and other perverts from Democratic party.

Should we American be there in foreign country – the obvious answer is No. But let’s not forget this on going genocide is being done on behalf of progressive liberals — wanna be Obama, & Clinton who hate Sunni Muslims because don’t want to see strong independent Sunni nations capable of defending their country, and religion from West, and Israelis.

So all this cry by progressive about “Trump Tweeting Joe Rogan” is a prove that how much liberal are working with mainstream media to manipulate the public.


Liberals Are Anti Men!

On going El Dorado Fire was sparked by a gender reveal party. To the uninitiated “gender reveal party” is a group of rich white women going in the middle of the jungle taking their clothes off and playing with fireworks — I am not kidding”. These drunken women ended up causing fire, and now openly bashing and blaming men. Most of us were aware of Kama Sutra Pervs aka “Environmentalist Groups” do when they are in the middle of the frost.

I took the screenshot how white liberal women are blaming straight white men for pointing out who caused the fire! Noticed, I even miss typed “gener-reveal party” but google picked up what I was searching, and bashed me before reluctantly showing the results.

Following google result came with condemnation by feminists for men looking into the fire!

So the racist liberal Karvunidis who popularized “Gender Reveal Party” said she is “fed up” with men telling her that she, and her stupid parties goers are responsible of the worst fire in the history of the state of California. I won’t even point out how she bashes “men’s part” for her disastrous recommendation for naked partying in the forest — this is what she was telling everyone to do during on going pandemic.

Guess who is her favorite role model? Beth Stern. The rich white Cat Lady!

As many of you know Howard Stern’s wife used to cheat on her previous partners — a common issue those who date call-girls, or models. So she likes Beth Stern who cheated on men, and done disgusting things like Pastor’s wife Becki Tilley did with Pool Boy! How Biblical!

Fun Fact: Becky likes to talk to sperms before swallowing it.
Said said “I am like a mother eve saving Adam’s seed into my heaven-ness cocoon!”
I always find it bizarre that liberals top mentors are always sexually deprave conservatives, or derange communists.

Maybe they are all sniffing glues from the books instead of reading them. Who knows.

It is well known fact that Howard Stern like Jerry Falwell Jr. has bizarre relationship with his wife. Just like Falwell wife who was/and still is having sex with other men in front of her husband. Beth Stern also admitted she has cheated on every one of her boyfriends — this is on top of the fact she was likely a high class call girl.

Rich people are creepy. This feminist consider them her mentors — I guess it kinda make sense. Considering how her “gender reveal party” ended up burning the California forest “which used to be known as a dense jungle in 90s”. So it is not surprising that she likes Jeff Epstein, Obama, Bill Gate, and Apple who are destroying our planet in the name of “democracy”, and “technology” after all her “gender party” ended up doing what her mentor are doing to our hapless planet.

Did you read a bit about “toxic masculinity”. What if bunch of Muslims were having a party in the middle of the forest, and they accidentally ended up causing a fire. You don’t need a $20 college degree to know how fake media would react if Muslim start using the “race card” to defend themselves like white women are doing after causing the fire? No, the identity politics is exclusively reserve for one gender, and one gender only.

Take the case of Biden. He has been abusing and touching women. Eight women have come out and protested. Yet no one will point out this. Why? Because he is pro-feminist. So they are willing to let him abuse few women to create a smelly omelet.

On going “Black Lives Matter” protest, and their legitimate concern are also thrown in the trash by Democratic establishment by picking a former police officer Kamala Harris. This is liberal response to public when they are demanding defending the police.

We need to boycott mainstream media, and entertainment industry. Let’s cut the cable, and even unsubscribe to netflix as well! I have done that. I do not want to pay liberal, or conservative for beaming propaganda in my house.