Transsexual Rights vs. Tradcon Rites

Tradcon aka Traditional Conservatives decided to attack sexual minorities this week. Trump in league decided to undo Medical right for transsexual just because bill was pass under Obama. Conservatives want to erase anything done by a black president. This has been their game. As I mention in my last post Australian conservatives channels on YouTube are erasing comments written by non-white and demanding webmaster Google, and other to delete account of non-white. Their racist behavior is backed by other racist conservatives from Canada, New Zealand, and quietly supported by Brits from UK. They really thought that online racism and censor can be enforced in real world. They have enough conservatives judges to support them in supreme court — yet it only embolden LGBT  community to be united with BlackLivesMatter and come out in support.

Conservatives don’t’ really have brain. They don’t! Why would they try to take away rights anyone to get medical treatment during pandemic? Do they really think non-white will forget this in four months during 2020 election? Week before the city wide lockout I was in the bar, and sitting next to a man in his 60s. We were talk about support and then conversation switch to politics.

He was a big Trump support. I on the other hand am not, but I also do not like Democratic party. My political ideology was totally alien to him. In his mind there can only be Dem, or Rep. That’s it blue vs red. Perhaps me buying him a beer more then anything he was willing to listening to me. The idea that we must pick less of two evil is a fake democracy. This party made sense to him. He wasn’t willing dump his political party, but he did promote to vote for 3rd party if they ever become popular. So there is a hope. We must all vote for 3rd party — me personally I agree with George Carlin voting is a scam.

Internet Censorship

When it comes to censorship we think of China, and their companies likes Huawei. As many of us focus of on our daily lives, and pay passing attention to “politics”. We don’t realize how Google and other mainstream search engine. Also how much our own government do the very thing they accuse China & other 3rd world dictators.

Take the case of Frances Renee Linton. Her name has been erased from the mainstream media, including daddy google has remove any web link related to her.

In 2004 she was arrested for marrying multiple men, and stealing their money. She was even interview by local television King5 Seattle.  Unless you are able to search deepweb (that is web pages google doesn’t list) you ain’t gonna find any.

Things are getting pretty bad. I suggest used different way of searching website. Google/Bing/Yahoo are pro censorship working with US/West while suggestion only 3rd world countries & Muslim hate freedom and democracy. They are all traditionalist, and we gotta be more vigilant then ever!


Bizarre Men’s Right Conference

mens right.png

Men’s Right conferences are a joke. I would rather watch reports about Jimmy Butler and why he is sitting out the game. That would be a better #WednesdayWisdom than anything these joker have to say. Just take a look at above pictures plastered all over men’s right conference. Mens were looking at these pictures as if they are shopping for future wife. It is very strange that an organization that claims to be fighting for better treatment of men is packed with angry women!

Conference organizer Janet Bloomfield is a nut case White Supremacist. Some of you may remember Janet Bloomfield’s poetry :

Allah Is Our Enemy
Islam Must Die
Keep Burning Quran
Or White Race Would Die

RBK even made a series about her called:

Janet Bloomfield (JudgyBitch) on trial

She even admits that she is crazy! For her AVFM interview she said that she would have sex with her kids so they don’t get sexually transmissted dieases from niggers, and wetback.

janet.pngNaturally, AVFM Nazi leader Paul Elam start publishing her works. Anyone who protested against her inflammatory & poisonous diatribe was banned by Men’s Right & AVFM. Way back in 90s she was on IRC channels like African-American,  Jews, and Islam/Muslim telling them that they must all die. Her internet provider even banned her. Now she hides from her neighbor, and only socialize online with Paul Elam. In this conference she was fighting her husband and he was demanding kids DNA test. While this drama was going on an old white dude slip her his card and smacked on her ass.

Her reaction was kinda like this:


Even their promoted literature is mostly written by women, and free articles and brochures collection of porn, and female health & sexuality. One paper talked about how to ask for sex when your wife has breast cancer, another was about divorce cost vs vaginoplasty etc, and innumerable reviews by happy wives about medical procedure “How doctor tighten my loose vagina”. Things like alimony, paternity fraud are not discuss. In fact these discussion are discourage because men in these conference are trying to find a new wife.

Books & Literatures promoted by Men’s Right are just as bad. There was table with promotional materials, and recommended books. 90% of the writers are female writers. Book titles were like “How to Find a Wife like Me”. This $200 book had her black & white picture showing the things she claims to be doing to her husband.

One male author claimed to be a world’s best gay author – a proud anti-immigrant, sealed navy veteran, and die-hard men activist. There were numerous articles printed from the web. One of them was called “Confession: I’m A Chronic Female Masturbator“. Beer belly women were standing by the table eying any man who would make the mistake of going near them.

As for socializing… Guys in their 30s, 40s were going around and harassing married women, or getting rejected by fat hairy girls. One dude sandy blonde hair, with pink polka dot shirt was sitting on a chair and tightly holding it with his left hand, and his right hand was dug deep his pant’s pocket which was moving back and forth like he was masturbating furiously. All the girls were running away from him. These chicks were like Yetis. You know, the abominable Snowman, or, in this case, Snowwomen!

A very fat guy calling himself “Doctor” was handing out a flyer “How an enema can  save marriages”. Flyer also stated “Made in USA”.

Another young men in his 20s was handing out cards for his Facebook’s men community “Public Masturbation Trench-Coats“. Someone asked him how is it related to “Men Rights”. He responded “As long as men (punching his chest) are forced to wear an underwear we ain’t free”.

trench coat masturbating.png

Male organizer of Men’s right are just as insane. Read Matt in his own words!

“I’m just gonna come out and say it: I love insecure women.

Whenever a girl I’m talking to brags about how she’s “confident” and “strong,” I can feel my dick deflating like a punctured tire. I’d still bang her, of course; a repellent personality doesn’t negate the fact that she has a slammin’ body. But a crucial part of the attraction is lost. I’d be less offended if she ripped a fart in my face.”

Right now he is dating a 50 years old an illegal immigrant from Poland. She has kids older than him! He is collecting money to write an article about his future wife country!

menright racist white women.png

Men’s Right and AVFM are 2nd wives club, and run by women. Mostly racist white women in their 40s & 50s. Men who run these organization are sending sexually explicative text messages to their own mothers, and daughters! Members of “Mens Rights” are chronic masturbator, and porn addicts. Even feminist ignores these losers.

This is why we MGTOW must remind everyone why we must avoid these peverts and their snake oil sellers.

MGTOW: Debunking 11 Lies

Fake Media love pumping lies as yet proven again by recent article: “11 Lessons Learned While Looking For Love After 40“.

Let’s debunk it.

1. You’re not unlucky in love, you’re just on a different timetable.

You spent your youth “timetable” chasing around “bad boys”, now you passed your prime. Your “ticking clock” is like a man repellant. No man wants you now.

2. The number of relationships you’ve been in before 40 is not a status symbol.

History repeat itself. Same goes how you socialize in the past. If you were attracted to “fix a wrapper”. Well to do a man won’t be to your liking vice versa.

3. Take the dating advice offered by married friends—sometimes.

Why learn from a teacher how to write a letter when you can make a pen pal from a jail and write to your heart content.

4. Sometimes you just have to laugh about dating.

Laugh all you want, but in the end it is sad that in your 40s you are looking to start a family and kids, when in reality you should’ve have a family, and kids who are already in college.

5. Baggage isn’t a bad thing.

So will a 40 years old career women making 100K+ would be willing to marry a man who is divorce, and paying alimony?

6. Let go of the past.

Past has a funny way of biting us. Like a shadow onto itself it is always lingering around the corner. It will always show up when you are lest expecting.

7. There’s no shame in the bedroom.

40 years old “career women” who has all the money in the world. She want her partner to sexually satisfied her. Yet she is unwilling to show same consideration?

No wonder she is single.

8. Disregard labels and stereotypes about “still being single.”

If the shoe fit. Putting makeup don’t make you young. It only hide your withering age, and in the end when mask comes off all you are left with an unhappy reality that your single, and childless.1111

9. “You complete me” (not).

Welcome to MGTOW.

10. “Mr. Right” is not Mr. Perfect.

Neither are you ladies. If you were born “perfect” you would not be using “makeup/fakeup” to hide you age, make yourself look younger than you really are.

But let’s face it. When you truly mean is that older women can’t compete with younger women and as a result they are willing to marry anyone — even though they laugh and insult when they were sleeping around with “bad boys” and thought they are immortals.

11. Being alone is part of the journey.

Again welcome to our world. MGTOW where we embrace ourselves. Our body is our true soul’s mate.



Howard Stern & MGTOW


October 25, 1999 Howard Stern announced his separation from his wife.

One hour into the show (skip around 57:00 mark). He tell us why she is dumping him.

His wife was unhappy that he “worked” too much. Remember he is a shock jock radio host. Where he has to come up with new theme, ideas, and stay interesting. This is how he made million of dollar.

She wanted him to “spend” time with her on Friday, and Weekends. Which means (being paraded around top notch shopping stores in Fifth Ave NYC, and other parts of States.

Did she ever consider that he need a time for him?

It amazing that she trained him to the point where he told everyone that “Howard Stern: Divorce ‘felt like such a failure

He also admit in this show that “Marriage Counseling & Couples Therapy” don’t work. Of course he is still seeing a “therapist”.

He was a good provider, and shared everything with her. Yet, like stero typical wife she dump him after 20 years of marriage, and took 1/2 of everything he made while she sat home, or spend million of his hard earn money trying to make other women jealous.

What’s amazing is that he admitted he love being alone, and it’s hard for a women to get along with him (which is his way of admitting he can’t take their abuse).

Like a typical Tradcon he went back into plantation and got married again.