Biden and His Female Victims

8 Women Have Accused Joe Biden Of Sexual Misconduct, Inappropriate Touching. Media had quietly dropped Tara Reade. They are victim shaming her, suggesting since she has “lied” in the past about her education, so can’t be a  “true” rape victim! Biden was caught plagiarizing, and stealing speeches! Yet his vices makes him innocent?  The most infamous incident was in 1988 presidential campaign, and when he stole the speech from UK politician! So it is okay for powerful white liberal to steal speech, but no, no if you are a rape victim! This headline is from Washington Post.

Echoes of Biden’s 1987 plagiarism scandal continue to reverberate

Biden Admits Plagiarism in School But Says It Was Not ‘Malevolent’

Just think about it! Biden has been accused by eight women for sexual harassment. That we know of — won’t he be compromise by Russian, or other foreign country if he is elected. Imagine a foreign country find more evidence of him abusing women, and use it against him during election?

Let’s not forget even if Tara Reade was lying. What about seven other women! The Times reported that lawyers were looking into Reade’s past. How about Biden past.  Are Suppose to believe these all other seven women are lying as well?

Even if you ignore Tara Reade what about following seven women. What ever happen to “believe all women”, hell in this case we can see the smoke, as well as the fire!

  1. Lucky Flores
  2. Amy Lappos
  3. D.J. Hill
  4. Caitlyn Caruso
  5. Ally Coll
  6. Sofie Karasek
  7. Vail Kohnert-Yount

Media keep telling us “Tara Reade” lied in her resume, so has Biden. He cheated in the school. stole speeches from other politician, not to mention – harassing non white, and passed the most the most anti-black crime bill in 90s!

Following quotes from liberal media shows that rape victims are always shamed when the predator is a rich guy — specially rich white liberal.

“Defense attorneys are reportedly now trying to determine if the transcripts shows she provided false testimony about her credentials,” ABC News reported, noting that claims she earned a B.A. from Antioch University have raised eyebrows.

Why is it Biden can get away saying his plagiarism in school wasn’t malevolent. But anything a rape victim said is questionable because she lied in her resume. You gotta be kidding me!

If this is the best Democratic party has to offer then Not matter Who, Never Vote For Blue!


Why Liberals & Tradcons are Crazy

Conservatives icon from 80s era Howard Stern is unhappy with his republican party. On May 12, 2020 show he wined to his listener — old farts 60+ that “He ‘Trump’ hates you and so do I“. He went to say he is no liberal — neither is democratic party which is why he voted Hilary Clinton in 2016 election. He is a father of three daughters — one of them is a Rabbi!. No one can mistake him for a progressive — that is white anglo-saxon wanting free healthcare, and free education “but only for white people of European stock”. This is a typical behavior of Tradcon.

Howard Stern is a perfect example of how conservatives, and neo-liberal behave. Just look at the his reaction when his daughter Emily Stern wanted to act nude on a Jewish show. He told his daughter “If you’re in that show, a lot of people are going to use it against me. Don’t do it, don’t do it, don’t do it!’ ”

Remember Howard Stern has been coaxing other women to get naked in his studio. Yet he does not want anyone to see his daughters naked. Typical behavior. This is how tradcon behave. They grab other’s daughter and protect their own like a hawk. Don’t be fool by these perverts. This is why we can’t take their Trump’s criticism seriously. They want us to vote for democratic party because Trump is a bad guy. They are shaming voters for not voting for Democrats in 2020 elections.


Remember grabbing women by the pussy was popularize by Bill Clinton. When Paula Jones sued Bill Clinton for civil money damages in 1994 alleging that Clinton had propositioned her in a Little Rock hotel room years earlier, later investigator discovered that he was also getting oral sex with Monica Lewinsky. This is why Democrats, and their shadowy racist comrades aka progress are bigot, and themselves are tradcon. Just look at the way they have embrace Krystal Ball.

She & her husband worth 40+ million dollars. How is she any different from Trump? Why is it okay for a woman to put dildo on man’s face in Christmas party in front her parent!,  but it not okay for man to have locker room talk in private? Some video blogger like Jimmy Dore, and Ron Placone go outta their way to defend racist feminist. These people are lunatic.

Yeah well she did it when she was young Beside it was her ex husband so dildo on men’s  face okay, and Trump “talking” about grabbing women by the pussy is a bad thing. Here is the kicker; after the dildo party where everyone & her parents watched her sodomizing her husband. She announced that she will be running for state office in conservative state of Virginia — just like Trump!  Trump knew his Trump behavior was already norm among liberals, and their degenerate progressive followers.

This is the state of liberal/progressive. They will embrace anyone as long as the person sounds charming, and their darkness will be cover, or ignore by their cult followers. This is why I would never vote for Democratic party, and never support progressive — they are just white supremacist hiding in the closet.



MGTOW: Debunking 11 Lies

Fake Media love pumping lies as yet proven again by recent article: “11 Lessons Learned While Looking For Love After 40“.

Let’s debunk it.

1. You’re not unlucky in love, you’re just on a different timetable.

You spent your youth “timetable” chasing around “bad boys”, now you passed your prime. Your “ticking clock” is like a man repellant. No man wants you now.

2. The number of relationships you’ve been in before 40 is not a status symbol.

History repeat itself. Same goes how you socialize in the past. If you were attracted to “fix a wrapper”. Well to do a man won’t be to your liking vice versa.

3. Take the dating advice offered by married friends—sometimes.

Why learn from a teacher how to write a letter when you can make a pen pal from a jail and write to your heart content.

4. Sometimes you just have to laugh about dating.

Laugh all you want, but in the end it is sad that in your 40s you are looking to start a family and kids, when in reality you should’ve have a family, and kids who are already in college.

5. Baggage isn’t a bad thing.

So will a 40 years old career women making 100K+ would be willing to marry a man who is divorce, and paying alimony?

6. Let go of the past.

Past has a funny way of biting us. Like a shadow onto itself it is always lingering around the corner. It will always show up when you are lest expecting.

7. There’s no shame in the bedroom.

40 years old “career women” who has all the money in the world. She want her partner to sexually satisfied her. Yet she is unwilling to show same consideration?

No wonder she is single.

8. Disregard labels and stereotypes about “still being single.”

If the shoe fit. Putting makeup don’t make you young. It only hide your withering age, and in the end when mask comes off all you are left with an unhappy reality that your single, and childless.1111

9. “You complete me” (not).

Welcome to MGTOW.

10. “Mr. Right” is not Mr. Perfect.

Neither are you ladies. If you were born “perfect” you would not be using “makeup/fakeup” to hide you age, make yourself look younger than you really are.

But let’s face it. When you truly mean is that older women can’t compete with younger women and as a result they are willing to marry anyone — even though they laugh and insult when they were sleeping around with “bad boys” and thought they are immortals.

11. Being alone is part of the journey.

Again welcome to our world. MGTOW where we embrace ourselves. Our body is our true soul’s mate.



Commitment Phobia = Bully


Imagine you are a 16 years old girl in a school, and a popular school jock come to you and demand sex. You say no to him, and he verbally pressure by suggesting that you have a phobia about sex, and fear of penetration. Than he suggest that you go to a psychiatrist for a therapy.

Above scenario is no different then a woman forcing a man into a legally binding relationship.I know I am generalizing here, it is because it is mostly women who force men into a “commitment”. You know “biological clock is ticking”, don’t waste my “valuable time”. Why is it okay for them to have lots of fun in their 20s, and even early 30s, however a guy who was basically a poindexter in his 20s studying in library, saving money in IRA, and 401k. Now that he is ready to have fun – he is told to “commit”, he did commit to success, and he is committing his life to fun, and he is shamed for it.


Most men are quite happy with their ongoing arrangement, sex on request, and time alone whenever they want.

The fact is 50% of the marriages end in divorce. So taking your time before you legally “commit” is a  smart choice. Anyway who tells you that you are a “commitment phobic” is a bully.

This is a biggest red flag. Run Run Run!!!!!!!!

Marriage mafia is nothing more but a bully, using psycho babble to manipulate and suppress individual right into a legally binding relationship.

As one of my friend reminded me recently that so called “common sense” is not so common after all. Vast majority of us are little bit lemmings, and we ended up doing thing like the neighbor next to us. This is a an old habit, it part of our tribal mentality when we use to huddle together for protection, hunting together for food etc.

Ask an average person in USA — specially conservatives why is not like like communism, or socialism for us to have free school for kids, and pension for elderly, and even a free sidewalk, or street light at night, fee 911 calls for police, or ambulance? Yet it not okay for us to have government run free health care system?

Well, they will go through various mental gymnastics to give you an explanation, albeit not very convincing one. I am quite sure you have put enough doubt in them.

This is same issue we have with media, and even with medical system. Vast majority of a medical professional are gear toward “pro family mafia”. This means an average single man, and women had to pay tax not only for us services he is using, but also for school, and welfare program gear toward people who are can not even afford to pay for their everyday expense.

Look at the salary of psychiatrist!


Even a decent psychiatrist in his field makes well over 125,000 a years. These doctors know  which side of the bread the butter is on and they are not going to the buck the trend, and lose their cushy income for rightness, and morality. That is why thy will not call women bully for forcing their sex partner into a marriage — another word legally binding slavery.

Think about it. A person in a relationship saw few red flag signs, not serious enough to break up, but nonetheless noticeable in way to put relationship in a “probationary period”. Or, it could be that a man just came out of a very bad marriage, and he did not want to entangle into a legal, and financial mess. There could be millions of reason. Yet, theme is always “fear of commitment”.

Commitment to who?

By Forcing hesitant party into a legally binding relationship, it creates an environment where divorce seemly likely choice. It’s not for nothing more then 50% of the marriage ends in divorce. Rather than praising so called “commitment phobic” of being a careful shopping he/she is bully and harass into a messy marriage which will benefit courts, lawyers, and judges. Even banks benefit from divorce, vast majority of the time men ended up in bankruptcy lose their entire saving, and many commit suicide.

So it is left on us to expose the most simple thing to an average Joe.

Not wanting to marry someone — even if you are dating them is not a phobia. It is your choice, and the person who is forcing you into a unwanted relationship is a bully.

The course of action would be to breakup, and move on. Give yourself sometime before you jump into a next relationship.

Marriage Agreement

My best friend asked me for an advice about a marriage agreement — a very close friend.

Now he knows I am a mgtow. He likes his girl, but wonder what can he do to protect himself if relationship fail, and divorce is the only option.

I will remind everyone here, as I have to my friend.

It is not women who are at fault for divorce being a nightmare for most men. It is the law system. Government does not want to pay welfare to women with kids, and provided housing subsidies. Also lawyer and judges make money out of the mess — not to mention each unique case brings them closer to their political ambition.

It’s not for nothing mot politicians were lawyer like Bill Clinton, even Barak Obama was president of the Harvard Law before soaking his feet with democratic party.

So what kind of an advice a Mr. Mgtow can give to a Mr. Right who want to be married?

Marriage without a financial agreement is a total failure — very few women will agree to it .

Prunup is also very important.

About prenuptial agreement:

Make sure you do it before engagement. Get a lawyer, make sure you both have lawyer — and it is recorded in a video, and your lawyer confirm that she under NO PRESSURE to sign it. Also you both will

WAIT almost a year before getting married!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This way she can’t say during divorce that she was “under pressure” trust me most prenup are overthrown if sign after engagement, or week before marriage.

Financial agreement (a must as well!)

Writer down everything on an excel sheet.

50/50 SPLIT regardless of who make more money.

If she or he can’t pay for half of the expense than shrink it down to what both you can!!!!!!!! Perhaps you should think hard if she asking/forcing to pay for – say $200 cable bill?

If your partner can not afford half of the expense than remove it from the budget. Period!

Both parties should be saving around 20% of their gross income. Putting money into a a retirement is not counted as 20%

Also if she has credit card debt, or bankruptcy than back off – and RUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mortgage, house insurance (or rental) cable, grocery, as well as annual travel expense will be joint If the car or cars are being used jointly same account (or each pay for his/her car)

Have another saving account with same bank where both of save enough money to survive six months if either of you lose job, or physical injury.

Buying a house:

My personal advice is that you don’t buy a house. It takes 20 or 30 years to pay off the mortgage.

Between hydro bill, housing repair, insurance, not to mention property tax, you are losing money. Unless you can rent half of the property — don’t bother.

Even so you still wanna wait at least five or even ten years before you make such decision. Divorce get messy with property.

If your down payment is over 30% of the property than it’s good — also rent the basement to offshoot expense — trust me there are lot of things come up, and you would not even think about.

Right after buying a house, my property needed a repair — even though previous owner had change the roof — repair did not have any warranty,  adn than I had a basement leakage, followed buy basement beam needing a replacement.

All of that within span of one year of buying a house. I managed to offshoot most of the loss by renting the basement — which itself require turning it into an apartment.

This also means noise reduction for first floor — new carpet — noise dampening foam etc..

Buy a bungalow with rentable basement.

What this means is you have to have at least $30,000 spare money on top of down payment + lawyer fees, and moving cost, and changing address cost etc…

Marriage is pretty stressful in the beginning — it requires “adjusting” to another person, even if you were living with them, it will go through another change after marriage.

Don’t add financial stress on top it.

Joint Expense Account:

By Joint I mean you both transfer “required” money into “expense” account, not your salary, or business profit should be in a separate account — only access by you alone.



Sometime it’s better if you have kids with someone before who are serious about having a “legally binding” marriage.

Wait two years before you have kids!

Most women “quit” job, and you will be left holding a bag of expense.


If find it intimidating discussing everything above than marriage is not for you.

Biggest failure in marriage is money so think hard and think twice.

Most of us should not get marriage period!

As for marriage don’t spend thousands of dollars, and never ever borrow money to get marriage. This include honeymoon as well.

Best marriage is those where both partner live within their means, and don’t have credit cards, or debt.

No Thank You




A lowlife woman asked her boyfriend to write an essay about why she should give him a blowjob.

Sadly, he oblige to her demand. Mr. Mangina did write the essay. For the icing on the cake he is setting himself for upcoming alimony, and child-support.

If he were smart, he would have dump her asap, and move on.

I know it seems funny, but it is insulting and dehumanizing.

When relationship reached the stage when you are start calling each other boyfriend and girlfriend than you should not be jumping through hoops to get sex, nor should your partner make an unreasonable demand to give you sex.

You are monogamous for one reason. To fulfill each-other sexual desire. If you partner wants you to beg for sex, and demand things/money for sexual favor — than she is not the one.

Such things are not even a joke. The fact she put over the internet proves she is not going be a good wife, let alone a partner.

This low life put her boyfriend private writing/begging on twitter, next to her face proofs that she is a nightmare. Such communication should be private, nor she got the permission to put his feel over the internet.

Buddy, you’re nothing but a slave for her, and leave her asap!