Bob Woodward Is A Murderer

You don’t need a weapon to be a murderer. Just ask Bob Woodward
aka The Murdering Cuck. Prior to releasing his upcoming revolting book
he leaked a conversation of an audio where he found out from Trump
about the Corona Virus pandemic. Six months before the virus
turned into global pandemic and killed millions of people! No one in Media is focusing on this at all!

Yet this murderer kept the information from the public just so
he can make money. Naturally, mainstream media is not going to point out
what a horrible person he his. Millions of people are dead around the world. Bob Murdering Woodward kept the information about pandemic just so he can write a new book and make money.

What this tells me is that being a mainstream writer should be enough to be
kicked out from literary avant-grade.

Boycott this scumbag, and any media promoting his filth.

MGTOW & Conservatives Part I

Perhaps there is a truth in saying as you grow up you become mature and more logical. When I was growing up I consider myself conservatives, however, as I am getting older, and understand politics bit better I learn not to take either side. However, my opinion of conservatives are similar to the leaders that pick. Whether you are talking about Bush with his room temperature IQ, or current president who seem to be suffering from female version of menopause.

This doesn’t mean I am giving liberals a green pass. Take a look  at host of MSNBC program Rachel Maddow. Many people have pointed out her selective indignation and selective compassion which is a distinguishing characteristic of liberals. Conservatives have characterized liberals as stupid due to their inconsistencies.

However, I disagree. Liberals are not stupider than the bulk of the American population. The very fact that they are utterly inconsistent, that they do not base the positions they take on principle, but nevertheless ar able to march in ideological locked with one another means they have to be fairly alert always to know what Politically Correct position on every issue is at any given time. They have to know instantly whether a particular incident is one they should be outrage about or should ignore. For example; condemn Arab & African for “female gentile mutilation aka female circumcision” while never say anything about “male circumcision” among Jews & Muslims. This requires a certain degree of mental agility. Liberals certainly are crooked, but not necessarily stupid.

No, when it comes to stupidity I believe conservatives take the prize. Let me read you a letter a feminist wrote to a conservative radio host.

“I am a single, white, straight female — Lutheran — who lives in San Francisco. As you mentioned in your conservative talk show, Women are becoming powerful throughout western world as well as permeate most of corporate world. But I believe this was done through hard work and promotion of education among our sex.

Instead of slighting my sex at every opportunity, why not highlight our achievements as positive motivation for your male listener to emulate. You sound like a whiny hillbilly who is simply jealous. America is a free country. If women are excelling faster than male hats off to us. — Mrs. Christina”

Imagine a true blue conservative, a real believer in the protestant work ethic. It was amusing to hear him lose control over the radio. He started with “with name like yours have you even read a bible!” and bashing San Francisco “lifestyle”, he attributed    Mrs. Christina’s letter to the morally debilitating effect of her “liberal/homosexual” environments. He paused and thanked Jesus for letter southern kept their gun for Armageddon, and rest of caller of radio promised to mail bible to every residence San Francisco! Host ended his two hour show by calling liberals & leftist and feminist mafia, and he is praying to his Jesus to rid the world liberals.

Now, imagine Todd Courser a professional bible thumping loon while using tax payer money on having a affair with fellow ultra conservatives female.

You may think radio show is a unique case. But I assure you it is not. Just take a look at Fox TV show, and Breitbart website. They are just as stupid.

I have been asked many times by my readers why I don’t “bash” feminists like most MGTOW. I will explain you how I look at liberal sand conservatives, as well as feminist.

Conservatives and liberals are similar in that neither is a systematic thinker — at least not with regard to the ideas and policies that define his ideas on specific matters from generals principles. Both political follows pretty much obsorb their attituide, and psychological tendencies as instructed by their political leades, and media.

Ask any conservatives how Trump represent their political values, but all his life he divorce his wives and married a yonger hotter girl as if they are a car? They will scratch heir head and try to figure out whether to call you a leftist, or a socialist.

Feminists on the other hand are a systematic thinkers. They not only think systematically, they also think logically.

The fact their movement has achieved everything they wanted for past hundred years is testament to their success. Women not only worked harder than men, and got better education and  power. Feminist have reached its zenith of influence by systematic approach to things, their logical approach.That is a secret of their success.

Feminist are not distracted by thing such as conservatism or liberalism. They know what they want, they go after it in a rational way. Compare that to any conservatives & men right organization. Their pathetic leaders are nincompoop like Bush & Trump.




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