Liberals Racism & Liberal Amnesia: Part 1

King of liberal decided to help fellow Democrats for 2020 election. His solution? Be openly racist, and full-blown bigot. It helped Trump, why invent the wheel!

Bush Tweet.png

Imagine how racist Liberals have to be that Repbulicans are telling them to Chill out!

George P. Bush is the oldest child of former Florida Governor Jeb Bush,

Another liberal Jeremy Scahil pointed out why he will not appear on Bill Maher.  Jimmy Dore cover the whole drama. Worth Watch


Racist Bill Maher also uses his 1/2 Jewish blood line to escape any criticism. He has a track record of genocidal racism towards non-white. He is always trying to get USA involve in murdering Arab & Non-white in middle-east.

This is why Jeremy Scahill tweeted that he will not be appearing  on Real Time with Bill Maher.


Hope On The Corner of Misery & Fear

George Carling said it best; conservatives oppose abortion so kids can grown up to be dead soldiers. Now these un-aborted teenagers are also being used as a guinea pig to test driverless cars! I need not reminding you that these evil corporations are owned, and operated by Conservatives/Republican big cats. Or the fact that the only kids who were being transported were African-American, Latino, and other despise minorities! This is why children are being split from parents they will be testing products for big corporation!

driverless schoolbus.png

With all these things going on in this country. We long to see some hope, and even a tiny one so we can look forward to the next day. Recent ruling at Utah court has shown that all is not lost in this hapless land.

A man from Utah divorced his wife in 2008. Their names are withheld because ex-wife doesn’t want public to know what kind of a con she was running. Anyway, ex-husband was asked to pay $7,000 a month to his ex-wife. She quickly found another man, and she was gloating it to her ex-husband. Idiot women would taunt her ex-husband with text messages like “You ain’t half the man my new bf is! and rich too!”.

Luckily ex-husband used his brain, and took his wife to court in 2012. After six years of legal litigation the poor bastard found a right judge who stopped the alimony payment because his ex-wife was living freely with her new partner.

Gold digger’s new partner was paying all the legal fees. He was (and still is) paying of her car payment, free housing, phone/cell bill, clothing, even credit card bills. Remember, this is on top of the $7,000 a month she was getting from her ex!.  After spending over half million dollar unhappy husband got her off his money.

Don’t expect this type of ruling to become normal though. Most Attorney General are female these days. This is how they roll!

dana nessel.png

But ask yourself is it worth the trouble?  Our solution to divorce problem is simple. Don’t get married and you won’t get divorce.


Republican vs Reality: MGTOW Won’t Back Down

As if our feminists friends need any help boosting their gender value. Our indoor enemies Republicans + Men’s Right have decided to inflate Melania language skills. According to Republican Party First Lady speaks “Italian, French, German, Slovenian, and English”. I am fluent in English, as well as French. Watching her “speaks” French with kids was pretty much all I needed to see that she knows as much French as my doorknob.

melania.pngShe has never done any interview in any foreign language — expect in her native tongue. Even there you will be shock how badly she speaks. Her manner of speaking is comparable to street hookers. If you think I am too harsh than google Melania GQ. You’ll find innumerable nude photos of her. Despite Trump & Republican attempt to “purge” the Internet of her pics.

It is ironic that Republican proudly defend “right to have gun” yet at the same time they are trying to destroy “free speech”. Liberal’s women are proudly called “whore, and prostitute”. What do you think Melania is? Her language skills in European langu proves that she was a high class escort. He nude pictures only enforces that supposition. However, Alt–Right/White Supremacist Ladies who are Chairman (oh my… the irony) in Men’s Rights are bashing their fellow feminists  for letting anyone know that you can’t turn whore into a house wife.

Look at the comment by a “housewife” defending Melania!


catfight.jpgIt’s amazing the stuff you learn when women are engage in catfight. Don’t forget that these “housewives” were also feminists until their ticking clock landed them into Loony Bin aka Men’s Right. Link to site: Donald Trump’s wife Melania naked shoot for GQ Magazine as girl-on-girl photos are exposed.

House wives who enjoy spending time on “social media” while flipping channels, and multitasking on smartphone by chatting and texting/sexting. That’s what they call work. What do you think they do after dropping laundry in a washing machine, and slow cooker is making “fresh meal” for husband who will fork money for “mall trip” because she is too tried from “house labor”.

“Oh, Honey, tickets to Bora Bora are on sales, let’s book it now!”.

“Baby we gotta shop for vacation clothes, shoes, etc..”

But seriously, you know that feminists are right! You can’t turn whore into a house wife. She’s most likely flipping through tinder while she counts the time she can get life-time alimony, all the while slowly poisoning the mind of her kids against their dad. “Until do us Part, or money runs out”.


Trump idiotic behavior, and outright support from David Duke the grand wizard of the Nazi party has terrified Conservatives. One of the most bizarre claimed by Republican party is “we are not racist”. Anyone with half mind would laugh at the statement.

Current support for Trump has pretty much eroded Republican pretense. One of the Rabbi cleverly reminded the conservatives “if you have to convince someone that you are not racist than you clearly are racist.” He went on to say “We minorities (Black & Jews) don’t go around labeling white people Nazi. It’s you’re own behavior that causes it.”

Sadly the Rabbi is right. What’s even more disappointing his astute comments applies to both parties.

Comey Hearing

Although we got confirmation from Comey’s hearing that “Russian” hacked into DNC computer server and as a result Hillary lost the election.

What was in those e-mails that voters were so disgusting that would pick Trump over Hilary?

DNC rigged the election and wanted Hillary over Bernie and as a result vast majority of the voters decided not to elect Democrats.

Like it or not this will not change how most will never vote ever again, and few of us who do, will never pick Democratic, or Republican.

Will We Ever Learn?

jared.pngYou know that good ol’ saying? Apple doesn’t fall far from the tree!

There is no way I can talk about MGTOW without talking about current mess of politics. They so connected to our community that it is not even funny.

Jared Kushner father Charles Kushner went to jailed for financial fraud, and recording sex tape of his brother-in-law and sending to his sister.

Jared’s father went to jailed for playing hide-and-seek with Feds, and sending sex tape to his own sister. I bet when Trump found out — he was like — that’s cool I also got thing for my own little girl, welcome to the family. It’s even bizarre that even Trump’s lawyer has unhealthy  infatuation towards his daughter, . It’s very strange.

Anyway, going back to the original story. Jared Kushner now turn out to be the man doing illegal things like talking to Russian, and asking them to provide illegal communication devices to bypass American Security. He wanted Russian permission to use their embassy in USA to communicate with Russia.

Liberal media for some bizarre reason went out of their way to protect Jared Kushner  – even suggesting that he is a poor innocent 30 something year young men and under pressure he didn’t realize what he was doing.

He is the most power man in US history and in 200 years of American history no presidential family member had as much access and wielded as much power as him.

Now let’s go back to what we have learn so far.

  • Jared Kushner lied in security clearance about his association with foreign government
  • He asked Russian Official to provide him communication to by pass US Security.
  • His father went to jailed for similar type of behavior.
  • Under Nepotism Law Trump shouldn’t even had his family working in White House

Funny thing is that most of us knew about Trump yet over 43% population voted for him.

You’ll probably be going oh okay, so what the connection between Trump & MGTOW.

I also came across story of a well trained American Solider who serve in military tower in Afghanistan, there he met a “single mother”, married her, and than brought her, and her family to states. Where naturally she tried to alienate him from his family, and just like her first husband/lover American husband ended up divorcing her as well.

First rule of the game is; never buy anything broken.

If politician are lying so much that you can catch them, than you should never vote for them.

Same way, if a most beautiful women is a single mother, you should not date her just as you wouldn’t buy a broken car.

We all carry baggage in our lives, we don’t someone else headache.