Fathers First: Rich vs Poor

Not everyone is as lucky as Hunter Biden. That is why in 2015 razorbladekandy created the hash tag #FathersFirst, and his mission is more important in 2020 than ever before.

If you didn’t see the news in mainstream media about Hunter Biden. You will find it amusing that Joe Biden’s 49-year-old son who looked as pregnant as his spouse waddling with his wife while hiding another kid with a former stripper.

Mainstream media has successfully censored this scandal and tried to deny paternity 16-month-old baby with ex-exotic dancer Lunden Alexis Roberts — until a DNA test nailed him.

Lunden Roberts vs Hunter Biden Case No: 32DR-19-187

The reason I am bringing Hunter’s Biden case is – it is the latest and the most popular — albeit totally suppress by mainstream media because his father is running for 2020 Election. Won’t look good that father like son is also creepy, and have sex with strippers, teenage girls, and dead brother’s wife!

Sounds like he is on his way becoming a Democratic leader in no time!

When reading about him it hard to ignore how creepy he is like daddy Joe Biden. This is why his father shouldn’t be elected at all. Joe Biden couldn’t teach moral to his own son, but want to undo creepy thing Trump did — far less horrible than father & son combine!

Mr. Pervert even dated his dead brother’s wife, while stripper will stuff dildo up his arse!. What a freak! Liberal sure know how to pick a leader.

You guys remember creepy Biden kissing teenage girls in front of his wife?
Well, it’s looks son is following his father’s foot steps.

In any case for us the important thing about this case are the cost to proof or disproof paternity litigation. His case filing and total cost is available from the Arkansas Court.

Link: 191119_Motion_for_Attys_Fees_and_Costs_02578_cwlX.pdf

For a rich person fighting a paternity case will cost $11,000.00. For poor Americans may reach as high as $50,000.00 not counting complete divorce, or post divorce “alimony”. Imagine going through this type of hell during on going COVID-19 global pandemic.

Key to American Court is: Judges always favor the Rich not the Poor. Our legal system is a blend of Roman Law with some of the older rules. This means when emperors of Rome created law which were for meant to protect civilian of Roman (rich powerful people living and stealing from the natives). Which means law did not protect poor, slaves, or serf because they were considered property — just like African American were until recently.

In modern Era men are the serf — hence they pay lifetime alimony, child support even when they are not the biological father. Modern no fault divorce marriages means wife can openly cheat, and she will get the money after divorce. Believe it or not many of our modern law codes you will find are paragraphs of law are almost unchanged from the text proclaimed by Roman emperors nearly twenty centuries ago or 528 A.D!

Americans Black Law Dictionary is pretty much a copy of Roman laws set of books known as Institutes of Justinian, or the Corpus Juris Civilis. Main principles of both laws are “men take care of the family”, “women wealth don’t count (never mind that women were consider property of men, or father)”.

So modern Corpus Juris Civilis provides feminists added edicts and ordinances which often includes principle of white knight version of the Roman law. This is what modern men are being subjugated to as if we are living in 528 A.D!

For example one of the paragraph from Ius civile Quiritium (the Civil Law of the Rome) states that if you knew right from wrong, caused damage to another person, you would be held responsible to pay for the damage you had caused. Modern American law is base on that which is why you see Americans are suing fellow Americans, and Judges like Judy are milking money and rest of us are watching fellow citizens making a fool of themselves!

In the past men were expected to take care of their kids, and no DNA devices invented (of course cheating women were — I’ll leave up to your imagination what Roman did to them!)

Sadly, modern law is pretty the same way for anyone who is poor, or non-white! Here is something to remember about the child support — court decide base on your previous “five years income” — how many Americans are even making that during pandemic lock down? I just donated masks and can food to my local church because parents can not even afford them!

Rich perverts like Biden can show contempt to court and refuse to hand over their financial documents — but an average Joe will end up in jail! Is it any different than what Gaul (the early name of the country of France) were subjected to during Roman occupation? Can you imagine French men complaining to Roman magistrate that Roman armies are stealing their properties, and rapping their women. Their heads would end up on pikes to make it clear what “Corpus Juris” is for the native!

The court had ordered Hunter Biden to turn over five years’ worth of financial information by Jan. 16. He had already missed deadlines of Dec. 12 and 19 of last year.”

Of course if you are rich you might as well have a sexual appetite like Biden.

  • Divorced his wife of 23 years of Marriage
  • Dated his dead brother wife Hallie!
  • Start sleeping with Strippers and married again with Mellisa!

Here is the timeline!

  • May 2015: Beau Biden dies of brain cancer
  • October 2015: Hunter and his wife Kathleen separate formally
  • March 2017: Hunter and Beau’s widow, Hallie, confirm they are dating
  • April 2017: Hunter and Kathleen’s divorce is finalized
  • Fall 2017: Lunden Roberts becomes pregnant in Arkansas
  • August 2018: Lunden Roberts gives birth to baby which she says is Hunter’s
  • April 2019: Hunter and Hallie split for unknown reasons
  • May 2019: Hunter marries Melissa Cohen in Los Angeles a month after meeting her
  • November, 2019, Biden was finally revealed to be the father of Roberts’ child following the outcome of a DNA test – something the 28-year-old had been urging Biden to take since May, following his repeated denials.

Never Reported By Mainstream Media like NY Times!

While it is easy for rich perverts like Hunters Biden, or King Juan Carlos — another loon being drag into paternity lawsuit. Rest of us are not rich enough to blew off woman claiming to be a mother of our children.

For us, simple MGTOW life is the way to go. We also support fellow single father being abused by court system. Hopefully other single men will learn, and never get in a legally binding relationship.


Divorce Preparation Part I

Matrix is a must-see move for its allegorical take on society today. Most people are just batteries (see the movie – I am not going to explain it here), while some are actively fighting the “agents”. Without a Neo, we are hopelessly outgunned, once the red pill is taken, there comes the self-realization, and desire for freedom and independence.

Once you have decided to go ahead for a divorce you have taken a red pill, unlike a hero in a movie. The only person who will be a savior in your life is you. Every preparation you make for upcoming detachment will be an added shield during a divorce fight.

Massive towers are standing strong only on few pillars, it was their careful engineering, and construction that resulted in a reliable functional building. Unbeknownst to its happy occupant enjoys, and passerby admirer.

Think of a divorce like a control demolition. Such a task require more than just explosive. Divorce is pretty the same, you need more than a lawyer.

I will list thing you need to prepare yourself before you can file for divorce.

If you just got married — and doubt started to occur in your mind. I suggest that opt out. Longer you stay harder it will be, and governmental laws such as they are, you will end up losing more than half of your property. Worst yet, more children you have with unhappy partner worst it is for you as well as for the kids.

You know the anecdotal describing a frog slowly being boiled alive. If relationship turns sour such an early stage. This is why you gotta opt out ASAP. It’s more than a love gone bad, your lifetime saving, 401k, even your IRA. Judges are known to hand over future retirement saving to a “house wife” because she was “holding the fort” and that is why you were able to work etc…

When you take this step there is no turning back, and even if you made a mistake, learn from it and move on. There is no point trying to patch a broken relationship. Divorce is such a painful step that no matter what you do afterward; trust is gone even if your partner tells otherwise. It will never be the same.

The irony is when unmarried unmarried couple have similar problem. They have better chance of fixing than a married couple. It’s  because they are not married to the government. Divorce court – aptly called divorce industry. This terrible corporation deliberately turn a simple divorce into a nasty fight thereby running unhappy couple

Following method are through trial and error of my own divorce. Hopefully it will help you make a better decision in a sound rational way. It also makes separation less painful — keep in mind it is a very difficult process, and it will emotionally drain you. I have met men who boosted themselves to be “machos” and “manly men”, once their wives’ lawyer was done with then, they were kissing gay men in every imaginable way possible.

So don’t be a fool!

You need to assess your own situation. This is based on where you live. I always recommend a lawyer; some of these legal services will cost you around $300 to $500. Also if you can spare some money, talk with two lawyers. Check the reviews online of the lawyers, and far from anywhere where your partner live.

Type of questions you need to ask your lawyers are:

  • Alimony — is it temporary or lifetime
  • Child Support how much
  • Property Split
  • Pension Split

Let’s say if you live in California and your marriage is close to 9 years + than you don’t wanna wait a year. After 10 years it is lifetime alimony.Unless, you are lucky enough on the receiving end than by I means wait until you get the biggest pay of alimony.

There two sections you need to work on self-improvement and divorce preparation.

Main Preparation:

Self-Improvement Divorce Preparation
Gym Save money for lawyer and other divorce cost
Diet DNA test of the Kids,
 Create a Food Diary Get a P.O. Box redirected all mail
 Stay focused with to-do lists Record her screaming & shouting hopefully with videos.
 Quit a bad habit Save three or four months money for rent, and move
 Avoid negative people Rent storage: slowly move all the items you need.
 Turnoff TV Rent a safety deposit box in Bank, and move all the documents there.
 Write your own blog Safe money for vacation
 Let go of the past Search for rental apartment, or a room, or even move in with parents
 Do Volunteering Work less than 40 hours to reduce alimony and child support payment.
 Meditate Never agree to marriage counseling

While doing all of this — make sure that your partner had her monthly period, and use condom, or avoid sex. Less you have sex is better, and there is an honor in your stealth behavior as in you did not use your partner, and you are less emotionally attached & feeling guilty. Remember it is not about displaying chivalry, it is about avoiding upcoming manipulation.

Having Children Is Selfish

I have graduated from a medical University, and I am working in a same trade. Nonetheless, as part of my post-divorce life I am taking some college courses for self-improvement. I am planning to do minor in cooking, and major in wood working — house renovation.

I love building things, and I enjoy cooking. These are my two hobbies. It is a very enjoyable to build your bed room closet, or redesign your own house, and build a backyard porch with roof.

I am good with home renovation, I can even built things like house closet, floating shelf, however I want to do with that “professional” touch that can only come with proper learning, and working with tradesmen.

I take these classes during weekend — only four hours sat & sun. Remaining time I spend with my daughter. As most of you know I was lucky enough to get the custody of my little princess. It’s so beautiful life. Just me and my angeles.

So why would I fathers say such thing “having children is selfish”?

Well, as part of my trade courses I am “forced” to take language course English. During class debate we were discussing “childless couple” and many accused them to be selfish.

I interjected and said they are not selfish. People who cannot feed themselves are more selfish for making than those who decided not to have kids. After all what is worst? A couple who decided not to have kids, or those who decided to have kids and can’t feed them, and don’t pay attention to their children.

You hear excuses like “Children are blessing”, and “nobody planning to be miserable”.

First off, they are your blessing, and my expense. My kids are my bless, your kids are my pain.

Some of you may remember the old story about the college girl who went to bed one night, and finally dropped off to sleep, but in the early hours of the morning she heard the clock strike two and she felt the door of her room was slowly opening. Terrified, she tried to call out in the darkness, but a handkerchief was whipped over her mouth and she felt strong arms lift her from the bed. She was carried downstairs, thrown into the tonneau of a large and luxurious Rolls-Royce that set off at high speed. After a long ride she was lifted out and carried into the large hall of a vast and palatial mansion, up marble stairs, and into an elegantly appointed room, where she was thrown on the bed. Only then did she see her captor clearly. He was a strong and handsome man attired in faultless evening dress. He stood by the bed, looking down at her speculatively and silently. She tried to speak, and at last she was able to say whimperingly, “What, oh, what are you going to do to me?” The man shrugged his shoulders. “How should I know?” he said. “This is your dream.”

The story is absurd, of course, but it owes what little humor it possesses to its equivocal play on the mystery of our own consciousness. A dream is by definition a series of sensations that occur in the brain when both our senses of perception and our powers of will and reason are in abeyance, so that we have no control over that flux of sensations.

But in our waking hours we must, if we are rational, make our decisions on the basis of the most objective and cold-blooded estimates that we can make: estimates of the forces and tendencies in the world about us; estimates of the realities with which we must deal; remembering always that nothing is likely to happen just because we think it’s good, or unlikely to happen just because we think it’s evil.

So how is it those who cannot feed themselves decided to make children, and then demand rest of us hard working people to feed their family.

What is even worst when couples who cannot even take care themselves decided to pop multiple kids thereby drowning into further poverty and despair?

We as society are told to donate money for children who are starving, and only have a rag to cover their body.

Nobody ask who sire these children? Why didn’t they think about when they were having sex? Some traditionalist (both conservatives & democrat) barks at us that it’s not a fault of a mother who is poor, and her child is crying because there is not food in the house.

Who forced these women to have kids? If you’re dating, or married a loser why would you expect a better outcome? Even in 3rd world countries women are now provided secret contraceptive services where they can stop pregnancy. Children should not be created by couples who cannot take care of themselves. You made a Xerox copy of yourself, now pay for your mistake. Don’t expect me to feed their misfortunate children.

Many popular people were born in poverty. Take Nikola Tesla, Jack London, Louis Ferdinand Cline, or Feodor Dostoevsky.

Consider the four outstanding people I mentioned. Neither Celine, nor London was leftist, although Tesla, and Dostoevsky were conservatives, and none of four was wealthy or considered a snob. London in fact was an illegitimate child raised in poverty. At the age of 13 he was working 12 hours a day in a cannery for ten cents. These people learn from their parent’s mistake thus given birth to modern day movement of family planning.

Two kids and a white picket fence is not a middle class dream. It is a responsible choice for couples thinking of their own children future and their own future retirement. So called poor couple popping out five kids, and living in a subside house, and lining up for even more welfare are selfish, deceitful, and harmful to our society for their destructive and parasitic activities.

But think of the children?

Again, I did not make them therefore they are not my responsibility. I did not print a Xerox copy of myself from your wound therefore don’t expect me to be financially responsible.

We cannot legally drive a car without insurance, and some states criminals, cannot even vote in election. Yet we let these same irresponsible people are allowed to make kids, and our government make us pay for their mistake rather than penalize them.

How come our leading literary light is not warning us about destructive intention of socialism? Did all our writers got killed during, or swollen up during 60s hippy revolution? I don’t know the answer of these questions. But I can tell you is that both parties (democrats & conservative) bash “Putin (i.e. communism/socialism) yet their policies mirror the very villain they demonize.

Perhaps most writers don’t want write what ails our society, after all most people don’t do series reading anyway. I mean how many people have read Gulag Archipelago, or Fahrenheit 451, and compare them present day political correctness, and self-imposed censorship?

Tell vast majority of the American that don’t make babies if you can’t feed them won’t get you a chair in the hall of avant-garde.

So what the solution? One can see modern media, and even literature and rest of modern culture is a wasteland, devoid of real spirit, and real genius of true independent thinker. Modern politics is stuck in a convulsion and toxic dichotomy; question Trump, and you are leftish, praise Trump and be parepare to be call a racist and an extremist.

Civilizations are like a human body. When nations are in their prime they are moral, and productive like 20 years old Olympic runner. When they past their peak they turned into a nightmare envision by George Orwell in 1984.

Have we passed our peak like Roman Empire? Is this why we see our institutions, and courts corrupting us rather than uplifting our people.

If not than how come our modern culture does not inspire our people to fight welfare bum instead it victimizes and exploits and eventually financially punish hard working people?


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