MGTOW Film Review: Sex and the City

Unless you are a 40 years old male ballerina clearly dealing with Oedipal issues and ready to settle down with a woman who looks like your mom. This film is not for you. If you haven’t seen it yet than count your blessing by miles. Movie likes these are clear proof how racist the white liberals are. Like the previous film, and the vomit inducing sitcom this one is also a dud. Film 2.0 is about over the hills ladies, and them thinking they are still hot to trot.

As a New York residence I happened to know bit more about this movie, and those aspects are worth looking into. The film was written by fellow New York residence. As usual media has never covered the author lifestyle, and her husband’s semi homosexual influence on the film. Her ex-husband a Gay-Straight man — to the uninitiated — this means he prefers ladies do the plugging – because he is not “into men”.

Plot of the film is pretty simple. In shorts it’s about four 50 years old alcoholic females “much like the author”. These ladies are living happily ever after. Thanks to 1080 resolution you can see it all; turkey neck, loose, dangling skin, and revolting wrinkly turkey’s wattling on human’s head. To further whet our appetite you get to hear women’s in 50s complaining about back pain when changing diapers, and hot flashes, and menopause. Perhaps film is meant to be a SciFi — cause author doesn’t explain how women get pregnant during menopause, and why are they still taking birth control pills!


Sex and the City 2 like its predecessor is based on vomit inducing articles written by Candace Bushnell. Her lifestyle and writing are reflection of each other. Above screenshot is a profile of the author, and her husband — a ballerina dancer. You can whet your appetite more by seeing some of her filth on New York Observer. Film try to convince “Mostly Women” that they can have it all. They can have a career, marry men younger then themselves, have kids in their 50s, and more.

By the way the picture of her husband above was given by almighty google. Google was quite generous, following screenshot is from his twitter profile. He has full on makeup, and you can also read from his tweets that he spends his time watching movies like Barbie in the Nutcracker, Fluffy My Bobo etc. This family is allowed to influence the mind the young impressionable kids. Is it any wonder no one take media seriously, and they are rightly called fake news?

Another fun fact; Mr. Askegard lost over 99% of his followers thanks to his ex-wife! Poor sob even changed his picture, and put on a makeup, and lipstick — alas only 500+ gay man under his belt — or skirt in his case.


The whole premises of the film is women don’t need men. To further illustrate this pointed  we see how they over come their enemies — rich masculine, straight man from Arabia. “Gals” in 50s are invited to United Arab Emirates by a rich businessman — here we suppose to suspend our mind that ultra rich Arab men would even bother looking at any girl over 25. Nor are we suppose to asked why the hell women in their 50s would go to middle-east on their own.

Are we suppose to also ignore that American girls would have sniff rich Arabs men on their own. Should we also ignore that CIA would never pick women in 50s to do their dirty work. One character in her 60s ended up with “gay straight WASP — naturally an underwear model”.  Other marry to a rich Alpha man, who apologized to his wife because his toxic masculinity made her slept with other men — continuation of a deleted scene “Reminding your wife of cheating is like raping her mentally” Last two friends are groupies with no life of their own.

Like most Hollywood movies this one also has a predictable plot, and typical happy ending with liberal racism. Damsels in Distress are able to trick nasty camel chasers Muslim, and feminists have out smarted fleets of mindless Arabs, and went back to living in New York City! Beside bashing Muslims, and catering towards feminists and bizarre Israeli propaganda there is nothing much there.






Irresistible: Jon Stewart’s Hypocrisy

Burnt out comedian Jon Stewart finally came out his animal sex farm to stain the world with more hypocrisy. His latest failure is called Irresistible. All you need to know about the movie is; he talks about 2016 election; avoid the subject of Hilary Clinton stealing election, bash Trump, and conservatives, and ends with sex. Much like his retire life without the sex. Rumor has it that he moved with his wife to animal farm to have sexual orgies with retired farm animals. Other suggest “he may not be”, but farm is meant to keep his wife away from enjoying Carousel ride with Black Men; perhaps horses and cows suppose to be substitute Thiago Nigro? Either way; he took censored version of his farm life, and transformed it into a film — minus the bestiality.

Prior to being dump by Comedy Central he was producing vomit inducing jokes, and pretending to be guardian of moral virtue by pouring hatred towards Arabs & Muslims nations. He used his platform to promote pro-Israeli propaganda and called it an American value. Even his staff pointed out that no sane American will foolishly believe that any two nations can share common value. If this were true American and Canadian would’ve  merged as one nation;  despite belonging to same racial stock, language, and culture they are two different countries. He kept firing them until he himself was let go.

I guess racism really doesn’t work. Also, you can safely bet your bottom dollar that he never hired any Muslim writers due to his hatred. Hell of liberal don’t think? And, now he comes out bashing Trump, and Republicans. He mocks Americans by talking about saving cow. Yes that’s right; god damn cows. Yet he is surrounded by millions of poor Americans who are living from pay check to pay check. During COVID-19 pandemic they don’t have a job, nor any protection from the state. Yet, he uses his millions of dollar to take care retire cows!

That’s right he buys cows from other farms, and save them from being eaten. Yet American around this shameless hypocrite are starving and penniless. Even if these poor hapless animals are not used for sexual orgies, it is still bizarre trying to save animal meant for food production; why not endangered species like lions, tigers? Whatever reason, what he is telling us is that animals are more important then human being. Would he feel the same way if millions of American were Jews instead of White American were starving?

This is why his concern for the American people comes out as blatant lie. No one can take him seriously when he defends every single Israeli atrocities from the like of Ariel Sharon, the Butcher of Beirut, and genocide of Palestinian people. Yet he mocks Jordan for not having diversity.  How much diversity Israeli has? We all know the answer of the question don’t we?

As for his malevolent concern for American lives. How many lives of American soldiers he put in danger by insulting foreign leader who were helping us in war against terrorism? How ironic that he reject racism, yet he had no problem bulling 3rd world leaders.When he was attacking Pakistani president during the interview — a nuclear armed nation who were also helping American soldiers fighting in Afghan. How many American soldiers died because Pakistani decided not to help U.S. Did he really think Pakistani couldn’t put two and two together that a American Jewish comedian is attacking them; and hence they have no obligation to help American military because of his racism? Don’t expect mainstream media to point figure at their fellow gang.

One final note I will add. Jon Stewart latest film is his pathetic attempt to trick the public into wasting their money. He want us to become collaborators in the corrupt system run by Democratic party. As Richard D. Wolff said our mainstream media, and our political system can not be reform. Also, let not forget; most of us saw his racism and rejected him, and that is why he ran away into a cow farm!

So let’s not waste time or money on his Anti-Trump propaganda. Democratic party is just as bad. Biden has been accused by six women. Hilary Clinton lost of multiple front — her husband ferocious appetite for sex from co-workers. Women responded by not voting for her. Democratic party learned nothing and lost it. So they pick Biden who has been accused by six women for sexual misconduct. Yet liberal media is bullying poor white American, and non-white to vote for this rapist. Don’t let mainstream media and their marionette to trick you once again. We must stop listening to these criminal, and just turnoff our TV.

MGTOW Film Review: The Shape of Water


May you live in interesting times  as the Chinese curse goes. This film is a proof how screwed up our society is. Few years ago they were applauding women for “self marriage“, and few among them still looking for bad boy went for straight for the beast.

This is yet again a blatant double standard of our society towards men. Do you remember Enumclaw horse sex case when a gay Boeing engineer residing in Enumclaw, Washington, died because he was riding a stallion! Even gay men were angry for being stereotype like this!

Lecture upon lecture were flooded on Fake Media. Reminding us of men’s nasty nature. In 2005 protecting animals was todays version of #MeToo movement. But hey, when it comes to women, that’s when rules are changed. Most traditionalist are now defending interspecies sex: Crooked Chicago Tribune has this to say:

“I don’t even think the Bible itself has a protocol for animals in the wild getting married before they have sex (laughs), so I think it’s going to be OK!’”

You can easily guess when Christian fundamentalist is talking to you. He conveniently didn’t mention “interspecies” between human and animals.

Bible does talk about this.

  • Deuteronomy 27:21-22 Anyone will be cursed who has sexual relations with an animal. Then all the people will say, Amen! A man will be cursed who has sexual relations with his sister, whether she is his father’s daughter or his mother’s daughter. Then all the people will say, Amen!
  • Leviticus 20:15-16 If a man has sex with an animal, he must be put to death, and the animal must be killed. If a woman presents herself to a male animal to have intercourse with it, she and the animal must both be put to death. You must kill both, for they are guilty of a capital offense

Although, I was raised as christian. I don’t use this platform to spread my spiritual views. Only to point out that our Media is Fake! They lie about everything. Even things that you can easily check!

Crooked Forbes Review “The Shape Of Water’ Successfully Depicts An Interspecies Relationship“.

This time they are suggesting that woman, and a fish man are like two consenting adults. How the heck is he even consenting? He did not ask for her phone number. She stole him from the lab, and shoved him in her bath tub. Later she started sexual contact with poor frighten animal! Makes me wonder about single women, and their dogs!

Rest of the movie follow the similar hollywood story line. You can just read the entire plot from wiki, or just see few clips from YouTube, and save few pennies & time.

What interest us about this movie is  the in your face double-speak talk & philosophy, and misandry. MGTOW movement is forcing women to look for other species for mating. That’s saying something.