Failed: John Oliver On COVID Conspiracy

John Oliver on his July 19, 2020 episode talks about “Covid-19” conspiracy. So far anyone who has questioned it has been deleted by Google, Twitter, YouTube, and Face. They reacted the same way anyone who has question Jeffrey Epstein death. Yet we suppose to believe that Epstein successfully committed suicide under 24 hours guard, and video surveillance.

What about Joe Biden the only thing progressive about Biden is his dementia. Worst yet totally ignoring six women accusing him sexual assault.

It doesn’t really matter if you believe in an onging pandemic, that fact we are told it wrong to question the government makes this very scary. Mainstream, and social sites are working together only fuel to the fire. This type of idioitc censorship only increase public believe in Deep State. Once again media is on the wrong side, and people are rejecting them.

Irresistible: Jon Stewart’s Hypocrisy

Burnt out comedian Jon Stewart finally came out his animal sex farm to stain the world with more hypocrisy. His latest failure is called Irresistible. All you need to know about the movie is; he talks about 2016 election; avoid the subject of Hilary Clinton stealing election, bash Trump, and conservatives, and ends with sex. Much like his retire life without the sex. Rumor has it that he moved with his wife to animal farm to have sexual orgies with retired farm animals. Other suggest “he may not be”, but farm is meant to keep his wife away from enjoying Carousel ride with Black Men; perhaps horses and cows suppose to be substitute Thiago Nigro? Either way; he took censored version of his farm life, and transformed it into a film — minus the bestiality.

Prior to being dump by Comedy Central he was producing vomit inducing jokes, and pretending to be guardian of moral virtue by pouring hatred towards Arabs & Muslims nations. He used his platform to promote pro-Israeli propaganda and called it an American value. Even his staff pointed out that no sane American will foolishly believe that any two nations can share common value. If this were true American and Canadian would’ve  merged as one nation;  despite belonging to same racial stock, language, and culture they are two different countries. He kept firing them until he himself was let go.

I guess racism really doesn’t work. Also, you can safely bet your bottom dollar that he never hired any Muslim writers due to his hatred. Hell of liberal don’t think? And, now he comes out bashing Trump, and Republicans. He mocks Americans by talking about saving cow. Yes that’s right; god damn cows. Yet he is surrounded by millions of poor Americans who are living from pay check to pay check. During COVID-19 pandemic they don’t have a job, nor any protection from the state. Yet, he uses his millions of dollar to take care retire cows!

That’s right he buys cows from other farms, and save them from being eaten. Yet American around this shameless hypocrite are starving and penniless. Even if these poor hapless animals are not used for sexual orgies, it is still bizarre trying to save animal meant for food production; why not endangered species like lions, tigers? Whatever reason, what he is telling us is that animals are more important then human being. Would he feel the same way if millions of American were Jews instead of White American were starving?

This is why his concern for the American people comes out as blatant lie. No one can take him seriously when he defends every single Israeli atrocities from the like of Ariel Sharon, the Butcher of Beirut, and genocide of Palestinian people. Yet he mocks Jordan for not having diversity.  How much diversity Israeli has? We all know the answer of the question don’t we?

As for his malevolent concern for American lives. How many lives of American soldiers he put in danger by insulting foreign leader who were helping us in war against terrorism? How ironic that he reject racism, yet he had no problem bulling 3rd world leaders.When he was attacking Pakistani president during the interview — a nuclear armed nation who were also helping American soldiers fighting in Afghan. How many American soldiers died because Pakistani decided not to help U.S. Did he really think Pakistani couldn’t put two and two together that a American Jewish comedian is attacking them; and hence they have no obligation to help American military because of his racism? Don’t expect mainstream media to point figure at their fellow gang.

One final note I will add. Jon Stewart latest film is his pathetic attempt to trick the public into wasting their money. He want us to become collaborators in the corrupt system run by Democratic party. As Richard D. Wolff said our mainstream media, and our political system can not be reform. Also, let not forget; most of us saw his racism and rejected him, and that is why he ran away into a cow farm!

So let’s not waste time or money on his Anti-Trump propaganda. Democratic party is just as bad. Biden has been accused by six women. Hilary Clinton lost of multiple front — her husband ferocious appetite for sex from co-workers. Women responded by not voting for her. Democratic party learned nothing and lost it. So they pick Biden who has been accused by six women for sexual misconduct. Yet liberal media is bullying poor white American, and non-white to vote for this rapist. Don’t let mainstream media and their marionette to trick you once again. We must stop listening to these criminal, and just turnoff our TV.

Seven Female Victim vs Creepy Joe Biden

CNN proudly posted an article that Tara Reade lawyer has dump her and her sexual allegation will not be investigated. Seven Women Have Now Said Joe Biden have touch them! They are; Lucy Flores, Amy Lappos, Caitlyn Caruso, D.J. Hill, Vail Kohnert-Yount, Sofie Karasek, Ally Coll. Are we suppose to believe they are all lying. Why are you liberal demanding we American vote for rapist in 2020 election! You really don’t any person beside him? Even Obama Joke about Biden touching in his speeches! Hell of way of win 2020 election.

As you can see; Tara Reade was not the first person to complain about her female grabbing behavior. SNL made numerous videos pointing out how creepy he is! Most popular of them is Lucy Flores.

Lucy Flores speaks out on her accusation on Joe Biden

Here is compilation of how many women, and even LITTLE girls this piece of garbage was touching!!


Even SNL mention his rapist behavior.


Hypocrisy Of Black Lives Matters

While everyone is talking about Russian trying to kill American solider in Afghan mainstream media ignore little known fact that Ethiopian Criminal leaders who financed 2016 Trump election. As of May 2020 their bribery come to a full fruition. They have successfully stolen water from 257 million people of Africa. #itismydam will give you all the glimpse you need of black supremacist society you need. Biggest finance for this genocidal project comes from “Pegida” Patriotic Europeans Against the Islamisation of the Occident. This project is meant to starve Muslims from Sudan, and Egypt. Yet you hear no mention of it any where in media. Nazi from Germany are helping Black supremacist to steal water from 257 millions. No wonder main stream media is consider fake by everyone.

Ethiopian decided to steal the Blue Nile River waters by creating a dam. This is preventing equal and fair distribution of water to their neighbors Sudan. Imagine if Canada stole Nightfall water from US. This is the most dangerous project ever created in Africa to increase desertification, and killing large number of wild animals. No to mention horror it will bring to starved nations like Sudan, and Egypt. Ethiopian

leaders even change the name of their Dam from “Millennium Dam” to “Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam” to cater Trump. As you know he loves everything that is big and huge.

Why this is such a huge deal. Unlike normal dam this abomination of a dam will take 15 years to fill it! Keep in mind we are talking about a dam which was built by 3rd world country — riddle with wars, and infested with every type of corruption you can imagine. This water will be stolen by war ridden neighbor Sudan, and Egypt. It will also increase desertification, and cause enormous damage to flora and fauna.

During my residency I worked as a doctor in Ethiopia,. I saw nurses stealing medical supplies and selling them on the street. Anytime we the foreign doctors reported any theft we accused of racism. Now they are doing the same thing. Starving their neighbor of waters, and causing one the worst environmental damage to entire region by hoarding the water for 15 years!

It is amazing how White liberal, and Black Nationalist talk about ng non-stop; SHARING IS CARING. Yet when Ethiopian are going around pouring billions of dollar in Trump campaign to they can influence our government so can they steal the water from neighbor — same liberal don’t pretend this is not happening.

Just look at hastag ‘#itismydam” flooded with the most racist and bigoted argument you can imagine by Black Supremacist.

“Why is it okay for white devil to kill Arabs, but no no when we nigger do it?”

“We Ethopian have right to kill and rape our neighbor because white devil did it to us”

“Let them starve, We won’t share water with our neighbor because they are not Black!”

Lesson here is simple. Any political group carry traditional hypocrisy. Any group that pretend to be guardian of moral virtue is just as



Racist Howard Stern Cries Wolf

Recent exposure of racist behavior of Howard Stern is nothing new. Just last week Howard Stern called All Muslim terrorist — and he pretend that is okay. XM Radio will not take any action against him. While bashing, and harassing might not be cool anymore — but calling Muslims terrorists is always  support by Liberal and Conservative media.

Howard went on to cry — me no racist, me no racist. But, that’s a lie. He has made fun of non-white women who were victim of abusive husbands, and even rape victim like his co-host Robin — a black woman who was rapped by her father, and he has always joke about this.

Let’s protest and demand XM Radio, and other mainstream fake media to boycott him, and fired this old fart.

Fake News vs Progressive Propaganda

Back in 90s there two terms were used  to describe fake news, and fake media. The liberal & progressive were running under Turnoff TV umbrella . Conservative & White Supremacist were calling it “Control Media & Entertainment industry. To Conservatives  & White supremacist minorities such as African American, Jews, Homosexual were controlling the media and entertainment industry. Liberal & Progressive elite felt the same way — but they prefer using Orwellian term and logic to hide their racism. White unhappy with racist environment from both camps joined non-white and then emerge a new community called “Cable Cutters”. On My 5th Wall Street Journal grudgingly released an article “TV Cord-Cutting Hits Record as Corona-virus Shuts Businesses“.  Public has voted with their money — and they are not happy with fake news, and propaganda.

NY Times also released an article: “As Cable TV Fades, Fearing ‘the End of Comedy Central“. It is not surprising to see that corporation are using covid-19 crisis to get rid overly paid 50+ years old hosts from the TV. MSNBC, CBC and other can hire new men & women under 30, and sexy looking, and make millions of dollars. Trump may have popularized the term “fake news”, but the fact of the matter is public was always vary of media long before that. Politicians & Journalists are always late to the party.  There is a reason “daily newspapers” always covering yesterday events, not ongoing trends.

Most people with establish career fear retaliation by government, or even law enforcement for talking about mainstream media. Now they have opportunity to use get-rid of an electronic filth from their house thanks to COVID-19 crisis. Mainstream media did not think about this of blow-back, nor did journalist, and even alternative media, and online beggars were shocked.

Public is not the only one cutting excessive fat during pandemic. Big corporation are cutting commercial on the TV, and cables news networks. In turn media’s executives are doing the same thing as well. This has created a hug panic among TV & Radio hosts. online control opposition masquerading as “alternative news” are left to their down device.  As their filed is shrinking they are  fighting among themselves. While professional wrestling among professional journalist is still left vs right soap-opera. However, this is becoming very amusing among professional online beggars.

Take Jimmy Dore for example. On his recent online begging video. He decided it use an age old formula popular among progressive white supremacist to terrorize non-white journalists like Anad Girdharadas. Conservative listeners ended up forking over thousands of dollar via super YouTube super chat!. He is unhappy that professional journalist are doing better job exposing media bias. This is why he is freaking out, and using race card to keep his white viewers.

This type of racial criticism is a goldmine for online beggars, and scam artist running under “alternative news” umbrella. You can easily see his bias towards white millionaires journalist like Crystal Ball, and Chris Hedges.  These resentful loser are angry at the media for firing them. Which is the root cause of them joining “alternative news”. Alternative News is to leftist/progressive what Fox TV to white supremacist. Just like 90s white liberal, & white conservative are using two different label to flare racism during pandemic.

Unlike Anad, Jimmy works for RT TV. A Russian propaganda arm to promote Putin lies in international arena. 2nd backing comes from Iranian Shia & Alawites Arab who are murdering Sunni in Iran. He is bad mouthing non-white in media who are telling us how to watch out for fake news, and fake propaganda. There are multiple videos of him going after Anad & other non-white journalist. Big corporation & RT must not be paying Jimmy and other other control opposition groups.

What this tell us that elite on this society are abandoning their control opposition. This means we will see more inner fighting and their conflict will played in open example. Jimmy Dore is a stark example why must be vary of this “alternative news”. Mainstream has have its upside down. Nonetheless, getting your info from RT is not the way to go. They are caught lying about COVID-1i, and extremely dangerous to us as American. West did defeat Soviet Union during cold war, and Russia was humiliated. Like it or not Russian government want their pound of flash. We should be very vigilant, and check out fact instead of rushing out and embarrassing “alternative news” which is turning out to be a control opposition.

Joe Biden & Netflix

Racism and British-ism go hand and hand. Netflix UK series “The Strangers” could’ve been written by Joe Biden and Donald Trump. Demonization of sexual victims like Tara Reade could’ve been directed by Fox TV. Main message of the show is; never trust rapist accusation by non-white — specially Black & Muslim women. This make UK’s “Westminster paedophile dossier” kinder-garden play. Rape victim, and accuser are unattractive brown girls — just like Tara Reade. The suggestion is White Liberals & Progressive can not rape non-white because we find them racially unattractive. Don’t take my words for just read the NY Times Article “I Believe Tara Reade. I’m Voting for Joe Biden Anyway“.

Racism and ethnic terrorism are core part of Anglo society. It is more prevalent among white liberals & progressive. The Strangers TV show; white liberals are in deep denial, and fear their victim whom they are murdering.  Two white cops — one murder his non-white wife, and 2nd married a Palestinian looking women who is poisoning her own kid — they might as well call Muslim suicide bomber. Rape under colonialism was given green card by arresting the victim and her family. They were further demonize by labeling them as savages, and white liberal went on to call rape victim as terrorist whenever non-white revolted & resisted white control of their civilization. This TV show also expose true face of liberals who are busy destroying non-white under the Orwellian umbrellas of multiculturalism and diversity.

Under New Speak slavery and serfdom are called multiculturalism and diversity. This is why white liberals openly write “I Believe Tara Reade. I’m Voting for Joe Biden Anyway“.  What the author is saying that yes Tara Reade was rapped but she is not sexy nor hot to be convicting. Even Howard Stern dismiss her by saying Trump did it too! It is very strange the UK TV show pretty much reflect US Election 2020. Dismissing any & all rape victim because they are non-white, or they fat and unattractive!

You know how I will Vote? I vote with my money. I have canceled subscription to Netflix. This ought to give you an idea how I will be voting in 2020 election!

Alt-Right Liberals: Jimmy Dore & Fake News

You can’t be Pro American if you work for Russian TV. Progressive loon and closet Alt-Right nutter Jimmy Dore decided to promote Obama Gate — a fake scandal created by President Trump. This is why progressive & democrats party are a losers. They have these nut case loons who refuse to criticize current administration for their dismal response for covid-19 pandemic. He much rather go after non-white and liberals and ignore current administration. Trump response to COVID-19 is shocking considering USA is a “superpower”.

In 2020 I am not going vote for Democrat party either. Yet this doesn’t mean I will go after my opponent either. Obama, and Biden are not running the current administration — Trump is. Yet Alt-Right Liberals and their aka Progressive, AOC, and whole swathe of Neo-liberals will defend Trump.

Why not Online bloggers like Jimmy are online beggars. Yet they will not donate a penny to homeless people in their community LA has the largest skid row community.When was the last time you saw progressive helping impoverished people? They are just like Bill Maher, and Howard Stern without million dollar contract.

Bernie and DNC Corruption

More things change, more they remain the same. Current ongoing scandal is a reminiscent of how DNC stole election from Bernie and handed over to corrupt Hillary Clinton. Thieves don’t stop stealing until you put them in jail.

Democrats party was shouting from the top of their lungs that Russia stole the election by computer hacking. Yet they went ahead with a brand new untested computer system. Why didn’t they do paper ballot? Could it be that Hilary leaked emails showed that she and Prez stole the election now DNC did the samething.

Why not reelection. Let the voter revote. If you wanna be really fair make it a holiday. For a nation that put big enfifses on democracy. Its doesn’t have a election day a statury day. Either a Friday or Monday this way people can vote and enjoy the rest of the day.

So it begs the question was this hulabaloo planed. Or the deep state state lost brief control and went for such drastic measures. If we judge them by their previous behavior it looks like outright corruption. As the saying goes if the democracy worked it would’ve been illegal.

Defensive Racism: Bill Maher

Bill Maher a closet conservatives wearning liberal clothing. I mean, it’s pretty hard to take him seriously. His hypocrisy makes such a wonderful target. Everything he says on this TV shows is glaringly hypocritical. He may grudgingly condemn White cops were “mean” to African American. However, support banning African American who were falsely put in jail by racist cops — once a black person goes to jail, he can’t never vote for life!

Bill Maher is a crooked, but not stupid. It’s not for nothing his selective compassion is a typical characteristic of whtie liberals. He goes outta his ways to support genocide of palestanian by Israelis. In fact Now, he is busying begging white Americans to vote for white supremacist — Not Trump – The Democractic Party!

Oh You didn’t know that democratic party is more racist then Republican Party? Mitch McConnell maybe sitting in his southern basement watching birth of nation The Birth of a Nation while sniffing boys underwear. But it is the liberal who destroying our civilization, and the planet itself.

But don’t take my words for it. See what others are saying about these nasty liberals.

Democratic & Republican are two headed monters. Let’s educated our fellow men, and then we can finally hope for better future.