DNC Scandal

If you guys have read my posting, you’ll notice I consider Republican party to be Nazi, Racist, Extremist and destroyer of Earth, Environment etc, etc.

However when it comes to “democrats” they are embodiment of pure evil. These scumbag ask poor disfranchise people to vote for them inexchange for better future. Later they abuse them just as much as republicans.

DNC scandal is a perfect.

All they want to talk about “Russian” hacking into DNC emails and dumping them into public domain & wiki leaks.

But here is the thing, how come they are not talking about the content of these mail. They always neutering it’s seriousness. DNC is suppose to be nutreal during party primaries yet they were taking sides of Hillary Clinton, and on many cases they were actully supporting Donal Trump — supposedly cause they thought Hillary will have easy time defeating him. Yeah right.

Debbie Wasserman was forced to resign because she was helping Hillary Clinton win the primiaries, also she making sure Donald Trump win on Republican side — that’s right democratic party was making sure that Donald Trump become elected.

Oh it does end here

Remember the big halabaloo about Hillary private serve?

The reason she had that serve was to make sure the in future none of her email become part of public domain under freedom of information request.

Did you know DNC was helping Donal Trump?

“According to an email from Marissa Astor, Clinton campaign manager Robby Mook’s assistant, to Clinton campaign chair John Podesta, the campaign knew Trump was going to run, and pushed his legitimacy as a candidate. WikiLeaks’ release shows that it was seen as in Clinton’s best interest to run against Trump in the general election. The memo, sent to the Democratic National Committee (DNC) also reveals the DNC and Clinton campaign were strategizing on behalf of their candidate at the very beginning of the primaries. “We think our goals mirror those of the DNC,” stated the memo, attached to the email under the title “muddying the waters.”

But that’s not all. Remember there were very few debate between Hillary & Bernie?

It was to make sure that people elect Clinton base on her popularity, and the fact she did not want to debate Bernie about Health Care, and Education crisis etc..

Don’t expect thing to change any time soon. It most likely we gonna have Trump winning election for 2020.

Please don’t vote for Democratic Party in 2020. Pick a 3rd party if you have to, or just don’t vote at all.


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Liberal & Hypocrisy

According to liberals only women are capable of raping!


Follow is a true account of a men being rapped by a woman.

“I woke up in the night tied to her bed. I remember my dick being hard even though I didn’t like constriction around my arms or legs. It’s always been a boner-killer for me. My dick was rock-hard. I don’t really remember what she said, but she cut her name into the bottom of my dick, tried to do her signature I think. She didn’t cut very deep, but it fucking hurt. Her mom wasn’t there, I screamed, she kept going. She then sucked on my bleeding dick and fucked me. It was rock-hard the whole time. I assume she had gotten some Viagra or something for that, and her mom had a prescription for muscle relaxers, so I also assume she used those. I beat the ever-loving fuck out of her when she untied me. No hits to face or neck, but if she were carrying a baby it would have miscarried. I cried and beat her but got weak and tired out. The way she looked at me through her sobs… I think she liked that too….Hard to type this.”

3e0a9ee700000578-4289920-image-a-52_1488897390877I love to bash conservatives. However, they are only part of the problem — a big part nonetheless, it would not be a complete picture if we did not add liberals.

The reason I normally don’t bash liberals are self evident. I mean, it’s pretty hard to take such people seriously. Hypocrisy makes such a wonderful target. Whatever the liberal does is a glaringly hypocritical.

Liberal heart bleeds when they see women in Africa, or middle east getting beaten up by men. But don’t jump to the conclusion that just because there is a conflict going on and minorities are getting abused and tortured liberals will take the side of victims. Take Bill Maher recent spat against Muslim. He wants their religious authority to allow women to be Mullah! What’s next female Pope?

Liberal are known for their selective indignation and selective compassion. This is a major distinguishing characteristic of liberals.  For over forty years Israeli government has been indiscriminately murdering man, women and child in Palestinian, and their behavior is only creating so called terrorist.  Yet Bill Maher, and other liberals would like us to send our military, and soldiers to clean up the mess.

Have notice the same liberals who scream about racism against blacks, and other minorities, yet these same white liberals live in suburbia. While forced bussing was introduced in South, white liberal in north tuck their kids in private school and pricing the tuition fees so high they only rich white kids could attend the school.

Well these are some “inflammatory” subjects so perhaps new generation don’t want wet their feet into? Nope, They are walking in ideological lockstep with one another. Bill Mehber hatred for Muslim is pretty much same as Hilary Clinton towards Arabs.


Recently a transexual women Katie Branne was arrested for raping another man.


How do liberals response to these male rape issues? They do what they usually do, see which side of

So what is a big deal?

Well liberal are having a fit because she is consider women “A woman on trial for rape? Really? No. ‘She’ was born male, but that’s a secret because even our courts are gripped by misgender madness” (link below)

Men have been rapping other men & women since the birth of a civilization.


Well apparently liberal & feminist don’t like it when “transexual men” or “feminist men” commit crime and they are still considered part of women’s mystic.

It’s okay for Caitlyn Marie Jenner formerly known as Bruce Jenner okay to be part of female gender, hell laws are even enforce to make sure she can use female washroom. But if  she commit any crime humanity must remember she was born a male.

So how does conservatives response to these amusing dilemma?

They are sadly on the side of women. This time “conservative women” will remind us that they were right all along. And yes, women are victim because “transexual men” are going in women’s washroom and rapping holier than thou women.

Both liberals and conservatives are crooked. Don’t expect anyone taking side of men.



A woman on trial for rape? Really? No. ‘She’ was born male, but that’s a secret because even our courts are gripped by misgender madness 

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