Failed: John Oliver On COVID Conspiracy

John Oliver on his July 19, 2020 episode talks about “Covid-19” conspiracy. So far anyone who has questioned it has been deleted by Google, Twitter, YouTube, and Face. They reacted the same way anyone who has question Jeffrey Epstein death. Yet we suppose to believe that Epstein successfully committed suicide under 24 hours guard, and video surveillance.

What about Joe Biden the only thing progressive about Biden is his dementia. Worst yet totally ignoring six women accusing him sexual assault.

It doesn’t really matter if you believe in an onging pandemic, that fact we are told it wrong to question the government makes this very scary. Mainstream, and social sites are working together only fuel to the fire. This type of idioitc censorship only increase public believe in Deep State. Once again media is on the wrong side, and people are rejecting them.

Irresistible: Jon Stewart’s Hypocrisy

Burnt out comedian Jon Stewart finally came out his animal sex farm to stain the world with more hypocrisy. His latest failure is called Irresistible. All you need to know about the movie is; he talks about 2016 election; avoid the subject of Hilary Clinton stealing election, bash Trump, and conservatives, and ends with sex. Much like his retire life without the sex. Rumor has it that he moved with his wife to animal farm to have sexual orgies with retired farm animals. Other suggest “he may not be”, but farm is meant to keep his wife away from enjoying Carousel ride with Black Men; perhaps horses and cows suppose to be substitute Thiago Nigro? Either way; he took censored version of his farm life, and transformed it into a film — minus the bestiality.

Prior to being dump by Comedy Central he was producing vomit inducing jokes, and pretending to be guardian of moral virtue by pouring hatred towards Arabs & Muslims nations. He used his platform to promote pro-Israeli propaganda and called it an American value. Even his staff pointed out that no sane American will foolishly believe that any two nations can share common value. If this were true American and Canadian would’ve  merged as one nation;  despite belonging to same racial stock, language, and culture they are two different countries. He kept firing them until he himself was let go.

I guess racism really doesn’t work. Also, you can safely bet your bottom dollar that he never hired any Muslim writers due to his hatred. Hell of liberal don’t think? And, now he comes out bashing Trump, and Republicans. He mocks Americans by talking about saving cow. Yes that’s right; god damn cows. Yet he is surrounded by millions of poor Americans who are living from pay check to pay check. During COVID-19 pandemic they don’t have a job, nor any protection from the state. Yet, he uses his millions of dollar to take care retire cows!

That’s right he buys cows from other farms, and save them from being eaten. Yet American around this shameless hypocrite are starving and penniless. Even if these poor hapless animals are not used for sexual orgies, it is still bizarre trying to save animal meant for food production; why not endangered species like lions, tigers? Whatever reason, what he is telling us is that animals are more important then human being. Would he feel the same way if millions of American were Jews instead of White American were starving?

This is why his concern for the American people comes out as blatant lie. No one can take him seriously when he defends every single Israeli atrocities from the like of Ariel Sharon, the Butcher of Beirut, and genocide of Palestinian people. Yet he mocks Jordan for not having diversity.  How much diversity Israeli has? We all know the answer of the question don’t we?

As for his malevolent concern for American lives. How many lives of American soldiers he put in danger by insulting foreign leader who were helping us in war against terrorism? How ironic that he reject racism, yet he had no problem bulling 3rd world leaders.When he was attacking Pakistani president during the interview — a nuclear armed nation who were also helping American soldiers fighting in Afghan. How many American soldiers died because Pakistani decided not to help U.S. Did he really think Pakistani couldn’t put two and two together that a American Jewish comedian is attacking them; and hence they have no obligation to help American military because of his racism? Don’t expect mainstream media to point figure at their fellow gang.

One final note I will add. Jon Stewart latest film is his pathetic attempt to trick the public into wasting their money. He want us to become collaborators in the corrupt system run by Democratic party. As Richard D. Wolff said our mainstream media, and our political system can not be reform. Also, let not forget; most of us saw his racism and rejected him, and that is why he ran away into a cow farm!

So let’s not waste time or money on his Anti-Trump propaganda. Democratic party is just as bad. Biden has been accused by six women. Hilary Clinton lost of multiple front — her husband ferocious appetite for sex from co-workers. Women responded by not voting for her. Democratic party learned nothing and lost it. So they pick Biden who has been accused by six women for sexual misconduct. Yet liberal media is bullying poor white American, and non-white to vote for this rapist. Don’t let mainstream media and their marionette to trick you once again. We must stop listening to these criminal, and just turnoff our TV.

Epstein Death & Modern Day Courtier

Back in the day when kings were ruling the country with iron clad. They need courtier to help them enforce the rule, unlike the military with sward, courtier try to soften the public opposition by diplomacy, or manipulate the public opinion. Since vast majority of the population was peasant and poor, this  worked for the ruling class for thousands of years. Are thing any different in modern times?

Most people thing that with modern day invention like Car, Airplane, Computer, and not to mention Television we are living in a free society. That is we are form our own opinion. No one manipulate us, we can say do whatever we feel like. In reality modern day media and entertainment industry are a propaganda machine.

epstien joe.png

Take Jeff Epstein death for example. Virtually every person in the media is bashing any question official party line.  When a high profile person is put in jail, prison guard are required to check the prisoner every 30 minutes. According to Associated Press many guard have falsified their logs. Yet media insist it is a conspiracy!

The night of Epstein’s death, correctional officers did not check on the extremely high-profile prisoner for “several hours” before he died, despite being required to look in on him every 30 minutes. Moreover, guards are suspected of falsifying log entries to show that they were checking as required, according to the Associated Press.

Really, we suppose to believe man as powerful as Epstein needed to kill himself? If a rich black guy like O.J Simpson can get away with murder. Why would Epstien need to worry about. Most of his clients were rich and powerful. Isn’t it strange that  same media that questions everything about Trump administrator decided to turn 180 degree and mocking fun of anyone who doubt official statement?

Don’t talk about freedom of speech when it comes to a death of a powerful man who could have brought down both democrat party and republican party. we suppose to believe in our government without question. Like it or not  modern day media is Fake Media. Journalist, and TV host are modern day courtier confirming public opinion so public remain subservient to the ruling classing.



Liberals Racism & Liberal Amnesia: Part 1

King of liberal decided to help fellow Democrats for 2020 election. His solution? Be openly racist, and full-blown bigot. It helped Trump, why invent the wheel!

Bush Tweet.png

Imagine how racist Liberals have to be that Repbulicans are telling them to Chill out!

George P. Bush is the oldest child of former Florida Governor Jeb Bush,

Another liberal Jeremy Scahil pointed out why he will not appear on Bill Maher.  Jimmy Dore cover the whole drama. Worth Watch


Racist Bill Maher also uses his 1/2 Jewish blood line to escape any criticism. He has a track record of genocidal racism towards non-white. He is always trying to get USA involve in murdering Arab & Non-white in middle-east.

This is why Jeremy Scahill tweeted that he will not be appearing  on Real Time with Bill Maher.


Internet Censorship

When it comes to censorship we think of China, and their companies likes Huawei. As many of us focus of on our daily lives, and pay passing attention to “politics”. We don’t realize how Google and other mainstream search engine. Also how much our own government do the very thing they accuse China & other 3rd world dictators.

Take the case of Frances Renee Linton. Her name has been erased from the mainstream media, including daddy google has remove any web link related to her.

In 2004 she was arrested for marrying multiple men, and stealing their money. She was even interview by local television King5 Seattle.  Unless you are able to search deepweb (that is web pages google doesn’t list) you ain’t gonna find any.

Things are getting pretty bad. I suggest used different way of searching website. Google/Bing/Yahoo are pro censorship working with US/West while suggestion only 3rd world countries & Muslim hate freedom and democracy. They are all traditionalist, and we gotta be more vigilant then ever!


Conspiracy Abound

conciI don’ t believe in coincidence, more precisely a repeated occurrences of similar events all over again.

Think about what has been happening in our western world. Starting with UK. Nationalist/Conservatives tank the economy of the country, and right around the time of an election they had a “terrorism” event.

Similar theme was played during Russia investigation here in US. Republican party was getting beaten up by Russia investigation. Jeff Session pretty much pointed figure at Trump by recusing himself from Russia inquiry.

If it was not bad enough Republican party praising Trump during Cabinet meeting — which pretty much what FBI Director James Comey said about Trump when he was asked for a loyalty during dinner.

And all of sudden we had shooting that sort of taken the pressure off from Republican Party.

Terrorism is a serious problem, and hell this could all be just an amazing coincidence, but then again didn’t Republican mentioned Wag the Dog movie when Bill Clinton bomb pharmaceutical factory in Sudan during Monica Lewinsky scandal.  Republican even posted an interview with technical manager of bombed pharmaceutical factory in Sudan where he was able to prove that The Al-Shifa factory was not making chemical weapons”

Wag the Dog was 1997 film about false flag perpetrated by US government to distract public attention from the scandal.


Trump praised by his Cabinet members in first meeting

Jeff Sessions Recuses Himself From Russia Inquiry

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Wag the Dog

Clinton Bombed Al-Shifa Pharmaceutical During Monica Lewinsky Scandal