Response to Barbarossa Video

Brother Barbarossa updated us why his MGTOW Book still unfinish. Also, he wants to refund us the money for the book project.

First off bro, I don’t need the money. I sent it to you, because I really want to read your book — no pressure — but keep writing please! I kid you not, but when your book is ready I’ll buy it — money that I sent you before is to support your writing. Once you announce I’ll buy it, hopefully you’ll autograph it for us.

2nd, you SHOULD be online. I understand personal life gets in the way. Trust me, I do. You gotta realized many of us “recovering manginas” are here because of you. I know you don’t want to be a “leader” of our movement, nonetheless your contribution is dissipating our ignorance to gynocentrism.

Watching your videos reminded me of my time at Washington Heights. That’s where I got down on my knees, and asked my ex to marry me. The allure of chivalry kneeing down and asking a woman to marry is a patriarchal social system promoted by conservative, and by mens right. In fact it is safe to say at this point Men Right are nothing but second wife clubs promoting patriarchal ideology that breed gynocentrism.

Thanks to you, and RBK I learned from my mistake. After divorce I focused on my life, and I did not chase NAWLT, or joined second wife club aka Mens Right. Thanks to you I understood how conservative with their “traditional value” breed patriarchy by putting woman on the pedestal.

Tradcon fight against feminism is nothing more but perverse desire to send us back into the plantation.

Anyway, whatever you decided; you have our support. Just don’t leave us like RBK, Men Women Myth, and FredX.

In short we don’t need refund, just be here.

Bob Woodward Is A Murderer

You don’t need a weapon to be a murderer. Just ask Bob Woodward
aka The Murdering Cuck. Prior to releasing his upcoming revolting book
he leaked a conversation of an audio where he found out from Trump
about the Corona Virus pandemic. Six months before the virus
turned into global pandemic and killed millions of people! No one in Media is focusing on this at all!

Yet this murderer kept the information from the public just so
he can make money. Naturally, mainstream media is not going to point out
what a horrible person he his. Millions of people are dead around the world. Bob Murdering Woodward kept the information about pandemic just so he can write a new book and make money.

What this tells me is that being a mainstream writer should be enough to be
kicked out from literary avant-grade.

Boycott this scumbag, and any media promoting his filth.

MGTOW Book Review: A Higher Loyalty

If you are right leaning loon you might as well stop reading my blog. James Comey was former director of the FBI. His infamous firing led to current Muller’s investigation of Trump Russia connection.

First off, Mr. Comey insists that his book is not a “memoir”. I would remind him of his favorite bible phrase Proverbs 28:1

“The wicked flee though no one pursues, but the righteous are as bold as a lion.”

His book is a mixture of a memoir, as well as shout out. He wants to debunk Trump administration propaganda. He also exposes the folly of intelligence leaders, and gives us some fresh perspective and mindset of the top kehillah. Most of us knew the things he talks about. Meet the new boss same as the old boss.

In short; Trump is arrogant, wanna be mafia and thinks his shit doesn’t stink.

However, Mr. Comey has sat a bar for himself so high. Like rain inevitably falling from sky, he also lands on the ground. Another words, author doesn’t have a moral foot to stand on. Like his unprecedented move calling media to talk about Clinton email investigation. Yet saying noting about Russia & Trump connection!

His description of Clinton’s family pretty revealing.  For example when Clinton’s gave Marc Rich presidential pardon.

Those who forgot: here from wikipedia.

“In 1983 Rich and partner Pincus Green were indicted on 65 criminal counts, including income tax evasion, wire fraud, racketeering, and trading with Iran during the oil embargo (at a time when Iranian revolutionaries were still holding American citizens hostage).[7][18] The charges would have led to a sentence of more than 300 years in prison had Rich been convicted on all counts.[18] The indictment was filed by then-U.S. Federal Prosecutor (and future mayor of New York City) Rudolph Giuliani. At the time it was the biggest tax evasion case in U.S. history.

This scum bag robbed American people of their retirement money, brought US stocked market to it knees. He was even charged for his crminal activity. Yet Mr. Comey’s FBI team could not find any criminal connection to bring charges against corrupt President Clinton! Even when FBI was investigating Enron, and other top scandal they could not bring any charges against the CEO for scamming people out of their 401k!

I don’t know if Mr. Comey has read a book written by his fellow FBI Gary Aldrich. “Unlimited Access: An FBI Agent Inside the Clinton White House“. In 1996 it was #1 New York Times Bestseller. Virtually everyone in the agency knew the nasty level of corruption emanating from white house. Yet the agency did nothing about it. It was busy fabricating evidence again Sadaam to start a new Iraq war!

An amazing revelation comes about Marta Stewart arrest. FBI wanted to make sure that public trust in agency is not faded. FBI was worried that public would think the rich get away with everything (which they do). Although Mr. Comey doesn’t say that, it seems like Marta Stewart arrest was a dog and a pony show. How else do you explain that big companies like GE, Apple, and even Google don’t pay any income tax in US of A. Yet FBI does not closes these illegal lophole created by rich to become even more richer. Yet an average Joe would be jail for similar shenanigans.

I found it remarkable the he did not criticize his former leader John Ashcraft, a nut case religious lunatic who truly believed in Armageddon. Ashcraft pushed for torture,and even look the other way when POW were raped throughout Iraq, Agency was busy destroying evidence like Abu Ghraib scandal, as well military crimes in Afghan war.

He talks about his internal struggle, and how emotionally transparent he was to his wife. Also, how his wife told him not to torture people in Iraq, Afghan. Makes you wonder of his opinion of people rotting in Guantanamo Bay detention camp.  Does really want to believe that little girls & boys were not raped in front of their parents to get information about terrorist. Or that FBI some how did not about it. Even when it comes to domestic plight — like DNC stealing election from Bernie Sanders, he has nothing to say.

Mr. Comey is a traditionalist conservative. Like most tradcon, he is blind of his employee duplicity. When he talks about Peter Strzok & Lisa Page. He remind us of Lisa Page rebellious nature, and outspoken personality. He loved that about her. I don’t know if author realizes or not but description he is giving of Lisa is a revelation that she was trying to impress her lover, and hoping that Peter would divorce his wife, and than both will live happily ever after.

Let’s not forget his reasoning why Hilary Clinton got away using personal e-mail sever is idiotic at best. Yet on a similar ground CIA director was prosecuted with similar incidents.

Incidentally, his revelation about Peter & Lisa affair gives us a clue of Trump current affair in White house as reported by Michael Wolff. It seems to me that Trump was having an affair with Nikki Haley. Possibly, Ivanka wanted to reduce her step-mother influence over her father.

Melania a Slovenian born immigrant came from an area with heavy Russian influence. Affair was meant to reduce Eastern European connection over Trump. However. Steve Bannon camp was able to move Nikki to UN far away from Trump’s crotch.

Anyone who kept an eye on news around 2000 would know the corruption level was pretty high from Clinton to Bush Jr. Mr Comey was part of an unpopular government. He did not protest when right of individuals were removed for opposing government war in middle-east. This encourages media to censor anything they deem unfit. This is why Chris Hedges was fired by NY Times. Hence, the today popular term “fake media”.

I do not agree with premiss of his book. He may have thought that he was enforcing Law & Order. Sadly, he was more like Inspector Javert chasing Jean Valjean for loaf of bread. Just like Les Miserable ending Mr. Comey’s career ended in disgrace. Either way James Comey is an interesting character. It is worth reading his book provided you’re borrowing it from library.

Zoe Quinn’s Book Tour



Do you guys remember when an overly washed up wannabe goth gamer/porn star?

Well she is back! In case you forgot her quintessential face. Her porn name was Locke Valentine, Zoe modeled for two softcore pornographic sites, Broken Dollz and Deviant Nation. For some odd reason she got into programing “game”.

This lovely women is promoting her new book. Trust me it’s not worth reading just as you would not make wallpaper out of her nude pictures. Now that she is in her 30s, and she is upset that no one is paying attention to her.

Before I get to the article, I want to elabarate that media make it sound like she is “goodie good girl” who spent time learning her “computer languages” and not the type of girl who would be working in soft porn.

In order to become a professional programmer you need to study computer langauges, and take some courses — like university, or community college that specilizes in computer languages.

This is from her Linkedin profile: Zoe Quinn


You can not learn “computer language” in six weeks. Most programers take two years course (not counting the time spending all right in front of the computer). Trying becoming a google app expert with the crap she did in “six weeks”. You would be laughed out.  Again this her Linkedin profile. It’s Ms. Zoie who is telling us that she has no college, or university education. Another word she is a bum.

Now that I have debunked her “educational qualification”. Let go into #gamergate scandal.

It was she who hung out with disgusting crowds. So called “online harassment” is nothing but her frustration that she can’t find “Mr. Right”. She thought her souldmate is posting in #gamergate community. These guys are Alex Jones followers, who believe community water is turning frog into gay!  They are happy anyone pay attention to them. Their educational skills are on per with hers. Misery loves companies, and same goes for ignorant people.

Now, She wants people to forget that she was a porn star, and remember her as a gamer girl — an innocent girl who spend time coding programs, and nasty perverts online sending her sex messages. Yet she dye her hair in bizarre colr, tatto all over her hand, nothing change she was in porn.

Here is the best part — she was fired from Porn industry. When was the last time you heard porn inudstry kicking out a women who is willing to take her clothes off in front of the camera?

Stint In Porn

“The days following her starting her stripping career saw a follow-up post wherein she complained about the job she had just taken, before dropping the bombshell that she had been fired for assaulting a customer, claiming she had been sexually assaulted and had inflicted bodily harm upon him, to the point where the customer was hospitalized.”

One of Deviant Nation’s photographers, Mallorie Nasrallah, would take a series of photo shoots of Zoe Quinn for the website in October of 2007. When Nasrallah learned of GamerGate and the ongoing campaign to silence discussion of Zoe Quinn and her indiscretions, Nasrallah made public, in a Facebook post, her own experiences with Zoe Quinn, which essentially elaborated that Quinn was not only one of the worst clients she had ever worked with, but was also psychologically unstable and willing to go to extremes to push an agenda.”

It is quite easy to find what ever the heck you were doing on the internet. Let’s face it, anyone in porn industry they will have a hard time supressing their glorious past from the public. Instead of changing herself she started attacking her online perverts customers. The very people she who were her paying her do nasty for the pleasure! They naturally responded as you would expect.

An article in an European Fake Media The Guardian stated that she has become a book writer (whatever happen to making games?), and trying to provoke people who don’t like her.

“The game developer is in Los Angeles for the west coast leg of her book tour, but she’s just had a serious threat made against her, directed at her next tour stop. She has to decide what to do.

By the way “leg of her book”? Damn even her books are running away from her. You’d think she’ll catch on by this time…

But seriously, will game developer allow a divorce man to promote his book about “husband beating, and till has to pay life-time alimony”?

Yet Women can have it both ways.

“This comes on the heels of an appearance at New York’s historic bookstore the Strand, where Quinn gamely handled a man who jeered at her from the audience.

“He had to take the elevator three floors up to get to the event, and he didn’t realize he had to take the elevator back down,” Quinn tells me. Her heckler was stuck riding with Quinn’s fans and supporters.”

Can you guys believe this? She was “scared” of the man. Then she gangs up on him in an elevator with her “fans”. She was pushing the man button so he will do “something” and she could get publicity like the “good old days”.

Here is another thing. How small was her audience that she kept an eye of him. If I were him I would have gotten out of there as soon I saw her staring at me from the podium…

Book writers who talk on the podium they focus on promoting their product, and after  speech they socialize with their fans, handing out free books, autograph, and selfie with people. The usual PC stuff.

Zoe on the other made a beeline, and went after the poor guy who did not like her. How desperate can you possibly be that you skip your own event and follow a guy who doesn’t like you?

People like her are called “Professional Victim”.

She is 30 years old —  and to this day she has not had any relationship — no mangina dared ask her for date.

“Such is the life of a woman trying to take down online abusers.”

Just to correct “fake media” here. She never develop any game – she only got credited for one she did with her ex-boyfriend. Who after all of this controversy still in gaming/programming field, while she is busy (writing books).

And “online abusers”?

This was not an online abuse. Most famous people  get booed on media events. They just ignore, and move on.

Imagine if everyone acted like her on the road. We would have a chaos. All of us ignore lunatic drivers, and try to reach our destination safely. She’s going after “heckler” was her way to get attention.

No wonder she ain’t that popular. Cause no one is paying her any attention. Being 30, and not being able to get a date must suck for her. Remember she was not famous back in #gamergate hashtag. She was trying to “fit in” among #gamergate like “house wives” do with “men right”.

Quinn’s book, the newly released Crash Override: How Gamergate (Nearly) Destroyed My Life and How We Can Win the Fight Against Online Hate, outlines how an act of domestic abuse by a former partner became a cultural phenomenon and put her on the run – literally.

Again she is Professional Victim. Most people talk about their accomplishments. If you are a very good programmer. You will boost about your achievements. You will even write about how you achieved your success. Perhaps even try to help other with similar aim. What is her accomplishment? I gave up my promising computer career?

Here is reminder for those of you who forgot. The sexist crusade to destroy game developer Zoe Quinn

“While Gjoni does not directly accuse Quinn of using sex to advance her career, he implies that her relationships with the man for whom she later worked and a gaming journalist may have been ethically murky.”

Again her scandal was so bad that even media had to point out that she might be engaged in some sort of “murky = oral sex”.  While she had a boyfriend. Like most “wiki leak” court gag order against her boyfriend Eron Gjoni has been leaked. Read it your self.

An interesting thing to note. Ever since her “horrible boyfriend” dump her she has not written any game own on her own.

Another word her boyfriend stole her empowerment by putting an end to her theft. She claimed to be a programmer — what company is she working for, how many project she has done? Gamers write codes for games — not SJW books.

Her true career is professional victim. When her boyfriend found out that she was sleeping with five men, She started posting false claimed that her ex-boyfriend was “abusing” her, and #gamegate loons were threatening to rape her. Entire story is available on numerous site. Also the original post “thezoepost” is available.

For the uninitiated #GameGate is millennium version of whitesupremacist/alt-right losers who dwell in basement, and write nasty things on internet. When they are forced to go out of the house they buy tiki torches and exercise with grand wizard of Nazi — David Duke, or waiting in line for an autograph by Michael Hoffman’s about holocaust history, Queen Elizabeth the UFO control Lizard Lady. These are the actual title of his books.

Same year while this was going on — remember Vine? It’s twitter version of audio/video blog (now incoporated into twitter). People were posting 9 sec videos. One Asian American kid post a silly S&M video with his girl-friend, and media went nuts. Talking about “rape”, and “sexual violence”. It was design to emasculate young men.



Media went after poor Carter Reynolds who was accused of forcing his girlfriend Maggie Lindermann to give him a blowjob. Unedited video showed that they were playing S&M. End of the video showed that His GF wanted him to lick her vag, or she’ll kill him!

Type of weird stuff young people do when learning to have sex, and mixing up to overcome awkwardness.


Just look at them kiss at Star Wars convention. Does she look like she will be force by her kissing partner? Anyway damage was done. He was ban from his earned fan from Google, and other social media.

Those of you who forgot: “How to kill your Vine career in under 6 seconds: The rise and fall of Carter Reynolds“. Reading between the line you can see the smirks on white feminists faces that unlike their counter part white men, they were able to destroy a poor asian kid career with a false lie. Racism at its best.

Remember these white liberal girls went to all white school in suburb while their “liberal” parents tricked poor Blacks, Indians, and Asians to vote for their own destruction.

Media try to use similar man shamming trick with Trump’s video about “grabbing pussy”, and that time people were wise up and voted for a misogynist. hopefully, some of the people have learned by now that our political system “democracy” is a rigged system.

It is media that actually decide who get elected. Voting drone are just allusion to keep the system run until scammner can find a new promise land to rape and plunder the new victim.


Let’s Talk About Zoe Quinn’s Ex For Once