Steve Bannon out at White House

Assuming Donald Trump wears an underwear. It’s probably older than any of the Staff walking around in White House. Knowing Trump I personally think he is Going commando Although there is still dispute, much of it tendentious, about the Bannon quitting, or force to resign. Now Steve Bannon can go back to doing more important thing like sucking his own dick!

This administration is turning into a joke. This why I wonder if I should even bother writing about this. This is what I and many MGTOW have said over and over again. Mens Right/Conservatives are not normal people. They do whatever their tradition tell them to do whether it make sense, or not.

Just think about it. They want to put women back into kitchen!


Because this way they will make lots of white babies, and it will put an end to non-white immigration.

At the same time they want to stop Alimony, Child Support, and splitting of property. How are these white women feeds themselves and kids when their husband abandon them?

Telling them why it’s not a practical solution. They in turn whine and scream about being persecuted as automatically as a mosquito whines about your ear before he alights to suck your blood. Hence the reason they are called Alt-Right/White Supremacist/Nazi.

If you think I am being too harsh. Just take a look at their stupidity. They did a rally in Charlottesville with Tikki torches. With modern technology these conservatives/men’s right have plastered all over the internet. Most of these idiot works for corporation who do business with foreign country hence “made-in-china” label.

Where do you think their future career will take them? America has a global economy, for better for worst most worker depend on a companies who in depend on another country’s factory. That’s how global economy works — this is due to resource depletion etc. Hence the rise of Green Technology, Solar Panel etc.


Incidentally, Tikki torches? In case you didn’t know they were “Made in China”. I read some place that the delivery guy who brought them was an Indian!

If that’s not bad enough: Creator of Tikki Torches said the following:

“Tiki Brand is not associated in any way with the events that took place in Charlottesville and are deeply saddened and disappointed,” the company said in a statement Monday. “We do not support their message or the use of our products in this way.”

Rest of the store in Red States have signs like this:


Oh the irony.

Stevie boy can open a Contortionists Gymnastic & Yoga Fitness teaches Mens’ Right, Nazi/Alt-Right/ Conservatives his amazing skills.


Trump Tells Aides He Has Decided to Remove Stephen Bannon 

Tiki Brand is distancing itself from white nationalists who used tiki torches


Media Bias: China Vs India

So many things happen in Media that it’s hard to talk about one of them.

Let’s start with China & India border conflict. Most of the Western Media, Including the one located in Hong Kong support India. In fact Hong Kong News Paper “South China Morning Post aka SCMP” went as far as to say “anti-Indian terrorist”.  Basically taking Indian side against both China and Pakistan.

If anyone has bother to study the current history of Asia. You will notice that the only country in Asia that has been on war with all of its neighbouring is India.

Chinese made sure that it has solved all the problem so it could become a gloal economic power. Unlike Chinese, India went about the other route like trying to become a “Western Country” ended up like most 3rd world country. This is why we see everything in our store “Made in China”.

Setting aside all of this. We need to remember one big crisis. We got Chinese neighbor “North Korea”. Western are trying to pressure China to be nice to India.

How stupid they can be?

This will only make China to take North Korea side — as they did during Korean War. 1/2 of Korean soldiers were Chinese. That is why American & Allies lost the war. This was also why Chinese decided to build nuclear weapon.

Now North Korea doing the same. Why shouldn’t North Korean built ICBM? Think about it for a second. We in West buy things from China, and tell them change your political system, and free anyone who is in your prison. No sane nation would do that. Also, consider the lunatic American have elected in the office they are last peole who should be tell others what to do.

It is noteworthy that North Korea has informed all of its neighbour that their ICMB are made for fighting USA & West. USA has military there, and numerous time their military personal have raped local Japanse girls – and under the law they have immunity. Japan is an American ally yet American will not punish their military officer who are rapping and molsting Japanese girls & even little boys.

Sadly, history is repeating itself.

This is why is its amusing to see Main Stream Liberal Media bashing bad bad Chinese, and supporting India. Which also display the typical pathology of Western Journalist. Everything nowadays  is “Made in China”. From your dollar store product to high-end smart phones.

Why was the last time you use anything Made in India? Hell even butter chicken you eat in your restaurant had ingredient coming from China!  If we don’t like China, we shouldn’t buy things made in china. It’s as simple as that.

Those of us who live in West may not care one way or the other who is right about this border conflict. However the fact is you shouldn’t cut the branch you’re sitting, and that where we are with this lunatic running our government, and media.


China and India on brink of armed conflict as hopes of resolution to border dispute fade




Trump Supporters

I don’t know if you guys have ever talked, or read the things Trump supporters says. But it’s amazing how dumb, and ignorant they are. Even when facts are provided to them they would just scream and shout and refuse to face reality.

Recent spat between a conservatives and alt-right (aka white supremacist) took a new turn into a already twisted saga.

FD – an anonymous white supremacist was shouting and screaming that north america was created by white man, there was no Jew, or nor black involve. He even went as far as to say that blacks were not slave but undocumented guest hence the cause of slavery.

The whole thing started when a Jewish family name “Isaac Hay” was mentioned. Those of you who may not know American History. Their family was first among the European immigrant to give birth to a white kid in the state of Georgia.

This is from Wikipedia — facts can also be check at your local library.

“Hays married Sarah Ann Minis in Savannah on May 7, 1834. Sarah (affectionately called Sally) was the daughter of Isaac and Divinah (Cohen) Minis.[18] An old Savannah family, the Minises were among forty-one Jewish settlers who departed England in 1733[19] and Philip Minis (Sarah’s paternal grandfather) had the distinction of being the first white child born in Georgia”

That is a historical fact. Very few of us would even care about it — unless of course you are like one of these “breitbart” reader.

When confronted how does a Alt-Right (White Supremacist) response fact like these?

Here is a screenshot:


Normally we would not even pay attention to these dumb people. Expect for the fact that in system like democracy they were able to elect a person like Trump.

We could have even waited for next election and reverse this insanity. Sadly this jackass of a president is trying to start a nuclear war with North Korea. A nation with well built military.

As a Chinese saying goes:

May you live in interesting times

How interesting indeed!


First White Kid in Georgia



Covfefe: Covering Up Federal Felony

I gotta say it’s hard not to pay attention to American Politics. Hell, it’s so much entertaining that I am only watching Political commentary + insane things coming out of political leaders.

Mr. Scary Mustache “Scaramouche” debating BBC journalists about healthcare  by talking about burgers, and pizza. Seriously, international community is shocked by all of this. Yet loony train keep on chugging.

Amusing things around current administration when their own media makes fun of them. Such as NY Post Front Page


You gotta love Trump, and his insane employees. I would be very amuse if Trump gets elected again in 2020. Hell just for shit and giggle I might vote for him.

I think the best thing Trump can do of course is just quite his job, and go back to be a businessman. I am sure he enjoys being called a “Mr. President”. However, you can only go so far with this stupidity.

Hopefully, he will think about his own future, as well as his kids, and just retire and play golf, or whatever he think he should do. Perhaps, just stay bit longer to expose last remaining illusion surrounding republican party, but than just take long vacation.


Fake Media & False News

Recent article in New York Times sadly prove that Trump is right about media. Most writers in media have nasty attitude towards their readers. These journalist think that their shit doesn’t stink. This is why newspapers is a dying industry. Thank G-d. Hopefully rest of hollywood would also sink and die as well.


Take a look at the first sentence of the 2nd paragraph. The word “excoriated” doesn’t even make sense. First off of all , according to the dictionary excoriate means:


So what Trump is doing to Jeff Sessions would be considered harassment. However, picking sides between Trump & Sessions is like trying to vote which fox would guard the hens house best.

These journalists try to use $20 college words, and they think they succeeded into manipulate us with their lies. In the end they only display their arrogance, and stupidity. An amusing outburst by President Trump is not only unprofessional, but outright illegal. Trump’s tweets fall into bullying category.

This is why most of us are no longer spending our hard earn money on Newspaper, or even Cable Subscription. Media & Etertainment industry are trying to ban internet, or remove “copy right” material. They would prefer to have 80s style media. Even back than hollywood was suing VCR makers because they did not want people “recording” and “sharing” the conentes.

However, it doesn’t mean Jeff Session is a nice person. Those of you who may not remember this human garbage of a man wants total ban on “non-white” and therefore he wants “white men” to act like a “man”.

Another words strict laws against white men so white women will stay home and make lots of babies.  So his time in nursing home will be surrounded by white girls giving him blowjob as oppose to Filipina. He is the Bill O’Reilly of the Republican party.

Jeff Session supported nasty laws like California where lifetime alimony is impose, and he even went as far as to ban DNA test on kids to determine paternity fraud. Another words just like France & UK where men can be arrested if DNA is done without their wife permission.

Simply put it Jeff Sessions wants Western countries support Paternity Fraud. Rich powerful white men like himself can go around grabbing girls by their pussy, and rest of us work in fields, or clean his toilets. Dem are just as bad. What difference do you see between Donald Trump & Bill Clinton?

There isn’t any. They both worship women, and rest of us are told not to act like nasty arabs. If you question things like paternity fraud, alimony, and divorce laws. You are like nasty Muslims who chain women to a radiator.

I have said this before and I will say it again. Supporting Trump was a bad move. The idea that Trump can keep the country white was just as stupid, and just like Hitler we are seeing the result. Don’t fall into their divide and rule cobweb.

Both parties are our enemies. I mean think about it why the heck Jeff Sessions wants to impose liberals laws from California against hard-working white men of the south? Both parties are traditionalist. Another words they both want to throw men under the bus, or back to plantation.

Let’s not allow us to be divided again by these scumbag. We MGTOW should avoid acting like Men’s Right who now have women as their leaders! Bashing rest of us because we are boycotting marriages. Our aim is simple teaching fellow-men about marriage fraud, We don’t want to change laws, we simple don’t want to play the game, and rest of us should let the system fail on it own.


With Sessions, Trump Is Picking on the Wrong Guy

Marriages are like Kermit the Frog

Mr. Whitmire self deluded lunatic who portrayed Kermit for 27 years was fired from Disney. It was because he tried to tell the writers, and directors what Kermit ought say.  Perhaps working for 27 years in Disney he started to believe that Puppet can be a master.

For us as MGTOW his story illustrate an amusing fact that most men don’t want to face. Marriages are same way. Government and Wives make the rules, and they are enforced by court. If you try to go off script you will be penalized. If you insist, you will lose 1/2 of your property, may even end up paying lifetime alimony, and child-support even if kids are not yours.

Recent cry in Boston Globe ” Plug the loopholes in alimony reform” has this to say:

“A much-needed reform in 2011, the alimony and divorce laws in Massachusetts were among the most antiquated and unfair in the country. “

Article then insert a false & a lunatic idea that women are victim if men are not paying their hard earn money to women etc etc. If women are just as good as men then why do they need our money?

Just go out and make money just like rest of men. Later on in the article you see the link and the picture of a men who got screwed under newly reform divorce law.


As you can see marriage reform did not help men, it only made the situation worst. My answer to all of this is very simple. Don’t get married at all. No live in relationship, or any form of arrangement that will led you losing your hard earn money, time, and emotion.

Stay safe, and stay single.


Kermit the Frog Performer and Disney Spar Over an Ugly ‘Muppet’ Firing

Hillary Clinton & Trump’s Son Stupidity

While liberal pundits like Rachel Maddow are focusing on only one fact “email hack”, and “Russia”. It would behoves us to remember this entire mess was Democratic fault.

Remember Hillary Clinton was using private email server which was illegal, and then she made sure that only “immigrant” from “3rd world” countries were working so that she could blame non-white. Which is exactly what Debbie Wasserman did when her “Pakistani IT Technician” came to reset her password 2 in the morning.

Here is something amusing to remember about her Pakistani technician, he was here on a green-card, and now US Citizen. So, why do these scumbag liberals are still calling him an outsider. Using labels such as “Pakistani” is an indication that these white liberals don’t consider these non-white as “one of us”.

Here is what so ironic about all of this. African-American have been complaining that white liberals have been using them for votes. Democratic vehemently deny that and even attack these critics and call them racist. However, by their own action they are proving us that racism among white liberal do exist.

So it should not be a surprise to any of us that current scandal in Trump administration proves that there is a unbridgeable gap do difference between white liberals and rest of humanity.

They can scream from top of the roof that “Russia, russia, and more Russia” but in reality why did Hillary lost the election? Why?

Because emails from DNC shows that Hillary collusion with Debbie Wasserman to steal the election from Bernie Sanders.

They even admitted it in DNC lawsuit that we don’t have to respect public opinion…

Republican & Trump wanted win the election, and Democratic party wanted to lose the election which is why we have the mess we see about the administration.

Some of you are wondering why would Democratic party wanted to lose the election? Simple they will be under pressure from progressive, for single payer health care system like rest of the developed world has.

This is why so called current crisis was created by liberals who wanna sit behind the scene for next eight years, and when they come for reelection no one would demand total reform of the system such as free healthcare, free college education etc..




Howard Stern Hypocrisy

Take a look at following screenshot I took from Howard Stern Site.


Show is about “man shaming” a fool from Florida.

However, Howard Stern has been doing this for a very long time. Few years ago he was upset at Baptist minister Pat Robertson because man was in a abusive relationship.

Howard rational was that “we don’t know that man was not lying”.

Can you imagine any traditionalist using the same argument if women accuses her partner?

How about Bill Cosby accusers?

Virtually all of them are saying that he “rapped” them in 70s.

How he rapped them?

He “offered” them a pill in a club where these ladies went for drugs. Those of you who don’t know in 60s, and 70s drugs were a pass time recreational activities among hippies.

His so called last victim was calling him on valentine day — how many rape victim do you know who called their abuser on a romantic day?

Anyway, it’s sad state of affair that we have deal with these type of hypocrites.

Most of you won’t be surprise to learn that while loves talking about other women private parts, and at the same time bash men for jumping into plantation.

His own daughters were raised as orthodox jew.

Apparently, what’s good for the goose is good for the gander. Rest of us should act like a “man” when our wives kisses other men on the lips, and when they are allowing other men to spank them on the ass.

Low and behold if someone look at his own daughter,he loses his temper easily.

Saddest part is he suppose to be “an alternative” media. However, like rest of his statement he is a liar.

My advice to all of you is simple: Don’t get married, nor any live-in relationship.


Howard Stern & MGTOW


October 25, 1999 Howard Stern announced his separation from his wife.

One hour into the show (skip around 57:00 mark). He tell us why she is dumping him.

His wife was unhappy that he “worked” too much. Remember he is a shock jock radio host. Where he has to come up with new theme, ideas, and stay interesting. This is how he made million of dollar.

She wanted him to “spend” time with her on Friday, and Weekends. Which means (being paraded around top notch shopping stores in Fifth Ave NYC, and other parts of States.

Did she ever consider that he need a time for him?

It amazing that she trained him to the point where he told everyone that “Howard Stern: Divorce ‘felt like such a failure

He also admit in this show that “Marriage Counseling & Couples Therapy” don’t work. Of course he is still seeing a “therapist”.

He was a good provider, and shared everything with her. Yet, like stero typical wife she dump him after 20 years of marriage, and took 1/2 of everything he made while she sat home, or spend million of his hard earn money trying to make other women jealous.

What’s amazing is that he admitted he love being alone, and it’s hard for a women to get along with him (which is his way of admitting he can’t take their abuse).

Like a typical Tradcon he went back into plantation and got married again.




Debunking Modesty

Vaginal Industry has debunked traditionalist lies that women are modest. This trend that going on among women maybe new. conversation surrounding is as old as civilization.

There are group of ladies who held weekly meeting about Vagina. An average women spend $120 – $900 taking care of their golden uretus. This does not even include birth control.

Newly created genre is called Vaginal Skin Care.

This is just a small list of thing women are spending money on.

  • Vaginal Steaming
  • Fur Oil For Pubic Hair (WTF?)
  • Vajacial
  • Vaginal Douching
  • Vaginal Bleaching and Lightening
  • Colon Hydrotherapy

Things like this also debunk the fact there is modesty among women.

Emma Watson

“I’ll use that anywhere from the ends of my hair to my eyebrows to my pubic hair,” she told the outlet. “It’s an amazing all-purpose product.”

Andrea Imafidon

Here is one mother told her daughter about her magic hole.

“I remember being in my pre-teen and teenage years, my mother would always keep it 100 about the sacredness of my vaginal. She said that my vagina was sacred and I need to protect and care for my vagina because it is very important for my health and womanhood.”

Corinne Olympios

“I’m lasered. It’s like, small and cute. There’s no weird things going on down there. I’ve seen some scary vaginas in my day…If you have a sterling silver vagine, that’s the worst.”

Say what you wanna say about women. I am always amazed that amount of money women are willing to waste.