Modern day marriages are legalize slavery. This website is meant to help fellow men who are thinking about getting married, or want to get divorce.

Most of us were brought with the idea of finishing education, getting a job, and than kneeling down on our knees with an expensive ring. This is no different than master slave relationship. It is tremendously foolish to hope that she will even consider you equal when you voluntarily bow down on your own volition. she might be willing to raise few kids with you as long as you stay in the position when you propose her.

This is an outdated idea since sixty percent marriages end in divorce. If a mechanic warns you that there is fifty percent chance that a car your purchasing is a lemon. You wouldn’t even ride on it. Similar risks are associated with matrimony.

Classical marriages are no longer compatible with modern society. Marriages in the past meant alliances between clan and creating labor force, even defense against adversary. Technology and professional military has made such relationship obsolete.

Marriage was never about love. Popular writers like Shakespeare warn against such illusions. Infamous story Romeo and Juliet is warning when you pick emotions over logic. Lovers died at end just like modern marriages ending in divorce.

Modern nostalgia with past is a financial and emotional bandage. Your wealth, and your freedom are stolen under the pretext of protecting woman, or raising kids. Buying a ring is no different than gambler betting against the house. In the end he is penniless just like man stuck with lifetime alimony.

I like many before me learn through pain and misery. I went through an abusive relationship. Now, I am providing information to fellow men what you can do to avoid, and learn from my experience.

I welcome everyone feedback, and advice.