why the mens right movement will not succeed part 8

Note: I was about to discard my old computer, and noticed I have same software as our brother RBK so I figure I can honor him by continuing his series like he did (obviously videos are not as good as his), but I’ll work on future production long way to go.

MenRights Edmonton admitted that “he does not care about the rights of men”. He just wants to “disrepute” feminism “like racism”. He is Canadian so what he is saying is that “We the white Anglo ain’t sorry for what we did to French Canadian, and Native American“. Those of you who are interested in Canada’s Racist Past should read “White Negro!”. NY Times 1970 book review.

“To be a nigger in America,” according to Vallières, “is to be not a man but someone’s slave.” In Canada the French Canadian’s minority status makes him the constant prey of the will of the majority; although he constitutes about 30 per cent of the population, he does not control even 10 per cent of the economy; when other sections of his country have an inflationary situation, his has a depression; although he constitutes 80 per cent of the population of the province of Quebec, he cannot legislate that his mother tongue, which is French, be the language in which he will earn his living.

As you can see why he does not care about “men rights”. Why would he – equality to Frenchman, (dare I add Native American, Jews, and Blacks) would means less unearned privileges for Anglo Canadians.

Even if he is talking about racism as we do in U.S. All he is doing is whining why he does not have a woman. His coded way of saying – “tolerance towards French is increasing interracial marriages between French & English! In any case his failed attempt to lump rest of Americans is the very reason why he deleted his YouTube Channel.

Many of his deleted videos he used to whined about Canadian English vs French politics which is as interesting as watching dog peeing on snow! English women marrying Frenchman is the only reason he hates feminism! Also he want to whitewash Canada’s racist past! Specially how Anglo treated French & Native Americans!

Canada was one of the last Western country to outlaw racism! Up until 90s Aboriginal children were raped, and molested by Anglo Canadian ran “conservatives educational system”. 1992 Nuu-chah-nulth Tribal council investigation revealed how Anglo were molesting native boys and girls. This was the sole reason why in 1995 Canada’s “Anglo” government was forced to hand over First Nation educational system to the natives!

No wonder why Canadian government legalized Marijuana. They need to keep lunatics like him duped up 24/7!

Outside Nazi Germany, and South Africa; Canada was the only country running open prison and victimizing Native American!

Toronto’s Now Magazine had interesting article about “Canada’s secret history of segregation”

“The permits were to be issued by the local Indian Agent in charge of implementing government policy on reserves. The passes themselves were required by Indian Affairs for all manner of reasons, including visits from parents to their children at residential schools, hunting and fishing, and even to get married. “

“For those who experienced it, the system rendered reserves virtual open-air prisons. Because of destroyed documents and because the passes were issued at the pleasure of the Indian Agent, it’s unclear how many people were subject to it.”

So once again what is he “dis-reputing”? Canadian government own documents showing genocidal abuse by Anglo Canadian towards French, and Native American? Mr Racist is not married, he has no relationship with a woman. He has never been accused of a rape by a French woman, nor anyone is collecting child support from this loser. The only thing he is dis-reputing is his disgusting videos, and posts which he is busy deleting from YouTube & social sites. If anything he is only proving that he is acting like his corrupt Canadian government! You can check his website, and parent AVFM as well, These Men’s right group do not even acknowledge raped crime against boys, nor they wish to help traumatize men victimized by government!

His statements alone tells you that Men Right/AVFM are an Orwellian term. They are promoting their hate doctrine under men rights umbrella. These white supremacist & traditional conservatives openly admit they don’t want equality for men — they just want to stop interracial marriages.

Now he has his own website and grips about “feminism”, and “political correctness!”. Just ask yourself why does he even care. Also isn’t it very strange he post a picture of white supremacist woman fighting a Jewish TV host Bill Maher. Just like his deleted videos where he wants to stop Frenchman marrying English woman!

In my last blog I posted the screenshot of AVFM website accusing MGTOW being a Jewish run operation! Now they are posting pictures of racist woman fighting Jews on the media; just what the men’s movement need under Trump administration!

It is interesting to note that even though he has deleted his videos, and closed his YouTube channel. Our Trusty RBK embed the deleted videos in vblog, and you can watch and hear RBK rebuking him!

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