The White Forrest Gump

Being white must be a full-time job. Especially, if you are as crazy and derange as Forrest Fenn. Aptly called – The White Forrest Gump for hiding stolen wealth in Rocky Mountain, which caused numerous deaths, and arrests. Not to mention endanger the life of anyone who had the misfortune of living around Rocky Mountain.

Those of you who are not aware of his scam. Mr. Fenns hid some “precious jewels and coin” in the Rocky mountain, and posted some clues over the internet. Like insect attracted to light. Lunatics from all walks of life ran around in Rocky mountain with guns and searched for his hidden treasure.

Five people were killed, and innumerable were arrest searching for his infamous treasure. Just to show how insane this lunatic was; FBI arrested him in 2009 and found following stuff in his possession.

Wikipedia: Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) agents raided Fenn’s home in 2009 as part of an investigation into artifact looting in the Four Corners area. Items in his possession reportedly included pieces of chain mail from the Pecos National Historical Park, human hair, a feathered talisman, and a bison skull, some of which were confiscated by federal authorities; no charges were filed. Two people targeted in the case committed suicide, and Fenn blamed the FBI for their deaths.

NY Post quoted one of nut naturally a cat woman, and a message therapist.

“It’s not resolved,” said Miriam de Fronzo, a massage therapist from Florida who spent four years poring over Fenn’s clues and made four trips to New Mexico in search of a bronze cache allegedly filled with precious jewels and coins. “Ninety percent of the treasure seekers don’t believe that this mystery has been solved.”

Isn’t it funny how creepy people are always attracted to “massaging”, or “teaching”.

My home Town
My Home Town

His scam had attracted well over 350,000 people who were harassing anyone living in Rocky Mountain. I remembered one Christmas when I went to see my family in Wyoming – incidentally where the “fake treasure” was found. Some lunatics were running around, demanding if we saw anyone digging in the area.

Imagine trying to enjoy holiday with your family, and you see strangers with guns and shovels asking about if someone is digging in your neighborhood!

My poor dad and I were installing security cameras, and taking extra precaution during holidays cause that’s when you saw nuts running around looking for “Fenn’s treasure”.  It is sad affair of fact that our peaceful life can be ruin by conman. Alas, he is dead, and hopefully his scam will die as well.

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