Liberal Hypocrisy

President Trump tweeted Joe Rogan clip and everyone is trying to make fun of Trump — as if he did not realized that Joe is a “liberal”.

Joe Rogan mostly likely a control opposition. The fact mainstream media gave him “$100 million dollar” is all you need to you about him. To further illustrate how anti-liberal he is. He ran out of California after getting billion-dollar bribe. Just like any robber leaving the bank after taking the money.

Most of his guests would be called white supremacist if they were caught speaking with Fox TV host. One of his guest said, “Japanese are the German of Asia” implying that only Aryan/White race are superior and smarter.

Another word non-white are biologically inferior. To further illustrate his hatred same guest said that he brings white kids to his farm and give them Army Training – clearly preparing white Americans for race war.

It does not really matter what any of us think of his politics. Comedian are just as dishonest as politician. Take the case of Jimmy Dore, Graham Elwood, and Lee Camp. “Progressive Liberal” talk about Syrian war, and they never mention a small minority “Alawites” controlling Syria. 90% of the Syrian are Sunni yet they are being subjugated under Iranian branch of racist tribe. This is clearly a race war, perpetuated by Iran.

If you care to search you’ll find some news about dangerous Alawites cult who are ruling Syria, and their sinister relationship with malevolent Iran. Many of Shias/Alawites are creeps. They are Western version Jeffrey Epstein.

An amusing fact: An Iranian hero Marc Dutroux was convicted child molester and murderer. He was biggest promoter of Islamic rape “Nikah mut’ah” aka “Temporary Marriage”. Naturally now Iranian pretend they never praised him let alone knew anything about him. Talk to Iranian about Alawites controlling Syria, or Islamic Rape “Nikah mut’ah” and they will switch subject, or give you an Orwellian answer.

Just like Dutroux Alawites have sex with their own daughters, and sisters! So it is not surprising West prefer to have creepy cult like this controlling middle-east. Strange how this terrorist cult does not get any scrutiny by West! But then again we know how well protect Jeffrey Epstein was, and his convenient “suicide” and total censorship of Westminster paedophile dossier is all you need to know about ruling elites, and their strange sexual lifestyle.

Elites always protect child molester, and sexual deviants. In West, largest Iranians and Alawites population reside in California; they are well protected by liberals just like other child molesters. Kamala Harris went out of her way to “ignore” clergy abuse – other elite molesting children. She even took money from Epstein firm!

So open secrets like Alawites control Syria shouldn’t surprise us at all.

The Minor Sect Ruling Syria: Who are the Alawites?

“Somewhere between 1.5 and 3 million Syrian citizens identify as Alawites (also known as Alawis)1. 2., approximately 12% of the total population of Syria. Geographically speaking, around three-quarters of the Alawi population are concentrated in the Alawi Mountains, but there are also communities along the Syrian coast, and with their recent rise into the regime, large Alawi communities in Aleppo and Damascus.3. This population includes a disproportionately high percentage of the upper echelons of the Syrian Arab Army (SAA), as well as the current President, Bashar al-Assad.”

Progressive liberal do not mention Alawites controlling Syria, or that Iranian military controls Iraq. Lee Camp, Jimmy Dore, and Graham Elwood whine about “American killed Iranian General in Iraq”.

They never ask what the hell was he doing in a foreign country? Sunni Iraqis do not want him there. They are scared and terrified of Iranians and Shia militants are murdering, and raping Sunnis with impunity — who are likely backed and protected by US military to decide and rule middle east.

A Fact that a progressive commentator would never tell that Iranian like to rape Sunni women, and then put knife into the vagina after – preferably performing in front of the parent tided and forced to watch — is all you need to know that “progressive liberal” are a control opposition just like Bernie Sanders, creepy Joe Biden and other perverts from Democratic party.

Should we American be there in foreign country – the obvious answer is No. But let’s not forget this on going genocide is being done on behalf of progressive liberals — wanna be Obama, & Clinton who hate Sunni Muslims because don’t want to see strong independent Sunni nations capable of defending their country, and religion from West, and Israelis.

So all this cry by progressive about “Trump Tweeting Joe Rogan” is a prove that how much liberal are working with mainstream media to manipulate the public.


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