An On Going Alimony Scam

While many of us are subjected to 2020 Election drama. Lawmakers are quietly reforming ongoing “alimony practices“.

Some of those “other rules” addressed in the report are co-habitation and changes in circumstances which justify the termination or modification of permanent alimony. Permanent alimony has an extreme negative impact on the supporter’s life and must be changed to be made fair to all.

Did you get the bit about “co-habitation”. This clearly means if she leaves her tooth brush, her mails are coming to your address, you are listed as emergency contact, you are doomed to play alimony for rest of your life.

Many of us said this before don’t get married, and don’t get involved in live-in relationship. Whatever the reform “Lawmakers” are working on, married men will have the same level of protection that Jeffrey Epstein had when he was in jail.

The simple solution is obvious — don’t get married, don’t get involve in an live-in relationship.

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