Joe Biden’s Paper

No body asked why were his senate paper (property of the government and paid by us the tax payers) were move to the university. These documents are part of tax payer. Why did he hide them? For what reason? How can we be sure that these documents are not being purged. Also why is he refusing to search for any information of sexual assaults in them?

Biden said he was going to release them in 2020, and then he resealed them why?

When he was asked if he would allow search for sexual assult for Tara Reade — he flat out said no. Media did not explain to public why these doucments need to be search. These papers were move from the the senate to Delware university! Why?

Also why not search accusation for all the women who accused him?

This is totally crazy how he is getting away with it!

Also why not search for flight logs if and when he went to see Jeff Epstein!

More and more women are coming out, and some are being put in jail for DUI for a year!

He is just like Clinton the rapist!

University sued after denying records request for Biden Senate collection

One thing they didn’t mention, these paper are public properly. He was the public servant. He is even refusing to search for Tara Reade name in these documents!

That alone tells you there is a smoke as well as the fire. He has rapped her.

Biden even said don’t vote for if you believe in Tara Reade


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