MGTOW News: Wrath Of Female Journalists

Like Rats Fleeing a Sinking Ship: Crazy Ariana N. Pekary just quit MSNBC in disgust. Prior to her Bari Weiss left NY TIMES. They are whining that their employers are not “objective”. They had no problem making millions of dollars when they joined the devil’s den. We must not forget Pekary went around calling men misogynist for pointing out Hilary’s flaws. Weiss on the other hand has been harassing Muslims employees in NY Times for trying to expose Israeli crimes, and terrorism. Naturally, they both hates minorities, and straight white men. Now, they are hiding in their respected tower of isolation and hatred.

It is ironic though these racist feminists were given job solely base on their gender. They have no other talent other then wearing makeup/fake-up. In their 40s with declining just like news industry they are trying to bite the hand that feed their monstrosity. However, these racist feminists do bring some good point. Their former employers are bias, and do not report real fact, or even actual news. We will never hear crimes committed by our “allies” such as Israeli connection to Jeff Epstein, or even UK: Westminster pedophile dossier. Nope; like it or not Trump is right they are a fake news. There is just no other way to look at it.

This should not be surprising to any who pay attention. Following six companies own 95 percent of the media and entertainment industry in America. This explains why media speaks in unions and always against public. As George Carlin said “It’s A Big Club And You Ain’t In It!”

National Amusements




News Corp



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