Biden and His Female Victims

8 Women Have Accused Joe Biden Of Sexual Misconduct, Inappropriate Touching. Media had quietly dropped Tara Reade. They are victim shaming her, suggesting since she has “lied” in the past about her education, so can’t be a  “true” rape victim! Biden was caught plagiarizing, and stealing speeches! Yet his vices makes him innocent?  The most infamous incident was in 1988 presidential campaign, and when he stole the speech from UK politician! So it is okay for powerful white liberal to steal speech, but no, no if you are a rape victim! This headline is from Washington Post.

Echoes of Biden’s 1987 plagiarism scandal continue to reverberate

Biden Admits Plagiarism in School But Says It Was Not ‘Malevolent’

Just think about it! Biden has been accused by eight women for sexual harassment. That we know of — won’t he be compromise by Russian, or other foreign country if he is elected. Imagine a foreign country find more evidence of him abusing women, and use it against him during election?

Let’s not forget even if Tara Reade was lying. What about seven other women! The Times reported that lawyers were looking into Reade’s past. How about Biden past.  Are Suppose to believe these all other seven women are lying as well?

Even if you ignore Tara Reade what about following seven women. What ever happen to “believe all women”, hell in this case we can see the smoke, as well as the fire!

  1. Lucky Flores
  2. Amy Lappos
  3. D.J. Hill
  4. Caitlyn Caruso
  5. Ally Coll
  6. Sofie Karasek
  7. Vail Kohnert-Yount

Media keep telling us “Tara Reade” lied in her resume, so has Biden. He cheated in the school. stole speeches from other politician, not to mention – harassing non white, and passed the most the most anti-black crime bill in 90s!

Following quotes from liberal media shows that rape victims are always shamed when the predator is a rich guy — specially rich white liberal.

“Defense attorneys are reportedly now trying to determine if the transcripts shows she provided false testimony about her credentials,” ABC News reported, noting that claims she earned a B.A. from Antioch University have raised eyebrows.

Why is it Biden can get away saying his plagiarism in school wasn’t malevolent. But anything a rape victim said is questionable because she lied in her resume. You gotta be kidding me!

If this is the best Democratic party has to offer then Not matter Who, Never Vote For Blue!


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