Failed: John Oliver On COVID Conspiracy

John Oliver on his July 19, 2020 episode talks about “Covid-19” conspiracy. So far anyone who has questioned it has been deleted by Google, Twitter, YouTube, and Face. They reacted the same way anyone who has question Jeffrey Epstein death. Yet we suppose to believe that Epstein successfully committed suicide under 24 hours guard, and video surveillance.

What about Joe Biden the only thing progressive about Biden is his dementia. Worst yet totally ignoring six women accusing him sexual assault.

It doesn’t really matter if you believe in an onging pandemic, that fact we are told it wrong to question the government makes this very scary. Mainstream, and social sites are working together only fuel to the fire. This type of idioitc censorship only increase public believe in Deep State. Once again media is on the wrong side, and people are rejecting them.

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