MGTOW Film Review: Sex and the City

Unless you are a 40 years old male ballerina clearly dealing with Oedipal issues and ready to settle down with a woman who looks like your mom. This film is not for you. If you haven’t seen it yet than count your blessing by miles. Movie likes these are clear proof how racist the white liberals are. Like the previous film, and the vomit inducing sitcom this one is also a dud. Film 2.0 is about over the hills ladies, and them thinking they are still hot to trot.

As a New York residence I happened to know bit more about this movie, and those aspects are worth looking into. The film was written by fellow New York residence. As usual media has never covered the author lifestyle, and her husband’s semi homosexual influence on the film. Her ex-husband a Gay-Straight man — to the uninitiated — this means he prefers ladies do the plugging – because he is not “into men”.

Plot of the film is pretty simple. In shorts it’s about four 50 years old alcoholic females “much like the author”. These ladies are living happily ever after. Thanks to 1080 resolution you can see it all; turkey neck, loose, dangling skin, and revolting wrinkly turkey’s wattling on human’s head. To further whet our appetite you get to hear women’s in 50s complaining about back pain when changing diapers, and hot flashes, and menopause. Perhaps film is meant to be a SciFi — cause author doesn’t explain how women get pregnant during menopause, and why are they still taking birth control pills!


Sex and the City 2 like its predecessor is based on vomit inducing articles written by Candace Bushnell. Her lifestyle and writing are reflection of each other. Above screenshot is a profile of the author, and her husband — a ballerina dancer. You can whet your appetite more by seeing some of her filth on New York Observer. Film try to convince “Mostly Women” that they can have it all. They can have a career, marry men younger then themselves, have kids in their 50s, and more.

By the way the picture of her husband above was given by almighty google. Google was quite generous, following screenshot is from his twitter profile. He has full on makeup, and you can also read from his tweets that he spends his time watching movies like Barbie in the Nutcracker, Fluffy My Bobo etc. This family is allowed to influence the mind the young impressionable kids. Is it any wonder no one take media seriously, and they are rightly called fake news?

Another fun fact; Mr. Askegard lost over 99% of his followers thanks to his ex-wife! Poor sob even changed his picture, and put on a makeup, and lipstick — alas only 500+ gay man under his belt — or skirt in his case.


The whole premises of the film is women don’t need men. To further illustrate this pointed  we see how they over come their enemies — rich masculine, straight man from Arabia. “Gals” in 50s are invited to United Arab Emirates by a rich businessman — here we suppose to suspend our mind that ultra rich Arab men would even bother looking at any girl over 25. Nor are we suppose to asked why the hell women in their 50s would go to middle-east on their own.

Are we suppose to also ignore that American girls would have sniff rich Arabs men on their own. Should we also ignore that CIA would never pick women in 50s to do their dirty work. One character in her 60s ended up with “gay straight WASP — naturally an underwear model”.  Other marry to a rich Alpha man, who apologized to his wife because his toxic masculinity made her slept with other men — continuation of a deleted scene “Reminding your wife of cheating is like raping her mentally” Last two friends are groupies with no life of their own.

Like most Hollywood movies this one also has a predictable plot, and typical happy ending with liberal racism. Damsels in Distress are able to trick nasty camel chasers Muslim, and feminists have out smarted fleets of mindless Arabs, and went back to living in New York City! Beside bashing Muslims, and catering towards feminists and bizarre Israeli propaganda there is nothing much there.






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