Iran Bullies West Again

Like a prostitute on a crack waving a knife on her customer. Iranian government has released a 25 pages secret agreement with China to bully and harass West. They really do not want to sign  any agreement with China. This is their way of telling White Devil. Hey whitey let us kill our Sunni neighbors, and you pigs (Persian reference to uncircumcised white European) help us by slaughtering Arab and help Israeli military, so Sunni Arabs & Turks will never build another Ottoman empire. This global chess board game is Persian way of pretending they are a still an empire. In reality Iran is a sixty years old street hooker trying to compete with stripper in her 20s!

It is an open secret that Iran, Israeli, and USA are allies and work against Sunni Arabs nations. This alliance given all three nations what they are not willing to admit.  American get cheaper oil. Israeli remain the stronge military power in the region because Arabs nations like Syria, and Iraq are control by Iranian. Finally, the Iran get the control the middle-east by sending their religion shia militia to neighboring nations like Iraq, Syria, and Pakistan so these lunatic don’t start any revultion in home, and Sunni countries remains divided, and easily control.

America, Israel, and Iran have been at war with Sunni Arabs since World War Two. This is their way of hoping Black and Brown Arab won’t be united as a single unified empire. Iran like a greedy child is hoping it can blackmail West by nudging toward China. Chinese are little bit smarter in this regard, they know that any transfer of technology to Iran means heading it over to West. Because Iran will sell anything to European, and America to get a better deal. Also Iran need European & American christian fundamentalist to destroy their Sunni neighbors, and perhaps young virgin blonde boys for their Imams.

As usual mainstream media pretend this is a religious war between Persian and Arab. In3reality this a race war Persian are waging against non-white Arabs. This is also the reason the reason white Muslim can openly date in Iran — it’s called “Nikah mut’ah“. But don’t expect our liberal media to look deep into it. Nor will white progressive who are a control opposition. So let’s not carries to water for Neo-conservatives, and their judo-christian loons.


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