Racist CISAus Censor non-white and defend Racism


George F. Will was interviewed on racist CISAus; link. On his interview he said “We are not at war overseas”.  CISAUS deleted non-white commenting on the video. Anyone pointing that this is a lie their comments were deleted, and harass as well. Owner of this channel sending threatening message, and told non-white to kill themselves.

If that’s not bad enough, they also start sending email to webmaster to close the account of non-white who war protesting, and pointing out racist of white supremacist.

Racist George F. Will said we are not at war; meaning we the white people are not at war with fellow European.

US has been murder Afghans since 2001. It is the longest war in the history of the US of A. But this is not a war to white conservatives. Liars like George F. Will gets to work in media for 40 years, and non-white are being shoot for walking the street.

We must joint and protest with fellow Black Lives Matter brothers and sisters, and demand Racist conservatives to stop censoring non-white and expose their genocidal hatred and remove them from power. Defunding the police is not enough, we must also arrest and jailed any cop and conservatives who is defending terrorism again non-white by police, and others white elites in power.


2 thoughts on “Racist CISAus Censor non-white and defend Racism

  1. I get you’re angry at U.S. military deployments and the campaigns they wage, but to call for a jihad on all ‘white elites in power’ is a little extreme, don’t you think? All because a white conservative made a mistake in describing the situation? That’s seems sane to you?

    Instead of arresting cops and calling white people racists, instead of using their words as an excuse to blame them for their government’s actions, howzabout you grab a crowbar and help us with the heavy lifting of getting money out of politics, help us to change their minds and change policy, so they no longer are incentivized to wage wars in other countries. Take away the profit, take away the rationalizations to kill for it. The big weapons manufacturers will also produce fewer munitions.

    Btw, the gentleman’s name you’re complaining about and trying to paint as something he’s not has an “s” at the end of his last name– something he’s had all those 40 years in media, who’s viewpoints and opinions you so obviously are familiar with.

    C’mon. Grab that crowbar and start wielding it on people’s minds instead of the air they breath or their bodies. There’s a lot more fun to be had in the arena than simply feeding people to the lions.


  2. Shite. Got that thing about George Will having an “s” on the end of his surname completely wrong, dagnabbit. Just checked. Wonder how the hell I managed that? Made the same mistake you, I and everyone else commonly makes from time to time: assumed I knew something without double checking first. Made such a great lead-in to a good point, too. Apologies, mg. My bad. Forgive my presumption and lapse of intellectual character, if you would, please. Will try to be more vigilant next time. All that said, hope you can still take to heart my invitation to join in a better fight; can tell you’re a lion with courage.


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