Fake News vs Progressive Propaganda

Back in 90s there two terms were used  to describe fake news, and fake media. The liberal & progressive were running under Turnoff TV umbrella . Conservative & White Supremacist were calling it “Control Media & Entertainment industry. To Conservatives  & White supremacist minorities such as African American, Jews, Homosexual were controlling the media and entertainment industry. Liberal & Progressive elite felt the same way — but they prefer using Orwellian term and logic to hide their racism. White unhappy with racist environment from both camps joined non-white and then emerge a new community called “Cable Cutters”. On My 5th Wall Street Journal grudgingly released an article “TV Cord-Cutting Hits Record as Corona-virus Shuts Businesses“.  Public has voted with their money — and they are not happy with fake news, and propaganda.

NY Times also released an article: “As Cable TV Fades, Fearing ‘the End of Comedy Central“. It is not surprising to see that corporation are using covid-19 crisis to get rid overly paid 50+ years old hosts from the TV. MSNBC, CBC and other can hire new men & women under 30, and sexy looking, and make millions of dollars. Trump may have popularized the term “fake news”, but the fact of the matter is public was always vary of media long before that. Politicians & Journalists are always late to the party.  There is a reason “daily newspapers” always covering yesterday events, not ongoing trends.

Most people with establish career fear retaliation by government, or even law enforcement for talking about mainstream media. Now they have opportunity to use get-rid of an electronic filth from their house thanks to COVID-19 crisis. Mainstream media did not think about this of blow-back, nor did journalist, and even alternative media, and online beggars were shocked.

Public is not the only one cutting excessive fat during pandemic. Big corporation are cutting commercial on the TV, and cables news networks. In turn media’s executives are doing the same thing as well. This has created a hug panic among TV & Radio hosts. online control opposition masquerading as “alternative news” are left to their down device.  As their filed is shrinking they are  fighting among themselves. While professional wrestling among professional journalist is still left vs right soap-opera. However, this is becoming very amusing among professional online beggars.

Take Jimmy Dore for example. On his recent online begging video. He decided it use an age old formula popular among progressive white supremacist to terrorize non-white journalists like Anad Girdharadas. Conservative listeners ended up forking over thousands of dollar via super YouTube super chat!. He is unhappy that professional journalist are doing better job exposing media bias. This is why he is freaking out, and using race card to keep his white viewers.

This type of racial criticism is a goldmine for online beggars, and scam artist running under “alternative news” umbrella. You can easily see his bias towards white millionaires journalist like Crystal Ball, and Chris Hedges.  These resentful loser are angry at the media for firing them. Which is the root cause of them joining “alternative news”. Alternative News is to leftist/progressive what Fox TV to white supremacist. Just like 90s white liberal, & white conservative are using two different label to flare racism during pandemic.

Unlike Anad, Jimmy works for RT TV. A Russian propaganda arm to promote Putin lies in international arena. 2nd backing comes from Iranian Shia & Alawites Arab who are murdering Sunni in Iran. He is bad mouthing non-white in media who are telling us how to watch out for fake news, and fake propaganda. There are multiple videos of him going after Anad & other non-white journalist. Big corporation & RT must not be paying Jimmy and other other control opposition groups.

What this tell us that elite on this society are abandoning their control opposition. This means we will see more inner fighting and their conflict will played in open example. Jimmy Dore is a stark example why must be vary of this “alternative news”. Mainstream has have its upside down. Nonetheless, getting your info from RT is not the way to go. They are caught lying about COVID-1i, and extremely dangerous to us as American. West did defeat Soviet Union during cold war, and Russia was humiliated. Like it or not Russian government want their pound of flash. We should be very vigilant, and check out fact instead of rushing out and embarrassing “alternative news” which is turning out to be a control opposition.

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