Don’t Settle For Less

Democrats elite talk about change. Yet, real change involve losses of power. How many democrats corrupt progressive leaders are willing to give up power to non-white to create true democracy, and multi-culture society? Democrats largest voting blocks mainly consist of African American, Asian, and other minorities. Yet Party has never given any position to minorities. Even Republican have more diversity compares to DNC. Progressive like Bernie would not take advice from his non-white staff at all. Yet progressive wonder why they lost the election. And possibly will lose upcoming 2020 election. I for one ain’t voting for Democrats, or even Republican party.

Don’t let the voter shamming from Democrats fool you. If you want to see political revolution then  you strive to get it. Don’t vote for lesser of two evil.

One thought on “Don’t Settle For Less

  1. “Yet Party has never given any position to minorities”

    Wasnt Obama a minority ?

    Also, plenty of minorities on the democrats. Both left and right are two sides of the same shitty coin.


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