Alt-Right Liberals: Jimmy Dore & Fake News

You can’t be Pro American if you work for Russian TV. Progressive loon and closet Alt-Right nutter Jimmy Dore decided to promote Obama Gate — a fake scandal created by President Trump. This is why progressive & democrats party are a losers. They have these nut case loons who refuse to criticize current administration for their dismal response for covid-19 pandemic. He much rather go after non-white and liberals and ignore current administration. Trump response to COVID-19 is shocking considering USA is a “superpower”.

In 2020 I am not going vote for Democrat party either. Yet this doesn’t mean I will go after my opponent either. Obama, and Biden are not running the current administration — Trump is. Yet Alt-Right Liberals and their aka Progressive, AOC, and whole swathe of Neo-liberals will defend Trump.

Why not Online bloggers like Jimmy are online beggars. Yet they will not donate a penny to homeless people in their community LA has the largest skid row community.When was the last time you saw progressive helping impoverished people? They are just like Bill Maher, and Howard Stern without million dollar contract.

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