Censorship Thy Name Is Freedom

Social distancing has exposed us to new form of censorship. Under the guise of freedom, and fairness. Social sites like YouTube refuses to allow their user to block any channel, or user. Let’s say you are not happy with CNN, or MSNBC, or as immigrant find Fox News toxic, and you wanna block them. There is no such options at all. Of course such freedom means Google won’t be able to “recommends” video to you. They are not alone other sites like Twitter, Spotify, and Facebook are censoring any opinions that contradict their liberal agenda. Keep in mind when I say liberal I am not suggesting that they are for Democratic Party. They are oppose to anyone who believe in personal freedom, and personal responsibility. As you know democratic party as is everything but democrats in name.

Since 90s Democratic Party, and it’s “progressive” leaders have been promoting global economy, and bark about earth as a global village. Just how many Palestinian will be part of such village in Israel, or Chechen in Russia for that matter? This how Orwellian society operates. Freedom is not taken away by restricting what you are allowed to read, or what forbidden. Freedom is eroded by giving you innumerable option, and taken away the one the matter the most. Just ask yourself how would google matrix work if you blocked all the mainstream media, and only wanted to watch amateur news, or goofy video not approved by masters behind the scene.


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