Fundraisers Are Online Beggars

We were all saving for rainy day, and covid-19 pandemic is a downpour with thunderstorm. Naturally crisis like this brings up Con men of every strip. These scumbags are sitting in front of their  $3,000+ computers, Videos, and not to mention high speed internet and they are begging, and “collecting funds”. It is they who  should be donating. They are shameless beggars, asking for money online like there is no tomorrow. It’s quite unreal to see these scammers with top of the line digital equipment, and expensive clothes, and high-end smartwatch. Yet we the public suppose to feel bad for these beggars. Please don’t empty your wallet on them.

Help the poor scam is also run by mainstream media, and entertainment industry. They  are always interviewing for “Fund Raisers”, using guilt to promote “help” others. The mainstream media, and it’s employee who makes well over million dollar should be donating the public. The solution is simple don’t waste your money on these scam. Also cut the cable. There is enough free content online these days that we don’t need to pay for cable subscriptions.

The money we have been saving for raining is for us, and for poor and unfortunate — they will have to be taken care by the government otherwise why are we paying tax every year? If we suppose to save for raining day, how come our government is not capable of doing that. Otherwise they should explain why are we even called “super power”.

Don’t forget financial safety is a health safe.

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