Fake Opposition Are Exposed

Many of us a heard, and sadly watch so called “Alternative News”. We are not talking about nut case white supremacist running around under “Alt-Right” banner. No, we are talking about so called “Sane Voices” like Chris Hedges, and even Jesse Ventura. So where are these “honest” man providing information to their audience?

When the crisis really hit fan. Guess what these man left the public. They are hiding. They are no longer providing public any information. Helping public. These men have made money by telling the public to never truth the government. Now they are no where to be seen. Scared, and terrified public is left to get information for the very source they were told to avoid like a plague.

Now we know Chris Hedge, Jesse Ventura, and rest of so called “Progressive” Indy media are nothing more, but fake new, and worst yet a control opposition. Let’s never support them, and using Chris books toilet paper, which will be more useful then anything written on them,

These men have made money talking about control media, and entertainment industry. In reality they are two sides of the same coin aka control opposition.

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