Why Democracy Doesn’t Work!

Democracy was created thousands of years ago by in Greece by rich and powerful. The basic foundation of democracy was land owner will get together and decided rule, and regulation, and faith of rest of the people under their dominion. Ancient Roman adopted  political system, later flushed it out under Ceasor. Post world war tow Italian republic also adopted this system, which doesn’t seems to work during on going COVID-19 crisis they had to resort to what Chinese was condemn of doing it – a total lock down.

Media, and big corporation rejected total lock down. Media pundits start talking about wisdom of democracy, and freedom of speech, and liberal values etc. As covid-19 pandemic start spreading in Europe like wildfire. Media changed its tone start demanding Chinese style locked up. So the savoir of Western civilization wasn’t “democracy” but and authoritiran law & order.

Democracy can work as long as you are “enforcing'” it among keyboard warriors. However, it  is a failed system, that’s why it was abandoned by Greeks, Roman, and anyone else was infected by it.


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