Upcoming Twitter Censorship

Kyle made an amazing video regarding upcoming twitter censorship. Basically, twitter which is known to have blocked any account where non-white complain about racism. Let’s say you create an account called “French Racism”, and you are posting regarding Le Pen French Nazi Party from France, or La Meute a Canadian racist group from French Canada. You will be banned. Yet mainstream racist from MSNBC can compare Bernie Sander to a Nazi because they don’t like politcs. Bernie family was wiped out in Holocaust by Nazi. Mainstream racist are okay. Modern day double speak they are called “political pundits”.

Don’t take my word it, even night show hosts are pointing out.

When we think of censorship on the internet. We may assume big bad China, or religious nut from Saudi, or crazy socialist like Venezuela. But, in reality vast majority of censorship happens right here in Western world. Ironically, Mrs. Martin in her recent publicity stunt sued State of Georgia for asking her to sign some documents which meant to stop her questioning Israel, or boycott Israeli products.

This pathetic publicity stunt was  designed to attract the public’s attention to her recent film. Abby Martin is a control opposition. She is trying to make money by selling a video of Arabs being slaughtered in Palestine, all the while she is defending Assad, and his murderous Alawites tribe. Alawites were Persian immigrants who control Syria like Whites were ruling South Africa.

Right now Alawites, and Iranian are exterminating majority of Syrian Sunni population.  Here is where both mainstream media, and progressive media refuse to point out any fact. Nor will they talk about Assad’s father who murdered over 50,000 Syrians in 1980. This is not a civil war among Sunni Syrian. This is genocide, and it is being censored by mainstream media, and “alternative media”. As this point is pretty obvious that “alternative media” is a control opposition.

The main difference between 3rd world censorship, and western censorship is; “over there” public don’t trust their government. Here in West we sadly have our blinders on, and we erroneously believe in “democracy” will of the people. If Orwell was alive, he would call these buzz words double-speak profanity. Whenever pundit cry “save democracy”. No one ask why save a dying system. If it was a perfect system how come Roman, and its citizen were wiped out by their political system. Political pundits from MSNBC, CNN and CBS are screaming and shouting that  “democracy is dying” as if it is a dead horse heading for glue factory. I say let’s give this system a funeral, and let’s try something new. If can  land on moon. I am sure we can built a better political system where rich, and poor can live in harmony.

On going online censorship is nothing new. This has been happening since the beginning of mainstream media, and current ongoing online is censorship only reveals that social media is the new control opposition i.e (youtube, twitter, and facebook). I suggest that instead of “protesting” to the owner of these sites. We should look for alternative, and create our own. This time let’s not put all the eggs in one basket. Let’s be vigilant, and let’s diversify our experience on the internet by becoming less depended on mainstream media, and “social media”.  Let’s vote with our keyboard. Unlike ongoing DNC fake election. This time we control the narrative.


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