Men Right AKA 2nd Wife Club

Men Rights clubs should be called 2nd Wives Club since virtually all of them are run by women! This months men’s conference consisted of a Transsexual paying alimony, and his 2nd wife was talking about helping her husband with dilators. Married to him probably caused his 1st wife PTSD for life. But seriously, what a joke this club is.

menright 2nd wife club

Everyone of their conferences have four five women, a homosexual, and one or two minority.

In case you think this is a fluke. Even their websites’ admins and moderators are angry 2nd wives over alimony or day-to-day Soap Opera.

men 2nd wife club

Did you catch a bit of an irony above? She is telling men that they (Jews) are censoring their “conference”. While she is the one deleting and removing everyone posting.

She call herself “stay at home mom”, but who the hell is watching her kids while she spends over 60 hours a week monitoring men right’s sites? She is moderator + administrator, and senior advisor of men’s right clubs.

When Paul Elam scandal broke out (he was using Men’s Right to avoid paying child support, and collection close to a million from “men’s fund”). She was censoring everyone posting and collecting the money. There were other women who were cheating with Paul Elam while married to their husbands. Talk about irony!

This is why we can’t take Men Right seriously. These men’s are angry at women, and looking for 2nd wife, or deadbeat dads, or just unhappy over alimony. All the while they are making the same mistake over and over again. We MGTOW don’t want anything to do with these jokers. We are boycotting the system. No more legal marriage, nor live-in relationship. We are not about hating women, we are about protecting men.

Peace Out.


One thought on “Men Right AKA 2nd Wife Club

  1. I agree with you and your post, but you have to see where the MRAs are coming from.

    Nobody listens to MRAs, and they’ve been around since feminism. They haven’t changed any laws. The scandals don’t help either.

    Feminism has changed laws though. So, MRAs, ever since “The Red Pill” was released by Cassie Jay, have been trying to put a woman’s face on men’s rights.

    It’s a Hail Mary play. They’re damned if they don’t cuck to women, because nobody listens, and they’re damned if they do cuck to women because they become feminism 2.0.

    The only difference is that MRAs can’t work anywhere because their reputation is destroyed, so they either have to become feminism 2.0 for more funding, or die out with no support. Cucking to women is their only chance for survival.

    MRAs are basically feminists now anyways, because none of them think that maybe, just maybe, women never earned the right to vote so they shouldn’t exercise it. Which is the only way MRA problems would get fixed.

    Ultimately, I think men’s rights can’t be taken seriously because they haven’t done anything, not the scandals. I couldn’t care less about who’s fucking who, but I do care who changes laws. And MRAs will become MGTOW while AVFM finally changes laws, as another outlet for feminism.


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